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Investing Precision:
The Secret Weapon of the Super-Wealthy
How much money can you make trading Super Stocks ?
There really is no limit...
After all, once you're confident in their performance, there's nothing to stop
you from rolling earlier profits into future trades by taking multiple positions.
Then, instead of making $550 in profits on a single-position trade, like we did
with our Philly Banking Index position, you could potentially make $2,750
with five positions...$5,500 on a 10-postion trade...or $27,500 when you take
50 positions.
But if you think profits of $29,400 are impressive, you ain't seen nothing yet!
When you consider that market direction has no bearing on our success, you'll
soon realize how much money you can make. After all, you already saw what
happened to $5,000 with 24.9% annual returns in "the tale of two investors."
Let's take that one step further...and consider the profits you can make by
playing the same Super Stock over and over again.
Let's use our two bearish picks on the Philly Banking trade as an example...

One Index...Two Trades...119% in Profits

Looking at the long-term trend, I noticed that the 24 largest banks and lenders
(including Citigroup, Bank of America, and J.P. Morgan) could fall heavily.
So I recommended put options on the banking index.


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Boy, did this one pay off...

Shortly after this trade, the BKX index quickly trimmed 160 points off the
index value, dropping it from 850 to 690 in a matter of days. We used this
drop to lock in 84% gains.
After taking these profits, I received another indication that the banking sector
was headed lower, driven by the accelerating ominous events leading up to the
war. So once again, I simply issued a buy on another round of put options.
The result?

Another 35% winner in six days!

With this system, you could play the same Super Stock over and over
again...making a series of fast profits off consecutive trades.
The beauty of this strategy, like I said, is that Super Stocks represent a basket
of companies all in the same sector. If one of the companies in this basket


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should turn into a big loser (like MCI WorldCom in the telecom basket, for
example), that company would be replaced with a better company.
This ensures that these Super Stocks will never go broke!
Of course, Super Stocks move up and down just like any other investment.
But the fact that they're trading a collection of companies - and replacing any
losers with new winners - virtually guarantees that they'll never sell off.
Knowing this, you can confidently play the series ups and downs in the same
Super Stock - over and over - for tremendous profits.
Take our series of recommendations on the Small Cap Index for example...

One Index...Two More Trades...135% Profits

When the markets were showing signs of strength, I discovered the easiest
way to participate in the profits was using the Super Stock on the Russell
2000 Small Cap Growth Index.
On May 2, I got the indication that the recent market rally could be sustained
for another few months, so I recommended IWO August 45 Calls to
participate in the rally. Just six days later the calls were up 61%, and I
couldn't help but tell my readers to take profits off the table.
On June 10, I got the same bullish indication, so we bought another round of
IWO August 45 Calls - only this time they made even more.
My readers held onto them for 29 days and made 74% in profits. The chart
below tells the whole story...


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Safe During Any Market Conditions

I could go on and on about the 58%, 88%, and 112% gains our Super Stock
investments have generated in this last bear market, or the 15%, 18%, 22%,
31%, and 52% gains earned during wartime market conditions, or the 91%
and 120% gains we made throughout the Wall Street insider-trading scandals.
But I don't have to, because as you can clearly see, the market's behavior is
completely irrelevant to our profits.
All you need is a time-tested proven strategy to dissect and analyze each and
every market you a strong indication of where that sector is
going...and the exact Super Stock to profit off this move.
That's exactly what you get with the Strategic Options Alert.
Whether the market's a bull or a bear, specific market segments are always on
the move. Zeroing in on the ones set for a surefire up or down move,
irregardless of other market conditions, could consistently make a lot of
money...very quickly.


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Finally, a Strategy That Works in Today's Market

Before I tell you how to get this moneymaking information coming to you for
FREE, I must make it clear from the outset that this service is not for
For one thing, it's a serious system for active investors. It uses a new
investment strategy based around specific Super Stocks ...that are baskets of
stocks that you most likely haven't used before.
Something else you need to consider...
This system is trading in its purest form. There's no "buy-and-hold" here.
When a sector is ready to make a move, you'll need to get positioned quickly
in the correct Super Stock and ride it until the fervor fades. When the ride is
over, we'll tell you to get out with whatever profits you may have.
Sometimes you'll be rewarded with 27% gains in a matter of days - like the
gains our Biotech play produced. Other times you'll make 58% in three days like our play on the gold index...or 88% in 22 days, like we did with our
banking play.
My point is, Super Stocks require the right mindset. You're in only for the
ride up or own.
Typically, it's a quick one...rarely a buy-and-hold situation.
Yes, it's fast paced. Yes, there's risk (this strategy isn't right all the time, but
it's right enough for you to do very well). You need to have a strong enough
discipline to cut the losers short and let the winners ride.


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The Time to Get in on This Deal Is Now...

