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State v. William Francis Melchert-Dinkel Court File No. 66-CR-10-1193 State’s Closing Arguments nally advises, encourages, or assists another in taking the other’s own life is guilty of a crime. Elements of aiding suicid: 1. The defendant, William Francis Melchert-Dinkel, intentionally advised, encouraged or assisted Mark Drybrough in taking his own life. 2. Mark Drybrough took his own life. 3. Defendant's acts took place between July 1, 2005 and July 27, 2005. Elements of aiding suicide 1. The defendant, William Francis Melchert-Dinkel, intentionally advised, encouraged or assisted Nadia Mena Kajouji in taking her own life. 2. Nadia Mena Kajouji took her own life 3. Defendant's acts took place between March 6, 2008 and March 10, 2008. 1. On July 27, 2005, 32-year-old Mark Scott Drybrough, date of birth 04-13-1973, committed suicide by hanging in the United Kingdom. (#00534) 2. Mr. Drybrough left a note stating: "Dear Family & everyone, | have decided to take my owa life. My mental suffering is too much and combined with fatigue syndrome which gets no better | can see | have no future.” (#00432) RICE COUNTY, MISS FILED ott COURT ADMINISTRATOR 10, Following Mr. Drybrough’s suicide, the Coroner's Office in Coventry, U.K., conducted a forensic. analysis on Drybrough’s computer and located e-mail communications between Mr. Drybrough and between July 1, 2005 and at least July 23, 2005. (#00436-00501) On approximately July 1, 2005, Mr. Drybrough posted to an Internet message board asking whether anyone had “details of hanging methods where there isn’t access to anything high up to tie the rope to.” (#00440) In response, i provided Mr. Drybrough with detailed instructions for hanging. (#00439) “Li Dao"/Melchert-Dinkel told Drybrough that s/he would commit suicide soon via hanging and counseled Drybrough that hanging is the “best and surest method” and is, “done very quickly.” (#00455) “Li Dao” also stated that two weeks prior, s/he had watched a rman in England hang himself via a webcam. (#00458) In his e-mails to “Li Dao,” Mr. Drybrough explained that he was physically and mentally ill, but was afraid to commit suicide, Mr. Drybrough explained that he was suffering from an illness that “feels like having the flu all the time” and could not be cured. (#00455-00456) Mr. Drybrough described trying the method recommended by “Li Dao” and how he was conflicted about suicide. (#00499) Mr. Drybrough stated that he admired Li Dao’s courage. (#00501) Investigative information determined that email address belongs to Melchert-Dinkel (#00015) and email address to victim Mark Drybrough. (#00078; Exh 1 CD "6"; #00940-00941) Mr. Melchert-Dinkel continued to encourage Mr. Drybrough and to allow Mr. Drybrough the permission to die: "| feel like I'm stuck in a no mans land, I've realised now that it's been so long and my situation hasn't improved, the physical weakness and pain getting worse. There's something gone wrong, with my mind and its stuck and won't change, | can't help feeling impatient all the time, sometimes | have difficulty talking with people. I's a rational choice to me, that | end it, know it won't get better but nobody | know will accept that it's true and they say good things on my behalf, so I don't mention it as much as possible, then I feel alone in having to keep it to myself Nobody close to me to allow me the permission to die. The idea of living more than 3 months into the future is painful to me, | can't imagine it and don't want to think about it. I havn't set a date for my suicide though, it's as though each day is as good as the next for going ahead with it, and even though it’s not a life for now | can manage a day ata time. (#00499)
mark | just saw you post on the methosd baord in regards to using ratchets and all that crap to help hang 8nbsp; you dont need all that of course just a strudy knot is very much all one needs. In fact once unconciousness is achived then the body relaxes naturally and the pressure on the rop/neck acutally greatly increases causing death. there is always some muscle tightening before unconciousness no matter how relaxed the person is but aftr they go out then all is said and done very to go to bed for a while before work now,,,talk to you tomorrow hun...**hugs** (#00456) Mary: Sorry to keep bothering you but whenl am tired i forget stuff sometimes hun....anyeay, | ‘was going to ask if there is a time line involved with your desrie to die. IS it soon that need/want to or whenever?? for me | want to very badly and plan to soon but wilol stay here for you as long as possible. | have had several other friends | have communicated with that are suicidal. The most interesting was a friend also in england that | had communicated with for several 11 12. weeks. One night two weeks ago he asked if | could be with him when he died, obviously that ‘was not possible physically due to the distance, but...unbeknowned to be he had a web cam sand asked if he could hang himself to. death while | watched him ont he web cam. Ay first i thoguht he was mad crazy, and wanted a spectticle and such but after another hour of talking | realized he lived alone yada yada and did noty want to die the end | watched him go and it was very pecefull and i was pretty pleased i could make this guys last moments special for him....anyay, you see we are all differne thtat is for sure. We are not alone and | dont want you to think that either. Ill be hee to write to you as | can and be here for you....please. write when you can..*hugs**” (#00499) (On March 25, 2008, Sergeant Haider of the Saint Paul Police Department received an email from informant Celia Blay who informed Sergeant Haider that someone on the internet chat room hosted by Google Groups was encouraging chat room members to commit suicide, Celia Blay provided information regarding a person using the handle “Li Dao”, who was using a thoroughly rehearsed and well-practiced script to encourage people to commit suicide by hanging while he watched on a web cam. Specifically, Celia Blay stated that she was contacted by Elaine Drybrough, whose son committed suicide after corresponding with the person suspected of encouraging suicide in the chat room. (#00039-00056) On April 1, 2008, Ottawa Police sent an e-mail to after discovering the online chats on Kajouji’s computer. In response, “falcon-girl” sent an e-mail to Ottawa Police stating, “Nadia died about 2 weeks ago . .. threw herself off a bridge into a frozen river, that was the last | heard from her about it so | assume it happened.” Ottawa Police traced this e-mail address to the Melchert-Dinkel residence in Faribault, Minnesota. (#00095 and 00339) 13. On May 7, 2008, Ottawa Police contacted William Melchert-Dinkel to inguire about “Cami’s” safety in light of the suicide pact with Kajouji, Melchert-Dinkel told the Ottawa Police that his teenage daughters use the handle “falcon-girl,” and that he would address their online behavior. (#00309-00310) 14. On June 24, 2008, Sergeant Haider received an email from Elaine Drybrough. Ms. Drybrough stated that her son Mark Drybrough committed suicide on July 27, 2005. Attached to her email were police and coroner reports from the West Midlands Police Department in the United Kingdom, which detailed the suicide death of Mark Drybrough. (#00075) 15. On August 12, 2008, Sergeant Haider received a package from the coroner's office in Coventry England, which contained computer files taken from Mark Drybrough's personal computer. (#00078) 16. On the computer, Sergeant Haider found multiple online chats and emails between "Spooky" at and "Li Dao" at li, Sergeant Haider determined that Defendant used email address (#00013; 00015; Exhib. 1 - CD “6”; (00058-00059; 00940-00941) 17. Inhis September 18, 2008 Police Report, Sergeant Haider included the following chat room and ‘email messages found on Mark Drybrough's computer (chat room text with unknown date and time of posting): Spooky wrote: Does anyone have details of hanging methods where there isn't access to anything high up to tie the rope to. I've read that people have taken their own lives in jail, anybody know of inventive methods used, the ones you don't get to read in the paper. Thanks, (#00078 and 00440) 18. On July 1, 2005 a response to the above post was sent by Mr. Melchert-Dinkel: From: To: "spooky", Subject: Re: hanging with no access to height, Date: 01 July 2005 Depending on how tall you are, preferable under 6 feet tal, you can easily hang from a door using the knob onw side to tie the rope to, sling it over the top of the door, attach the noose or loop to yourself then step off and hang successfully. if you are a bit tall you can still do a partial suspension hanging that way by having the noose ext fairly high up and attaching it to yourself, then lowering ‘yourself into a sitting position or kneeling down so you hang that way. Its very effective | have trialed it S times now with very good