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yy National Geographic magazine is the global leader in empowering people to navigate the world, providing
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National Parks
Future of Food
Adventure & Exploration

National Parks

The national parks hold a special value and attraction for people all around the world. They are icons
of cultural heritage and identity. They enshrine our values and aspirations. They inspire a sense of
wonder and adventure. As the National Parks Service prepares for its centennial celebration, National
Geographic will continue its long tradition of supporting the parks with a multi-platform initiative geared
toward highlighting the importance of the parks and encouraging people to explore them.

NPS Centennial - January
Urban Parks - April
Single Topic Yellowstone Issue - May
NPS Next Generation- December

Future of Food

As the global catalyst for conversation around our world’s most important issues, National Geographic is
the ideal brand to help inspire, inform, and foster the necessary public dialogue about feeding the world
in the 21st century. In this third year of a multi-year commitment to covering food, we revisit topics like
food waste and continue to explore food systems, like aquifers, as we address climate change and rising
global populations.

Adventure & Exploration

When it comes to understanding our planet, we’ve barely scratched the surface. With so much left to
explore, we believe the 21st century will be the greatest age of adventure and exploration yet. With great
writing from some of our best journalists, photography that stands firmly in the National Geographic
tradition, and explorers working to find innovative solutions to global challenges, National Geographic
magazine will bring adventure and exploration to life for readers worldwide.


Scientific research, discovery, and innovation are the underpinning of everything that National
Geographic does. In addition to being the backbone for our food and climate coverage, science is a core
page within our “Explore” section and science-based feature stories run in nearly every issue.


Food Waste - March
Vanishing Aquifers - August
Origins of Agriculture - December

Grand Canyon - September
Blindness - October
Mars - November
Science of Belief - December
Under London - February
Dark Star - October
Hidden Empire - November
Okavango Delta - November

and Yellowstone Lake. Looting—Alarmed by the way Egypt’s cultural patrimony is being lost to looters. culture. Nat Geo Explorer Sara Parcak is using satellite imaging as a surveillance tool to stop destruction of sites. Some say it is facing the greatest threats since the birth of the park. Virunga—What does the future hold for Virunga National Park. the loss of the ice. global issues. that is a big misconception. Under London—As new subway tunnels are created. migratory species. With the headwaters that sustain the delta left unprotected. y JUNE Ancient Greece—All of life in ancient Greece was filtered by religion. Vanishing Aquifers—As populations rise and climate change spreads higher temperatures and drought throughout the world. Dying—This story follows a study that deliberately puts patients into a state of suspended animation—removing their blood and cooling their bodies to the point of being clinically dead. Climate Change—The biggest policy conundrum facing the National Park Service is what to do about the impact of global warming on park lands—how will this play out in a 21st-century global climate? Mars— Aligned to one of National Geographic Channel’s newest epic programs. the question becomes: How long can farmers tap this water before aquifers run dry? Hidden Empire—There is much we don’t know about the Maya still. and the natural world. Saudi Women—One of the most compelling stories we could possibly undertake about women and their challenges in the modern world. y APRIL Urban Parks—An in-depth look at how different ages and ethnicities find their own connection to nature through urban parks. Sanford Greenberg lost his sight. Origins of Agriculture—The dawn of agriculture 12. but perhaps the greatest mystery is the “Tikal hiatus” where they seemingly faded from history.Editorial Content 2016 Features & Stories National Geographic’s original journalism focuses on core topics such as science and innovation. We map the spiritual development of ancient Greece by focusing on the actual practices of their religious worship and objectives. We re-evaluate the beginnings of farming in this compelling addition to our continuing Food Series. This story seeks answers to this mystery by turning to Mayan superpower. we explore Mars. But what do those high-minded concepts really mean? backcountry. camera traps. Scientists are starting to grasp the underlying processes involved and what they are finding might surprise you. Arctic Ice—The Arctic. y JANUARY NPS Centennial—Nat Geo’s yearlong Parks series opens with a narrative overview of the creation and development of the uniquely American conception of a national park. y MAY (SINGLE TOPIC YELLOWSTONE ISSUE) Our subject is the jewel in the National Park Service crown. Call to the Wild—A great deal has been written lately about the “nature deficit disorder” and our innate need to connect with the natural world. which many historians considered a big macho hunting party— but according to Smithsonian chief mammalogist. y MARCH Seychelles—A story about the renaissance of a world of biodiversity that was feared lost. At 74. National Parks Next Generation—Is childhood moving inside? Will the next generation be even more disconnected from Nature? This story tests the premise that childhood is moving indoors and the current generation is more disconnected from nature than ever before. and the change of the weather are the three pillars of this story. . Teddy Roosevelt—This story retraces Teddy Roosevelt’s 1908 Kenya expedition. the Kingdom of the Snake. y NOVEMBER Okavango Delta—Last year Botswana’s Okavango Delta was declared a World Heritage site. Food Waste—33% of food produced for human consumption every year is lost or wasted along the food supply chain—we revisit this topic as part of our 2016 food series. the most dangerous place in the world to practice conservation? y DECEMBER y SEPTEMBER Grand Canyon—In the 95 years since the Grand Canyon became a national park. y JULY y FEBRUARY Rewilding Pandas—This story explores how scientists have mastered captive breeding and have started reintroducing pandas to the wild. y AUGUST Editorial Dark Star—A large group of cavers hope to connect two neighboring high altitude cave systems in Southern Uzbekistan’s remote Baisun-Tau mountain range. conservation. Greenberg is trying to drive vision research Science of Belief—Studies show the brain will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that its expectations match what the body experiences. scores of archaeologists are racing to keep up with the flood of discoveries revealing a long hidden history of London. a wave of development is knocking on its borders.000 years ago has often been cited as the single most important development in human history. adventure and exploration. much is at stake in this fragile wetland ecosystem. y OCTOBER Blindness—At 19. our place in the cosmos. toward a single goal to end blindness by 2020. and the mysteries that lie beyond. This issue will explore aquatic species. the Red Planet. where “America’s Best Idea” was first realized.

