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4th year EC representative:

o Website: --> go to Oktatas
then General Medicine. Here you can find lectures,
doses/prescriptions/topics. Password: 12358
o Lectures: not compulsory.
o Seminars: 2 absences allowed, slides found on
Password: phSemi_2016
o Academic advisor: Robert Porszasz M.D.,
o Exam:
1) Oral topics
2) Written doses + prescriptions
At the end of the 1st semester the students are required to take the
End of Semester Examination (written and oral), based on the
material taught in the semester. Three titles in the question set
should be answered in detail.
o Website:
o All the material of the lectures, practicals and also tests for the
final exam:
o Login with your Neptune Code. Password: radiology2016
o Seminar: 2 abscences allowed during the semester.
o Academic advisor: Szilvia Gallasz,
o Consulting Hours: Mon-Thurs 8-9 a.m., Building of Radiotherapy,
1st floor Dept. of Radiology.
o Exam: Written final exam. At least 30 % of the end of semester
test questions will be given to the students prior to the test to help
them prepare.
o Website: ?
o Practice: In case of absence the student must compensate on the
same week with another students group or should ask the tutor.

The Head of the Department may refuse to sign the Lecture Book
if a student is absent more than twice from practices in a semester.
o Academic advisor: Andrea Fodor M.D. ,
o Exam: The final examination will consist of a practical (X-ray
examination) and oral part, two questions from the topics. The
topics will be given in the first lecture of the semester.
o Website:
o Practice: Students have to attend all (8) urological practices during
the semester. In case of absence the student must compensate for
the missing practice.
o Academic advisor for foreign students: Dr. Beny Mtys,
o Exam: Oral exam, the student has to pull 2 topics (1 cancer and 1
general) (no pre-final allowed according to bulletin). Topic list
based on department book, Textbook of Urology.
o Practice: Students who are absent from the practice lessons will
not have their lecture-books signed. Compensation of absence: The
student has to attend the missed topic with the other group with the
agreement of the chief educational officer.
o Academic advisor: Information: Mon.- Thurs. 1.30-3 pm., Fri.
1.30-2 pm in the Educational Office of the Faculty of Dentistry.
o Exam: Topic of exam: textbook + lectures + topic of practice
lessons. Exam-days will be announced 4 weeks before the examperiod.
o Website:
o Lecture: Not compulsory but highly recommended as questions
may be asked about material that is not covered in the text book.
o Practice: Compulsory. Missed practice must be made up, practice
w.1-5. Make up in same week only.
o Academic advisor: Dr. Judit Barta,
o Exam: Type of exam: minimum test, practical exam (with your
own department), oral exam.

o Website:
o Username: student Password: student
o Lecture: Not compulsory. All material will be uploaded on a
weekly basis.
o Practice: Attendance of the laboratory practices, visits and group
seminars is obligatory. The head of the department may refuse to
sign the Lecture Book if a student is absent more than twice from
practices or seminars in a semester even if he/she has an acceptable
excuse. The absences at seminars should be made up with another
group only during the same week.
o Academic advisor: Sndor Szcs M.Sc., Ph.D.
o Exam: During the last week of the first semester (on week 10, the
exact date will be announced later) students are required to take a
written test which will cover the topics of all lectures and seminars
of the first semester. Evaluation of the written test is assessed on a
five-grade scale; successful pass of the exam is a prerequisite of
the commencement of the second semester.
o Website:
o Lecture: Not compulsory, attendance taken for bonus points.
o Practice: 2 makeups. Makeups only allowed with the same team
on the missed location and only if there are less than 5 students!
o Academic advisor: Dr. Tams Kovcs
o Exam: Oral exam, 2 topics. List of titles are shown on the
noticeboard in front of the lecture hall.
o Website:
o Lecture: Not compulsory.
o Practice: Participation on the practices is obligatory. In one
semester one absence is acceptable, but the student has to come to
the trauma duty to compensate it (confirmed and signed by the
chief of the trauma duty). In case of not justified absence the
lecture book will not be signed, and the student can not go to the
o Academic advisor: E-mail:
o Exam: After finishing Traumatology I. course and practices,
during the educational period there will be written test with 30
questions. The students, who have good results of the test, will

receive discount on the final oral exam, which will consist of 3

topics. Topic list is on webpage.
o In case you are registered for the elective Trauma II, you will take
the exam for both courses in one exam occasion.
o Website:
o Lecture: Not compulsory, but attendance gives bonus points on
final exam. Attendance of 9/10 lectures will give 3 points.
o Practice: During the first semester the first half of the year has to
complete 52 hours of practice. If missing a practice, you have to
make it up with another group during the same week.
o Academic advisor: Tams Dinya M.D. e-mail:
o Exam: written test covering the topics of the first semester.
o Website: go to Trtses
orvoskpzs (ENG) - for the lecture timetable.
o Lecture: Compulsory. 70% attendance means you only do one
topic out of two but this only applies for your A chance. Most
lectures are on the website.
o Topic list:
o Practice: 2 absences. 2 makeups.
o Exam: Oral exam.


Compulsory: 2*2 weeks Internal Medicine, 1 week Obstetrics and
Gynecology, 2 weeks Surgery or Small Surgery Freely chosen block
practice: 1 week (Orthopedics, Radiology, Oral surgery, Urology) 1st
semester 2 weeks Internal Medicine (Cardiology and Angiology) 1 week
Obstetrics and Gynecology and 1 week freely chosen (optional) or 2
weeks Surgery/Small Surgery 2nd semester 2 weeks Internal Medicine
(Endocrinology, Nephrology) 1 week Obstetrics and Gynecology and 1
week freely chosen (optional) or 2 weeks Surgery/Small Surgery In case
you choose Obstetrics and Gynecology in the 1st semester then you have
to choose Surgery/Small Surgery in the 2nd semester and vice versa.

1) Internal Medicine

w. 13-14

2) Surgery/Small Surgery w.11-12

w. 13-14
3) Obstetrics and Gynecology w.11,12,13 or 14.
Dear Student,
We would like to remind you that you are allowed to complete the 4th
and 5th year block practices outside of Hungary only with the permission
of the Sub-Committee for Educational Matters.
You have to submit your request online via NEPTUN. Deadline: October
9, 2016; 23:59.
Please note:
- No request will be accepted after the deadline!
- Completion without permission will not be accepted!
- Only our forms (see below!) are accepted and they have to be FULLY
How to submit your request online:
In NEPTUN you should go to Administration / Requests menu,
Available request forms tab and choose Block practice - Request to
the Subcommittee for Educational Matters option!
Fill the necessary fields then click on (Assign document) button and +
Upload file in the pop-up window and attach your PDF file(s)!
You will get a system message about the successful upload.
Click on (Back)!
Finally click on (Submit request) button!
You can check your submitted request in Administration/Requests
menu, Submitted requests tab.
What document(s) do I have to attach?
If you find the hospital (university) in the drop-down list: letter of
(The list is in alphabetical order of country; town; hospital)
If you do not find it there, you have to choose the OTHER option (the
last one) and fill the fields having appeared.
In this case you have to attach the letter of acceptance
AND the questionnaire (accreditation) form.
Letter of acceptance:
Accreditation form: