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Spirits and Spells
Spirits dwell apart from time and space. They exist as part of places, and apart. We
come to know them by our magickal processes and religious affiliations, but how can we bring
these beings into our own world and have them help us with our desires?
In this class, we will encounter spiritual practices that help us leverage those secret methods to
walk in between the worlds and direct the beings of antiquity to our own ends.

The World of Spirits
Kinds of Spirits There are as many kinds of spirits as there are grains of sand. Every culture
speaks of them as helpers as well as baneful demons. From djinn to angels to
demons, mankind has walked with spirits for as long as he has stood upright. In
nature, there exists these entities that, if called in the right way, can bring
amazing results to one’s endeavours. Let us examine some types of spirits that
one may encounter.
Djinn -​ These are fiery spirits spoken of in the pages of A Thousand and One
Nights. It is said they were born of the element fire and live and die as we do,
only much slower. They even have children, or so the legends say. They will ally
themselves with us, but there exists factions within the Djinn that despise
mankind, so one must be very careful.
Nature Spirits -​ The heart and soul of all in the wild. These beings can call up
forces within nature and direct them to amazing effect. Some say that these are
the lower forms of the Faeries, but I think they are of a different race altogether.
Whatever their origins, they are powerful and extremely useful.
The Fey -​ Faeries are powerful beings. Much like Djinn, they have those that like
to work with us, and those that do not. They can be tricksy, so you must always
be on your guard and always courteous. Once offended, they may lay a curse on
your whole family line.

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Ancestors -​ Speaking of family line, our Ancestors are a large part of whom we
work with to achieve our results. They are always there to guide us and point out
our missteps. Some fear working with the Ancestors as they most likely didn’t
practice magick, but rest assured, they are there to help us and will do what is
within their power to make sure we are protected.
Interdimensional Beings -​ Creatures that exist in the between spaces can be of
great use, but they are very alien to us and sometimes difficult to get on our side.
However, if you persevere, you can call these forces into this world. Reading the
stories of HP Lovecraft, we encounter these spirits and it doesn’t go so well for
the magickian. But, my own experience has been somewhat more positive.
Exercise caution and you should survive.
Servitors - ​We have the divine spark, and with that spark we can create entities
for our own uses. So comes the Servitor. We see a need and create these beings
to serve us and then self destruct. Or we can keep them around and utilize them
as familiars. Just be sure to keep them under control, or it will not go so well.
They can take on a life of their own and then it’s very difficult to get rid of them.
Gods and Goddesses -​ There are an incredible amount of pantheons in the
world from all kinds of different cultures. If we approach them with reverence and
honor, they will grant us amazing boons. Always remember, these are on a
higher plane than we, and so need to be treated with great respect.
Angels -​ There are great misconceptions about angels. Many envision them as
these wonderfully loving beings of light that grant us our every wish. But if you
truly work with them, you find that they are quite a bit more dangerous than the
New Age crowd likes to admit. Remember, an Angel always has one wing dipped
in blood, for they were the soldiers of Gods army, and they can be very harsh in
their ways.
Saints -​ You don’t have to be Catholic to leverage the power of these beings.
Having once been alive, they understand the human condition and are all too
happy to help. It doesn’t really take a lot of effort either. You can simply say a
small prayer to them asking for help and they waste no time in putting their power
into action. Once saint I use regularly, due to my misplacing things, is St
Anthony. He has never failed in revealing the hiding place of whatever I have


I have that stone to this day. You can as easily find spirits in the Walking with Spirits Encountering To find spirits we can simply sit at an altar and call upon them. I have encountered spirits in many places and found that some seek us out to be our allies. The stone circle was a great place of power. I moved to dig a small hole at the base of the altar to bury the coin and there was the stone for which I had asked. how do you entice them to work with you? In this section. Spirits may be found in nature. we will examine multiple ways of bring those powers into your work. I decided to ask the spirits of the place to help me find the stone of my quest and offered them a pound coin in exchange for their assistance. Differentiating between the ones that are helpful and the ones that are not can take some practice. but not necessarily worship. They must be treated with respect. I recall a time when I walked among a bronze age stone circle called Glenn Druidh. a stone with a natural hole in it. and places where you can feel the pulse of the earth. MacKenzie http://www. I could feel the power emanating from the circle so strongly that it was palpable. and others seek us out to simply mess with us.arcanusmagickus.Copyright©2016 David G. I took it up and replaced it with the coin and. in thanks. Compelling So once you have found the spirit that you wish to work with. and it had been quite elusive. but after your initial meeting you find that you have opened the door to a land of power and vision. Think of them as honored guests and you wish to show them your connection to their world and their importance in yours. I had been searching for a Hag Stone. and any place where power culminates. 3 . near a stream. It is really that easy. Approaching a spirit can be filled with excitement and trepidation. but many places like that exist in the world and do not need to be arrayed in a huge monolithic structure. But getting them to work with us takes a bit more work. I walked to what I figured was the altar stone and knelt before it. quietly left the circle. abandoned buildings.