500-mile cable through the Canadian Arctic. Earthquakes are also a threat. plus Antarctica. and mobile—enabling you to connect with one of the most active and engaged communities wherever and whenever.S. New York 5 ASIA Traffic jams Construction in Asia and the Middle East aims to avoid delays at busy nodes like Singapore and Egypt and make the system less vulnerable to local breakdowns. NGM STAFF. smart. The latest lines link fast developing lands. Frankfurt 3. EDITORIAL AFRICA Accident-prone Globally a cable is damaged on average every few days. Putting Communications First The intercontinental superhighway has come a long way since the first copper telegraph line was strung across the Atlantic seabed in 1858. Amsterdam 4. some useful. SOUTH A ME R I C A Linked in Small South Pacific island nations Tonga and Vanuatu were recently added to the fiber-optic grid.Editorial Content 2016 Departments Each month the following vibrant departments appear in the front of the magazine and provide multiple entry points for advertisers. 3 QUESTIONS A newsworthy department ideal for corporate. Europe’s traffic leads the surge. and “Your Shot” features the best images from our online photography community. and shave milliseconds from connection times. SOURCE: TELEGEOGRAPHY .1 *CALLS MADE BY VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL INCLUDED IN OTHER CATEGORIES Tar-soaked nylon yarn 2007 2014 RYAN MORRIS AND MATTHEW TWOMBLY. Some 580. Each month National Geographic asks some of the world’s greatest newsmakers three questions about what they think and why they do what they do. Paris 5.1% Telephone calls* 24.000 miles of cables cross the ocean floors. the Hibernia Express. not California.? Or that handshakes transfer 10 to 20 times more bacteria than fist bumps? The magazine’s front-of-book “Explore” department spotlights the latest news and discoveries—some fun. faster The first transatlantic line built since 2003. Dragging anchors and trawlnets cause most faults. London 2. Sponsorship and integration opportunities span print. digital. 3 1 4 ress ia Exp Hibern 2 EUROPE Cities with the most international Internet bandwidth 1. Soon the Hibernia Express. and exploration. avoid congestion. companies plan to lay a 9. and some just plain interesting—from science.9% Private networks Submarine cable anatomy Optical fibers Silicone gel High-strength steel Copper sheath 75% Internet VANUATU AU ST R ALIA Rise of bandwidth Use has soared 11-fold since 2007. due in 2015. TRAIL MIX Did you know that at least 30 different species of salamanders live in Great Smoky Mountains National Park? The magazine’s newest front-of-book “Trail Mix” department shares an assortment of fun and fascinating facts about our National Parks. is now the epicenter for earthquakes in the U. —Tom O’Neill Data flowing through networks (2013) 0. will cut milliseconds from worldwide financial transactions. culture. Want to reach curious-minded. YOUR SHOT Engage with our audience through social storytelling. will be able to flash the equivalent of 125 years of National Geographic magazine in 30 milliseconds. Photography is core to the National Geographic audience experience. the Middle East and Africa have the fastest growth rates. finance. a vast system of fast lines carrying almost all the world’s digital traffic. unconnected. EXPLORE Science Pioneering route Taking advantage of shrinking ice cover. TONGA 185 Terabits per second Polyethylene Galvanized armor wires 11. the first new transatlantic fiber-optic cable in ten years. tech-savvy consumers? “Explore” is the place. transmitting a few words a minute. and thought-leader messaging. Arctic Fibre NORTH A ME R I C A EXPLORE Faster. at a price of more than $600 million. EXISTING CABLE PLANNED CABLE Did you know that Oklahoma. businessto-business. leaving only a handful of countries.

ELIGIBILITY: LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE 50 UNITED STATES (and D. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. prize and Yellowstone National Parks like never before through: } } } advertisers have the ability to translate their message into enhanced digital experiences to inspire a potential audience of over 500. He lives in Waynesboro. advertisement MY VIEW Capturing Luminescence k Great Smoky Mountains National Park This is Raymond’s videos.. One day. presented by Nature Valley. RAYMONDGEHMAN My first national park memory dates back to when I was eight and my parents piled all of us kids into the car to spend the day on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. I have shot nearly every national park in the country. Announcing NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S VIEW IT & DO IT SWEEPSTAKES. audio. please contact your National Geographic brand manager. and odds disclosure.W. Great Smoky Mountains. Sweepstakes ends 9/30/12.000 globally. documenting Yellowstone National Park through all four seasons. National Geographic called and offered me my first big assignment. graphics. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. When you climb to the top of a rocky peak.C. Enter for a chance to WIN A NINE-DAY HIKING TRIP IN GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK with National Geographic Adventures! Go to NationalGeographic. you’ll want to hit the trails and explore. For Official Rules. INTERACTIVE EDITION ISSUE DATES January February March April May June July August September October November December CLOSING DATES 11/02/15 12/01/15 01/04/16 02/01/16 03/01/16 04/01/16 05/02/16 06/01/16 07/01/16 08/01/16 09/01/16 10/03/16 . My dad took snapshots of the family posed in front of the overlooks. a grand.C. This image from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park showcases Sugarland Mountain in spectacular autumn colors. STREET VIEW–STYLE CAMERA TECHNOLOGY STEP-BY-STEP DIGITAL ACCESS TO 300+ MILES OF TRAILS 360-DEGREE PANORAMIC VIEWS AND INTERACTIVE GUIDES After you experience Nature Valley Trail View. For more information. — Photos: Ray ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S VIEW IT & DO IT SWEEPSTAKES PRESENTED BY NATURE VALLEY m ond G e h m an Nature Valley is expanding its commitment to preserving the national parks through Nature Valley Trail View—a new digital platform that encourages exploration of our national parks. it allows you to connect with something much larger than yourself.National Geographic Magazine Interactive Edition on Your Tablet yy National Geographic is enhanced by vivid slide shows. Washington D. and more in its Interactive Edition. The national parks offer everyone a chance to experience America as it once was. yy Enhanced opportunities include: • Live Links • Slide Show • Scrollable Frames • Video • Photo 360 • Panoramas • Audio Overlay • Interactive Maps & Graphics • Hot Spots • Creative Units Customized for Advertisers Award-winning photographer Raymond Gehman’s images have appeared in National Geographic and other publications. Sponsor: NGHT. viewed from the Chimney Tops Trail.. 1145 17th Street N. Using this award-winning app.) 21 YEARS AND OLDER. Fast-forward many years and I was working as a photojournalist for a large newspaper. and National Geographic as their partner. Now you can experience Grand Canyon. Pennsylvania. mapping. LLC. mysterious. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Find your own perfect national parks view at NatureValleyTrailView. visit NationalGeographic. The sun’s backlighting brings a lively luminescence to the sea of trees. 20036 INTERACTIVE EDITION CLOSING DATES yy Every national advertiser running a half page or larger can receive a static ad as added value: • Full-page interactive inclusion (with video or other enhancements) at an additional cost. and challenging environment. d/b/a National Geographic Digital Media. It was there that I discovered an affinity for photographing landscapes and wildlife.

