Lesson No.

Q.1: What type of land is Arabia?
Ans. Arabia is a land of unique charm and beauty. It has starry sky
and sand dunes.
Q.2: Why was (the Holy Quran was sent in Arabic)?
Ans. (
) because of
its eloquence.
Q.3: For which ability were (the
Ans. (
) due to their memory and eloquence.
Q.4: What
was {the condition of mankind before the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)}?
Ans. (
) was very bad. It seemed that the vocalization
had started crumbling. Q.5: Why did (the Holy Prophet stayed in the cave of
Ans. (
) for worship
and remembrance of Allah Almighty.
Q.6: What was (the first
Ans. (
) was
“Read in thy name of thy Lord who created: created man from a clot (of
congealed blood): Read and thy Lord is most bountiful, who taught (the use
of) the pen, taught man that which he knew not.
Q.7: Why did (the pagan Arabs threatened the
Holy Prophet’s (S.A.W.) uncle)?
Ans. (
) because they
felt a threat to their dominance.
Q.8: What did
(Hazrat Ayesha (R.A.) say
about the life of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.)?
Ans. (
) that his morals are an embodiment of Holy Quran.

No. 2
Q.1: How will you define patriotism?
Ans. Patriotism means love, devotion and good wishes for the
Q.2: What are (the qualities of a patriot?
Ans. (
) are that a
patriot loves his country and ready to sacrify for it.
Q.3: (As a
citizen of Pakistan what are your duties towards your
Ans. (
) are that we must love our country and we
must be ready to sacrify our lives for it.
Q.4: What (makes us stay alert in the
wake of foreign invasion)?
Ans. The spirit of
patriotism (
Q.5: How will you elaborate Quaid-e-Azam’s quote)
“We must develop a sense of patriotism which Galvanizes us all

into one united and strong nation”
Ans. Its means that we should create a strong
passion of patriotism in us. We must be ready to sacrify our lives if an enemy

Lesson No. 3
Q.1: What (is the most important function that media performs)?
Ans. Communication (
Q.2: What (are two major means of
Ans. Electronic and print media
Q.3: How
does (media provide entertainment)?
Ans. (
) through plays, dramas, films and information.
Q.4: What happens (when media is allowed to play its role
Ans. (
), it causes social
Q.5: Give three reasons in
support of your favourite TV programme?
Ans. Bazm-e-Tariq
Aziz Show is my favourite T.V. programme. It provides General knowledge,
enjoyment and information.

Lesson No. 4
Q.1: What happened {when Abu Jehl asked about Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A.)}?
Ans. {
} Hazrat Asma (R.A) replied that how
would she know. At this he slapped her.
Q.2: Why was {Hazrat Abu
Qahafa (R.A.) worried}?
Ans. He was
worried to think that Abu Bakr (R.A.) had taken away with him.
Q.3: How did {Hazrat Asma R.A.) console her grandfather}?
) by making him touch the covered
Q.4: Which incident in the story (showed
Hazrat Asma’s (R.A.) love and respect for the Holy Prophet)?
Ans. Cooking and
taking food to the cave (
Q.5: Who was (Hazrat Abdullah Bin Zubair (R.A)?
Ans. (
) was the son of Hazrat Asma (R.A.)
Q.6: Which incident in the story (tells about the
generosity of Hazrat Asma R.A.)?
Ans. Selling and distributing
money of inherited garden (
Q.7: What (the
message do you get from the life of Hazrat Asma R.A)
Ans. (
) is that we should work for the cause of Islam.

No. 6
Q.1: How much confidence did Quaid-e-Azam have in his nation?
Ans. He had great confidence in his nation as it was made of
sterling material.
Q.2: What was (Quaid’s concept of our nation)?
Ans. (
) was very
sound. He thought it a compact whole beyond all the sub identities. Q.3:
What was (the ideology of Quaid-e-Azam was based on)?
Ans. (
)Muslim unity and oneness as a
Q.4: What (can be the possible solution to our present
Ans. Unity, faith and discipline (
Q.5: What would Quaid feel (to see the present
condition of the country and nation)?
Ans. We would feel much grief (
Q.6: How can (we can become a strong nation)?
Ans. (
) through
unity, faith, and discipline in our ranks.
Q.7: What does
(love of our country demand from us)?
Ans. (
) we should work for its progress.