at times. but there are times when you wish to call in a particular spirit and they need a lot of energy and coaxing to come to our aid. Spirits of place. I then gave an offering of “gold” to them in exchange for their help.Copyright©2016 David G. As I stated earlier. Opening Gateways Opening the ways to the spirits begins with us. They were very willing to lend their power to mine. When we are gathering spirits for our work. in my quest for the stone. In that instance. We will not investigate the various methods of opening the gates. MacKenzie http://www. Though some spirits will take their sweet time. We try in our work to never force a spirit to do our bidding unless it is a Servitor that we have created. They are trusted and we can sleep well knowing that they are “on the job”. I do not mean to force. we are gathering allies in our army and they will take our desires and move them into the world. I made contact. require only your complete attention and willingness to let them in. I simply knelt upon the ground and. We must be willing to accept their power and place in our world. with deep feeling and concentration. For autonomous spirits exist outside our time and space and are of different material than Note: When I say compel. Allies Our vision of spirits is one of a trusted friend that will come to our need when we ask. Great rituals are not always needed.arcanusmagickus. we create a process that builds up power and focus and then set it forth for the spirit to utilize. So think of compelling as making a bargain with the spirits in partnership and not a master/slave role. as long as those workings resonate with the nature of the spirit. they are still on our side in all workings that we desire. otherwise this whole exercise is moot. 4 .

In the instance of utilizing a Saint. Below is an example of just such a ritual Calling of the Spirits Rite: Materials: 2 white candles parchment and pen prepared sigil of spirit symbol of sorcery working knife supplications for spirit Incense appropriate to the spirit You will need to prepare the Symbol of Sorcery with the Spirit's sigil in the center and array the planetary symbol in the top space. that being said. but with spirits. there are components that we may not typically utilize. For one. or even bits of food. spread your arms to form a cross with your body. Though some healings may include a spirit. we encounter beings that need a lot more.. A simple ritual may consist of simply sitting before your altar with a symbol of the spirit. or perform an action in return for their help. And so we create an elaborate ritual in order to build the power they require. You may also add the names of your gods or goddesses in the remaining spaces for extra power. MacKenzie http://www. Saying a small “prayer”. offerings and devotions are part of spirit work that we may not use in a spell for say a healing. and the number in the bottom." Form the compass as follows. whiskey. or stang if in the wilds. Say the following 5 . Huge altars and processes are not always needed and we still get very good results. Hence the offering of a candle. Standing in the center of your working Ritual We perform a great number of rituals for any mirade of needs. and then making an offering of either an object. coin. Behold the light that guides me to the wisdom of the wyse.Copyright©2016 David G. etc. we burn a candle. rum. or spring water. or request. and say the following incantation: "Behold the walker in the midst of the wilderness. Light two candles on either side of the altar.arcanusmagickus. But.

Clear the mists of time and cast away the dust of the past. to stir the ground. "AGDEH. To the spirits of my soul I offer a rite of cunning and stir the current of the Horned One. and hold back no secret.Copyright©2016 David G. to the West and repeat until you have drawn an equal armed cross at each quarter returning to North. Horned One. a compass rite to power the might. HOLMA.” Using the working knife and starting in the North. Open the gate of your realm and greet me as a brother/or sister of your kind. against the sun or anti-clockwise. return the knife to the altar or your sheath upon your side. MacKenzie http://www. (name some attributes of the spirit). GALA. Open the path before me to the wisdom of the ages. Say the following as you inscribe the compass circle and each of the crosses “A cross to bring the powers of the walker at the threshold. and a place of power to begin the ways of cunning. Grant unto me that which I “At the crossroads do I stand and become a place of power. draw an equal armed cross with the vertical arm first and the horizontal second and trace a line. Behold the ways have been kept and the gifts have been lain at your feet. Reveal unto me the wisdom contained herein. Lay open the ground that covers the treasures of the gods of (name of Planet).” As you move to the next cross." Place offering upon the altar or ground. You will now begin the incantation for opening of the sphere of the spirit (planet). Give unto me the knowledge of this realm. give unto me the key to your knowledge. (name of spirit). warded by (name of the spirit).arcanusmagickus. Clasp your hands in front of your chest and move them apart while reciting the following powerful incantation: 6 . Cast incense upon the coals.” Once properly empowered and prepared. touch this place with your might and stir the power in this land. chant the following “A compass round.