results so | am suing it for certain when | go. Unconsciousness ‘occurred in about 10-15 seocnds if it doe not occur then you need more neck tention and try again, Unconsciousness is ion 10-15 seoconds or so, brain death in 4 minutes after unconsciousness and death in 1m minutes?hope this helpes. If you have any questions please e-mail me back Ill get back to you asap?good luck?Li dao (100079 and 00439) 19. On July 18, 2005, Mr. Melchert-Dinkel (“Li Dao”) wrote to Mr. Drybrough (“Spooky”) Subject: Re: cheap overdose alternatives? ‘Spooky: As a verteran nurse | have found that, as a rule, overdosing is at best very unpredictable and unsure because of so many many factors. If you are very serious about dying, | too agree that ‘suspension hanging is by far the best and surest method to do, and it is the method | am using also. If you have and questions please feel free to write me or if you just need to talk also. Good luck? sincerely?Li Dao 25 f Minnesota (#00079 and 00458-00459) 20. On July 19, 2005 Mr. Melchert-Dinkel sent an email at 16:3: 1— 0700 (PDT): From: li_ Subject: RE: alittle more To: Mark Drybrough Mark | just saw you post on the methods board in regards to using ratchets and all that crap to help hang you dont need all that of course just a sturdy knot is very much all one needs. In fact once unconsciousness is achived then the body relaxes naturally and the pressure on the rop/neck actually greatly increases causing death. There is always some muscle tightening before unconsciousness no matter how relaxed the person is but aftr they go out then all is said and done very quickly?got to go to bed for a while-before work now,,,talk to you tomorrow hhun?**hugs**Li (#00079-00080 and 00455) 21. On July 22, 2005, email at 08:02:59 PDT from the defendar 22, 23. 24, From: Ii Subject: Hey Mark To: hope iis not too late, that you are still here. Please write and let me know. | am here to care and help you? Li (#00080 and 00467) On July 23, 2005 email at 11:30:14: From: Mark Drybrough To: Li dao li Subject: Re Hey Mark HIU, \'m still here, 've had a few days where I've been feeling very ill, physically and mentally. 'm not very-good-at thinking-of things to say. it was good of you to write back, thankyou. | get scared when I'm about to do it, | don't want to lie to you. | keep holding on to the hope that things ‘might change. Caught between being suicidal and considering it. Same old story! I'm dying but slowly, day by day. I don't want to waste anyones time. if you want someone who's suicidal, I'm just not there yet. You either do it or you don't, and | don’t and havn't. | used to being alone. Sorry. | admire your courage, | wish I had it. (#00080 and 00455-00456) ‘On June 6, 2008, St. Paul Police Department Detective William Haider received subscriber Information linking each of the relevant e-mail addresses to the Melchert-Dinkel residence. Det. Haider had previously received a tip from Celia Blay in the United Kingdom that “Bill Fran Melchert-Dinkel” was persuading individuals to commit suicide via the online message board alt.suicide holiday. Celia Blay provided Det. Haider information regarding conversations between Melchert-Dinkel and several unknown individuals online in which Melchert-Dinkel purported to be a female nurse in her early 30s and encouraged individuals to commit suicide by hanging. (#00039; 00049; 00692-00901; 00015) Sergeant Haider sent a subpoena to Yahoo to obtain information on the account holder for the email address Yahoo responded MS LI DAO, Faribault, MN S5021was the person registered to that email and the account was created on December 20, 2004. The Yahoo account had been accessed by computers with the following IP addresses: and 25, 26. 27. 28 29, 30. 216.114,236.7, both which resolved to internet service provider Hickory Tech. (#00058; 00692- 00801; 00940-00941) Sergeant Haider sent a subpoena to Hickory Tech for information on IP addresses and Hickory Tech responded that the IP addresses originated from account users William & Joyce Melchert Dinkel, 510 Littleford Lane, Faribault, MN 55021-3117, 507-334-8883;;; Username: joymds5 MAC Address: 00:11:11:48e2:98. (#100058; 00692-00901; 00940-00941) ‘The reports of the West Midlands Police Department, Coventry Central, UK, establish that Mark Scott Drybrough, date of birth April 13, 1973, committed suicide on July 27, 2005. (#00534) A statement from Mark Drybrough's sister, Carol Drybrough, establishes that she found Mark Drybrough hanging by