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GRACE Shelter Case Management

GRACE Navigator Office
Rose Wilson, Director of Housing

GRACE Wish List 2016
GRACE is a one-stop homeless services campus in Gainesville. We provide emergency
shelter, supportive services, breakfast, dinner, showers, and a variety of other help, all in
one location. We’re a young facility, and are still getting off the ground in many ways. To
view our most updated wish list, please visit you are able, please
consider supporting GRACE in any of the following ways:
1. A recurring donation through
2. Purchasing and preparing dinners at GRACE
3. Donating land, houses, or vehicles through our fundraising program
4. Volunteering your time by emailing
5. Donating any of the items listed on this flyer:

- Work boots (men’s and women’s)
- Non-slip work shoes
- New socks and new underwear
- New/gently used clothing suitable for job interviews and employment
- Hotel-sized toiletry items
- Razors
- Tampons and pads
- Laundry detergent
- Towels, twin/full bedding
- Quilts, blankets, new pillows
- Camping equipment (tents, tarps, sleeping bags, etc)
- Unopened over the counter medications
- Working, new computer equipment and tablets
- Working lawnmowers, shovels, yard and garden tools
- Working power tools
- Full tool set for maintenance
- Sunscreen and bug spray
- Bicycle front & rear lights
- Bicycle tire pumps
- Gardening supplies

- Brochure printing
- Preparing meals
- Donation pick-up (food/supplies)
- IT help and web/PC security
- Graphic design interns
- Journalism/PR interns
- Recreational and educational opportunities
- Computer skills classes

Shift: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Description: Café 131 Cooks & Servers assist GRACE Staff to prep and serve breakfast, lunch, or
dinner to over 200 guests for each meal. Individual volunteers may work alongside volunteer
groups from the community, or may work alongside resident volunteers. Our Kitchen operates as a
commercial kitchen complete with industry-standard equipment. We require all Café 131
volunteers to wear close-toed, non-slip shoes, no jewelry, minimal perfume or cologne, and tie their
hair back. This is an excellent position for anyone who enjoys preparing and serving food.

Shift: Flexible, schedule at least one week in advance
Description: The Education & Training Building is available to community members who have
information or skills that they would like to share with our residents. The building is equipped with
moveable chairs and tables, a television with HDMI cable for presentations, a small computer lab,
and lockers for supply storage. Some examples of current workshops include resume building and
job skills, yoga class, and movie night. Please email or mention
your interest during Orientation to find out more about scheduling a workshop or event!

Shifts: 9AM – 12PM, 12PM – 3PM, 3PM – 5PM, 5PM – 7PM
Description: The Welcome Center is the hub of our operations here at GRACE. The Welcome
Center Desk Greeter is responsible for granting computer codes, handing out hygiene products,
answering the phone, greeting GRACE guests, keeping the front desk area clean, and reporting
important information to GRACE Staff. This position is best suited to an individual that enjoys
office work, can multi-task, and is seeking direct interaction with our residents. Welcome Center
Desk Greeter’s can complete their shift alone or with one other Volunteer. We ask for
professionalism, confidentiality, and kindness in all interactions.

Shifts: 7A – 11A, 5P – 7P
Description: The Shower Desk Greeter interacts both with GRACE residents and residents who
live in Dignity Village during the times that GRACE showers are available to the public. This
position is responsible for checking residents in and out of the showers via a scanner system. A
basic understanding of computers is helpful for this position. The Shower Attendant is also
responsible for overseeing the cleaning of all shower stalls.

Shift: 9A – 12P, 12P – 3P
Description: At GRACE Marketplace, we offer a free laundry facility. Having access to clean
clothing and bed linens gives each person a healthier start to their week. The Laundry Attendant is
responsible for signing guests in and out of the laundry room, and overseeing the opening and

closing process. This position is a great fit for a Volunteer who would enjoy being at a desk and
interacting with our residents. We ask for professionalism, confidentiality, and kindness in all

Shift: Regular Weekly
Description: Love gardening? Would you like to be involved in your local homeless shelter’s
garden project? This position is a direct gardener position and is appropriate for someone who
likes getting their hands dirty. The Garden Team Member takes cues from our Garden Program
Directors from Forage Farms to carry out weekly gardening tasks. Tasks will vary based on need
and may include watering plants, weeding, trimming, and harvesting.