you will release the spirit and close the gate. but be able to continue when the time and need arise." Wait for a response from the spirit. This will be in your mind's eye. Know this that the teachings will not end at the ritual. I thank you for your wisdom and teachings. Recite the formula of closing and. Once you feel you have gleaned all.arcanusmagickus. HATSA. Once the portal is open. You will now recite the following: "(name of the spirit). Cast more incense upon the coals copiously. SOLKA HA!" 7 . Recite the following: "Then I bid you peace and ask that you depart in peace. I ask that you teach me thine secrets so that I may become one with the universe." The spirit will begin to move back through the gate. holding your arms apart slowly moving them closed until your hands are clasped: "SOLMA. ALDE. I shall use them to good service. or the spirit is inclined to teach you no more at this time. You are honored here and given a place of respect. welcome to this temple of the spirit. MacKenzie http://www. so await any impressions or images you may receive. SHEMA.Copyright©2016 David G. one can become overwhelmed by the wealth of material presented. I ask that we conclude now. This gives the spirit a material to construct its form." The spirit will now begin to teach. Be certain that you record all that transpires upon parchment for review at a later time for during the ritual. You will receive the instruction throughout your days to the next gate. This will usually come from either an "RELIA. which should be approximately one month's distance. or you will visually see the spirit nod or give some sign of acquiescence. VOLMIRA. you may feel a cold sensation as energy is released. Recite the following: "(name of the spirit) you have been most gracious and helpful. and you do not want to neglect one piece for it could be the world. VERITA!" Begin to visualize a shining portal opening before you and the spirit coming through the gate. ATEGESU.

com The portal will close and dissipate. MacKenzie http://www.” When the compass is undone. We will examine those now. I generally use the above rite when I am working with more volatile entities. The rite is a method for actively working with spirits. and call upon gods and goddesses to give us the authority over the spirits. be extremely careful as they are their own race and care not if they destroy the human with whom they work.Copyright©2016 David G. Once the ritual is closed. you may extinguish the candles. All spirits that are present. Let the incense burn completely before leaving. but there are more passive ways of bringing their influence into your life. peace. More specifically All Hallows Eve. Typically. May the wisdom I now hold remain within my heart forever. One caution I wish to offer here. make offerings to your gods/goddesses and ask their beneficence be cast upon the spirit that you have called. The Fey being one such group." Perform the compass closing by walking clockwise with working knife and arm extended reabsorbing the energy you raised saying the following “The rite is done. Leave the offering upon the ground if in the wilds. Cast a small amount of incense upon the coals as an offering while saying: "To the spirits and beings of the other worlds.arcanusmagickus. As you can see the ritual can be quite involved. But there is 8 . If you decide to work with the Djinn. Dumb Supper The Dumb Supper is simply laying a plate out for the spirits which you wish to bring into your life. this type of offering is for Ancestral spirits and performed on a night of the dead. End. We cast a compass to build power. I return the power to the spirits and the ground. or take the offering from the altar and place it at the base of a tree. I bid you depart in peace and harm none on thy way. the compass unwound. The Djinn being another.

Offerings Many spirits require specific offerings for their attentions. We find that the metal gold is appropriate. Birch. So we look at the offerings to the spirits of the Sun. we are left clueless as to what the spirit may accept. say the following Spirits of the ways. One way to figure out what may be used is to look at the planetary assignments of the spirit. occasionally. In the grimoires of the past. Ash. This is an example of a Dumb Supper you can use Set your table as you normally would. Within these aspects we usually find the appropriate offerings that resonate with the no reason you can’t perform this for your familiars and other spirits with which you work. At the end of the supper. there are numerous lists of entities and their aspects. Dumb Suppers can be very useful in keeping the spirits “enlivened” in your life and can become a part of your practice. We examine the planetary aspects and find that the Sun embodies these elements. Take the plates of food that you prepared for the spirits outside to a tree or clearing and leave them. but include a plate for the spirits you wish to honor. I thank you for attending this meal Keep to our bond and know that I shall always honor you It is done. so we could give a golden coin. Saffron. or transfer the food to the ground as is your want. say you have a spirit that brings good health and wisdom. We see the plants Marigold. Light a candle in the center of the table and with your dinner set upon the table say the following We open the ways to those of our heart Spirits of my Ancestors I honor and invite you to join our repast Honored Allies I call to you and ask that you sit with us in peace Our friendship is strong and this offering is our bond. So we could place them upon the 9 . and Citrus are also appropriate.arcanusmagickus. MacKenzie http://www. Then place food upon the plates you have set for your “guests” first and then prepare your own. As an example.Copyright©2016 David G. But.