a rope from a ladder. (#00511-00512) ‘The Coroner's Post Mortem Report, Pathology Depart ment-Walsgrave Hospital, dated July 28, 2005, stated Mark Drybrough was found July 27", 2005 with a "ligature groove 1m wide in the upper part of the neck, 9.5cm above the sternal notch which was rising towards the left and back of the neck." This matched the instructions given by Mr. Melchert-Dinkel. (#00538-00539) In February 2009, Sergeant Haider contacted Sergeant Maureen Bryden with the Ottawa, Canada Police Department to investigate Defendant's alleged involvement with a suicide in Ottawa. Sergeant Bryden confirmed that Nadia Mena Kajoulj, date of birth August 6, 1989, was found dead in the Rideau River, a local river near Carlton University which Nadia Kajoui attended. (#00091; 00198; 00337-00338; 00411-00426) The Ottawa Police Department reports on the suicide investigation for Nadia Kajouji include chat logs taken from Nadia Kajouji’s computer between accounts and 31 32, 33, 34, Nadia Kajouji was identified as the account holder for, (#00273-00279; 00339, Exhib. 1-CD’s “H”, "I", and “s") Sergeant Haider had determined in the Drybrough investigation that defendant William Melchert-Dinkel used the screen names “falcon girl”, "Cami", “Li Dao", and many variants, (#00015; 00039-00040; 00692-00901; 00905; 00940-00941; Exhib. 1- CD “G") (On March 1, 2008, Nadia Kajouji posted to an Internet message board stating that she wanted ‘to commit suicide but was afraid of falling. (#00183; 00273-00282; Exhib. 1—CD's “H’, “I”, and “yy (On March 6, 2008, Kajouji participated in two online chats with falcon girl, who purported to be a 31-year-old female emergency ward nurse from Minneapolis named “Cami.” During these chats, Ms. Kajouji stated her intention to commit suicide on the following Sunday by jumping off a bridge wearing ice skates in order to make it look like an accident. “Cami” stated that she would have suggested hanging, explained the physiological advantages of hanging and stated, “I hope I'm being a help to you.” Ms. Kajouji and “Cami” agreed that they would both hang themselves on Monday if Kajouji’s plan to jump off a bridge on Sunday was unsuccessful. “Cami” instructed Ms. Kajouji on the type and amount of rope to purchase. “Cami” stated that she would either die with Ms. Kajouji or shortly afteward. Ms. Kajouji stated, “Wwe are together in this,” and “Cami” (Mr. Melchert-Dinkel) responded, “yes | promise, Monday will be my day.” (#00122-00151; Exhib. 1- CD “H") (On March 7, 2008, Ms. Kajouji created a “goodbye” video of herself and saved it to her computer. (Exhib. 1- CD “H") 35, On March 9, 2008, between approximately 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., Ms. Kajouji participated in two online chats with “Cami.” During these chats, “Cami” asked whether Kajouji purchased the rope for the back-up suicide plan, and Ms. Kajouji stated that she had not, but there was a store nearby. (#00152-00154; Exhib. 1-CD“H”) 36. The chat logs taken from Nadia Kajouji state the following Chat between Nadia Kajouji and Defendant on March 6, 2008 (Start 2:14:09 p.m. — End 3:18:55 p.m.) Nadia: hey Cami: hi! Cami how ru doin? Nadia: ..'m okay. Tired, but okay. Thanks for emailing me Nadia: How are you? Cami: umm not too good hun still suicidal pretty bad Cami: u? Nadia: Well, the same. So tell me your story. Cami: severe depression for 12 years?meds therepy, yoga, prayers...nothing has helped me get any better so about 8 months or so ago | started looking for methods to let go with and since ive seen every method sued possible at work as a emergency ward nurse | know what does and don't work so that is why I chose hanging to use ive tried it in practice to see if it hurt and how fast it worked and it was not a bad experience. Nadia: So when are you going to catch the bus? Cami: | would like to soon u? ‘Nadia: | am planning to attempt this Sunday. Cami: wow ok you want to use hanging too? Or can u? Nadia: 'm going to jump Cami: well that is ok but most people puss out before doing that plus they don't wanna leave a terribly messy mess for others to clean up Nadia: | want it to look like an accident. There's a bridge over the river where there's a break in the ice. The water is really rough right now and it should carry me back under the ice so I can't come up for air. And if drowning doesn't get me, hopefully hyperthermia will Cami: ok otherwise | was gonna suggest hanging but if want a accident looking scene then ok Nadia: I'l