Symbolic Human Sacrifice ~

This ritual is to utilize the process of symbolic human sacrifice to achieve
one’s ends. In this version, the “victim” is a woman, but this could just as
easily be reversed.
Look to the symbolism and forgo literality. Symbolism is god to those who
practice the ways of magic, let its truth ring true.
Items Needed 2 Black Candles
Dragons Blood incense and brazier
Red Wine
Anointing oil (Sweet almond is appropriate, but pure Coconut Oil
can be used as well)
Symbol of Sorcery with sigil of required outcome

Your “dagger”
Willing sacrificial victim
Altar covered with a black cloth (The altar must be large enough for
the victim to lay upon)

Upon the altar array the covering and place one candle at each end so that when the victim lays upon it. Place three drops of blood from each into the chalice of wine. and genitalia. Kiss the victim upon the lips. Pour the wine into the chalice. Light the candles and incense. one candle will be at their head and one at their feet. Hold the chalice to the gods and say Great goat of the dark light. May the dark one bless this sacrifice. Anoint the victim’s breasts and genitalia saying These gates are made pure and holy by this oil of the gods. bless this form and make it pure to receive the power that is raised here. breasts. bless this mingling of blood and take it to the power of the great depth of deep knowing. stomach. Using the lancet. place it at the “head” of the altar so that you may see it easily. Into the depths of the deep cavern I move to make this power rise.Having already created the Symbol of Sorcery to the desired outcome. Anoint their third eye with the oil saying Spirit of the black goat. pierce the victim’s and your middle finger upon thy left hands. . Mingle the wine and blood. Smudge them with the incense and make pure their form. deliverer of of a thousand thousand young unto the world. Shub Niggurath. Have the willing victim disrobe.

Have the Symbol of Sorcery easily within eyesight and concentrate on it and its meaning. and then you in turn until it has been consumed completely. but the vehicle for the power of she of the thousand young. breasts. Kiss them on the lips. When ready. so are we blessed . Remove both yourself and your partner from the altar. and the victim. collapse upon the victim who is victim no more.Have the victim take a sip. and genitalia once again. You both will know when the time is right for the sacrifice. achieve climax of the rite. Have the victim commence to anointing your “dagger” with the oil of arte. Once you have reached the pinnacle of the rite. using your “dagger” stab the victim repeatedly as is custom. chant the following over and over To Shub Niggurath I send this power Blessed goat fulfill my desire Continue the chant as the passions rise until you. As you thrust into the victim. Anoint them and yourself at the third eye with the oil saying As we have sacrificed. place the victim upon the altar and you poised there as well prepared to commence with the sacrifice. Continue to do this all the while envisioning the Symbol and meaning. Replace the chalice upon the altar. When the image and meaning is fully in your awareness.

To the Old Ones have we sent this power for our desires And through our desires are we made more than human We are stars in the universe. Below it. write Niggurath. . place the corresponding symbol of the ruling planet for the operation. A Note on the Symbol of Sorcery You will create a sigil for your desires and place it in the very center space of the symbol. write Shub. To the left of the sigil. Above the sigil. write the number of the planetary square. and together made whole Extinguish the candles and let the incense burn out. in Theban. It is done. in Theban. To the right of the sigil.