I also like to create my own grimoire of spirits and what they have liked in the past. so we could use that as a home to house the spirit. Simple Gematria .Each letter has a numerical equivalent assigned to it (see chart below). but you can also use the Rose Cross method with simple Gematria.arcanusmagickus. then give them Chocolate Chip Cookies and note that in your own list. we need to create representations of them on this plane. Spellwork With Spirits When we work with spirits. I like to use the Planetary Squares. The stone Topaz and Yellow Diamond are sacred. So if you feel a particular spirit likes Chocolate Chip Cookies.Copyright©2016 David G. MacKenzie http://www. This allows you to form a very personal relationship and they will direct you in your offering plate. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z The Rose Cross - 10 . One method is to create a sigil representing the name of the spirit.

There is a long tradition of calling a spirit into a gem set within a ring or pendant and using that as a constant “battery” for your workings. We look at the Gematria and find that the numerical equillalent is as follows R-9 A-1 M-4 I-9 R-9 A-1 Spirits in Crystals We saw in the above examples where a stone was sacred to the spirit. Below is a method of performing this operation Conjuring a Spirit into a Crystal This method allows for the bringing of a spirit into a crystal of say a pendant or a ring in order for the sorcerer to utilize their power at any time. This allows for the calling of the spirit from the crystal to enact one’s will. MacKenzie Let us take a spirit of the name Ramira. You will need to create a symbol of power 11 . We can utilize these gems as houses for the spirit themselves. but nothing too strenuous.Copyright©2016 David G. One may use this in divination as well and for housing ones familiar spirit. It requires some preparation in advance. or to give information.

Upon the sigil in the center of the which includes the spirit’s sigil contained within the Symbol of Sorcery. Pour the cup of wine and set it to the top. Light them and the incense. The sigil will be constructed by utilizing the method outlined further in this document. Perform the Sphere Exercise and Center. or stone associated with spirit) Incense appropriate to spirit 2 Candles in the color of the spirit or pure Beeswax Offering for the spirit (piece of bread works well. place the item to be used as the spirit house. Place the 2 candles. bless this creature of the Earth Hallow it and make it a fit offering to all upon the planes 12 . When ready. or something similar (name of spirit) I call unto you and welcome you (name of spirit) being of the other realms. By the sigil of your name and aspect I call your powers into this jewel May you find it as a home and dwell within Raise the cup of wine and bless it as described below Horned one. garnet. above the Symbol. one on the left and one on the right of the Symbol. or specific offering as is appropriate) Offering Bowl Lancet Cup of wine Array upon the altar your Symbol of Sorcery. Materials needed Symbol of Sorcery inscribed upon parchment in black ink with sigil in center Stone set in pendant or ring (smoky quartz. make a call to the spirit as below.Copyright©2016 David G. master of the gates.arcanusmagickus. come and be with me now. Or you can use whatever method you are used to. MacKenzie http://www.

Slowly visualize the spirit appearing within or above the offering bowl and when the vision is clear. pierce your flesh and place three drops of your blood into the bowl saying I offer of myself and my own power in exchange for yours By this sacrifice. Replace the cup. MacKenzie http://www. make the Triangle of Manifestation and see the offering bowl through its center. Say the following during this process (name of spirit) I create the channel 13 . Hold up the offering and say the following (name of the spirit) I bring you an offering of my heart Accept it as a symbol of our bond and know that I honor you with its presence Place the offering into the bowl. move the triangle slowly to the object and see the spirit entering therein. do I bind myself to you and you to me We are allies and will join ourselves to the great work Take up the object and dip it in the offering bowl saying I anoint and bathe this object of power to make it open for your life force It will be a fit home for you and an object of our own power combined Enter within and make it your own Replace the object upon the sigil and with both Pour a small amount into the Offering Bowl saying (name of spirit) I offer libation and communion Drink of the blood of the land and find your home in this place Take a small sip of the wine and contemplate the communion of you and the spirit in question.Copyright©2016 David G. Using the Lancet.