have my skates on. Hopefully it'll look like | fell through somewhere upstream, Cami: k Ihope it works ( Nadia: me too. I've never attempted before. I'm going to try at about 3am when there's the least chance of people being around Cami: oh ok Nadia: | considered train jumping?like, at the subway, but | thought this would-be better_ Cami: umm yeah ami: if you wanted to do hanging we could have done it together on line so it would not have been so scary for you amit: but | think youll do fine Cami: its ok it was just a thought cause | know how scary itis Nadia: Well if | puss out, | think we should do that Cami: ok that sounds good Cami: im off Monday too Cami: | can die then easily or any time for that matter I want to bad. Cami: | got rope and stuff ready ca jo you have a web cam? Nadia: yes Cami : ok well IF it comes down to hanging | can help you with it with the cam...proper positioning of the rope is very important as ahve found out but we'll cross that path when/if it comes to that hun. Cami: i2hope im being a help to you in some way Nadia: yes it's a big relief to be able to talk to someone about it Cami: kewl thanx Cami: im not trying to tell you how to do it just my experiences and opinions that all Nadia: | understand. We want what's best for each other Cami: yes very much so Cami: and | don't want you to fail ever! And end up messed up Cami: how old ru? Nadia: 21 Cami: ok 31 here so we know what we are doin Nadia: where are you from? Cami: Minneapolis Minnesota Cami: would die today if we could but { will wait and see how it goes for you Nadia: that is very kind. Thank you. ‘Cami: do you have something to use for hanging if you choose to do that with me? Nadia: no | would have to go buy it Cami: ok that isn't hard to find or get just gettin the knot/noose position needs a little help which is can do if we get there Cami: u ok? This is a lot to think about Nadia: Yeah it feels good being able to be honest with someone Cami: yes and im honest with you Cami: | will be here starting at about 8 am Monday if uneed me Cami: | don't work that day but do the rest of the week so I need to die that day Nadia: Do you have a cell phone? My number is 613-668-5627. If you try texting me on Monday, and it doesn’t go through, that means | jumped, because I plan to have my cell phone. (on me when I do it cami: | don’t have cell my bro has it on the road he drives but ill be on line..if you are here then J know you are here if you are not then ill know Nadia: okay Cami: if you are still here (! hope not for your sake) then try to come on early Monday so we can do it if you want to Nadia: okay. What sort of rope, etc will need? Cami: if you to a home depot or menards or any kind of home improvement store...get yellow nylon rope about 8 feet or about 3.5 meters and about 1/2 inch think or about 3 cm that is all you need and look aroudn your apartment for somewhere to hang from... Ican help you with. the cam when you need to Nadia: ok 37 Cami: 2 em is thick enough. Cami: ru gonna be around tonite to talk maybe? Ill be on line later tonite like around 8 or so Nadia: | will for sure Cami: ok maybe we can talk then Cami: give thought to everything we talked about love Nadia: | definitely will Nadia: thank you again Cami: im just tryin to help you do what is best for you not me your welcome Cami: ill be on later and if anything comes up e-mail me Nadia: okay talk to you soon (#00122-00141; Exhib. 1~ CD "H") Chat log on March 6, 2008 (Start 8:39:47 p.m. — End 9:37:28 pm): Cami: hi2how ru doing? Nadia: been better. How was your day? Cami: umm ok | guess since we talked...1 went to the store and got stuff smokes food and pop then had dinner now just sittin here suicidal as always. Cami: how you feelin now? Nadia: really low Cami: yeah me too Cami: really suicidal too. Cami: | had my rope out after we talked today...lwanted to put it on to feel it on me Nadia: are you scared? Cami: ob no not at all im confident it will work just fine Nadia: 'm glad to hear that Cami: eu? Nadia: Not yet. | feel at peace. Cami: if u are? hope | can help you in any way | can. good that is a good feeling Nadia: the pain will be temporary, then it will be over, Cami: :)_ Cami: with my hanging it is painless and unconsciousness is so fast Nadia: how long does it take? Cami: when | did it in practice it was 10 seconds Nadia: wow Camis) ‘Cami: honestly it fet like going to sleep for a operation Nadia: that is a really good way to go Cami: yes it has replaced overdosing