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Company Name: Loreal India

Role/Function: Digital Marketing for Garnier India

Internship Experience
Did you have a good learning experience at the internship?
Yes. In my opinion I had a good learning experience, mainly through the
course of my project. I was able to develop a good understanding ecommerce
industry .

What was your experience about the projects you worked in terms of ownership,
exposure, structure and mentoring?

Ownership I designed E-Catalogue for all products of Garnier India.

Exposure Ecommerce industry was a totally new experience for me. I believe I
received excellent exposure about the sector in terms of business and
revenue generation model, execution methodologies, opportunities for
innovation and future in ecommerce industry.
Structure The project was structured in terms of workflow. The project
stages deadlines and review timelines were not strictly enforced and mid
review with mentor and VP.
Mentoring Project mentor was the Digital Market of Garnier of India. Interaction
was almost on a daily basis. He keeps Guiding at every stage of the project.

Was there an induction process, and if so, was it satisfactory?

There is 3 day induction process in L'oreal.
Day 1&2: Briefing Session from Different category department.
Day 3: Visit to Factory and Research & Innovation Lab (R&I)

Apart from work, what other support did you receive from your company (e.g.
accommodation, travel reimbursement)?
1. Accommodation: Company provides accommodation for first 2 weeks.
2. Traveling and mobile Expenses are taken care by the company.

How often was your manager available for interaction?

3-4 times a week. Almost every interaction would last about 30-45 minute

Any comments on the work culture?

Work culture is informal and ownership driven. Good interaction across
various teams. Inter team collaborations are promoted

Anything during the internship that you were dissatisfied with?

Pre internship communication from the HR of the company regarding the
project charter and accommodation detail

Interview Preparation
What were the key elements of interview preparation that worked for you?
Key elements are:1. Background Knowledge About the company.
2. Knowledge of role offering.
3. Interview practice.

Skills/courses/other preparation that would be useful

PowerPoint and MS-excel

What are the standard interview questions?

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. (Follow up) Tell me about past work experience
3. How does Loreal figure in all this?
3. Marketing mini-case analysis