make a small offering to the spirits Perform any solar spells or rituals with the spirits Evening Perform rituals using spirits Create talismans or amulets with spirits Perform the Offering Bowl These practices can be customized to reflect your own method. but this framework is a good place to start. we need to create our practice that keeps their influence and energy constantly working in our lives. MacKenzie http://www. or the pendant around your neck saying I take on the power of (name of spirit) Be forever at my call as long as we keep the bond Leave the offerings outside and bury the candles. I outline the practice below that has served me well for years Morning Perform the Offering Bowl Call to your Familiars and Ancestors for help or guidance Make offerings to specific Ancestors Noon When you sit down to eat. The next day. It is done.E. the ring upon your I forge the bond We are allies in both worlds Enter in and unleash your power You may leave the object over night and let the candles burn out. I. place the object upon your body. Creating Your Practice So now that we have some methods with which to work with spirits.arcanusmagickus. 14 .Copyright©2016 David G. Keep the sigil in a safe place.

any spirits from your family line are fine to work with.Copyright©2016 David G.I have my ancestral altar in my 15 .com Creating your Grimoire The Grimoire is your personal record of the spirits with which you work. such as Tibetans.(how you see them) Powers Offerings Planet Stone Ritual of calling . I suggest you do the same. We can leverage these powers to assist us in spells. Below is a good format for these writings Name Of Spirit Image . we observe our ancestors and create altars to them and in turn they help us with our work. The first thing you will need to do is create an altar to your ancestral spirits. and much more. MacKenzie http://www. Ancestor Helpers Ancestor worship has been part of ancient civilizations since man crawled from the much into the light of day. have a rich heritage in honoring their ancestors as spirits and make offerings to them for help in a myriad of situations.(the one you used) Results of Working with Spirit This record also helps to remind you of the workings you have done and your successes. Many magickans. Many even appear eager. sorcerers. they go into another plane of existence and man made restrictions no longer apply. When a person passes. I revere ancestors from as far back as 1540 ce. and witches have written down these records over the centuries for the benefit of those that came after. Many cultures. But which ancestors should we work with? From my own practice.arcanusmagickus. So. For example. In traditional cunning crafte. But what if they weren’t witches or cunning folk? All spirits will work with you no matter their belief systems from their corporeal existence. This should be a shelf or a table sufficient to arrange pictures and/or personal items once belonging to your ancestors. divination.

Let the spirits guide you. Fast from midday to bedroom on the top of my dresser. The sigil starts with a circle and ends with a line. This will give a greater focus for your ancestral spirits in which to manifest. or if that is not possible then omit the letter completely from the sigil.arcanusmagickus. When you have those whom you are including upon your altar. At the appointed hour. a candle. and something in which to burn incense. At this time. The below ritual will empower and prepare your space for work. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. This is a very important step if you wish to make your altar a portal for your ancestors power and influence.Copyright©2016 David G. call the names of those that are on your altar. It contains objects owned by some of them. create sigils of each of their names. you will want to dedicate it. then use the sound of the letter instead. Example: 16 . Then connect each letter of the word from one box to the next. light your candle upon your ancestral altar saying In the darkness of death does a light shine I open the portal and call to my ancestors that await beyond. an offering bowl. Once you have your altar set up. MacKenzie http://www. a bit of grave dirt. If a letter does not exist on the template. You can create sigils using the below method - Sigil Creation: T ​ o create a sigil place a piece of paper over the rose-cross template below.

you will call upon them collectively or individually as is your desire. I like to offer rum. and will move them away from you instead of calling them to you. Sit in quiet contemplation and know that your ancestors will come to you. or whatever tool you I call my father who gave me life I call John that sailed the seas Come to this place and find communion with me. make an offering to them. Every full moon. I also light some incense to set the mood for them. and I of yours. if you like. To you all I dedicate this altar and keep open the ways. Now that you have your altar and practice up and running. The offering can be rum. make an offering to them in the offering bowl. spring water. our blood We are one on the path Let nothing sever us and let my blood bind us As it is. This keeps the connection viable and open. and I suggest that you do as well.Copyright©2016 David G. I give this offering We are kith and kin and in this place we are together Accept this offering as a connection forged between us After you have poured the rum. but you can offer spring water. so when you call upon them for help. Once you have recited the above. or whatever you feel they would like. This helps to bring them to you in a beneficial light. I prefer sandalwood. now what? To use your ancestors in a ritual. I like to make a blood offering to solidify the connection. so shall it be.arcanusmagickus. You are of my blood. Make note of each birthday of those upon your altar and on that day. I usually don’t call upon an individual unless they had a specific 17 . your blood. Sandalwood is favorable to spirits and is always well received. Say the following as you make the offering: To you. MacKenzie http://www. they will come without delay. draw blood from yourself and place three drops into the offering bowl saying: My blood. but you can use any except Frankincense. I make offerings to my ancestors. With your lancet. my ancestors. Frankincense is very cleansing.