as the number one method in the usa Nadia: my doctor is very afraid | will try to overdose Cami: yeah most docs are Nadia: she wont put me on anything stronger than Smg of zopiclone Cami: yeah that wont do shit to die with Nadia: if only it were so simple Cami::( Cami: I wish e coth could die now while we are quietly in our homes tonite :) Cami: nice thought Nadia: itis a nice thought Nadia: since | decided that | will go this weekend, | have felt much better. Cami: great im at peace too ‘Cami: and if | cant die with you ! will shortly after that Nadia: we are together in this Cami: yes | promise Cami: Monday will be my day Cami: wish it were tonite im really at peace with it. Cami: i wnat to send you a oic of me now before we die Cami: pic Cami: i want u to see who | really am Nadia: okay Cami: ill send it to your addy you have on here 38. Nadia: il take a pic with my webcam to show sec Cami: ok Cami: | sn et mine Cami: sent Cami: hope you get it Nadia: i got it. im sending mine now Camit:} Nadia: 'm glad | have a face to your name now :} Cami: yes it is easier now Cai 1ope to see your pic Nadia: I sentit to your yahoo. Did you get it? Cami: just a sec Cami: what addy did you send it to hun? Nadia: Cami: what u doin/thinking hun? Nadia: I'm going through my computer files, deleting things | don't want people to find after I'm gone. I must say, I'm feeling a lot better now that I can talk to you Cami: Thanx hun Cami: it makes me feel so much better too knowing | want die alone Nadia: you won't Cami: even if it on different days or whatever we can Cami: you wont either (#00141-00151; Exhib. 1-CD ") Chat log on March 9, 2008 (Start 6:56:46 p.m. — End 7:07:57 p.m.) Cami: hi Nadia: hey Cami: how ru doin? Nadia: I'm good. I'm glad that things are going to end tonight, ‘Nadia: I'll be back in five minutes through, brb 39. 40. Cami: kk Nadia: back Cami: so you think youll be all done tonite? Nadia: yup for sure Cami: ok Nadia: I've got all my affairs in order. 'm feeling confident. Nadia: how was your weekend? Cami: worked all weekend..! think tomorrow will be it Nadia: well you will not be alone Cami: iknow hun Nadia: i want to go now. but there are too many people up and about Cami: i wish e could of together but | understand why Nadia: im going to have to wait a couple hours Cami: k Cami: did you get rope in case you need back plan Cami: bacy up* Cami:- back* Nadia: no | didn't. there is a store close by if | need to Cami: ok (#00152-00154; Exhib. 1-CD "H") According to Ottawa Police, Nadia Kajouji went missing on the evening of March 9, 2008, around 10:00 p.m., approximately 2 hours after her chat with “Cami” (Defendant William Melchert- Dinkel). Nadia informed her roommate that she was going skating and was not seen or heard from again. (#00171 and 00645) On April 20, 2008, 19-year-old college freshman Nadia Kajouji’s body was found floating in the Rideau River in Ottawa, Canada. (#00330-00338) 41. The Ottawa Police Department's investigation revealed that on March 9, 2008, Ms. Kajouji jumped off a bridge into the frozen river wearing ice skates in order to make her death look like an accident. (#00156-00410) 42, On May 7th, 2008, Officer Jeff Kosanda of the Faribault Police Department followed up on information previously provided to him, asking him to check an address in his jurisdiction, namely: 510 Littleford Lane, Fairbault, MN, 55021. On his initial visit, Officer Kosanda had noted the family living at the address was not home and he contacted neighbors who had advised him. the Melchert-Dinkel family was on vacation. (#00095; 00278; 00339) 43, Through follow-up on the IP address discovered by Det. Marc-Andre Sheehy of the Ottawa Police Service, it was learned that the internet service used by was registered to Joyce Melchert-Dinkel, of 510 Littleford Lane, Faribault, MN 55021. Officer Kosanda returned and located Mr. William Melchert-Dinkel at 510 Littleford Lane, Fairbault, MN, $5021. (#00095) 44, He spoke with Mr. Melchert-Dinkel, who provided the following details: When Officer Kosanda stopped the first time he and his family were on vacation in Florida. His wife is Joyce Melchert- Dinkel. She is a surgical nurse. She does not use the home computer. He has two daughters, M, M-D, and M. M-D. Both his daughters chat on-line a great deal and have used the handle “falcon-girl" in the past. He suggests that he and both his daughters have access to the handle "falcon-girl" through the computer. Both his daughters would be very aware of medical issues because of his wife's work. His computer had been infected with a virus several weeks ago and had to be “cleaned”. Mr. Melchert-Dinkel was given an explanation of the nature of the investigation and the concerns with respect to the nature of the on-line conversations and the 4s. 46. 