Suite 300 Toronto. D.connaghan@natgeo. nadine. Box 530236 Miami Shores. hilary. Global Partnerships 1-212-822-7442. IL 60611 Hawaii Destination Marketing 3555 Harding Avenue. tanya@scribmedia. Int’l Brand Manager +44 203 426 7291. francoise. Jim MAILING ADDRESSES New York 1211 Avenue of the Americas 20th Floor New Hilary Halstead. Coyne. Director.middis@natgeo. Brand Manager David Middis. ext. Suite 1710 Chicago. mecoyne@mecoyneinc. Suite 1748 Southfield MI 48075 Rocky Mountain States Scribner Media Services 1707 N. VP & U. 1-416-363-1388 x237.bellish@natgeo.sarris@natgeo. kimberly. UK Direct Response Smyth Media FL 33138 CONTACT INFORMATION International 10 Hammersmith Grove. TX 76201 Canada Publicitas APR 468 Queen Street East.chalifour@publicitas. MEXICO—U. Inc. Global Corporate Partnerships 1-248-368-6304. NY 10036 Los Angeles 11845 The Carpenter Company Adelina Carpenter. Kim Connaghan. robert. Nadine ROCKY MOUNTAIN STATES Scribner Media Services Tanya Tammy Abraham. Suite 130 Irvington. HI 96816 Detroit 2000 Town Center.graff@natgeo. Business Partnership Director. Olympic Blvd. +52-55-5543-7677. david.jollymore@publicitas. john. Publisher 1-212-822-7445. NY 10533 .com Eric Bob Charlie Attenborough.malley@natgeo.F. karen. Inc P. rosalind. Del Valle Publicitas Francoise Chalifour. Inc. Global Partnerships +44-203 426 Danny Cynthia Jollymore. 1-416-363-1388 x228. Edition Sales DIRECT RESPONSE Smyth Media Group. debbieanderson@dmhawaii. Brand Manager 1-212-822-7428. tammy. 1-514-630-7648. Maria Coyne 1-305-756-1086. danielle. W6 7AP. acarpent@prodigy. London. Danielle Nagy. 03100 Florida & the Caribbean Maria E.campbell@natgeo. Elm Street Denton. 1-914-409-4242. Brand Director 1-212-822-7437. Ontario M5A 1T7 Mexico (U. Brand Manager 1-212-822-7429. bill. claudia.halstead@natgeo. tom.denning@natgeo. Global Partnerships +44-203 426 7290. 1-940-387-7711. Suite 705W Los Angeles. Int’l Managing Director. Brand Manager 1-424-293-5715. Edition Sales) The Carpenter Company Martin Mendalde 735-2 Col. Suite 2C Honolulu.josten@natgeo.S. 1 Bridge Street.REGIONAL OFFICES NEW YORK OFFICE National Geographic Magazine Claudia Cyndy Fleming. Brand Manager 1-212-822-7430.O. Chief Marketing & Brand Officer 1-212-822-7440. FLORIDA & THE CARIBBEAN Maria E. CA 90064 Chicago 401 North Michigan DETROIT Karen Sarris. British Isles +44-203 426 7296. charlie. Int’l Director. jim@smythmedia. LOS ANGELES Tom CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL Bill John Rosalind REPRESENTATIVES Sales Offices HAWAII CANADA Destination Marketing Debbie Anderson. Inc. 1-604-315-5190. Travel 1-212-822-7431. VP & Publisher. Director. cynthia.

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1% 51. 2.6% 6.9% 12.7% 596 36. Professional & Related Occupations./Grad.National Geographic Magazine Audience Profile Executive Edition 2015 Spring MRI RATE BASE: 700.6% 7.000+ 3.000+ ® World’s Most Important Magazine19.2% 13.4% 420 14.283 72.557 67.122 Banking/Investment/Financial 709 160 248 351 11.864 57.2% 2.727 796 29. Purch.0% 226 262 364 539 283* 9. 1.8% 6.503 92.8% 128 113 Value of Business Purchases $100.5% 463 14. 2015 Spring MRI code: National Geographic and (5521-2!805x!7637) RESEARCH .0% 251 283 Household Composition Married 4.000+ $500.4% 18.170 36.000 Total Adults Male Female AUDIENCE (000) PERCENT COMP.7% 2.706 45.9% 6.9% 4.4% 300 InfluentialsYour 1.7% Occupation C-Suite Top Management Managers/Professionals Professional/Related Occupations 286* 4.000.025 3.9% 5.792 Net Worth $1.9% 3.217 54.000 subscribers identified by Acxiom as C-Suite.000+ Median HHI: $106.9% 75.2% Postgraduate Degree 2.155 Direct Involvement in IS/IT Purch.6% 306 *Super Influentials: Participated in 5+ public activities/12 months National Geographic Executive Edition: 700.5% 7.000+ $200.5% 9.3% 6.6% 8.4% 5.160 Super Influentials* 326* 5.8% 1.7% 190 892 Education Att.7 years Household Income $150.1% 102 118 124 1.1% 4.2% 88 Age 18-49 25-49 25-54 Median Age: 46.5% 2.862 99.8% 113 2.0% 5.2% 2.355 22.477 Median Home Value: $311.385 3.3% 2.020 Own Home 4.5% 100 3.5% Business Purchases Direct Involvement in Bus.0% 4.0% Graduated College+ 4. Top Management.828 81.6% 3.1% 4.924 100.2% 238 251 15.0% 2. PERCENT COVERAGE INDEX (US=100) 5.6% 589 10.2% 7.1% 65. College+ 5.

750 193.450 1/2 PAGE 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W 179.650 155.500 204.450 1/2 PAGE 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W 143.655 134.380 1/4 PAGE 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W 73.610 257.990 107.100.665 .375 4TH COVER All Colors 268.050 242.000.385 54.940 64.830 1/8 PAGE B & W Flexibility of issue dates required on all 1/4 and 1/8 page units.000 1X ONE PAGE 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W $227. RATES 28.2 0 1 6 R a t e s Effective January 2016 Issue 1X WORLDWIDE EDITION Rate Base: 4.000 ONE PAGE 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W $285.100 123.810 NATIONAL EDITION Rate Base: 3.770 4TH COVER All Colors 328.

000.820 1X GOLD EDITION Rate Base: 1.000 ONE PAGE Subject to availability 50+ EDITION Rate Base: 1.340 93.090 1X $204.D e m o g r a p h i c E d i t i o n s Effective January 2016 Issue MEN’S EDITION Rate Base: 1.735 173.245 1X EXECUTIVE EDITION Rate Base: 700.200.020 Your World’s Most Important Magazine RATES .000 Subject to availability ONE PAGE 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W $110.330 140.000 ONE PAGE Subject to availability 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W $110.550 94.530 1X PARENTS EDITION Rate Base: 800.000 ONE PAGE Subject to availability 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W 1X $164.025 132.585 140.000 Offered every issue ONE PAGE 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W $155.375 99.610 99.500.150 183.810 148.

540 1/2 PAGE B & 1 Color 78.105 B & W 38.000 ONE PAGE Channel Islands.250 B & 1 Color 47. Wales 1/2 pages subject to availability RATES 4 Color $45.810 B & 1 Color 41.835 B & W 68.945 B & 1 Color 129. Scotland. England.550 B & W 122. Continental Europe ONE PAGE 1/2 PAGE 1/2 pages subject to availability 4 Color $80.250 B & 1 Color 77.940 EMEA.790 4 Color 50.200 BRITISH ISLES EDITION Rate Base: 250. 1/2 PAGE Republic of Ireland. Pacific.940 4 Color 28. Middle East & Africa 4 Color $86.965 B & W 21.620 .930 B & 1 Color 72.355 4th COVER All colors 165.535 4 Color 90. Latin America EMEA EDITION Rate Base: 550.000 British Isles.190 4 Color 54.710 1/2 PAGE EUROPE EDITION Rate Base: 500.230 B & W 38. Continental Europe.I n t e r n a t i o n a l E d i t i o n s Effective January 2016 Issue FULL INTERNATIONAL EDITION Rate Base: 850.000 ONE PAGE 4 Color $143.000 ONE PAGE British Isles.315 4TH COVER All colors 99.450 B & W 67.625 B & W 73.005 B & W 40.815 B & 1 Color 24. Northern Ireland.905 B & 1 Color 44.

220 B & W 35.000 4 Color $41.I n t e r n a t i o n a l E d i t i o n s Effective January 2016 Issue CONTINENTAL EUROPE EDITION Rate Base: 250.805 1X AUSTRALIA EDITION Rate Base: 125.395 1X ASIA EDITION Rate Base: 130. Southeast Asia Pacific Edition excluding Australia/New Zealand ONE PAGE 1/2 PAGE 1/2 pages subject to availability ONE PAGE 1/2 PAGE 1/2 pages subject to availability RATES 4 Color $25.735 B & 1 Color 13. People’s 4TH COVER Republic of China.445 B & 1 Color 42.540 B & W 19. Japan. Philippines.485 B & 1 Color 12.000 1X 4 Color $23.635 B & W 11.845 B & 1 Color 25.870 .700 B & W 40.025 B & 1 Color 20.015 B & 1 Color 22.265 4 Color 15.570 4 Color 14.550 B & W 10.150 4 Color 26.000 4 Color $47.725 B & W 19.000 ONE PAGE Europe Edition excluding British Isles. South 1/2 PAGE Pacific Islands. includes Israel 1/2 PAGE 1/2 pages subject to availability ONE PAGE Australia.330 All colors 54.515 B & W 21.560 4 Color 29. India. New Zealand.010 B & 1 Color 22.520 1X PACIFIC EDITION Rate Base: 275.860 B & W 22.355 B & 1 Color 37.

590 B & W 15.000 ONE PAGE 1/2 PAGE 1/2 pages subject to availability 1X 4 Color AUD 23.700 BRITISH ISLES EDITION (British Pounds Sterling) Rate Base: 250.215 4 Color 17.885 B & W 12. Scotland.615 B & W 10.200 4 Color 11. Mexico.675 4 Color 14.180 B & 1 Color 14. Northern Ireland. Central America.580 B & W 23.310 B & 1 Color 24.045 B & W 8.830 B & W 19.145 B & 1 Color 20.925 Available only to those advertisers and agencies located within Australia buying the Australia Edition CANADA EDITION (Canadian Dollars) Rate Base: 220.435 B & 1 Color 16.I n t e r n a t i o n a l E d i t i o n s Effective January 2016 Issue 1X LATIN AMERICA EDITION Rate Base: 25. Republic of 1/2 PAGE Ireland.000 ONE PAGE Channel Islands.670 All colors 21. South America 4TH COVER 1/2 PAGE 4 Color 18.100 B & W 43.560 B & 1 Color 12.890 Available only to those advertisers and agencies located within the British Isles buying the British Isles Edition AUSTRALIA EDITION (Australian Dollars) Rate Base: 125.000 ONE PAGE 1X 4 Color CAD 51. England.535 Available only to those advertisers and agencies located within Canada buying the Canada Edition RATES .595 B & 1 Color 10.000 ONE PAGE Caribbean Islands.220 B & 1 Color 46. Wales 1/2 pages subject to availability 1X 4 Color £27.

Continental Europe ONE PAGE 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W € 61. Scotland.755 30.265 35.465 52.445 B & W 26.460 CONTINENTAL EUROPE EDITION (EUROS) Rate Base: 250.755 B & 1 Color 29.630 55.765 33.I n t e r n a t i o n a l E d i t i o n s Effective January 2016 Issue EMEA EDITION (EUROS) 1X Rate Base: 550. includes Israel RATES ONE PAGE 1/2 PAGE 1X 4 Color € 31.840 4 Color 20.605 59.865 4 Color 19. Northern 1/2 PAGE Ireland.880 B & 1 Color 17.920 . Wales 1/2 pages subject to availability 4 Color € 32.480 B & W 27. Middle East & Africa 4TH COVER 1/2 PAGE 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W 65.090 1/2 pages subject to availability 1X BRITISH ISLES EDITION (EUROS) Rate Base: 250. England.045 55.850 B & W 15. Republic of Ireland.000 British Isles.385 1/2 PAGE 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W 38. Continental Europe.605 B & 1 Color 17.445 4 Color B & 1 Color B & W 41.000 ONE PAGE British Isles.000 ONE PAGE Channel Islands.225 B & W 14.000 Europe Edition excluding British Isles.605 B & 1 Color 28.765 All colors 75.590 29.965 1X EUROPE EDITION (EUROS) Rate Base: 500.

Text: Split copy at gutter between words. the month of issue date. the month prior to issue date. Allow 1/8” (3. . Paper. PAGE DIMENSIONS BLEED SPACE SIZES Full Page Spread 1/2-Page Vertical 1/2-Page Horizontal 1/2-Page Spread BLEED (W X H) 7 1/8" x 10 1/4" 182 x 260 mm 14" x 10 1/4" 355 x 260 mm 3 9/16" x 10 1/4" 90 x 260 mm 7 1/8" x 5 1/4" 182 x 133 mm 14" x 5 1/4" 355 x 133 mm NON-BLEED SPACE SIZES Full Spread 1/2-Page Vertical 1/2-Page Horizontal 1/2-Page Spread 1/4-Page 1/8-Page 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" 156 x 235 mm 13" x 9 1/4" 330 x 235 mm 2 9/16" x 9 1/4" 65 x 235 mm 6 1/8" x 4 1/4" 156 x 108 mm 13" x 4 1/4" 330 x 108 mm 2 3/4" x 4 1/4" 70 x 108 mm 2 3/4" x 2" 70 x 51 mm PRODUCTION TRIM (W X H) 6 7/8" x 10" 174 x 254 mm 13 3/4" x 10" 349 x 254 mm 3 5/16" x 10" 84 x 254 mm 6 7/8" x 5" 174 x 127 mm 13 3/4" x 5" 349 x 127 mm LIVE (W X H) 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" 156 x 235 mm 13" x 9 1/4" 330 x 235 mm 2 9/16" x 9 1/4" 65 x 235 mm 6 1/8" x 4 1/4" 156 x 108 mm 13" x 4 1/4" 330 x 108 mm SPREAD SAFETY: Photo Crossover: For photographs bleeding across the gutter. or NGM-Printed Units Orders Due January February March April May June July August September October November December 10/01/15 11/02/15 12/01/15 01/04/16 02/01/16 03/01/16 04/01/16 05/02/16 06/01/16 07/01/16 08/01/16 09/01/16 STANDARD CLOSING (Orders & Materials Due) 11/02/15 12/01/15 01/04/16 02/01/16 03/01/16 04/01/16 05/02/16 06/01/16 07/01/16 08/01/16 09/01/16 10/03/16 Newsstand On-Sale Dates* Supplied Units Due to Bindery 11/17/15 12/17/15 01/15/16 02/17/16 03/17/16 04/15/16 05/17/16 06/17/16 07/15/16 08/17/16 09/16/16 10/17/16 12/29/15 01/26/16 02/23/16 03/29/16 04/26/16 05/31/16 06/28/16 07/26/16 08/30/16 09/27/16 10/25/16 11/29/16 *In-home delivery begins the 15th of the month.Pr i n t A dver tising Specifications 2016 CLOSING DATES 2016 ISSUE DATES Special Gatefold. allow no safety. All copies should be in members’ hands by the 1st of the month.18 mm) from gutter on each side.

(Note: original layout and artwork must be high-res/300dpi or higher) Ad size is 2048 pixels x 1536 pixels. PRODUCTION . please contact Kristin Semeniuk at kristin. Contact your brand manager or Amanda Polli at amanda. and Canada editions should be submitted to the National Geographic-Domestic folder.polli@natgeo. INTERACTIVE EDITION SPECIFICATIONS AND MATERIALS DELIVERY All creative must be submitted in a high-res PDF to Note: A contract-quality proof built to SWOP standards is required. VA 22314 001 703-837-5270 Derrick. By not providing a proof. For extensions and questions. the customer relinquishes National Geographic from all liability associated with the color quality of their printed ad. Ads and editorial content are viewable in landscape mode only. *Files for any edition outside of North American should be submitted to the National Geographic-International folder.S. *Files for the U.A dver tising Specifications 2016 PRINT MATERIALS DELIVERY National Geographic prefers a PDFX1a file (Version 1.semeniuk@natgeo. This ad portal provides a 24/7 help line that ensures a seamless transition.3) submitted via www. Please supply two (2) cropped color contract proofs to: Derrick Mayhew Quad/Graphics 99 Canal Center or (212) 610-5526 for more information. Ads must be submitted to the NGS FTP or Suite 300 Alexandria.

violation of right of privacy. and no exceptions will be made to this policy’s procedures without prior written request and approval. ADVERTISING CREDIT/COLLECTION POLICY This policy is designed to specify procedures for establishing credit and to ensure collection of advertising receivables as well as to maintain a cooperative relationship with our advertising agencies. The rate card contract requirement and general information section clearly outlines National Geographic Society’s policy. and will be billed accordingly. and agreed-upon price reflected on the order. No sequential liability statements will be accepted on orders. • Contracts cannot be longer than one year from the date of first insertion. edition. • Agency waives any defense of sequential or conditional liability to timely payment. printed or other wise. • Disclaimers removing or limiting an agency’s responsibility for payment. edition(s). shall be considered requests only and not conditions of purchase. Terms and conditions that alter or conflict with this Rate Card shall not be binding. The deadline for such application is two weeks before the closing date of the desired issue. The policy will be enforced on an account by account basis at the discretion of advertising management. microfiche. and employ- ees against expenses (including legal fees) and losses resulting from the publication of any advertisement including. . • All advertisements are accepted by the publisher on the represen- tation of the agency and the advertiser that both are authorized to publish and authorize third parties to publish the entire contents of the advertisement. insertions will be billed at the new rates corresponding to the contracted discount level. agents. or plagiarism. and rates. • The advertiser and the agency. • Advertising orders for tobacco or firearms are not accepted. whether employees or representatives. unless specifically agreed to in writing by publisher. The terms and conditions of this rate card. without limitation. • Rates are subject to change without notice.A dver tising Specifications 2016 TERMS AND CONDITIONS The following certain terms and conditions governing advertising published in the following NG Media properties (the “Properties”) defined as Print and digital editions of the following Properties (“Magazines”): National Geographic magazine. credit will not be granted without the prior approval of management and will be reevaluated at each insertion. including display. The policy is effective for all sales personnel. National Geographic Little Kids magazine and National Geographic Newsstand Specials. claims or suits for libel. appearing on orders or copy instructions when such conditions conflict with the requirements set forth in this rate card. All new advertising agencies (including AAAA agencies) must submit a credit application and copy of the proposed advertisement before acceptance of an insertion order. or any other terms in conflict with this rate card. Rate holders and short rates will be applied when applicable. National Geographic Traveler magazine. • The publisher will not be bound by any conditions. publish or circulate all or any portion of any issue in which an advertisement is contained if such failure is due to acts of God. Unless cash is received with the order. accidents. are not accepted. under the stipulation that the credit application is submitted before the closing of the next issue. • Upon issuance of a new rate card affecting contracts already in force. and illustration. payment of all outstanding balances may not be sufficient to reestablish credit. • Orders must specify the issue. • Publisher shall not be liable for any failure to print. except covers. both in print versions of the publication and in any other media (including by way of example and not limitation electronic online delivery and microfilm. Late application: Any credit applications received within two weeks of closing or later will be accepted on cash with order basis only. Failure to submit an application by that time will require that all future orders be cash with order until the application is received. its officers. or other circumstances beyond publisher’s control. will indemnify and hold harmless the magazine. ad size. issue(s). The only exceptions to PRODUCTION this rule are agencies with an AAAA rating. • Execution of an order is subject to publisher’s approval of copy. copyright infringement. shall constitute the complete terms of the contract between the agency and publisher for the advertisement(s). National Geographic Kids magazine. In such an event. together with the order size. jointly and severally. or electronic archival reproductions and revisions of the publication). Business will be accepted from such agencies provided management approval is given. Placement of an order with the “Magazines” shall mean acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this rate card. color. • Any positions specified on orders. • Cancellations or changes will not be accepted after the published closing dates for each issue. • All orders must reflect the rates agreed to by the agency or the in- house client and the publisher prior to the submission of the order. Accounts that have established a poor credit history with National Geographic may be barred from any future activity. strikes. text.

Best Interna- tional Reporting in the Print Medium or Online Showing a Concern for the Human Condition. and General Excellence. H Awards for Best Magazine Reporting from Abroad. Extravagant Evolution of Feath- ers PHOTOGRAPHY PICTURES OF THE YEAR INTERNATIONAL (POYi) 71st ANNUAL COMPETITION One of the oldest. Best of Category. Destination Travel. Beautiful Brains H Charles Mann. Kevin Schafer (2007). Frans Lanting (1999) AWARDS & RECOGNITION . The City Solution H Carl Zimmer. Superior editorial product. International Magazine BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE WRITING 2012 HD  avid Dobbs. Tablet Edition. and consumer trust have earned the magazine the most prestigious awards and recognition in the industry. or length of service in nature photography. HM  ost awarded media with 22 medals (2 gold. HB  est in Show and Thematic Category. brand recognition. Curious. photography. stature.National Geographic Magazine National Geographic continuously redefines the standard of excellence. H F irst Place. The Long. Taming the Wild BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE AND NATURE WRITING 2012 HD  avid Dobbs. H 2 013 Awards for Contemporary Issues and Nature Story H F irst Place. James Balog (2008). and most highly respected photojournalism contests in the world. Michael Nichols (2002). and travel promotion. Multimedia. photography. EDITORIAL ASME NATIONAL MAGAZINE AWARDS The preeminent awards for magazine journalism in the United States. Honorable Mention for Reference Category NORTH AMERICAN TRAVEL JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION (NATJA) 18TH ANNUAL AWARDS COMPETITION Honors the best of the best of travel writing. The Birth of Religion H Evan Ratliff. and illustration excellence. and 10 bronze) SOCIETY OF PUBLICATION DESIGNERS (SPD) 45th ANNUAL PRINT AWARDS Highlight the highest examples of design. Beautiful Brains H Rob Kunzig. and Best Reporting in Any Medium on International Environmental Issue WORLD PRESS Offers an overview of how press photographers tackle their work worldwide and how the press gives the news. Nature Story five years in a row CARTOGRAPHY AND GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SOCIETY (CaGIS) 37TH ANNUAL MAP DESIGN COMPETITION Promotes interest in map design and recognizes significant design advances in cartography. world-renowned photography. 10 silver. bringing together pictures from all parts of the globe to reflect trends and developments in photojournalism. H 29 years of consecutive nominations. collecting a total of 31 awards H 2 015: Two wins for Photography and Best Tablet Edition H 2014: Two wins for Best Tablet Edition and Best Multimedia Feature H 2 013: Four wins for Photography. and established it as a valued leader in the world of news reporting. H Outstanding Nature Photographer Award: Joel Sartore H Past recipients: Tim Laman (2009). including Best Magazine and Best eBook SOCIETY FOR NEWS DESIGN (SND-E) 18TH MALOFIEJ INTERNATIONAL INFOGRAPHICS AWARDS Annual competition referred to by some as the Pulitzer of the infographics world. H Two Medal Awards and seven Merit Awards NORTH AMERICAN NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY ASSOCIATION (NANPA) 2010 AWARDS Recognize one’s accomplishments. Print H 2012: Best Tablet Edition OVERSEAS PRESS CLUB OF AMERICA 2012 Seeks to maintain an international association of journalists who uphold the highest standards of professional integrity in news reporting. H 2 014: 13 awards. largest.

