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Ms. Tam

Ms. Tam WHY STUDY BIOLOGY? Biology - science of life (Greek words bios = life;


Biology - science of life

(Greek words bios = life; logos = reasoned account).

Biology provides an exceptional foundation for careers in human biology (medical, dental, physical therapy, and optometry), ecology, environmental biology, cell and molecular biology and in applied areas such as veterinary, forestry, wildlife or biotechnology.

Biology touches your life every day by helping you to understand and appreciate every other form of life, from pets in your home to dinosaurs no longer present on Earth to the diverse world of millions of other organisms with whom we share this planet.

Most importantly, the information and analytical skills you learn in biology can affect your future decisions in society, which in turn will affect the quality of your life.

“The continual pursuit of biological understanding is essential if societies are to make informed choices to safeguard the future of the human race.”


1 st Semester Unit: The Chemistry of Living Things Unit: Energy and Life Unit: Cells Unit: Heredity (Intro genetics, DNA structure)

2 nd Semester Unit: Heredity (protein synthesis, genetic disorders, genetic engineering, evolution) Unit: Diversity of Living Things Unit: Physiology Unit: Ecology Unit: Plants

Ms. Tam WHY STUDY BIOLOGY? Biology - science of life (Greek words bios = life;





a pencil or pen (black or blue ink only) for completing assignments


50% = chapter/unit assessments and quizzes, semester final exams 25% = class assignments, homework, notes, participation, etc. 25% = laboratory activities and write-ups and projects

*Students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit throughout the year.


Grading scale

A 89.5% and above

B 89.4 – 79.5%


79.4 – 69.5%


69.4 – 59.5%

F 59.4% or below

Check the Homework Board posted in class AND Calendar online, ask the teacher for the assignment.

For each day you miss, you will have the same number of days to make up your work.

Absent work received past the number of days of excused absences will be considered late.

*It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher about absent work upon returning to class.

Late assignments? Assignments turned in past due date or without a full name will be worth a maximum of 50% of the total credit. If work is turned in incomplete or incorrect, students will be asked to complete again for credit.

Lost or Make-up assignments?

Ms. Tam

Ms. Tam  Extra handouts past the current week, will be placed in the Extra

Extra handouts past the current week, will be placed in the Extra Worksheets file at the back counter of the

classroom. (some will be accessible online)

CLASSROOM PROCEDURES Tardies: Students will be considered tardy if not in their assigned seat when the tardy bell rings per school policy.

Hall / Bathroom Pass:

Missing class is discouraged! However, students will be allowed to leave class a maximum of two times

per quarter. Unused bathroom uses will equate to additional participation/extra credit towards grade. A student must have their Atwater High Agenda to ask for permission to use a hall/bathroom pass.

If a student possesses a cell phone, they will be required to temporarily surrender their cell phone to the

teacher until they return from their locker or bathroom. Only one student may leave the classroom at a time.

***It is the teacher’s discretion to allow absenteeism, as students lose hall/bathroom privileges due to inappropriate use of class time.

Binder: A science binder is highly suggested to be kept by each student. The purpose of this binder is to allow students to visualize their growth in class, stay organized and help prepare them for their semester finals.

See binder layout below:

1) Divider with tab labeled Class Information Includes: Syllabus, Safety rules, Calendars, Science Equipment key, Aeries Grade printouts, etc.

2) Divider with tab labeled Notes Include all notes taken in class. Organize by date.

3) Divider with tab labeled Assignments Include all graded assignments. Organize by date.

Classroom Behavior

  • 1. Talking will not be allowed while the instructor or another member of the class is talking. *Treat your fellow classmates and learning environment with respect.

  • 2. There will be no hats worn inside the classroom. Cell phones are not to be used, heard, and/or seen during school hours. If they are seen (hats & cell phones) or heard (cell phones), they will be confiscated.

  • 3. Students are expected to return all materials, tools, and supplies to their proper place before leaving the classroom or lab. *Class WILL NOT be dismissed until all materials are returned.

  • 4. Straighten chairs and tables in the classroom and wait quietly for the instructor to dismiss you. You may not leave on your own accord.

  • 5. Eating is not allowed in the classroom during class time. Bottled water is permissible as long as it does not disrupt class and students throw away contents when done.

  • 6. Inappropriate language, class disruption, and/or unsuitable behavior will not be tolerated.

  • 7. CONSEQUENCES for inappropriate behavior include (but not limited to) a verbal warning, removal from class, referral, lunch detention, after school detention with work duty, parent contact and/or AHS administration action.

I look forward to an exciting school year with you this year!

Ms. Tam

Ms. Tam Please read this sheet with a parent/guardian and sign below. Signatures below verify

Please read this sheet with a parent/guardian and sign below. Signatures below verify that you have reviewed, agreed to, and understand the information on this biology syllabus.

Student’s printed name:




Student signature:


Date ________________

Parent/Guardian signature:


Date ________________