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Weinland Park Community Civic Associations Housing Committee minutes

6:10pm Matt Martin called the meeting to order
Susan Keeney, Landmarks Presentations

Landmarks new program for homeowners rehabbing and renovating

homes that are more than 50 years old.
Working with banks to identify financing to support renovations and
Huntington will participate in a workshop on financing options plus
additional assistance programs

Matt Martin said that we could likely identify homeowners that may benefit
from the program. There may be properties that didnt qualify for the
Exterior Home Repair program that may be interested.
Sean Storey asked what gap they were looking to fill. Susan mentioned that
there were homeowners that dont qualify for the income-restricted
programs and others that can afford to do high end renovations so the
program is intended to address those homeowners in between.
This program will be available throughout Columbus but starting in
neighborhoods that arent supported by historic neighborhood designations
and make an impact on specific streets.
Matt committed to identifying homeowners and streets that may be
interested in the program.
Renovation of 218 E 7th Avenue
Steve Bollinger distributed elevation and plan diagrams depicting his plans
for the renovation of 218 E 7th. Steve walked through the renovation plan
and it was well received. Laura Bidwa suggested the rear elevation needed
some softening. Possibly vines or greenery.
Steve thinks that the construction will begin in the spring of 2017. He will
need to go to UAC and BZA for a variance for lot coverage.
Update on Campus Partners RFP
Lykens/Skaff are finalizing contract terms with Campus Partners. Will invite
them to November meeting to update the committee on any design plans if
they are ready.

Terry Fahy is in contract to purchase the lot on N 6th Street.

Sheldon and LC are continuing to work through the process with the City.
Update on NRP
Matt Martin and Jen Mankin provided an update on a recent meeting with
Rita Parise from the City of Columbus on the details of the tax credit. Sean
Storey gave a run down of the details of the tax credit terms as they apply to
the NRP homes in Weinland Park.
Next steps are to work to improve communication with the residents about
the terms of their properties per the tax credit provisions. And work with NRP
and their compliance officer on the lease purchase provisions.
7:30 - Matt Martin closed the meeting

Summary prepared by Erin Prosser

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