Lesson No. 7
Q.1: Why (Sultan Ahmed mosque is also known as blue mosque)?
Ans. (
) because of blue
Q.2: Who (was appointed as the architect
of mosque)?
Ans. Sadefhar Mehmat Aga (
Q.3: Why was (a heavy iron chain was hung
at the entrance of the court)?
Ans. (
)to ensure the humility of the ruler.
Q.4: How
does (the interior of the mosque look )?
Ans. (
) beautiful with representation of flowers, fruit and
Q.5: Why do you think (Madrassah and hospice was part of
the mosque)?
Ans. (
)because it was
the custom at that time.
Q.6: Who constructed
mosque Sophia?
Ans. It was the
church in the beginning, later on the Muslim turned it into a mosque after
conquering it.

Lesson No. 9
Q.1: Why did (the nurse asked Hira’s sister come and talk to her)?
Ans. (
) because it might activate her

dead neurons.
Q.2: Why did (the nurse disagreed with the
doctor’s point of view)?
Ans. (
) because
she was hopeful for her recovery.
Q.3: Why did
(the nurse asked herself the question: “was it worthwhile to oppose and fight
the decision of the senior and more qualified surgeons”)?
Ans. (
)because she could
not leave Hira on herself.
Q.4: Describe some qualities of the
personality of the nurse in the story?
Ans. The nurse is
very kind, dutiful, honest patient loving and handy to the patient.
Q.5: Why did (the nurse said: “Where there is a will there is way”)?
Ans. (
)because she had won the
lost battle.

Lesson No.

Q.1: What are the effects of drug addiction?
Ans. Drug addiction cases poverty and sickness. It also
causes mental, physical and health problems.
Q.2: What (are the causes of drug
Ans. Genetic and environment
factors (
What important role do (rehabilitation centres play to control drug
Ans. The important role that (
) is
counseling, guidance and treatment.
Q.4: What is (the role of
counseling in preventing drug addiction)?
Ans. (
) is very important to return the addict to the normal life.
Q.5: Why
do (families feel reluctant to take the drug victim to drug rehabilitation
centre’s)? Ans. (
) for the fear of being declared
Q.6: What (are the responsibilities of the
families to ensure complete recovery of such patients)?
Ans. Supervision,
guidance and complete treatment (

Lesson No. 11
Q.1: How do you define noise pollution?
Ans. Any form of noise that disturbs normal function is called noise
Q.2: How is (transport is a source of noise pollution)?
Ans. (
) due to loud
sound and disturbance.
Q.3: How is (construction
work a noise pollution)?
Ans. (

) due to piercing, grilling and transportation of material.
How is (use of technology causing noise pollution)?
Ans. (
) through mobile phones, generators,
machinery and music system. Q.5: Why is (noise is hazardous for human
Ans. (
because it causes aggression, tension, restlessness and insomnia. Q.6:
What kind of precautions (may reduce noise coming from electronic
Ans. Civic sense, noise barriers, smooth traffic flow and
expedition of construction work (

Lesson No. 12
Q.1: Who was Helen Keller?
Ans. Helen Keller was an American writer. She turned blind at
the age of 19 months. She was very imaginative.
Q.2: Describe (the thought expressed
by the author in the first paragraph)?
Ans. (
) is
that we should think as we would die tomorrow.
Q.3: What
(makes you
feel that the author is sad and depressed)?
Ans. The phrase “seeing people see very little” (
Q.4: How do (you get an impression that she was
great admirer of nature)?
Ans. (
) through her
imagination, touch-based, observation and interest in nature. Q.5: (People
who are deprived of sight not devoid of imagination). Discuss referring to
text. Ans. Helen Keller was an American writer. She turned blind at the age of
19 months. She was very imaginative. Quiver of singing bird, shaggy bark,
buds and green woods delight her much. Q.6: “To me (the pageant of
seasons is an unending drama)”. Comment?
The seasons also come after one another as the character in drama. (

Written By:
Yasin (S.S.T)
M.A Eng

composed by:
Muhammad Tareq Aziz

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