47, 48. 49, 50. 51, 52, 53, ultimate outcome. Mr. Melchert-Dinkel was very apologetic and concerned noting that the girls’ behavior would be addressed and they would be sent for counseling if need be. (#00095) (On January 7, 2009, Det. Haider, Det. Tony Kuchinka and Commander Neil Nelson conducted a recorded interview with Melchert-Dinkel at his Faribault home. (Exhib. 1- CD “6") Melchert-Dinkel admitted that he used all of the relevant e-mail addresses and screen names, including “Li Dao,” “Falcon Girt” and “Cami.” (#00905; 00940; 00941; Exhib. 1- CD “G") Melchert-Dinkel further admitted telling others that he was a female nurse and explaining to others how to effectively hang themselves. (#00905) He repeatedly stated that he only spoke to individuals online who were looking for advice, and that he had no “sinister” or “criminal” intent. (#00906) He also stated that he engaged in these conversations for approximately 5 years, and that he finally stopped because he knew it was wrong. (#00906) Melchert-Dinkel stated that he often attempted to persuade people to get help instead of committing suicide, but there is no evidence in the record of this happening, (#0001-00958) Melchert-Dinkel stated his belief that he was a contributing factor to the suicide of a woman in Ottawa who jumped into a frozen river and agreed that he entered into a suicide pact with this woman, (#00914-00917) He stated his belief that he has entered into suicide pacts with approximately 10 people and that some of these suicides did not come about. (10925-00935) He further stated his belief that he has been an “accessory to suicide” for approximately 5 people. (#00917-00918) 54, 55, 56. 57, 58. 59, 60. 61. 62. 63, Melchert-Dinkel initially stated that sometimes when he entered into suicide pacts, he was actually contemplating suicide. (#00915-00916) However, later in the interview, he told his wife (in law enforcement’s presence) that people online “set up pacts with me even though I know | would never do it.” (#00943) He told his wife that it was a “fascination that got way out of hand” and that he thought he was an “advocate or helper or God.” (#00943-00944) He admitted that he encouraged people to commit suicide by telling them, for example, that it was “ok to let go” or “better in heaven.” (#00944) Melchert-Dinkel admitted telling people that he once watched someone in England hang himself via webcam, but stated that this never happened. (#00919-00920 and 00923) He admitted asking 15 to 20 people to let him watch their suicides via webcam, purportedly because he has a problem with people dying alone, but none ever agreed. (#00935) He admitted watching a man in England carry out autoerotic asphyxiation, but stated that the man did not die. (#00935) With regard to the legality of his conduct, Melchert-Dinkel stated that some people might say his statements were “just freedom of speech” because “you can do anything on the Internet,” but that he says, “no, that’s not right.” (#00922) He stated his assumption that itis illegal to send e-mails telling people how to commit suicide. (#00922) Melchert-Dinkel stated that approximately four times in two years, people posted warnings to others on the suicide message boards to stay away from Li Dao. (#00930) 64, 65, 66. 67, 68, 69. 70. m1. When that happened, he would stop talking to people online about suicide for awhile and then start up again. (#00930) Finally, he got so “disgusted” that he quit. (#00936) Melchert-Dinkel agreed that he was obsessed with suicide and hanging, and admitted to viewing ‘thousands of photos of suicides online. (#00932-00933 and 00936) On April 3, 2009, St. Paul Police completed a forensic examination of Melchert-Dinkel's computer. The forensic examination revealed numerous photos of people hanging, photos of, noses, a photo of Nadia Kajouli, an article related to Mark Drybrough’s suicide, and multiple e- ‘mails dated September 2005 through November 2006 in which Melchert-Dinke! advised a ‘number of different unknown individuals regarding suicide methods and encouraged them to use hanging. (Exhib. 