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The Forest Lake Estate Sale Auction No.13

Wed, Jun 9, 2010 4:00 PM

Wed, Jun 9, 2010 4:00 PM - Mon, Jun 14, 2010 9:45 PM Central
Auction features Costume Jewelry, Collectibles, Fancies, Tools, Antiques, Mid Century Modern, Airline collectibles,
Air Force Pics, Vintage Clothing, Prints, and more

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Lot# 1 High Bid: $0.00

Group Lot Of Straight Edge Razor Blades And Advertising Poker Chips

Group lot of straight edge razor blades and advertising poker chips

Lot# 2 High Bid: $0.00

Crocheted Ripple Afghan In Blue

Crocheted ripple afghan in blue

Lot# 3 High Bid: $0.00

Three Souvenir Christmas Ornaments California

Three souvenir christmas ornaments california

Lot# 4 High Bid: $0.00

Group Lot Of Five Silver Plate Purse Mirrors

Group lot of five purse mirrors

Lot# 5 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 9 Gold Toned Metal Christmas Ornaments

Lot of 9 gold toned metal christmas ornaments

Lot# 6 High Bid: $0.00

New Cookbook


Lot# 7 High Bid: $0.00

Four Crocheted Doilies

Four crocheted doilies

Lot# 8 High Bid: $0.00

Two Hardcover Books- The Sunset War By Paul Wilson And A Reporter's Life By Walter Cronkite

The sunset war by paul wilson and a reporter's life by walter cronkite

Lot# 9 High Bid: $0.00

Oval Victorian Print 6/10/2010
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7" long x 5" wide

Lot# 10 High Bid: $0.00

Two Handled Small Picnic Basket No Contents

12" long x 8" wide x 8. 5" deep

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Lot# 11 High Bid: $0.00

Five Assorted Cordial Glasses

Tallest is 4" tall

Lot# 12 High Bid: $0.00

Package Of 1991 Tops Baseball Cards

Box of 1991 tops baseball cards

Lot# 13 High Bid: $0.00

Samsonite Larger Fanny Pack With Samsonite Airline Neck Pillow

Samsonite larger fanny pack with samsonite airline neck pillow

Lot# 14 High Bid: $0.00

Group Of Four Flower Vases

One is pink- tallest is 11" tall

Lot# 15 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Two Antique Glass Lamp Glass Covers

One has a greek key design and base of 4"- one is a swirl design with a base of 2"

Lot# 16 High Bid: $0.00

Book Lot Of Two Timelife Books And Lingerie Book

One is called wild alaska and the other is called the cascades- the lingerie book is called the touch of

Lot# 17 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Leather Necklace Display Cases

15. 5" x 9" x 3"

Lot# 18 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of Fireplace Tools

Set of fireplace tools 6/10/2010
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Lot# 19 High Bid: $0.00

Frontgate Contemporary Style Digital Scale

Frontgate contemporary style digital scale

Lot# 20 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Four Individual Baked French Onion Soup Bowls

Lot of four individual baked french onion soup bowls

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 21 High Bid: $0.00

Contemporary Stainless Steel Group Of Four Stacking Cups On Rack

Contemporary stainless steel group of four stacking cups on rack

Lot# 22 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 11 Vintage Air Force Posters Depicting Vietnam Era

Lot of 11 vintage air force posters depicting vietnam era

Lot# 23 High Bid: $0.00

Hardcover Book Called The Complete Peanuts 1950-1952

Hardcover book called the complete peanuts 1950-1952

Lot# 24 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 17 Airline Posters And Maps With Some Repeats And 4 Decks Of Advertising Playing Cards

Lot of 17 airline posters and maps with some repeats and 4 decks of advertising playing cards

Lot# 25 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Old Books

The big secret, the captain from castile, pavilion of women, twelve steps and twelve traditions,

Lot# 26 High Bid: $0.00

Pair Of Stuart Nye Hand Wrought Sterling Dogwood Screwback Earrings

Pair of stuart nye hand wrought sterling dogwood screwback earrings

Lot# 27 High Bid: $0.00

18" Antique Ice Tongs

18" antique ice tongs

Lot# 28 High Bid: $0.00

Costume Jewelry Lot Of Bracelet With Faux Pearls And Three Pairs Of Earrings

Costume jewelry lot of bracelet with faux pearls and three pairs of earrings 6/10/2010
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Lot# 29 High Bid: $0.00

Lavender And Teal Blue And Pink Rhinestone Brooch

Lavender and teal blue and pink rhinestone brooch

Lot# 30 High Bid: $0.00

Cameo And Faux Pearl Locket

Cameo and faux pearl locket

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 31 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Two Pairs Of Rhinestone Dangle Earrings