I give an example below on calling them into your work: I call upon the spirits to assist me in this working.Copyright©2016 David G. Olympic Spirits Symbols of the Olympic Spirits The Olympic Spirits are the archetypes of ALL religions. These are often repeated which means that there are holes in the system but they seem to root themselves in more pagan energy or power that would lend itself to the specific working. not simply Greek or Roman. We are given their sigils. but unfortunately totally unprovable. It is also possible to see the symbols of the older Greek and Roman gods. I call upon my ancestors to hold my hand and open the ways. MacKenzie http://www. bring your power to me now and give me strength in this working. It is a nice idea. They might be the images that are associated with the Olympic Spirit from the earliest time – the Totem animals and symbols behind the seven primal spirits. Reading through the list. John. or even to make the way for the right spirits to help you. who crossed the seas.arcanusmagickus. You can call upon them to bring you the right energy. which come from Dr Rudd's Treatise on the Nine Hierarchies of Angels. You can ask your ancestors specifically to help as I’ve done with John above. or signatures but the limited information on them also gives us symbols connected to them. Aratron A bearded King riding a dragon An old man with a Beard An old woman leaning on a staff A pig A Dragon An Owl A black robe A hook or sickle A Juniper Tree Bethor A King with a sword drawn riding a stag A man wearing a Mitre in a long robe A young woman with a laurel Crown adorned with Flowers 18 . The possibilities are endless. it is possible to see them as similar to the descriptions of Celtic standards which were carried into war.

com A Bull A Stag A peacock An Azure Garment A sword A box tree Phaleg A King riding a Wolf A man armed A woman holding a shield on her thigh A he goat A horse A stag A red garment Wool Och A King riding a Lion A crowned King A Queen with a sceptre A bird A lion A Cock A Yellow or golden Garment A sceptre Hagith A King with sceptre riding a Camel A young woman clothed and dressed beautifully A naked young woman A she goat A camel A dove A white or green garment Flowers The herb Savin Ophiel A King riding a bear A fair young man A woman holding a staff A dog a She bear A magpie Clothes of changeable colours 19 . MacKenzie http://www.Copyright©2016 David G.arcanusmagickus.

Generally then. One of the more interesting ideas. Phul appears to have departed slightly from the square boxes of the other Sigils and relies on a curved line which might represent a luna crescent. which is tied to the colour of the planet. is that the symbols are primal and are connected to the same symbols used to denote gods in stone age iconography. the seals of the Olympic spirits are a complete mystery. The figure of Och for example could be a symbolic shorthand for the sun showing three rays emerging from A rod A little staff Phul A King like Arthur riding on a Doe A little boy A woman hunter with Bow and Arrows A cow A little doe A goose A green Garment or silver An Arrow A creature with many feet Seals of the Olympian Spirits Unlike the seals of the planetary spirits. but it is a little dubious. The colours of the seals are based on the colours of the ray associated with them. which fits into the context of this paper.arcanusmagickus. it is better to see these symbols as links to the primal power of which we have no intellectual knowledge yet.Copyright©2016 David G. Ophiel is more like a lightning flash. or it could represent the solar stag with its horns. If it represents the sun with three rays then the symbol has become corrupted as there is an important lateral line to the figure. Unfortunately this is unlikely as one of the most important symbols in cave paintings and carvings is the spiral and these characters are all linear. All but the seal of Ophiel are based on horizontal and vertical lines. Likewise the Stag is not an animal associated with this figure. The Stag is associated with Phalec and the antler motif can be imagined. which are based on magic squares. 20 . MacKenzie http://www.

com 21 .arcanusmagickus. MacKenzie http://www.Copyright©2016 David G.

arcanusmagickus. MacKenzie http://www.Copyright©2016 David 22 .

MacKenzie 23 .Copyright©2016 David G.arcanusmagickus.