Shift: As Needed
Description: Do you have handy-person skills and enjoy projects? Do you want to volunteer but
can’t quite commit to a regular schedule? Sign up to be a member of GRACE Marketplace’s
Project Team. We are a growing organization, and with growth comes renovation. Project Team
Volunteers will receive e-mail messages that detail specific project needs and the due date for
each project. Some project examples; constructing a reception area desk, hanging panels on a
wall, painting a room, etc. If a project interests you, you have the option to apply to volunteer.
This position is awesome for anyone who wants to offer their skills on an as-needed basis or
prefers to work on specific projects.

Shift: Regular Weekly
Description: Our shelter’s IT needs are currently overseen by GRACE Staff and our Volunteer IT
Team! Their tasks vary from week to week based on our changing needs. If you would like to sign
on to assist our current IT Volunteers on a regular basis, please let the Volunteer Coordinator

Shift: Weekdays, 7AM – 4PM
Description: Our Admin Desk is the first point of contact for anyone who visits GRACE. The
Admin Desk Receptionist is responsible for greeting guests, answering the phone, opening and
closing our main gates, handing out bagged lunches, and offering information about the facility to

Shift: Regular Weekly
Description: Our van drivers and van driving assistants get our residents where they need to go.
Our van currently operates on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and we are seeking to expand it’s
availability. This position requires a regular commitment, a valid driver’s license, a clean driving
history, and the ability to adhere to the van’s set schedule. Please see the Volunteer Coordinator
if you would like to be interviewed to fill this position.

As  a  Welcome  Center  or  Administration  front  desk  volunteer,  you  have  the  opportunity  to  speak  one-­‐
on-­‐one  with  most  of  the  residents  and  visitors  who  will  pass  through  GRACE  on  a  daily  basis.    We  ask  
for  kindness  and  compassion  in  all  your  interactions.  

Desk  Volunteer  Schedule  
Only  those  people  who  are  scheduled  on  the  online  scheduling  system  should  be  behind  the  desk  at  
any  given  time.    Please  do  not  let  anyone  behind  the  desk  without  Staff  approval.  
Answering  Phones  
GRACE’s  main  phone  number  routes  directly  to  the  Welcome  Center  Front  Desk,  which  means  that  
your  voice  is  also  the  first  voice  everyone  will  hear  on  the  phone  when  they  call  GRACE!    It  is  your  
responsibility  to  be  friendly  and  welcoming  to  anyone  calling  on  the  phone  or  coming  into  the  
Welcome  Center  or  Admin,  and  help  them  figure  out  where  on  campus  they  need  to  go  or  which  
extension  to  send  them  to.  
Please  answer  the  phone,  “GRACE  Marketplace,  this  is  _______.    How  can  I  help  you?”  
Do  not  give  out  resident’s  names  or  personal  information  to  anyone.    If  the  caller  or  visitor  asks  to  
speak  with  someone,  let  them  know  that  you  “cannot  confirm  or  deny  whether  that  person  is  staying  
at  the  shelter,  but  you  are  happy  to  take  a  message  for  that  person  and  post  it  on  the  message  board”.    
If  a  caller  is  insistent  on  knowing  whether  someone  is  here,  or  states  that  they  are  law  enforcement,  
please  place  them  on  hold  and  ask  a  Staff  member  to  take  the  call.  
Taking  Messages  
If  anyone  calls  with  a  question  you  do  not  know  the  answer  to  (and  Staff  is  not  available  or  nearby)  
please  take  a  message  with  the  caller’s  name,  phone  number,  the  time  and  date  they  called,  and  a  
note  about  what  they  would  like  to  know  or  who  they  wish  to  get  in  contact  with.    Please  take  detailed  
messages  with  lots  of  information  whenever  possible!    Hand  these  messages  to  a  Staff  member,  or  
post  them  on  the  message  board  when  appropriate.  
Receiving  Donations  
If  a  donation  comes  in  that  is  too  large  to  carry  to  Building  6  (lime  green,  AKA  Fundraising  Building),  
please  ask  the  donor  to  bring  it  to  the  Fundraising  Building.    You  can  radio  an  Advocate  to  meet  them  
at  the  front  door  of  Fundraising  to  receive  the  donations.    Please  DO  NOT  store  any  belongings  or  
donations  behind  the  desk  area.    Volunteers  are  not  permitted  to  keep  or  hand  out  any  donations  
without  Staff  approval.  
Please  do  not  accept  broken  or  unusable  items  when  taking  donations.    We  do  not  accept  TV  sets,  used  
hospital/medical  equipment,  or  other  hazardous  materials.    Computer  equipment  must  be  less  than  a  
year  old  and  in  working  condition.    All  donations  must  be  in  good  working  condition  with  no  broken  
pieces  or  parts  missing.  

