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Getting married is the right and necessity of life for every individual.

Some get
married at early ages while others reach a mature age. Early marriage means an individual
has to enter a totally different and practical life very soon. This can be advantageous and
disadvantageous in various expect. In their article The Benefits of Marrying Young, the
authors, Brett and Kate McKay deals with the issue of the advantages marrying young. There
is a need for the general public to correct the perception that married at the young ages will
cause a lot of trouble. Written for general audience, this article was written to clarify the
negative assumption about the issue of marrying young.
According to Dr. Meg Jay, author of The Defining Decade, he stated that the longer
you wait to get married the more ideal potential partner get taken off the market. I do not
totally agree with his statement because I think that not all of the couple who get married at
young age will meet their right partner because the level of understanding between two
individual is only developed when the boy and girl are too mature to understand the things
and their environment. Furthermore, generally people are more confident in their choices
when they marry later. At a young age, you cannot really know what a good relationship is
and what is not because you have not experienced enough. Another problem is that people
will constantly wonder if they meet the right decision, without having the experience to
answer that question. Based on the joint studies statistics from the US and Great Britain, the
average age of first time bride and groom is getting older. Todays couples are choosing to
marry later than past couple. The average age range is 30-40 for some first timers. A bit
different from just 20 years ago, when the average age span was somewhere in your twenties.
In one of the writer opinion, Alex Roberts at the UVAs National Marriage Project, he
stated that young married couple had about double the income and four times the net worth of
the continuously divorced and never-married couples. In my view, people in twenties are not
financially stable as they are either still a student or a fresh graduate employer which means
that their salary is quite low because their education levels are not high enough to get good
position on work place therefore they do not get much salary to support their family. This
problem is the real problem because money is essential to fulfill their basic needs such as
food, housing and clothes. It often leads young couple to the divorce decision because they
cannot survive and accept their low financial condition. In the other hand, people in their
early thirties and forties are making quite sure of their own financial future before committing
to a legal relationship. They are seeking mates who are as financially stable as they are who
can bring this type of security to their marriage. Based on the survey by American
Psychological Association in 2014, 64% of spouse feeling stress about money most or all of
the time.
Brett and Kate McKay state that, couple married at young age more likely to describe
their marriage as happy. A 2010 study found that couple who married between the ages of 2225 were more likely to describe their marriage as very happy than couples who got married
in other age. The researchers conclude that couple that married young has higher marital
satisfaction compare to the later. I agreed to this statement, because in my own finding based
on the result of the Young Adult Marry Research, marriage encourages reductions in risky
behaviors such as reckless driving, unprotected sex and alcohol abuse.

According to Benedict Carey spouses will have an easier time having kids, increase
their chances of being healthy and be better able to keep up with them. I approve this opinion
because in other research by Dr. Stefansson and researchers from the University of Iceland,
Aarhus University in Denmark and Illumina Cambridge Ltd said that older men are more
likely than young ones to father a child who develop autism or schizophrenia because of
random mutation that become more numerous with advancing paternal age. Moreover, they
are in a better shape and fit than older couple to raise their children.
I do agree that marriage at young age is favorable because according to Dr. Border the
twenties are really a time when people discover who they are in terms of carrier and what
they want in a relationship that include changes to our own brains, which are still rewiring
through at least the age of 25. This statement is supported by neuroscientist Dr. Jay Giedd, he
state that in a persons mid-twenties the brain is overproduction of synapses is centered on
rational thought, reasoning, impulse control, goal setting and planning. Basically what this
means is that the education, experiences and relationships you choose to pursue in your
twenties will determine the course of your brains synaptic pruning process.
In the conclusion, like most things in life, there are pros and cons to each approach,
and life circumstances are going to affect which path someone take. The most important
factor in happy marriage is not age but choosing the right person. The research above deals
with statistical generalizations and there are plenty outliers that belie the rule. There are still
some couple who get married in their thirties and forties also enjoy the happiest and longestlasting marriages.