One screwback and one clip

Lot# 32 High Bid: $0.00

Victorian Style Bead And Sequin Purse

Victorian style bead and sequin purse- missing few bugle beads

Lot# 33 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 6 Report Cards From 1898 To 1900 From Kenosha

Lot of 6 report cards from 1898 to 1900 from kenosha

Lot# 34 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Four Consecutive Yearbooks 1958 To 1961

Tiger tales from crystal lake community high school

Lot# 35 High Bid: $0.00

Hand Painted Ukrainian Paper Mache Rooster

10" tall

Lot# 36 High Bid: $3.00

Victorian Style Porcelain Doll Dressed In Brown Velvet With Parasol

Has brown eyes and brunette hair- 18" tall

Lot# 37 High Bid: $3.00

Victorian Style Porcelain Doll With Fur Hat And Collar, Dark Brown Hair

17" tall

Lot# 38 High Bid: $0.00

18" Vintja Brass Necklace With Red Dichromatic Glass Pendant

18" vintja brass necklace with red dichromatic glass pendant

Lot# 39 High Bid: $0.00 6/10/2010
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Two Oval Pfaitzgraff Tan Bowls

Two oval pfaitzgraff tan bowls

Lot# 40 High Bid: $0.00

Cornflower Corral Platter 19"

Excellent condition

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 41 High Bid: $0.00

Two Wooden Clothesline Rack Winders

Two wooden clothesline rack winders

Lot# 42 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Books

Encyclopedia of common diseases, backyard bird watcher, and the angels were silent

Lot# 43 High Bid: $0.00

Pollenex High Intensity Power Massager

Pollenex high intensity power massager

Lot# 44 High Bid: $0.00

6 Hand Crocheted Yellow Placemats And One Round Crocheted Matching Doily

6 hand crocheted yellow placemats and one round crocheted matching doily

Lot# 45 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Seven Hand Crocheted Doilies And Table Runners

Lot of seven hand crocheted doilies and table runners

Lot# 46 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Two Hand Embroidered And Crocheted Edge Hand Towels

Lot of two hand embroidered and crocheted edge hand towels

Lot# 47 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Two Linen And Lace Tablecloths

Linen and lace tablecloth has small stains, lace tablecloth is in good condition

Lot# 48 High Bid: $3.00

Lot Of Old Porcelain Including Japanese Salt Container, Silver Plate And Bone China Saucers And Dish

Lot of old porcelain including japanese salt container, silver plate and bone china saucers and dishes,
seven pieces total 6/10/2010
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Lot# 49 High Bid: $0.00

10" Color Television/monitor By Audiovox- No Remote

Working status unknown

Lot# 50 High Bid: $0.00

Twin Size Whistler White Goose Down Comforter

Twin size whistler white goose down comforter

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 51 High Bid: $0.00

One Dozen Cds

Tlc, american cosmonaut tenacious d, 702, dive right inn, space jam, in your house, american hi fi, all
saints, sisqo, shaggy hotshot, the sounds

Lot# 52 High Bid: $0.00

Romantic Lot Including Fred Wayne Orchesta Cd Sealed, Random Acts Of Romance And 2 Prs Of Cheater Gl

Romantic lot including fred wayne orchesta cd sealed, random acts of romance and 2 prs of cheater
glasses in cases

Lot# 53 High Bid: $3.00

2 3.5 Inch Americow The Beautiful-july Figurines

2 3. 5 inch americow the beautiful-july figurines

Lot# 54 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Travel Items Including Black Velvet Travel Pillow 2000, A Green Velvet Travel Pillow In Case

Lot of travel items including black velvet travel pillow 2000, a green velvet travel pillow in case and a
lufthansa first class travel kit(unopened)

Lot# 55 High Bid: $0.00

A Set Of 6 Sharp Silver Plate Fruit Knives

A set of 6 sharp silver plate fruit knives

Lot# 56 High Bid: $0.00

A Cream Jardiair Vase In Very Good Condition

12 inches tall with no mark

Lot# 57 High Bid: $0.00

Enesco 3 Inch Precious Momentfigurine (new In The Box) For December

In very good condition

Lot# 58 High Bid: $3.00

A Group Lot Of 3 Small 3 Inch Covered Boxes With Little Item In Two 6/10/2010
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Slot machine with tiny coins, juke box with record inside, six pack of bud with no gift inside

Lot# 59 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Two Amethyst Gemstone Hearts

One is larger than the other

Lot# 60 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 4 Oval Amitrine Gemstones

