Introduction to

Geothermal Drilling and Management
23 – 24 February 2015
Jakarta, Indonesia

Why should you attend?
Participants attending the training course will benefit from the sessions by:
• Grasping a technical understanding of geothermal drilling
• Understanding the differences between conventional oil and gas projects and geothermal projects
• Identifying the key factors in the decision making process before/during/after the drilling project with production and
development as the final goals
• Understanding different management styles and their impacts on projects around the world

Who Should Attend?
The course is intended for geoscientists, drilling engineers, and management personnel who are new to the geothermal drilling field, or
have come from an oil/gas background. New recruits should also benefit from this course. As well, it may also interest experienced
professionals as a refresher course.

For further information, please visit or call +60.3.2182.3000

2182. Learning Level Introductory About Your Course Instructor Jonathan Hernandez is UCLA graduate with a B. The first will be a general refresher on an introductory level with a technical background. Mr. Finally the course will cover Geothermal Drilling Management such as cross functional teams.spe. Texas.php or call +60. For further information. We provide each attendee a certificate upon completion of the training course.8 CEUs for each day of and/or certified engineers are sometimes required by government entities to provide proof of continued professional development and training. The course will be done with a classroom approach including possible quizzes and handouts as well as interactive participation. Licensed. please visit http://www.3. A fluently bilingual engineer. Secondly the course will focus on the difference between Oil and Gas Projects and Geothermal Drilling. member of the Geothermal Resources Council (GRC). He attended the 2011 SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium in Woodlands. project management with production and development as the goals. Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) and Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). and how they all affect the drilling progress and completion of wells. Hernandez helps develop geothermal energy projects domestically and abroad. and has supervised geothermal drilling projects from Alaska to Argentina.3000 .Course Description This course will offer an introductory overview on Geothermal Drilling through various lenses. Attendees of SPE training courses earn 0. He currently works in developing Latin American Operations as well as serving as Drilling Operations Engineer for Dewhurst Group LLC (Washington DC – USA) CEUs Engineers are responsible for enhancing their professional competence throughout their careers.S. chartered. in Engineering Geology / Geology. it will cover case studies around the world and differences in management styles in Geothermal Drilling Projects. Training credits are defined as Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

– 10.00 a.m.m. – 10. – 8. 23 February 2015 Session 1: Design and construction Discussion on well design criteria. geothermal well cementing (including remedial cementing).00 a.m. – 1. Training session Session 4: Case Studies 2 – Africa and Caribbean All of this will be combined into a review session that will then show real life examples around the world that show how the covered material applies to real-world situations using actual data obtained from projects from these countries: 1) Caribbean a) Thermal gradient wells b) Well testing (Flow Testing. Day 2 will review the initial day’s material and compare and contrast this with standard Oil/Gas drilling practices. Monday.m. and the development decisions. Session 2: Drilling Techniques This session will discuss the various types of drilling constructions such as Thermal-Gradient holes.m.30 p. Safety issues (SCBAs.m.45 a. hangers.m. Lunch break 2. Andes Mountains DAILY TRAINING SCHEDULE 8. as well as the contrast and comparison to Oil/Gas drilling and how these differences affect both expectations and costs.m.m. Island setting for on-shore geothermal drilling ops ii.3.00 p.php or call +60. and geothermal specific mud loggers and how they all affect the bottom-line of a drilling budget—both positively and negatively.m. Welcome coffee and tea 9.m. The second half of the day will focus on real world applications. Other Industries For further information. or underpressured formations such as lost circulation. Training session 10.Daily Agenda Day One Day Two During the first day participants will discuss the importance and industry-wide accepted method of data integration that goes into drill planning.m.00 p. highlighting problems and how they are solved in the field.m.00 p.00 p. and drilling methods based on specific downhole conditions encountered during the drilling process Session 3: Wellbore Integrity How to maintain a safe environment while drilling without compromising the wellbore and issues of blowouts.m. – 3.m.30 a. Session 2: Unique Geothermal Conditions It will cover the difference in the lithology of geothermal formations that lead to managing unique problems such as drilling in volcanics. please visit http://www. and sour casing designed to handle geothermal downhole conditions. Training session 3. Aleutian Islands b) Pacific Rim – Southern California – Production and Injection drilling i. Coffee break and discussion 3. – 3. and driving/radios) iv. – 2.United States and Argentina All of this will be combined into a review session that will then show real life examples around the world that show how the covered material applies to real-world situations using actual data obtained from projects from these countries: 1) North America a) Plug and abandonment of geothermal exploration wells i. Registration opens 8. stuck pipe.45 a. National Parks ii. using mud coolers. Injection Testing) c) Production drilling 2) Africa a) Examples of Social and Environmental harmony with geothermal drilling i. Tuesday. – 5. Coffee break and discussion 10.30 a. Session 4: Well Testing Well testing and logging after the well is completed. – 9. production wells. Greenhouses iii.3000 .30 p. Cold weather “winterized” drilling iii.00 p.spe.15 p.2182.30 a.15 p.m. Session 3: Case Studies 1 .00 a. BOPE. The discussion would also include drilling fluids and drilling practices to successfully complete the selected well design construction which will include but is not limited to supplementary equipment.m.30 a. or specific casing tools such as liners. Mining crews on geothermal drilling ii. as well as the appropriate use of alloys.m. and injection wells. overpressured 24 February 2015 Session 1: Review A review of the material that was covered in Day 1. Salton Sea Area 2) South America a) Mountain high-altitude drilling i. Training session 1.