Occasionally,  someone  may  ask  you  to  call  an  ambulance.    Make  the  call  to  9-­‐1-­‐1  first,  then  notify  an  
Advocate  ASAP.    If  it  is  a  non-­‐life-­‐threatening  emergency,  you  can  also  choose  to  call  GPD  at  (352)  955-­‐
If  someone  calls  on  the  phone  or  arrives  at  GRACE  with  a  Domestic  Violence  situation  or  is  a  victim  of  
partner  abuse,  refer  them  to  Peaceful  Paths  immediately.    This  includes  fear  of  their  partner,  
mentioning  they  are  fleeing  from  a  partner,  fear  they’re  losing  their  housing  because  of  abuse,  and  
many  other  scenarios.    Their  24/7  hotline  is  (352)  377-­‐8255.  
If  you  see  or  hear  aggressive  behavior,  yelling,  or  any  kind  of  dispute,  please  notify  Staff  immediately.    
Volunteers  are  not  required  or  expected  to  de-­‐escalate  any  arguments  and  we  ask  that  you  defer  to  
Staff  always.  
Please  organize  the  desk  at  least  once  when  you  arrive  and  once  before  you  leave.    Please  throw  away  
any  unnecessary  papers,  signs,  food,  trash,  etc.    Volunteers  are  not  permitted  to  post  any  signs  without  
prior  Staff  approval.    Remember  that  the  desk  is  the  hub  of  GRACE,  and  it  is  important  to  make  an  
awesome  first  impression  for  all  visitors.  
Please  keep  all  walkways  and  doorways  clear  of  objects  or  chairs  so  that  our  guests  with  limited  
mobility  can  pass  through.    If  you  need  accommodations  made  so  that  you  can  comfortably  access  any  
of  the  volunteer  stations,  please  speak  with  the  Director  of  Community  Engagement  (Cori).  
New  Residents  
If  this  is  someone’s  first  time  at  GRACE  and  they  are  seeking  services  or  shelter,  please  hand  them  an  
Available  Services  packet  and  ask  them  to  find  an  Advocate  or  see  the  Navigator  team  so  that  an  intake  
can  be  arranged.    If  no  Staff  is  available,  please  take  down  the  person’s  name  and  contact  information  
and  give  it  to  Staff,  or  ask  the  person  to  wait  in  the  Welcome  Center  for  Staff  assistance.  
Computer  Codes  &  Hygiene  Supplies  
An  Advocate  or  other  Staff  member  will  need  to  log  you  in  to  the  Computer  Code  Generator.    To  
generate  a  code,  click  “Reservations”,  right-­‐click  on  the  blank  white  space,  and  follow  the  prompt  by  
pressing  “OK”  until  it  generates  a  new  code.    Then,  write  this  code  down  and  hand  it  to  the  resident.    
Please  hand  out  hygiene  supplies  to  any  resident  who  asks  to  receive  them.  
Personal  Belongings  
No  personal  belongings  are  allowed  behind  the  desk.    Please  keep  your  personal  belongings  on  you,  in  
your  vehicle,  or  secured  elsewhere.    Please  inform  all  residents  that  no  personal  belongings  can  be  
stored  behind  the  desk  and  need  to  be  kept  somewhere  else.    Volunteers  are  not  responsible  for  the  
fate  of  belongings  left  behind  the  desk.  
Cold  Night  and  Severe  Weather  Shelter  
The  Welcome  Center  is  occasionally  used  as  an  emergency  overnight  shelter  for  a  variety  of  reasons.    
The  WC  volunteers  work  with  GRACE  Staff  to  clean  and  prepare  the  WC  room  to  be  a  shelter  space  if  
needed.    GRACE  Staff  will  determine  the  use  of  this  space  as  an  emergency  shelter.  