Lot of 4 oval amitrine gemstones

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 61 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 6 Aquamarine Gemstones With 4 Rectangular Stones , One Marquis And One Round

Lot of 6 aquamarine gemstones with 4 rectangular stones , one marquis and one round

Lot# 62 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of One Cello Playing Guardian Angle And One Mary Englebrecht Teapot Cookie Press

Lot of one cello playing guardian angle and one mary englebrecht teapot cookie press-condition very

Lot# 63 High Bid: $0.00

One Blue Victorian Saltbox House Cookie Jar

Condition very good

Lot# 64 High Bid: $0.00

One St. Augustine Light House Figurine From Spoontiques

5 inches by 6 inches

Lot# 65 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 40 Indonesia Post Cards

Contemporary and 4 by 6 with some repeats-condition very good

Lot# 66 High Bid: $0.00

Yogoslavian Covered Crystal Powder Dish With Vintage Colored Faux Pearls

Yogoslavian covered crystal powder dish with vintage colored faux pearls

Lot# 67 High Bid: $0.00

Collectible Sunday Best Grampa From The Simson's Series 9

New in the bubble package 6/10/2010
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Lot# 68 High Bid: $0.00

Collectible Disneyland Tray- 12 Inches In Diameter

Collectible disneyland tray- 12 inches in diameter

Lot# 69 High Bid: $0.00

Collectible Seatac Lighthouse By Lefton- 12 Inches Tall

Lot# 70 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 4 Woven Ivory, Gray And Pink Placemats With 4 Matching Pink Rough Weave Napkins

Lot of 4 woven ivory, gray and pink placemats with 4 matching pink rough weave napkins- conditiion
very good

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 71 High Bid: $0.00

Sheet Music Of Disney Movie Favorites For The Viola

Sheet music of disney movie favorites for the viola

Lot# 72 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 10 Sheet Music Instruction Booklets For The Viola

Lot of 10 sheet music instruction booklets for the viola- in very good condition

Lot# 73 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of One Dozen Cds Including Millennium, Sum-41 X2, Backstreet Boys X2, Barenaked Ladies, The Sop

Lot of one dozen cds including millennium, sum-41 x2, backstreet boys x2, barenaked ladies, the
sopranos, travis, billie myers, sheryl crow, robyn, the calling

Lot# 74 High Bid: $0.00

Granny's Wonderful Chair By Frances Browne From 1928

Granny's wonderful chair by frances browne from 1928

Lot# 75 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 3 Antique Tools

Two chisels and one nail remover

Lot# 76 High Bid: $0.00

One Very Heavy Knit Mohair Sampler Afgan In Peach, Greay, Rust And Ivory

One very heavy knit mohair sampler afgan in peach, greay, rust and ivory

Lot# 77 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of Gray Swirl Bathroom Accessories Including Kleenex Case, Cup And Waste Basket

Set of gray swirl bathroom accessories including kleenex case, cup and waste basket 6/10/2010
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Lot# 78 High Bid: $0.00

Little Red Schoolhouse Wooden Trinket(pencil) Box 8 X 5

Little red schoolhouse wooden trinket(pencil) box 8 x 5- condition very good

Lot# 79 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Decorative Glassware Including An 18 Inch Tall Candle Holder, Depression Pink Bud Vase, An Et

Lot of decorative glassware including an 18 inch tall candle holder, depression pink bud vase, an
etched flair 5 inch vase and a crystal decanter

Lot# 80 High Bid: $0.00

Arts And Crafts Wooden Bermuda Coin Clock

Arts and crafts wooden bermuda coin clock

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 81 High Bid: $0.00

Crystal 14 Inch Lamp With No Harp

Crystal 14 inch lamp with no harp

Lot# 82 High Bid: $0.00

9 Inch Pinapple Lamp With Shade

9 inch pinapple lamp with shade

Lot# 83 High Bid: $0.00

Tied Vintage Scrap Quilt- Condition Fair

Tied vintage scrap quilt- condition fair

Lot# 84 High Bid: $0.00

Mitre Box For Framing

Mitre box for framing

Lot# 85 High Bid: $0.00

Blue Woven Table Runner And 5 Hand Crocheted Potholders In Cream And Red

Blue woven table runner with matching placemats and 5 hand crocheted potholders in cream and red

Lot# 86 High Bid: $0.00

A Pr Of Black Metal Wall Pockets Painted With Geraniums- 8 Inches Wide

One has a small dent on the top

Lot# 87 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of 4 Reindeer Mugs (nib) From Living Quarters-your Home Your Style

