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First Quiz of the Semester!

See the instructions above and the course syllabus.

1. Absolute power is exercised over every aspect of life in a(n) _ B. totalitarian_____


2. According to Barbour and Wright, "liberals" are people who believe in the
widespread use of government power for:
B. Reducing economic inequality

3. Approximately how many people in California are foreign-born?


C. one in four

4. Aristotle believed that a large number of people were

A. rational

5. Before turning in hard copy of the term paper to the professor, students are to
turn in a soft copy to which website? C.

6. A confederation can best be described as A. a loose association of independent


7. As extra credit, students can turn in C. one news article a week, due at the
beginning of the week.

8. The first president of the United States was C. John Hanson

9. The government under the Articles of Confederation included 13 states. How

many states had to agree before the Articles could be amended? C. Thirteen

10. Individuals born in the United States are American citizens, even if their parents
are not, following the principle of B. jus soli.

11. As measured by gross domestic product (GDP), Californias economy:

A. ranks among the ten largest countries in the world

12. Most Americans acquire U.S. citizenship by:

B. Birth

13. The number of votes allowed each state in the Congress established by the
Articles of Confederation was
A. limited to one per state

14. One of the major problems with the Articles of Confederation was that it
E. didn't give the central government the power to tax.

15. The password for accessing the website in order to turn in the term paper is
A. MCAmGov14

16. The Political Scavenger Hunt is worth

C. 10% of the course grade.

17. A political system in which the state holds all power over the social order is a(n):
C. Authoritarian government

18. Power is defined by Barbour and Wright as:

B. The ability to get other people to do what you want

19. The Privacy Acts of 1974 allows the professor to

E. None of the above.

20. The professor has _____ grammar pet peeves.

E. 35

21. The professor's office is located in

C. GC-337K

22. A set of beliefs about politics, the economy, and society that helps people make
sense of their world is called
B. An ideology

23. Shayss Rebellion demonstrated the

B. Frustration of debtors and the failure of the Articles of Confederation

24. Students wishing to use laptops / tablets in class must

B. sit in the front row of the classroom.

25. The term paper is due

D. depending on the topic.

26. Thomas Jefferson might have changed John Lockes argument for government to
protect property to protection of the pursuit of happiness because
D. Jefferson was trying to gain the support of those who had little property to

27. Those who believe that government should be strictly limited in all areas of life
are called:
A. Libertarians

28. What is the most basic obligations of citizens?

A. To obey the law

29. Thomas Hobbes believed that mankind is altruistic.


30. While political culture unites us, political ideology divides us.