We are a community endeavor at GRACE! Our Chefs put meals together with food
bank donations and a limited budget, and we continuously seek the help of volunteer groups in
the Gainesville community to provide a hearty menu to our guests in need. Our most
immediate need at GRACE is for groups like yours to purchase and prepare breakfast, lunch,
or dinner in our kitchen!
Cooking at GRACE is easy and fun. From the moment you book a date to cook to the
time that your meal is served, we are here to help. This document will give you an overview of
what it looks like to become visiting chefs at GRACE. Groups work with our Volunteer
Coordinator to hammer out all the details ahead of time. We confirm with you the week before
to check in and answer any last-minute questions. A GRACE Chef will be here to guide you
through every part of your meal, from prep to service.

Booking Your Meal
The first step is to pick out a date that works for your group. Our needs change month
to month and you will find our calendar of available meals on our website, under “Meal Calendars”. This calendar updates in real time, so any day
listed is still available.
Once you have chosen a date, contact our Director of Community Engagement at
(352) 792-0800 x 104 or to book your dinner!  

Frequently Asked Questions
How many volunteers can I bring?
Our kitchen can accommodate a maximum of 15 volunteers cooking and serving. If you have
more than 15 people, please let us know ahead of time so we can make sure everyone has an
active role in the process. Children over the age of 14 are welcome to help, but all minors
must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Minors must not make up more than half of any
What should we wear?
Please remind everyone to wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes, no loose or low-hanging
jewelry, and be prepared to tie long hair back away from the face. Our Chef will go over basic
kitchen rules and safety before you get started, and will be on hand throughout your entire
afternoon to guide you.

When should our group plan to arrive?
Weekday Breakfast Groups –
Please arrive by 6AM and plan to stay until 9AM.
Weekday Lunch Groups –
Please arrive by 10AM and plan to stay until 1PM.
Weekday Dinner Groups –
Please arrive by 3PM and plan to stay until 7:30PM.
Weekend Breakfast Groups –
Please arrive at 9AM and plan to stay until 12PM.
Weekend Dinner Groups –
Please arrive by 2PM and plan to stay until 6:30PM.
All groups are strongly encouraged to stay one hour past the end of each meal to assist our
staff with clean up. Please communicate your arrival time with our Volunteer Coordinator if you
will be arriving later than the suggested time so that our kitchen staff may plan accordingly.
Where do we park?
We ask that groups park outside the main gate and report to the double green doors at the
back of Café 131 (a.k.a. the kitchen which is a kelly-green building). For volunteers with
limited mobility or to unload items, you may drive to the back of the kitchen and park on the
side of the pavement.
Do I need to sign in?
We keep track of our volunteers’ time and generosity! This helps us make accurate monthly
reports about the needs of our organization. If you are part of a RECURRING meal group,
please make sure you are registered and scheduled online by visiting and clicking the “Volunteer Now!” button to officially enroll as a
GRACE Volunteer. If you are visiting ONE TIME ONLY, please sign the turquoise Volunteer
Group binder in the kitchen.
Do you keep records of our food donations?
If your group is bringing their own ingredients or donations, please have a group leader fill out
the “Meal Donation Form” with an estimate of what your group contributed for the meal. If
you’d like a receipt for your records, let us know and we’ll happily provide a copy. All
contributions made to GRACE are fully tax-deductible.