Set of 4 reindeer mugs (nib) from living quarters-your home your style 6/10/2010
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Lot# 88 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of 4 Reindeer 8 Inch Square Plates (nib) From Living Quarters-your Home Your Style

Set of 4 reindeer 8 inch square plates (nib) from living quarters-your home your style

Lot# 89 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of 4 Reindeer Mugs (nib) From Living Quarters-your Home Your Style

Set of 4 reindeer mugs (nib) from living quarters-your home your style

Lot# 90 High Bid: $0.00

Hand Painted Chicken Caracterature On Wooden Carved Plaque

21 inches tall and 17 inches wide

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 91 High Bid: $0.00

Camera Bag With A Poleroid Sun 660 With Auto Focus And A Kodak 35 Mm S Series Cameras

Camera bag with a poleroid sun 660 with auto focus and a kodak 35 mm s series cameras

Lot# 92 High Bid: $0.00

Folding Music Stand In A Black Case

Folding music stand in a black case

Lot# 93 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Wooden Square Purse With School Decals And Two Wooden Trinket Boxes

Lot of wooden square purse with school decals and two wooden trinket boxes

Lot# 94 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Vintage Glass Slide With Maching Earrings

Lot of vintage glass slide with maching earrings

Lot# 95 High Bid: $0.00

Antique Metal Shoe Shine Box


Lot# 96 High Bid: $0.00

Six Old Buffalo Nickels

Dates worn

Lot# 97 High Bid: $0.00

925 Silver Brooch

Styalized leaf 6/10/2010
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Lot# 98 High Bid: $3.00

Lot Of 3 Silver Quarters

1942, 1949 1944

Lot# 99 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 2 Pieces Of 925 Silver Jewerly Including A Ring And A Musical Cleff Brooch

Lot of 2 pieces of 925 silver jewerly including a ring and a musical cleff brooch

Lot# 100 High Bid: $0.00

Vintage Circa 50s Mint Green Sweater With Matching Pleated Plaid Skirt Made In Scottland

Size sm

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 101 High Bid: $0.00

Silk Island Print Sarong Style Dress Size 10

Silk island print sarong style dress size 10

Lot# 102 High Bid: $0.00

Group Lot Of 4" Limoges Plate, Perfume Bottle Stopper, Turquoise Decanter Top, Pink Perfume Stopper

Group lot of 4" limoges plate, perfume bottle stopper, turquoise decanter top, pink perfume stopper,
and honeycomb cut glass decanter stopper

Lot# 103 High Bid: $0.00

Two Johnson Brothers English China Pieces

One 12" plate called windsorware with small chip on underside and one 8" windsorware plate

Lot# 104 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Three Religious Hymnals

The methodist hymnal, great hymns of faith, favorite hymns of praise

Lot# 105 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Old Rock And Roll 33 1/3

The scorpions, bob seiger, the motion of love, genesis, tears for fears, dier straits

Lot# 106 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 16 Brass Candlesticks

Tallest 4"

Lot# 107 High Bid: $0.00

Black Leather Wallet Purse

Very good condition 6/10/2010
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Lot# 108 High Bid: $0.00

Jade Medallion With Cz And Opal Accents

Jade medallion with cz and opal accents

Lot# 109 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Two Signature Costume Jewelry Pieces

One rhinestone trafari bracelet and one trafari pin

Lot# 110 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Costume Jewelry With Five Beaded Necklaces, One Shell Necklace, And Pewter Pansy Pin

Lot of costume jewelry with five beaded necklaces, one shell necklace, and pewter pansy pin

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 111 High Bid: $0.00

Franklin Heirloom Doll Called "her Majesty Marie Antoinette" With Coa

Franklin heirloom doll called "her majesty marie antoinette" with coa

Lot# 112 High Bid: $0.00

Miscellaneous Lot Of Silver Plate Flatware

Railroad tablespoon, gravy ladle, two serving forks, and serving spoon

Lot# 113 High Bid: $0.00

New With Tag Antique Brass Outdoor Sconce By Kichler

New with tag antique brass outdoor sconce by kichler

Lot# 114 High Bid: $0.00

Covered Vegetable In Fair Condition By Steubenville

Slight chip on bowl and lid

Lot# 115 High Bid: $0.00

Four Piece Canister Set English Ivy Pattern

Very good condition

Lot# 116 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Silver Plate Cream And Sugar And Porcelain Spoon Rest

Good condition

Lot# 117 High Bid: $0.00

Metal Tea Kettle In Very Good Condition With Floral Design

Metal tea kettle in very good condition with floral design

Lot# 118 High Bid: $0.00 6/10/2010
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Ceramic Pitcher And Bowl Set