2009. December 2008 H “Fast Lane to the Future: India’s Superhighway. Editor in Chief. largest. and most highly respected photojournalism contests in the world. and online film and video. and buzz among magazines. H Won Best Use Online Publication two years in a row 17TH ANNUAL WEBBY AWARDS The leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet including websites. and top integrated marketing team. Single Title NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC. National Geographic ADVERTISING AGE MAGAZINE A-LIST 2011 Recognizes outstanding accomplishment. interactive advertising. Digital Media. one honorable mention H 2014: Won for Special Advertorial Section. EVP/Worldwide Publisher. June 2008 H “Who Murdered the Virunga Gorillas?” Brent Stirton. business. and 2011 MIN 2008 SALES EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR AWARD Salutes those who are the cream of the crop and their best practices serving as guides for the thousands of media sales professionals in search of stronger strategies. and 2012 BUYOLOGY H Most Desired Magazine Brand. best print/ online bundle.” Gerd Ludwig. H Sales Team of the Year. and for Community PICTURES OF THE YEAR INTERNATIONAL (POYi) 67th ANNUAL COMPETITION One of the oldest. H Claudia Malley.COM ADWEEK MAGAZINE WEBSITE OF THE YEAR 2010 “Most impressive is National Geographic’s all-encompassing website.” Robert Clark. National Geographic AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY ANNUAL 25 From the 10. 2010.National Geographic Magazine PHOTOGRAPHY continued VEOLIA ENVIRONMENT WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR An international showcase for the very best nature photography. 2011. plus four additional Veolia awards (2013) H Paul Nicklen. printed. plus four additional Veolia awards (2009) MIN TOP 21 MOST INTRIGUING 2009 The magazine industry’s most intriguing personalities who went above and beyond the clarion call of duty to create a lasting mark in their sphere of influence. H Webby Award for Best Use of Video or Moving Image H People’s Voice Award for Best Use of Photography AWARDS & RECOGNITION . October 2008 H “Send Me To Siberia: Oil Transforms a Russian Outpost. which serves as the umbrella for all the brand’s assets. 2011 ADVERTISING ADVERTISING AGE EDITOR OF THE YEAR 2008 H Chris Johns.” 2010 NATIONAL MAGAZINE AWARD FOR DIGITAL MEDIA Recognizes the outstanding work that appears on magazine-branded digital platforms. hardcover annual. large-format.” Ed Kashi. H “The Man Who Wasn’t Darwin: Alfred Russel Wallace.100 pictures only 360 images are selected to appear in this award-winning. four honorable mentions NATURE’S BEST PHOTOGRAPHY WINDLAND SMITH RICE INTERNATIONAL AWARDS One of the most highly respected and visually compelling nature photography competitions in the world. H 2009: Five honorable mentions H 2008: Won for best special advertorial section. ongoing programs. July 2008 MIN INTEGRATED MARKETING AWARDS Salute the campaigns. H Highly Honored in the Wildlife and Birds categories THE INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY: THE 2013 INFINITY AWARDS H David Guttenfelder: Photojournalism & Kitra Cahana: Young Photographer HARRIS POLL H #1 Most Trusted Magazine. H Winner for Photography. growth. and innovative people who’ve raised the bar on magazine marketing programs. H Selected in 2008. H Brent Stirton.

your for more details. *Note: When providing a b&w ad please build file as just black (not 4-color black. first-served basis.250 net The carrier sheet runs with every issue. no CMYK. Visit NaturesSourceCleaners. no grayscale) FRONT YOUR AD ON BACK Introducing Nature’s Source™ —a new line of natural cleaning products from Windex® and Scrubbing Bubbles®—made with biodegradable. Your message is a full-page black-and-white display ad. Commitment Deadline: Available on a first-come. The carrier sheet reaches the magazine’s full circulation. With Nature’s Source™ cleaning products you’ll enjoy the good feeling that comes from making a smart choice for you.Bonus Space Carrier Sheet Let your brand message be the first readers see with the National Geographic magazine carrier sheet. or your message can run regionally based on your campaign’s objectives. Page size is 6"(w) X 6-7/8"(h)—ad can be bleed or non-bleed. plant-based cleaners. reserve at any time. Now you can have the cleaning power you want and still go natural. Your World’s Most Important Magazine For more information. Logos and images are permitted. please contact your National Geographic brand manager. Materials: High-res PDF: Can be b&w or 4-color. Advertiser eligibility is based on a schedule in National Geographic magazine. based on availability Materials Due: 4 weeks prior to issue close Program Value: $89. and the planet. This onsert contains the subscriber’s mailing address and is polybagged with the issue every month. MERCHANDISING . You may choose to supply a press-ready file or National Geographic can create your custom message which is featured on the reverse side of the carrier sheet.