It's clearly possible you can double your money each month using my Super
Stocks .
It's also possible to triple, quadruple - even earn 10-to-1 returns when you
stick with the system over a number of months. So long as any one of the 90
Super Stocks we follow continue to trade in predictable patterns, trading them
when the timing is right offers you a safe way to profit.
As a subscriber to my Strategic Options Alert, you'll know that I'm constantly
monitoring all 90 Super Stocks ...each and every trading day...waiting for the
exact timing to make a move.
Once I get a strong signal, you can be sure I'll get to the bottom of what's
happening...research every conceivable reason as to why the sector is due for a
big move... even check the news and balance sheets of the major stocks within
that sector to decipher the reason for the forecast.
If everything adds up - you can profit...just as many Strategic Options Alert
subscribers have done in the past.
I have no reason to believe this remarkably simple strategy is about to stop
dropping these powerful clues anytime soon.
Just to prove to you how profitable my Super Stocks are, I'd like to send you
my newest e-report - FREE of charge - titled "Ten Ways to Double Your
Money Off the U.S. Housing Market."
According to Federal Reserve data, there's $32 trillion of debt in America.
Nearly $9 trillion of that belongs to households. Over $10 trillion of it belongs
to America's financial sector. But the biggest debtors in America's financial


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sector are government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) like Fannie Mae and
Freddie Mac.
This presents you with a massive profit opportunity, because there's a special
series of Super Stocks that'll allow you to profit off this national debt crisis.
This special e-report reveals 10 ways to profit right now off the current status
of the housing market...featuring a series of highly-leveraged Super Stock
As I said, I'd like to send you this e-report (with your permission) for no
charge...and since it is such an urgent subject matter I will send this report to
you right soon as you subscribe. We just want to make sure to get
you off on the right foot.
But I'm getting ahead of myself here...
The first step is to get you on board - and get those first few profits under your
belt. Then, as you see how the game is played, you'll gain the same level of
confidence in the system our current subscribers have...and you'll see all the
different ways to boost your returns and keep the cash rolling in.

That Rare First Chance to Be Ahead of the Curve

I sincerely hope you see the full potential of this opportunity...
Since this is the first time I've been able to tell the whole story, I expect
interest in this systemto be tremendous. Today, you have that rae first chance
to be ahead of the curve and participate in the profits of Super Stocks ...the
newest wealth-generator on Wall Strett.


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If you're interested, I'd like to invite you to join our exclusive group of
Before you decide that this system is for you, remember I want you to be
comfortable with the service. Again, I specialize in a very specific strategy.
Understand also that a trading system this powerful and exclusive does not
come cheap. It's $995 per year to subscribe. No special deals or deep
Without question, it's worth the price and more. After all, you'll learn how to
make fast profits ranging from 27% to 603%, all in a safe and consistent
manner, simply by following established trends. How much is this powerful
investment information worth to you?
Since there is already so much demand for my Strategic Options Alert, this
current offer will fill up very quickly. I don't want you to join us unless you
are serious about the opportunity my Super Stocks offer. A one-year order will
cost you just $995. If you join for two years, you'll get a discounted rate of
$1,795 - a $195 savings.
I urge you to join today. I send out about one alert per week...a minimum of
48 alerts per year. There's no telling when the next big winner will come. If
you're looking to recoup lost profits from the bear market, I can show you how
with the power of my Super Stocks .
Check Out Strategic Options Alert on a Trial Basis.


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If we don't hear from you after three months, I'll asume you're happy with the
profits you're making and your credit card will be automatically billed every
quarter until you tell us to stop.
If you're not happy after three months, simply tell us to stop your billing cycle.
And if you decide to cancel within 30 days, we'll refund every penny of your
subscription cost... no questions asked! Even if you cancel, your e-report is
yours to keep. I'm offering you 30 days to test this strategy for FREE because
I don't want a few dollars to come between you and the wonderful oppertunity
before you.
If you're at all interested in this opportunity, I urge you to make your decision
quickly. Given the outstanding success we've enjoyed throughout this year and since this is the first time I've told the full story about Super Stocks - I
suspect that interest in this oppertunity will be enormous. PLease don't risk
losing your chance to get in on the action.
If you're serious about making money in today's market environment, I urge
you to act today. Make a modest investment in your future wealth, and sign up
With best regards,


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Daniel Denning
Editor, Strategic Options Alert
P.S. And to make this an even sweeter deal, if you sign up for Strategic
Options Alert now I will throw in an additional crucial e-report, "Essential
Profit Strategies of a Strategic Trader ." This e-report will only be available
for the first 500 people who subscribe so reserve your copy and your space
P.P.S. Typically, this is where I'd give you one final reason to subscribe to my
Strategic Options Alert. But thanks to all the profits my members are making
trading Super Stocks , I'll let them have the last word...


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