Impervious graphite is a traditional material selected for its high conductivity, good resistance to most chemical

except oxidising acids and good mechanical properties, specially treated with synthetic resins to ensure that the
base structure is fully impervious to liquids under pressure. The excellent performance and properties of graphite
make it very useful as an engineering material for a wide range of heat transfer and chemical process equipment.
Graphite forms no compounds due to corrosion, no protective surface films as do many metals, which depend on
their protective oxide films for their corrosion resistant. Its surfaces therefore remain smooth and thus more
resistant to scale build-up resulting in much lower fouling factors
being required.
Graphite chemical equipments have been employed in the field
of chlor-alkali, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical,
agrochemical, steel pickling and environmental protection
industry including heat exchanger, HCl synthesis unit, dilution
plant, absorbers, evaporator, gas scrubber, quencher, column
etc. The customer has gotten the following excellent feature and
benefits ::- Excellent Corrosion Resistant
- Outstanding Heat Transfer Properties
- Non-Contaminating
- Reasonable Price compared to other material with similar
- Simple Joining
- Light weight

Main Applications of Impervious Graphite


Brine Heater, Chlorine
Gas Cooler, Hydrochloric
Acid Synthesis Unit,


Caustic Soda,

Hydrogen Chloride


Hydrochloric Acid

Synthesis Furnace,
Hydrogen Chloride
Absorption, Gas
SO2 Gas Cooler, Acid
Cooler of Super


Sulfuric Acid,
Hydrofluoric Acid,
Phosphoric Acid,
Ammonium Sulphate,
Potassium Sulfate...

Phosphate of Lime,
Sulfuric Acid Dilution
Plant, Acid Heater,
Absorber, Cooler,
Evaporator, Graphite
Quencher, Condenser,
Graphite Pump,

c Refining
& Mining
of Metals

Steel, Stainless Steel,

Pickling Line Heater,

Copper, Lead, Tin,

Cooler, Evaporator,


Tank, Graphite Pump


Evaporator, Condenser,

Pump. Synthetic Resin Acetate. Acetone. Evaporator. Vinyl Condenser. Scrubbers.. Disperse Dyes Absorber. Heat Perchloroethylene.. Evaporator.. Hydrochloric(HCl) Gas Scrubber. Cooler. Sodium Glutamate. Cooler. Propylene Oxide.Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Food Petrochemical Industry Insecticides. Condenser Acrylonitrile. Absorber Evaporator. Fatty Acids. Ejector. Condenser. Dyestuffs. Spin Bath Heater.. Distiller. Styrene. Heater. Direct Dyes. Vinyl Chloride. Heat Methylene Chloride. Cooler. Ethylene Recovery. Condensers.. Waste H2SO4 Acid.. Synthetic Rubber. Chlorinated Paraffin. Contract Chemicals.. Nylon. Incineration Flue Gas Quencher. Heater. Mixer. Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride Plant. Protection Flue Gas. Graphite Bubble Cap Column. Gas Scrubber Dyestuff Naphthol Dye. Plasticizer. Reactors. Reboiler Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride Plant. Dichloride Phenol. Absorber Environmental Waste HCl Acid. Cooler. Propylene. Detergents. Waste Plastic Absorber. Viscose Fibre. Toluene. Graphite Column. Cooler. Reboiler . Heater.. Exchangers. Heater. Cosmetics. Column. Cooler. Hydrochloric Gas Absorbers.. Synthetic Fibre. Amino Acid. Viscose Rayon.