1—CD “B”) Mr, Meichert-Dinkel admitted advising and encouraging people regarding suicide. (#00903- 00958) Mr. Melchert-Dinkel told law enforcement he entered into sham suicide pacts with approximately 10 people online and he believes at least five of these individuals ultimately committed suicide, (#00925) ‘The state has evidence that at least two specific individuals, Mark Drybrough and Nadia Kajouji, committed suici fe after communicating online with Mr. Melchert-Dinkel and being advised and encouraged by him to commit suicide, (#00001-00958) Mr. Melchert-Dinkel admits entering into explicit sham suicide pacts, advising and encouraging his “partners” by claiming to be a female nurse who was also suicidal and wanting to die “together” online. (#00903-00958) Conclusion The evidence offered in “Exhibit #1” proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Defendant, William Melchert-Dinkel intentionally aided and encouraged the victim Mark Drybrough to commit suicide by describing in detail how to tie a slip knot for the purpose of hanging himself. The evidence also shows the Defendant William Melchert-Dinkel intentionally encouraged Mark Drybrough to commit suicide by inquiring as to when Mr. Drybrough planned to commit suicide; stating that Defendant himself wanted to die very soon; and stating that S/he (William Melchert-Dinkel, Defendant) would hold off on dying so he could “be there” for Mr. Drybrough. The victim, Mr. Drybrough, ultimately died by the hanging methods recommended to him by Wiliam Melchert-Dinkel under the name of his alter ego. Mr Drybrough was looking for permission to commit suicide and William Melchert-Dinkel provided not only permission, but acceptance, advice and encouragement to commit suicide. The stipulated record proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant William Melchert Dinkel intentionally encouraged Nadia Kajouji to take her own life by forming a pact or agreement to commit suicide together. William Melchert-Dinkel, while using a false persona of a 31-year-old suicidal caregiver, encouraged Ms. Kajouji by indicating that he hoped she was not living the Monday following the date she planned to commit suicide. Defendant also offered advice on hanging methods, and suggested on multiple occasions that Nadia Kajouji try hanging with Defendant as a back-up method to commit suicide, William Melchert-Dinkel indicated in his statement to law enforcement that he at no time intended to commit suicide and simply enjoyed the thrill of the chase or the attempt to get others to commit suicide while using his well-crafted alter ego and well-rehearsed suicide pact conversation techniques. Mr. Melchert-Dinkel makes clear he hunted for and found vulnerable and suicidal individuals online and engaged those desperate and suicidal individuals in chats in which he played the part of a friend, advisor and suicide partner who was there for them and ready to help them commit suicide alone or together, on camera or off camera. Nowhere in the record doe: show William Melchert- Dinkel ever tried to talk anyone out of killing themselves. William Melchert-Dinkel’s alter egos became infamous online and several concerned individuals began to track him and warn others about what he was about and what he was doing online in stalking vulnerable, depressed, and suicidal individuals. Mr. Melchert-Dinkel in his statement admitted he was chased from the internet by several individuals who confronted him online. Mr. Melchert-Dinkel admitted his online chats with suicidal individuals were beyond simple conversations about suicide in the abstract. He admits his conversations moved into the realm of sick and perverse advice and encouragement in persuading individuals into going through with suicidal ideation. He stated he had moved to advising, encouraging and entering into false suicide pacts with individuals because he enjoyed the thrill of the chase. Based on the entire record, the State asks the Court to find William Melchert-Dinkel guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of intentionally advising and encouraging Mark Drybrough in taking his own life, as charged in Count I Based on the entire record, the State asks the Court to find William Melchert-Dinkel guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of intentionally advising and encouraging Nadia Kajouji taking her own life, as charged in Count I. Advising and encouraging others in suicide is not an online game for Mr. Melchert-Dinkel's amusement -itis a crime.

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