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UWC Campus Update on Examinations - 19 October 2016

Dear Campus Community,

After serious consideration of the national situation, and the uncertainty around the stability
and safety on our campus, we have convened an urgent Special Meeting of the Senate
Executive Committee to consider the way forward that will allow us to complete the 2016
academic year.
Today the situation on campus escalated and it has become clear that simply continuing with
face-to-face academic engagement would not be possible without seriously compromising the
safety of students and staff.
Since we were close to the end of the formal teaching programme, many of our modules have
been completed or were close to completion. Deans indicated that they are in a position to
start preparing for formal examinations and set credible assessments.
At its meeting today, the Senate Executive Committee took the following decisions regarding
the completion of the 2016 academic year:

All face-to-face classes are suspended.

The exact mode of the completion of the academic programme, where needed, will be
faculty and disciplinespecific and managed by Deans and Heads of Departments.
Students are given a choice of writing their main examinations either in November
2016 or in January 2017.
The first session of examinations is scheduled to begin on 7 November 2016 and a
time-table will be circulated
within the next few days. We will continue to monitor
the situation and if conditions on campus remain unstable,
alternate venues will be
The second session is likely to begin on 10 January 2017. Confirmation of dates and
the time-table will be
circulated in due course.
Students who qualify for Supplementary Examinations will be given the opportunity to
write those in January
The Senate Discretionary Assessment (SDA) period will follow the Supplementary
Examination period in January
Options for postgraduate student assessment and completion are being considered by
the Senate Higher
Degrees Committee and will be communicated to students via
their respective Faculties.

Whilst we recognise that this is not ideal, we need to appreciate that this is the only viable
option to complete the academic year. We therefore ask for the understanding and support of
students, parents and staff.
Faculties, via the Deans offices, will communicate with students and staff regarding
completion of programmes and the continuation of faculty operations.
If students have any queries they are welcome to contact the Helpdesk at .
Students are also encouraged to make direct contact with their respective faculties
Further information will be provided to residence students via Residence Administration and
for students with disabilities via the Office for Students with Disabilities.
International students who have enquiries are encouraged to send these to
During this period we will continue our engagement with student leadership and student
structures in an attempt to stabilise the situation on campus.
Thank you to all our students, parents and staff for their patience as we try to resolve the
situation on campus.
Yours sincerely
UWC Executive Management