Planning Your Meal
What’s for dinner?
For the menu, you can get as creative or keep it as simple as you like. All that we ask is that
you have enough food to provide hearty servings of a protein, vegetable and side for 200
hungry people. Desserts and drinks are always appreciated but are optional. All food must be
prepared in GRACE’s Kitchen. Meal groups do not need to provide alternative options; our
Chefs accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions as needed.

Does our group have enough food to feed 200 hungry guests?
We know it can be daunting trying to estimate portions for 200 people. If you need assistance
estimating, please get in touch ahead of time with your recipe or meal idea and we will provide
suggestions and guidance. We love to know what you are bringing ahead of time, and will ask
you to share your menu plans with us so that we can supplement if needed. If in doubt, plan
for more – leftover food doesn’t go to waste at GRACE!
Tell me more about the Meal Packages you offer for purchase!
Shopping for 200 can be a daunting task! To make things simpler, we have put together preplanned ingredient packages that you can order through GRACE’s food distributor to pass
along our bulk savings. Please see the “Meal Package Pricing” details on the last page of this
packet. Once you tell us which package you’d like to buy, we will invoice your group for
payment. We ask that you pay no later than on the day of your scheduled meal. The package
of food will be waiting for you in the kitchen when you arrive at GRACE.
Do we need to bring plates or utensils?
We currently use a combination of reusable cafeteria trays and disposable cups, utensils, and
napkins to serve meals at GRACE. If your group is able to bring cups and utensils, we
encourage you to do so. (These can be selectively added to the cost of your meal package for
$20.) We ask that groups plan to use our cafeteria trays as opposed to paper plates for all
meals in order to keep our meals consistent and eliminate the waste of plates and supplies
that we encounter after each meal.
What types of kitchen equipment will we be working with at GRACE?
You will be working with generic cooking utensils, pots, pans, ovens, range tops, an industrial
griddle, warmers, mixers, and large kettle. We have all the equipment and supplies you’ll need
to cook. For this reason, we ask that all prep and cooking take place in our kitchen as opposed
to offsite. One of our friendly and knowledgeable chefs will be on hand to guide you in using
our equipment.

The Day of Your Meal
Please meet your group behind the kitchen (kelly-green building) and ring the black
doorbell. Our Chef will greet you and give you a brief rundown of food safety and kitchen rules
and go over the plan for your meal. We operate in a certified kitchen, and require all
volunteers to follow food safety procedures. When it’s time to serve, all dishes will be placed
in our hot buffet in the dining hall. The Chef will assist groups in setting aside “late trays” in togo boxes for our residents who are off-campus working during dinner.
An Advocate (Staff in lime green t-shirts) will arrive at serving time to open the doors
and check residents in as they move through the dinner line. Volunteers work with staff to
assemble plates for the residents in line. Advocates are responsible for enforcing dining hall
rules and resolving any resident issues. All you’ll need to worry about is serving!
When dinner is wrapping up, the Chef will assemble a crew of volunteers to begin
cleanup. Groups are encouraged to stay after dinner to help put food away and clean up the


After Your Meal
We’ll be getting in touch to get your feedback. If you’d like a donation receipt, we would
be happy to provide you with a copy of your contribution for the evening. If you enjoyed
cooking at GRACE, we’d be happy to book your group for another meal, or add your group on
a recurring basis!
If you have any questions about your day of service at GRACE, please contact the
Director of Community Engagement at (352) 792-0800 x 104 or e-mail

GRACE Meal Package Costs
All Meal Packages listed below feed 200 guests. Please choose one of the following
meal options at least one full week prior to your scheduled meal. You can e-mail your choice to Once you have selected a Meal Package, we will invoice
you for payment. Payment can be made beforehand or on your day of service. The Meal
Package of your choice will be delivered right to GRACE and be ready and waiting for you
upon your arrival.

with Green Beans and Rice = $177
Add Potatoes
  = $195
with Corn and Rice = $130
Add Potatoes = $143
with Peas and   Rice = $125
  = $143
Add Potatoes