This is all basic and standard stuff. It is as if the writer of the Arbatel having given some detail about the Olympic Spirits had given up trying to tell any other details. I beseech you to send your spirit N. To call any of the seven lamps you have invoke the single light that is behind them. Now may you depart in peace to you abode and return to me again when I call you by your name or your Order or by your office which is granted from the Approaching the Olympic Spirits The Arbatel gives fairly simple methods of approaching the spirits. However if it were performed literally it would not work either. But there are clues even here about what to do.Copyright©2016 David G. Amen There is a warning that you should not talk to the spirit for longer than an hour unless he is the Spirit that is linked to you. Amen. The Elohim were creators but they were working under contract.N. Of the Order of the Sun who shall inform and teach me those things which I shall ask of him or that he may bring me medicine against the dropsy &c.arcanusmagickus. This 24 . You should get up at sunrise on the day assigned to the Olympic Spirit and say a prayer of request. Nevertheless not my will but thine be done through Jesus Christ thy only Begotten Son our Lord. For as much as you came in peace and quietly and have answered my petitions I have give thanks to God in whose name you came. MacKenzie http://www. The Prayer is: Omnipotent and eternal God who has ordained the whole of creation for your praise and glory and for the salvation of man. The writer invokes the Omnipotent and eternal God who o ​ rganised the ​whole of creation.

You should ask for the name of any servitor and you can work with it directly on the day of the Olympic spirit who gave him too tallies with the 5=6 oath which requires you to invoke the highest power first. You know if you get one because there is always thunder and lightning around your magic circle. After invoking the light behind the lamps you must then invoke the Olympic Spirit while staring at the seal. (It might be a god. but they still ACT like Gods and Goddesses. If it agrees it will give you advice or assign a spirit to do the task.Copyright©2016 David G.).arcanusmagickus. This spirit might be another God. If Bether manifests to you as a bearded YHVH he will talk in absolutes. This can be done by vibrating the name of the Spirit and then step through the tablet into Olympic plane. etc. ● These are mostly planetary. griffin's claws and make a noise like a roaring bull. If another spirit is intended then this means that the procedure is missing a few steps. However you have to remember that Rudd was a Christian so seeing the leader of the Wild Hunt (which it is fairly clear what he is describing) might have scared the willies off him. As the Arbatel keeps saying only the complete God knows all the answers. However he only understands things in terms of his own power. You should find yourself close to a temple or some other form of religious hardware. Surely the Arbatel has told you that the Solar Spirit being called is Och. You might find that the temple is generic and there are statues of many different gods and goddesses that manifest its ray or it might only appear as one. There you can approach the Spirit and ask : ● The personal name by which that ray manifests in your life. Remember that the Olympic spirits are the sources of all Gods. Rudd gives us descriptions of only some of the sorts of Spirits that are under the main Olympic Spirits. Before we lapse into Tarot symbolism as a way of explaining this symbol let’s look to see if there is any thing 25 . The Spirits of Hagith however are all beautiful maidens who charm him to come and play. These sound like Classical Greek Nymphs. However it is the nature of Gods to want worship ● Ask it to deal with your question or problem. Bether is just as likely to throw a thunderbolt at you as he is going to help you win the lottery. archangel. The Impression he had of the spirits that were assigned to him by Mercury were fully armed knights who move like clouds and bring fear to those when they are around. MacKenzie http://www. It is fairly clear that rather than being absolute descriptions they are what Rudd got when he tried it. For example the creatures that belong to Phaleg are tall brown. They are there to provide you with advice on your life course. Remember that the Olympic spirit is the archetype of all Gods and Goddesses which are part of that ray. Then it gets confusing as the Arbatel gives you the example of an unnamed Solar spirit being called to provide medicine for Dropsy. filthy. red with horns like a hart.