10" tall, 10" diameter

Lot# 119 High Bid: $0.00

Two Porcelain Figurines

One cherub and one bald eagle- tallest is 5" tall- very good condition

Lot# 120 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of 4 Clear Glass Items

11" decorative clear drop glass divided dish, etched 6" triffle bowl, etched bud vase with christmas
etching 7" tall, and 7" cherry etched vase

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 121 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of Three Vintage Pyrex Refrigerator Bowls With Olive And White Patterns

All 5. 5" bowls with covers

Lot# 122 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Dresser Top Items

Covered trinket box and beaded votive cover

Lot# 123 High Bid: $0.00

7" Blue Cornflower Corning Ware Casserole Dish

7" blue cornflower corning ware casserole dish

Lot# 124 High Bid: $0.00

Rectangular 10" X 6" Fireking Casserole Dish In Excellent Condition

Rectangular 10" x 6" fireking casserole dish in excellent condition

Lot# 125 High Bid: $0.00

23" X 15.5" Still Life Print With Flowers And Fruit By Hails

23" x 15. 5" still life with flowers and fruit by hails

Lot# 126 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Clear Crystal Items

9" vase, 4" galway crystal vase, heart crystal paperweight, and hand-blown egg covered trinket box

Lot# 127 High Bid: $0.00

Never Used 3 Quart Rival Crock Pot

Never used 3 quart rival crock pot 6/10/2010
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Lot# 128 High Bid: $0.00

Lefton Pair Of Hands Vase

One flower is chipped

Lot# 129 High Bid: $0.00

Porcelain Vase 7" Tall With Majolica Flowers And Cherub

Porcelain vase 7" tall with majolica flowers and cherub

Lot# 130 High Bid: $0.00

11" Asian Kitchen Goddess

11" asian kitchen goddess

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 131 High Bid: $0.00

Porcelain Pillar Flower Stand

9" tall, 5" diameter

Lot# 132 High Bid: $0.00

12" Porcelain Decorative Ewer Numbered 553

12" porcelain decorative ewer numbered 553

Lot# 133 High Bid: $0.00

Amethyst Cork For Wine Bottle

4" tall

Lot# 134 High Bid: $0.00

Set Of Three Visions Baking Dishes

One 9" x 13" and two 7" x 11"

Lot# 135 High Bid: $0.00

Two Decorative Plates

One hutschenreuther german plate 8" diameter and one roy thomas currier and ives autumn scene 8"

Lot# 136 High Bid: $0.00

Pair Of Porcelain Bookends

Blue with butterflies

Lot# 137 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Four Kitchen Items

Hob knob nut bowl, fostoria american stemmed sherbert, sterling inlay etched sugar bowl, and pair of
pressed glass salt and pepper shakers 6/10/2010
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Lot# 138 High Bid: $0.00

Pair Of Metal Ducks

5. 5" long- one is a bottle opener and one is a decorative metal duck

Lot# 139 High Bid: $0.00

The Pilot's Manual By Trevor Thon

The pilot's manual by trevor thon

Lot# 140 High Bid: $0.00

Jane's Encyclopedia Of Aviation

Jane's encyclopedia of aviation

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via

Lot# 141 High Bid: $0.00

The Flight Instructor's Manual By William K Kershner

The flight instructor's manual by william k kershner

Lot# 142 High Bid: $0.00

The Aviator's Source Book

The aviator's source book

Lot# 143 High Bid: $0.00

Seven, December 1941 The Air Force Story

Seven, december 1941 the air force story

Lot# 144 High Bid: $0.00

P-51 Mustang Aces

P-51 mustang aces

Lot# 145 High Bid: $0.00

Lot Of Two Decorative Picture Frames

Pewter called "school days" 3. 5" x 5" and floral frame called "renaissance" 8" x 10"

Lot# 146 High Bid: $3.00

Two Pairs Of Light Coffee Drapes

75" x 45"- never used

Lot# 147 High Bid: $0.00

Costume Jewelry Ring With Czs

Costume jewelry ring with czs 6/10/2010
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Lot# 148 High Bid: $0.00

2.5" Julianna Style Brooch

2. 5" julianna style brooch

Lot# 149 High Bid: $0.00

Dirt Devil 12 Amp Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt devil Featherweight 12 amp vacuum cleaner

Lot# 150 High Bid: $0.00

Maxfield Parish Print Called "the Land Seller Of Baghdad"- 19" X 13"

Maxfield parish print called "the land seller of baghdad"- 19" x 13"

Can't make it to the auction? Bid live online via 6/10/2010