(beef, salsa, cheese, shells, lettuce, tomato,
taco sauce etc.) $220
Eggs, Potatoes, Onions, Sausage, Grits,
Coffee = $100
Add Juice = $120
= $30
= $20

Prices current as of October 2016. Prices are subject to change, based on availability and market
costs. We will notify you of any changes in cost prior to your order. For questions and to place your
order, please  contact the Director of Community Engagement at 792-0800 x 104 or


Your  role  as  a  volunteer  is  a  critical  part  of  our  operations  at  GRACE!    Please  read  over  these  policies  and  speak  to  
GRACE  Staff  if  you  have  any  questions.    Please  sign  and  return  the  last  page  to  the  Director  of  Community  
Engagement.    This  copy  is  for  you  to  keep  for  your  records.  
Respect  &  Professional  Representation  
• Volunteers  agree  to  treat  all  residents,  guests,  staff  members,  and  other  volunteers  with  respect  and  dignity.    
At  GRACE,  we  strive  to  create  an  atmosphere  where  anyone  who  needs  services  will  be  met  with  compassion.  
• GRACE  Staff  members  have  the  authority  to  dismiss  a  volunteer  from  their  post.  
• Resident  Volunteers  who  have  received  warnings  or  a  ban  from  GRACE  Staff  must  see  the  Director  of  
Community  Engagement  before  they  can  be  permitted  to  return  to  volunteer.  
• We  ask  that  GRACE  Volunteers  wear  respectful  attire.    Café  131  Volunteers  are  asked  to  wear  tread-­‐safe  or  
non-­‐slip  closed  toed  shoes,  tie  their  hair  back,  and  remove  all  jewelry  before  their  shifts.  
• While  volunteering  at  GRACE,  you  represent  our  organization  and  its  mission.    Please  wear  your  GRACE  name  
tag  during  your  scheduled  hours  only,  and  remove  it  while  you  are  taking  a  break  from  volunteering.  
• Volunteers  represent  GRACE  only  during  scheduled  volunteer  shifts,  and  not  online  or  on  social  media.      
Online  Scheduling  
• All  volunteer  shifts  must  be  scheduled  online  in  advance  at    
• Volunteers  are  responsible  for  cancelling  all  shifts  they  cannot  attend  up  to  one  day  in  advance.  
Religion  &  Politics  
• GRACE  welcomes  people  from  all  backgrounds  and  belief  systems.    Volunteers  will  never  proselytize  religious  
or  political  views  including  verbally  or  with  written  materials.    Religious  or  political  materials  cannot  be  
distributed  openly  at  GRACE.  
• GRACE  Staff  reserves  the  right  to  ask  any  volunteer  who  is  openly  distributing  political  or  religious  materials  to  
exit  the  premises.  
• All  participation  in  religious  or  political  activities  will  take  place  as  a  scheduled  event  in  one  of  our  event  
buildings  or  rooms.    Please  see  the  Director  of  Community  Engagement  to  schedule.  
Age  Restrictions  
• All  individual  GRACE  Volunteers  must  be  18  years  or  older  to  participate  without  supervision.  
• Youth  volunteers  must  be  14  years  or  older  and  be  accompanied  by  an  adult  supervisor  100%  of  their  time  at  
GRACE  Property  
• Please  report  all  damaged  or  missing  property  to  GRACE  Staff.  
• You  may  be  issued  a  radio  during  your  volunteer  shift.    Please  return  this  radio  to  the  Advocate  Staff  at  Mission  
Control  in  the  Welcome  Center  at  the  end  of  your  shift.  
• As  a  janitorial  service  is  not  currently  in  our  budget,  all  volunteers  and  service  providers  who  utilize  the  GRACE  
Education  &  Training  Building  must  clean  the  areas  thoroughly  after  each  use.  

