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SmartLink provides a perfect connection with your gauges.

The individual modules ensure a safe link and the scalability
ensures the perfect fit to meet current and future needs.
SmartLink provides a physical layer conversion from serial
RS232C/RS485 GPU communication to Bi-Phase Mark GPU
fieldbus. With its modular design SmartLink can be expanded
from one to three fieldbuses of the worlds standard field
communication in tank gauging, Honeywell Enrafs GPU Bi-Phase Mark. The GPU/BPM
fieldbus guarantees a stable, long distance, galvanic isolated digital communication link
for integration of Enraf field equipment, avoiding grounding issues and protecting against
damages resulting from lightning strikes on the field communication lines. The compact design
uses minimum footprint in junction boxes or auxiliary cabinets. The unit is DIN-rail mountable
for easy combination with other auxiliary devices like barriers, isolators and radio modems.

Three types of modules are available:

The auto selecting power supply module PSA ensures correct power for all modules. All modules are powered from and
communicating through the backbone of the SmartLink, reducing wiring.
The host communication module HCM-GPU for the SmartLink provides serial GPU connection for host computer systems.
The standard HCM-GPU module has an isolated RS232/RS485 connection via screw terminal. Alternatively a non-isolated
sub-D9 RS232/RS422 for connection via modem is available. Via the HCM-GPU communication ports the SmartLink
modules can be configured. LEDs at the front indicate firmware health and communication activity with the host system.
The FCM-BPM module for the SmartLink provides Bi-Phase Mark fieldbus to Honeywell Enraf gauges. The BPM fieldbus
is carrying the GPU protocol over long distances to multiple gauges on one twisted pair of cables. This fieldbus provides
galvanic isolation, preventing grounding problems and protects against high voltages like lighting strikes. The field proven
GPU protocol ensures safe transport of data between the gauges and the computer systems. LEDs at the front indicate
firmware health and communication activity data with the connected gauges.

Technical specifications General


: 45 mm (1.77) x 114 mm (4.49) x 117 mm (4.61) (w x h x d)

Weight : Approx.

: 200 g


: DIN-rail mountable module


: EN-IEC60715, mounting rail 35/7,5

Protection class

: IP20

Operating temperature

: -20 C to 60 C / -4 F to 140 F

Storage temperature

: -40 C to 85 C / -40 F to 185 F

Relative Humidity

: 20 - 95%

Applied Safety Standards

EMC standards

: FCC regulations 47CFR15

EMC directive 89/336 EEC

EN-IEC61000-6-4 and EN-IEC61000-6-2

Technical specifications Field Communication BPM Module

Fieldbus Communication
Physical layer

: Serial, BiPhase Mark modulated (BPM), Half Duplex


: Standard Enraf field bus (GPU protocol) ASCII coded

Baud rate

: 1200 / 2400 Baud


: Full galvanic separation via isolation transformers 2500 Vac

Field line wiring

: 1 twisted pair Rmax 200 W / line, Cmax = 1 mF, Lmax = 1 mH

Maxi. cable length

: 10 Km

Max. amount of gauges

: 10 to 12 gauges

Common mode rejection

: >120 dB

Signal level

: max. 7 Vpp


: 5% to 90%, non condensing

Pollution degree

: II

Current consumption

: 75 mA @ 15 V

Technical specifications Host Communication GPU Module

Host Communication
Serial connection

: RS-232C DTE or null-modem, <15m (50 ft) on sub-D male, none-isolated, for modem connection

RS-232C, <15 m, on screw terminal, isolated

RS-422, 4 wire, 1000 m, on sub-D male, none-isolated
RS-485, 2 wire, 1000 m, on screw terminals, isolated

: Internal circuits are galvanic isolated from ground (2500 Vac)


: Standard Enraf field bus (GPU protocol)

Baud rate

: 1200 / 2400 / 4800 / 9600 / 19200 / 38400 Baud

Hand shake

: DCD, RTS~ and CTS~ for DTE

Turn around delay

: 0-2000 ms (configurable)

System timeout

: 200 ms

Current consumption

: 130 mA @ 15 V

Identification code
Pos 1 Sealing facilities
U Without sealing
X With sealing facilities for W&M authorities
Pos 2 Base rack
B Mounting strip
Z None
Pos 3 Option not used
Pos 4 Configuration
S Smartlink configuration
Pos 5, 6, 7 Instrument designation
7 8 0 SmartLink
Pos 8 SmartLink Module
5 Module
Pos 9 Power supply module
Z No Power supply module
A AC power 110-240Vac 50/60 Hz autoselect
D DC power 24-65 Vdc autoselect
Pos 10, 11 Host communication module
G 0 No Host communication module
G 1 One GPU module - serial RS232/485
G 2 Two GPU modules - serial RS232/485
Pos 12, 13 Field Communication module
B 0 No Field communication module
B 1 One BPM module - GPU protocol
B 2 Two BPM modules - GPU protocol
B 3 Three BPM modules - GPU protocol
Pos 14, 15 Option not used

S 7

5 A G 1 B 1 Z Z

Typical identification code

S 7

Your identification code


Architectural and Configuration drawing

Module Name /
SmartLink configuration




One Channel - AC powered

Two Channel - AC powered
Three Channel - AC powered
One Channel - DC powered
Two Channel - DC powered
Three Channel - DC powered

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