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The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Scholarship provides scholarship dollars up to the amount of $1,000 to be used
toward institutional charges beginning Fall Semester 2017. The award is split up into two separate disbursements.
The following conditions apply:

Recipients must be an African-American or Latino male to receive this award.
Recipients must be enrolled full-time to receive this award*
Recipients must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 or higher to receive this award
This award will be awarded once in the Fall Semester and once in the Spring Semester
Recipients must provide final grades after Fall Semester in order to receive disbursement of award in
the Spring Semester 2018
6. Recipients must participate in an interview (invite only).
7. Recipients are encouraged to attend the 2017 MLK Scholarship Breakfast
8. Recipients must participate in service and leadership activities in high school and in the community
(please provide a separate sheet with extra-curricular activities and community service).
9. Recipients must submit two (2) letters of recommendation which must be from non-family members
such as a school counselor, teacher, pastor, or mentor.
10. Recipients must attach a 500 word essay answering the following question: “How would the Alpha
Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. scholarship for higher education benefit you personally as a student of
color and how would that benefit the your community as a whole?”

Name: ____________________________________________________
Permanent Address: _________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________
Telephone Number: _________________________________________
Phone Number: (H) ______________(C) ________________________
Parent/Guardian Name (s): ____________________________________
E-mail Address: ____________________________________________
High School: ___________________________Cumulative GPA_____
College Planning To Attend: _______________ Major:_____________
Submit completed form no later than November 4, 2016 to:
Dr. Michael Stubblefield: Director of Academic Affairs
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter
PO Box 351061
Toledo, OH 43635
*Students must provide enrollment verification from institution