Reaching 30.00 7 Document Template NGM To appear in: National Geogr Chevy Runs Deep Issue: Decemb “ARE WE THERE YET?” SHOULDN’T HAVE TO MEAN THE NEXT OUTLET Sometimes you want to go a little farther. It features a 24-hour hand. Europe a.BEAN So.25" Trim: 10" Live: 9.: N Account Mgr. You’ve given many gifts to your family for birthdays. June. Commitment Deadline: 4 weeks prior to issue for more information * EPA-estimated 35 miles of electric range.6 million readers. 40 hwy MPG (gas).125" TLC 1"x1" Extend your in-book advertising message and increase product awareness with National Geographic’s highimpact promotional L.Bean for clothing and gear made to last. 1. It’s more car than electric.16. With over 165 years of experience. US a.Bean this holiday season and receive free shipping—no minimum order. (highli Nation G25 Gold other region 2. Brit Is 2. Mid East/ D. and Visit newyorklife. the Explorer II has accompanied expeditions around the world. New Zeal Size/Color: 1 P File Due to Prin NGS Advertisin Name_Month_Y THE EXPLORER II Every Rolex is made for greatness. contact your travel professional or visit Seabourn. appearing in March. New York Life helps guarantee your family’s future will be protected financially.00 50.L. Pacific 1. Visit rolex. you can drive gas-free for around 35 miles. NY 10010 NEW YORK LIFE SAVE UP TO 60% WHEN YOU EXPLORE ASIA ABOARD THE YACHTS OF SEABOURN Don’t just cruise to” Each installment of “World Beat” features exciting advertising announcements. 2015 Spring MRI National Geographic reserves the right to final approval on all listings. Size of listing will depend on final number of advertisers. b.875" Live: 6. “World Beat” offers a unique and efficient way to communicate a special promotional message. plus website URL. Available to order at participating dealers. contests. which is invaluable to speleologists and polar explorers as it allows them to distinguish day from night. yy 38. retail events.39. and December. 35 city. Seabourn tours Asia unlike any other cruise line. and other promotions in an uncluttered.* And if you have to go farther before you’re able to recharge. From the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Latin Americ C. and boost brand exposure. holidays. Since 1971.3% read 3 or 4 of 4 issues) yy 42.8% of readers read 4 out of 4 issues (51. September.: Designer: Nam Copywriter: Na Proofreader: N Production Art Production Ma .P r o m o t i o n a l Pa g e World Beat Bleed:7. c. The latest Explorer II features a 42mm case and is the ideal instrument to help today’s expeditions push the boundaries even further. 51 Madison Avenue. please contact your brand manager. It’s electric when you want it. 1 2 Your World’s Most Important Magazine MERCHANDISING 50K 25. and toll-free number National Geographic will design advertiser’s World Beat unit and provide layout for final approval. Learn more at ChevyVolt. © 2011 New York Life Insurance Company. New York. gas when you need it. based on availability Materials Due: 2 weeks prior to issue close Program Value: Bleed: 10. 94 MPGe (electric). Asia Call 800-221-4221 or shop online at llbean.000 net per listing NGS Digital Im Job No. Atlantic (EM 1. Canada B.2% of readers rank National Geographic as one of their favorite magazines yy Readers spend an average of 47.L. Example of promotional page. Quantities limited. to the jewel of Jeju Island.2 For more information. “World Beat. pairing up-close adventures with superior personal service—now for a value that simply can’t be beat. Cont E b. For more information. no end date.125" Trim: 6. Australia 3. shop at L.L. With the Chevy Volt. You’ve always counted on L.39. add emphasis to a marketing campaign. But the most selfless gift can’t be wrapped in a package.25" By taking advantage of “World Beat.:12345 Project Mgr. Advertiser eligibility based on a schedule in National Geographic magazine. engaging environment.” advertisers connect with National Geographic’s loyal and highly involved readership1: 25K $65. Editions A. Now you can count on something extra every time you order with us: Free Shipping. a small gas generator will power the electric engine for a total range of 375 miles. Travel well with The Yachts of Seabourn.5 minutes with each issue Advertisers should supply the following–all art must be press ready: -Image: supplied with resolution of 300 dpi in TIFF or PDF format -Logo: supplied as Illustrator EPS vector file with all fonts converted to outlines -Copy: maximum of 50 words describing product or service. “World Beat” “World Beat” is available on a quarterly basis.16.

775.COM This BaBy Will live To Be 120* It’s not just hype. please contact Brad Roberts.COM Midnight in the Garden 60 A U.roberts@ natgeo.6775 or brad. CHINA • BONOBOS • DRONES AmericA StrikeS OiL The Promise and Risk of Fracking Celebrating 125 Years of Exploration nGM.000 names (additional names will be provided for higher net spends or can be purchased at a cost of $600 per 1. Creative Capital 100 • Why explorers Need to Fail Advertiser eligibility based on $300. Program Value: $3. Your list can be customized by various selects. Rising seas Poster Mapping a World Without Ice Cassowaries: Australia’s Big Bird 60 • Climbing Antarctica 78 Congo’s Chaotic. SUGAR why we can’t resist it Celebrating 125 Years of Exploration nGM.000 minimum net spend. such as travel.000 for 5. Refuge on Wrangel Island Courage in Zimbabwe Fertilize the World Hunting for New Elements China’s Grand Canal 78 Gas flares at a well in western north Dakota.000 names) Delivery Format: Emailable Excel file For more information. List is for one-time use per request.COM MarCh 2013 mAy 2013 FRACKING IN NORTH DAKOTA • NIGHT GARDENS • FULING.COM SCAN PAGE SEPTEMBER 2013 How tHey aRe cHanging ouR coastlines The Surprising Life of Lions 28 Can Lions Be Saved? 62 Underwater Secrets of the Maya 98 Painted Elephants of India 126 National Geographic must approve advertiser mailing package and a signed agreement must be submitted before names are released. MERCHANDISING May 2013 124 50 72 94 112 126 . city. etc. Build your company’s brand awareness and connect with your target audience by direct marketing to this loyal and highly involved readership. Teacher Revisits a Changed China The Surprising Lifestyle of Bonobos 98 Citizen Scientists 118 Ice Water Diver 120 Drones May Be Watching You 122 AUGUST 2013 Longevity • WrangeL isLand • ZimbabWe • agricuLture • eLements • china mARCH 2013 • Age • Gender • Income • Region (state.National Geographic Database NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Celebrating 125 Years of Exploration nGM. hobbies. or zip) • Home value • Gender and age of children in HH • Race • Religion • Lifestyle fashion. • And more NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Tap into a proprietary list of active. including: Celebrating 125 Years of Exploration nGM. affluent consumers through the National Geographic magazine subscriber database. *New science could lead to very long lives. marketing events specialist. Please allow three weeks for delivery of names after approvals and signed contracts.S. at 202.

as well as conduct the panel. A broad range of topics and advertiser categories are explored throughout the year. MERCHANDISING . Commitment Deadline: At least six weeks prior to reader panel launch Value: $20. advertisers will be provided with a final analysis of panel questions. For example.000 and up (dependent upon scope of project) Your World’s Most Important Magazine For more information.400+ highly involved National Geographic readers through National Geographic Magazine’s Reader Panel. advertisers can use the panel to: yy Gauge reader reaction to advertising creative yy Ask questions about an upcoming product launch yy Learn about advertising competitors yy Gain market insight yy And more! National Geographic will work with advertiser to develop custom questions.Research Reader Panel Advertisers can access a panel of 13. please contact your National Geographic brand manager. and advertisers have the opportunity to pose customized questions to panel members. Afterward.