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Weinland Park Community Civic Association

Housing Committee
July 11, 2016
Present: Jen Mankin, Omar Elhagmusa, Sheldon Johnson, LC Johnson, Michael Wilkos, Laura
Bidwa, Terry Althouse, Steve Sterrett, Sean Storey and Simone Clayborn.
Jen Mankin, president of the Weinland Park Community Civic Association, called the meeting to
order at 6:10 p.m. at Godman Guild Association. Those present introduced themselves.
Housing market. The committee discussed two single-family houses that were on the market in
Weinland Park. One was in contract very quickly; the other is still on the market.
Legal aid. Michael Wilkos reported a conversation with a staff attorney of the Legal Aid Society
who offered three potential housing services in Weinland Park:
Addressing some of the remaining vacant properties.
Assisting persons in reporting poor housing management and needed housing repairs.
Assisting persons facing rising rents and helping them to maintain or secure housing.
Mr. Wilkos asked if the Housing Committee members would like a representative from Legal
Aid to discuss this further with the committee. Committee members agreed that they would like
to meet with a Legal Aid representative to discuss the housing services.
Proposal for vacant lot. LC Johnson explained the live-work concept she and Sheldon Johnson
are proposing for the vacant lot at 1311 Summit Street. They hope to purchase the lot from
Campus Partners. She proposed the deep lot would include a two-story single-family house in
front with a carriage house in back. The carriage house would have a two-car garage on the first
floor with a two-bedroom apartment on the second floor. The main house, Zoras House,
initially would be offices for Ms. Johnsons work on entrepreneurial opportunities for women of
color. Ms. Johnson said she and Sheldon hope eventually to move from the carriage house into
the house. She said they have submitted the application for zoning variances for the property on
July 5. Committee members expressed support for the design. They also offered suggestions for
responding to potential questions from the University Area Commission about parking.
Mission. Sheldon Johnson of the Greater Ohio Policy Center reported Erin Prosser has asked
him to do further research on design review. He then reviewed the issues the Housing Committee
has discussed in the past six months. He suggested unanswered questions remain about the
committees vision, goals, the nature of committee, data gathering, and clear work plan. Based
on previous discussions, he proposed a mission statement for the Housing Committee:
The WPCCA Housing Committee provides residents of Weinland Park a voice in
residential development. It is expected that the University Area Commission will abide
by the decisions of the Housing Committee.

The Housing Committee should also serve as a place where Weinland Park residents can
come to receive information or referrals to housing related resources.
The committee members discussed the proposed statement. Among the suggestions offered were:
Eliminate the reference to the University Area Commission.
Simplify the statement to: The WPCCA Housing Committee provides residents of Weinland
Park a voice in residential development and is a resource for information and referrals to
housing-related services.
Include a phrase related to the committee as a housing advocate.
Include a phrase suggesting the committee should engage residents on housing matters.
The term residential development for many people implies working with developers, rather
than working with a wide array of stakeholders.
The committee did not reach a conclusion on the final wording of a mission statement, but the
discussion will be continued at the next meeting. Mr. Johnson encouraged committee members to
contact him by email with additional suggestions.
Sean Storey adjourned the meeting at 7:50 p.m.

Summary prepared by Steve Sterrett.

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