Clone&Test!® A powerful
automated tool that enables you
to support your mySAP HR with
greater ease.

Key Features

Copies selected data
from productive to test


“SAP regards
Clone&Test!® as
a helpful tool to
facilitate SAPclients and the
completion of
tasks associated
with SAP HR
support and other
types of SAP HR

screen comparison of
payroll and time results

The tool to merge or
divide mySAP-HR


Easy creation of test

This powerful automated tool
allows you to create and maintain a

What’s better than testing
with real data?


No training required.


Integrates easily with

This tool enables you to:




Scrambles selected data.


SAP look and feel.


Uses real data.


Traffic light system for

Elena Ordonez
Senior Vice President –
Human Capital Management

Enables on-line , split

Clone&Test!® enables the copying
and cloning of personnel data
between different SAP clients and
systems. It provides comparisons
of payroll or time results and
identifies differences caused by
configuration changes to the
An additional useful
feature is the ability to scramble
personnel data so that the
individual characteristics of an

quick and easy problem


Transfer data between different
clients on a single system
and/or between different


Copy clusters, infotypes, PD
data and transparent tables to
ensure “the entire employee” is


You can then take the decision
to scramble or not.

Facility to delete


Fully maintained and
supported by Pecaso.

Specify whether copying
occurs via a file or with a RFCdestination.



Selectively copy data from the
production system to the test

4.0. n Clone&Test!® Is used by over 200 customers worldwide covering all industry and business sectors. therefore keeping the organizational unit. You can copy all payroll results (anonymized) in a file and compare the results step by step. For example.x. Position and organizational unit in infotype 0001. And is used to test from 500 through to 500.000 records. n Copying Organisational Assignments An employee is assigned to PDobjects Job. This test tool offers the option to make the entire copied data anonymous. This is particularly useful after the application of an HRSP. 4. The following two copy options are given: Copying PD-objects with the person as an ‘island’ or copying the personnel number in an organizational unit.5 and 4. For further information please contact: Business Formula (M) Sdn. separately or in bigger units. Split-screen functionality makes the task of comparison painless and online. It is fully supported by Pecaso’s customer help desk. n Mass Comparison Clone&Test!® enables you to compare thousands of payroll results. n Customers include: § ABB § BASF § Bayer § B Braun § Continental General Tire § CSC § Henkel § Kraft Foods § Pirelli § Porsche § Procter & Gamble § SAP AG Clone&Test!® is fully integrated into SAP R/3 and available for SAP releases 3. you can add new wage types or change existing ones and then run the payroll to see the effect. It allows you to do a before and after comparison. With both versions running you can create snapshots.Clone&Test!® n Making Personnel Data Anonymous Data confidentiality is of utmost importance in a test environment. you can then easily change configuration in the target system. West Wing Wisma Tractors No. Bhd. You then have the option to view all/or the differences between the results. n Comparison of Payroll & Time Evaluation Results After the successful copying of master data and results into your test environment.6x. 7 Jalan SS 16/1 47500 Subang Jaya Malaysia Tel. +603 5032 7838 Fax +603 5032 7828 . 15th Floor.