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.free-online-calculator-use. Fun Calculators2 Weight Loss Calculators13 Having owned a restaurant myself. Salary. let's first take a look at the formula Food Cost Percentage Formula To calculate the food cost percentage of an ind add up the cost of the ingredient(s) and divide Total Cost of Ingredients ÷ Menu P Member Login Here's an example of the food cost percentage 10/3/2016 11:59 AM .com/restaurant-food-cost-calculator. Payment Calculators16 Personal Finance Investing Calculators20 Personal Finance Calculators15 Retirement Planning Calculators12 Calendar. Time. Payroll Calculators19 Loan. In case you're not familiar with the manual met percentage. Games. Date Calculators13 Online Conversion Calculators19 Online Math Calculators30 Sports.. Debt Calculators10 Home Mortgage Calculators20 Share Income. Wage. I have a ke and beverage cost control is when it comes to during the 6-years I owned my own restaurant the restaurant food cost calculator on this page to achieve my food cost percentage goals.Restaurant Food Cost Calculator for Portion and Menu Costing 2 of 10 http://www.

63 ÷ 16): 5-ounce portion cost ($0.00 ÷ 6): Cost per pound ($3. carton. my lunch food costs below Suppose you want to know what your food cos French fries that you sell for $1.04 x 5): Food cost percentage ($0. With that. Here is how case of French fries (consisting of say. for each description (co (case. 6 5-pou portion cost so you can calculate the food cost Site Search About Me Contact Me Disclaimer Privacy Policy Advertising Policies [ ?] Subscribe To This Site Food Cost Percentage of 5-oz Ser Cost of 1 case of French fries: Cost per bag ($19. Restaurant Food Like 425 people Instructions: the menu price Next..17 ÷ 5): Cost per ounce ($0.50): Of course your target food cost percentage wil own and what your overhead and variable cost breakfast food costs below t 10/3/2016 11:59 AM . let's use the Restaurant Food Cost C menu items costs.20 ÷ $1. and food cost percentage.Restaurant Food Cost Calculator for Portion and Menu Costing 3 of 10 Member Benefits What's NEW Site Map Share http://www.

Save Your Work! Just one of the Treasure C when you support the Ad-F (for as little as 58¢ per mon Menu item name (optional): Menu item price (optional): <<< Common Example Fries 1 Item Description $/Case Bags/Cs $/Bag Lbs/Bag 19.17 5 2 Lot Cost $ 3 Units Per Lot 4 Unit Cost $ 5 Parts Per Unit 10/3/2016 11:59 AM . Mouse over the blue question marks for a furt in-depth explanations can be found in the glos Restaurant Food Cost Calculator.00 6 3.. click Report" button to create a summary listing the ingredient.. once all ingredients are entered.Restaurant Food Cost Calculator for Portion and Menu Costing 4 of 10 http://www. the purchase in Share Then. from left until the price g component use #9 you can then enter the serving size of the i

.65 0. 2.09 Food Cost Calculator for Portion and Menu Costing 5 of 10 http://www.53 0.70 0.64 0.28 Share 0.69 Total food cost: Food cost percentage: Please grade my work an If you liked this please share it. o Like Share 425 Tweet 10/3/2016 11:59 AM .37 0.

com/restaurant-food-cost-calculator. Menu item price (optional): If you 10/3/2016 11:59 AM .. Before You Go .Restaurant Food Cost Calculator for Portion and Menu Costing 6 of 10 Share Check out my other 235 dandy Interactive Site Ma Restaurant Food Cost Calculator Glo Menu item name (optional): If you are costing a menu item and you would like the menu item name included in the food cost summary... enter it on this line..

using the last calculated co Column 3: Units Per Lot: Enter the quantity y by. but longer report.Restaurant Food Cost Calculator for Portion and Menu Costing 7 of 10 Share http://www. Column 5: Parts Per Unit: If a price is calcula want the cost divided by. would like the restaurant food cost calculator to calculate the food cost percentage. 10/3/2016 11:59 AM Column 6: Part Cost: This is the cost calculat entered in column 5. The description may be any length. enter the menu price on this line. but may also be cost per: ga restaurant food cost calculator calculates cost wherever you do -. Column 1: Item Description: For each ingredient enter a description of what you are calculating the portion cost for. Column 8: Piece Cost: This is the cost calcula entered in column Column 2: Lot Cost: Enter the lowest known the cost per case. Column 7: Pieces Per Part: If a cost is calcula want the cost divided by.. Column 4: Unit Cost: This is the cost entered entered in column 3.

10/3/2016 11:59 AM . Column 9: Pieces Per Serving: Enter the ser calculated The restaurant food cost calcu each row as the amount to calculate the portio calculator to add a description to the serving si (-) after the number (5-oz. Note that you can enter an am entries in the previous columns and it will be in Total food cost: This is the sum of all of the po column Food cost percentage: If you entered a menu food cost calculator. this is the percentage of th ingredients.Restaurant Food Cost Calculator for Portion and Menu Costing 8 of 10 Share http://www. 3-slices. etc Column 10: Serving Cost: This is the last cal size in column 9. 3-each..

com/restaurant-food-cost-calculator.Restaurant Food Cost Calculator for Portion and Menu Costing 9 of 10 +1 Page 10/3/2016 11:59 AM Calculators that can help with your Consolidate credit card payment calcula Share Invest in your debt for low risk high retu Estimate size of home loan line of credi [ Return to Top of Calculator ] [ Home > Business Calculators > Restaurant Food Cost C +1 Free-OnlineUse..

com/restaurant-food-cost-calculator.Investment .Budgeting ..Personal Finance .Loan .Business .Math . Share Free Online Financial Calculators: Auto .College .Retirement Other Free Online Calculators: Date & Time .Conversion .Restaurant Food Cost Calculator for Portion and Menu Costing 10 of 10 http://www.Health & Weight Loss Home What's New Contact About Disclaimer Privacy Policy Site Map Site Se 10/3/2016 11:59 AM ..Credit Card Payroll .free-online-calculator-use.