GRACE  Staff  
• Volunteers  will  always  defer  to  the  rules  set  by  GRACE  Staff.      
• Volunteers  will  not  intervene  in  any  conflicts  between  residents,  and  will  instead  seek  Staff  support  
immediately  upon  witnessing  any  conflicts.  
• Volunteers  do  not  have  the  authority  to  enact  bans  or  enforce  GRACE  rules.  
• Volunteers  are  not  to  enter  any  designated  Staff-­‐only  areas  or  offices.  
GRACE  Residents  
• Volunteers  will  develop  and  maintain  healthy  professional  relationships  with  GRACE  residents.  
• While  representing  GRACE,  Volunteers  will  not  give  out  personal  information,  social  media  contacts,  phone  
numbers,  addresses,  money  or  rides  to  guests  of  GRACE.  
• While  actively  volunteering,  Volunteers  will  not  enter  guests  campgrounds,  RV’s,  or  tents.    Volunteers  will  not  
ride  in  guest’s  vehicles.  
Community  Service  Hours  
• GRACE  is  an  approved  worksite  for  court-­‐ordered  community  service  hours.    GRACE  Staff  is  not  responsible  for  
community  service  paperwork.  
• All  community  service  volunteers  will  arrive  with  their  carbon  copy  paperwork,  and  have  a  staff  member  who  
witnessed  their  hours  sign  off  each  volunteer  shift.  
• Community  service  volunteers  are  required  to  schedule  a  time  with  the  Director  of  Community  Engagement  to  
have  their  completed  hours  sheet  signed  at  the  end  of  their  service.  
• Community  service  volunteers  have  the  right  to  privacy  regarding  their  court-­‐ordered  hours  and  are  not  
required  to  reveal  their  reason  for  completing  hours  to  anyone.  
Confidentiality  Policy  
• GRACE  does  not  allow  photos  or  videography  of  guests  or  residents.  
• Volunteers  will  never  give  out  any  information  about  persons  receiving  services  at  GRACE  to  anyone,  including  
other  residents,  for  any  reason.  
• Volunteers  will  not  confirm  or  deny  that  a  resident  is  present  at  the  shelter.    If  a  caller  is  trying  to  locate  a  guest  
or  resident,  an  appropriate  response  would  be,  “I  can  not  confirm  or  deny  that  Person’s  Name  is  here,  however  
I  can  take  a  message  for  them  and  post  it  to  our  message  board  for  you”.        
• Volunteers  will  not  use  any  guests’  full  name  over  the  radio  or  phone.  
• Volunteers  will  forward  all  urgent  requests  for  resident  information  to  GRACE  Staff.  
• Volunteers  will  defer  all  media  inquiries  to  our  Executive  Director,  Theresa  Lowe,  or  our  Operations  Director,  
Jon  DeCarmine.  
Discrimination  Policy  
It  is  policy  at  GRACE  that  we  do  not  discriminate  on  the  basis  of  race,  religion,  color,  gender  identity,  age,  
national  origin,  sexual  orientation,  or  disability.    Any  discrimination  will  not  be  tolerated  and  is  strictly  prohibited.    
It  is  imperative  that  volunteers  uphold  this  policy  throughout  their  interactions  with  residents,  guests,  staff  
members,  and  other  volunteers.    If  any  volunteer  feels  that  they  have  become  a  victim  of  any  type  of  
discriminatory  conduct,  they  should  immediately  contact  the  Director  of  Community  Engagement.  
Harassment  Policy  
Sexual  harassment,  inappropriate  contact,  and  gender-­‐based  discrimination,  including  but  not  limited  to,  
unwanted  or  unwelcome  sexual  advances,  inappropriate  sexual  comments  or  conversations,  and/or  physical  
contact  that  is  sexually  orientated  and  is  considered  unacceptable  by  the  target  of  abuse  will  not  be  tolerated  and  
is  strictly  prohibited.    It  is  imperative  that  volunteers  uphold  this  policy  throughout  their  interactions  with  
residents,  guests,  staff  members,  and  other  volunteers.    If  any  volunteer  feels  that  they  have  become  a  victim  of  
any  type  of  harassment,  they  should  immediately  contact  the  Director  of  Community  Engagement.  

Please return signed form to Director of Community Engagement.