If they are gods do they demand worship? One of the interesting things about early so-called pagan religion was that it was very matter of fact. However they act according to their own will and according to their own plans. Gods. You are getting in touch with one of the prime religious motivators in the universe and the most powerful source of magic. Jewish religion treats the idea of worshipping fragments of God. Angels with horror. and in other cases they will let you have it even if it is not a good idea. The magical system of Olympic spirits gives you a way of asking the universe for something they are not ordering Mercurial that would fit this description. The Olympic Spirits are like the One Thing on a lower arc. and the experience of other magicians that have invoked the Olympic Spirits are that they feel much like an intense religious experience. Another spirit who fits the bill is Odin who was also very militaristic and carries the souls of the dead to the afterlife. There is little in the way of logic that suggests that a being so vast and multi-dimensional gets anything out of being told how wonderful it is. There is little indication of a mystical expression outside the Mystery religions.Copyright©2016 David G. they also sought to placate them with respect and doing the right rituals. The question is how you should approach the Spirits. In some cases they will not give you want you want. Your invocations have to be emotional and almost mystical in your approach. The Mystery religions were the first to take gods out of that cycle and look for a more intimate relationship. Everyone knew the gods existed. Olympic spirits are 'gods' and cannot be ordered about. Lots of 26 . However I have yet to see any proof that the One Thing demands worship. You could even use the seal of the Olympic spirit to call it. MacKenzie http://www. They are fragmented aspects of its Power. You cannot threaten them or do anything which is a standard tool of grimoire magic. In fact the rational occultist might not want to do even that. Odin was also said to inspire fear. or a family then it was important to find out which gods had been insulted and attempt to placate them. But the feeling was that if you were pious the gods and goddesses left you alone and sometimes did you a favour. Then in the name of the Olympic Spirit you should ask for that Godform to manifest with what you desire. However the Celtic bear god Artor was thought of as being a form of Mercury who later evolved into King Arthur. Gods are like that. Mercury was seen as a protector of travellers on journeys and was often seen as the person who led the dead to Hades. Humans might feel that power and want to express it. Next you should ask for a spirit (which may be a godform) who will provide you with what you want. but it is not a necessary part of the equation.arcanusmagickus. just as humans. Thus it is more likely that the Olympic spirits want to be understood and have willing assistants in the destiny of creation. The form of magic will be religious My own experience. If something went wrong with society.

arcanusmagickus.Copyright©2016 David G. In some ways they are the most simple and approachable magical experience you can have. MacKenzie http://www. The Olympic Spirits and their spirits Olympic Spirit Gods Meaning Och Osiris Helios Apollo Dionysos Sol Shamas Ra Anextiomarus Atepomarus Bel Maponus Birth and death cycles Healing Sacred Kings Rulership Corn gods Summer Men generally Phalegh Ares Mars Hepaistos Vulcan Ninurta Horos Sekmet Camulos Cernunnos Belatucados War Mechanical skills Metalwork Justice Power Energy Overcoming evil Active protection Young men Hagith Venus Aphrodite Ishtar Turan Hathor Bast Sucellus Epona Love Sex Creativity Grace Music Art Joy Beauty Nature spirits Young women 27 . chanting and perhaps the odd sing appropriate candles. In other ways they are hardest to archive.

MacKenzie Ophiel Mercury Hermes Turms Nabu Thoth Seshat Cisonius Communication Trade Writing Magic Messengers Bethor Jupiter YHVH Zeus Athene Poseidon Minerva Tinia Marduk Hapi Maat Leucetius Thunder Storms Justice Wisdom Abundance Rulership Order Sea Gods Aratron Kronos Saturn Hera Juno Ea Neth Ptah Demeter Time Death Motherhood Home Building and construction Harvest Phul Artimis Selene Luna Hecate Diana Sin Tivs Khonsu Hades Isis Underworld Women generally Witchcraft Divination Hunting Childbirth Obviously the above list is just a start and some of the bigger gods and goddesses could appear under different Olympic Spirits. Isis could appear in several different slots depending on what she was doing.Copyright©2016 David G.arcanusmagickus. This is not because the 28 .

The observances of the various aspects only lend more power. but the non-observance will not diminish. There are many phone apps and websites out there that can help with these calculations. there may be times that you do not have the luxury of scheduling your workings on the Day. so I won’t go into very much here. and even weather.Copyright©2016 David G. but leverage this information and put your foot into the waters of great power. always use caution and common sense. Days of Magick In magick. Phase of the Moon. However. This can include choosing the correct Day. Time. suffice it to say that these components of ritual can lend more specific forces to one’s working and thus empowering it even more. at the correct time.arcanusmagickus. Paul's version of Christ can fit under most Olympic spirits. we want to prepare the circumstances so they are as conducive to our needs as possible. This is a lot of information and can propel you on a path of immense power. As with anything. and under the most powerful phase of the Olympic spirit was mixed at any point but simply because early religions often swallowed other religion's mythology. MacKenzie http://www. 29 . You can still work with spirits and perform your spells to very good effect. I leave it to you as is your wont. Conclusion We have delved into a multitude of processes and practices involving the use of spirits in our spellwork and witchery.