00 Non-SPE Member US$ 1. b) Cancellation received after 9 February 2015. a 25% refund will be made to the registrant. Mid Valley For SPE In-House Training or group booking. The Gardens South Tower.700. Dollars Cheque to Society of Petroleum Engineers Payment Enclosed (Check No.500.S.2182.3. This form may be used as a company invoice Mail completed registration form with remittance and any supporting Security Code (3 digit on back of card / 4 digit on the front of Amex) material to: Credit Card Billing Address & Zip/Postal Code Name of Card Holder Signature Note: Forms will not be processed and space cannot be guaranteed unless accompanied by payment for total amount Society of Petroleum Engineers Level 35. please visit http://www.00 US$ 1.3.Introduction to Geothermal Drilling and Management 23 – 24 February 2015 | Jakarta.2182. d) No refund will be issued if a registrant fails to show up for the training course .800. Malaysia Tel: 60.00 • Registration Deadline: 9 February 2015 • Fee includes course registration. Indonesia Registration Form Date : ____________________________________________ Member No : _____________________________________________ First Name : ____________________________________________ Last Name : _____________________________________________ Company : ____________________________________________ Job Title : _____________________________________________ Address : __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Town/City : ____________________________ Country : _______________ Telephone No : _____________________________ Email : _____________________________________________ Registration Fees: Postal Code: ________________ (Please select appropriate box) Early Bird Registration On/Before 26 January 2015 Registration After 26 January 2015 SPE Member US$ 1.00 will be charged for cancellation received before the Registration Deadline 9 February 59200 Kuala Lumpur.2182.S.3.spe. 2 luncheons and daily coffee breaks • If attendance is not sufficient for the course by 9 February 2015.00 US$ 1. please contact us at trainingapac@spe. __________________) Payment By Credit Card Credit Card Payment will be in U. Dollars only American Express Master Card Visa Diners Club Card Number Expiration Date (mm/yy) Cancelation Policy a) A processing fee of US$ For further information. c) No refund on cancellation received seven (7) days. Lingkaran Syed Putra.3000 .600. 16 February 2015. training materials.php or call +60. prior to the starting of the course date. SPE reserves the right to cancel the course Payment By Cheque U.3030 E-mail: trainingapac@spe.3000 | Fax: 60.