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By: Carlos

The Tuskegee Airmen have lost many of their squad members. These soldiers have fought 2
wars at the same time and won them both, one was against Nazi militarism and another against
the racism in the military. Have youve done something and you've been discredited because of
your color. These men have took to the sky to show the U.S that it doesn't matter what skin
color you are, and anybody could be as good as somebody else.
Their actions and adventures have made them who they were in the war. These pilots have lost
about 80 squadmates and crew to the Nazis and accidents. They have risked their lives
destroying enemy planes, railcars, trucks and other motorized vehicles. The men of the 332nd
fighter group have done about 16,000 sorties and 2,000 missions during the Tuskegee
Experience .
These men have been through torture and pain when they were in the military. They controlled
their emotions when the other pilots hurled racist comments and when magazines tossed even
more propaganda. The bomber squadron never saw action however they made a nonviolent
protest at the Freeman Field in the officer's club. They have been treated as trainees which are
not allowed to enter the officers club.
The Red Tails haved saved more lives than the squadron lost.The colored pilots have been
used as clean up forces in 1000 miles behind the front lines, when they switched towards
escorting bombers they got their name by painting their planes tails red as to see if they are
friend or foe. The full combat record of the Red Tails have destroyed 261 Nazi planes and 3 nazi
That squadron has always stayed with the bombers. They have only lost 27 bombers, almost
half of the lost of the other escort squadrons. They have stayed in the places were the bombers
wanted them to be.
The tuskegee airmen have never gotten a ace. That is because these fighter pilots have been
protecting the bombers and not going for personal glory. They have saved more lives than the
the nazi planes they shot down. They have returned husbands, fathers, and brothers to their
families and that is their glory. They have saved more lives than any other squadrons when they
were escorting the bombers.
These pilots have desegregated the U.S military by their actions and sacrifices. Imagine
yourself as one of the Tuskegee airmen. Signing up to be a pilot and you get rejected because
of your skin color and the employer allows you to train after Ms. Roosevelt's ride. Then you get
in and the military keeps you away from the non-color people and the government makes a
airport for just the tuskegee people and you train hard and make it through and you still get
discriminated against and you keep on going and when you save more bombers than non-color
people and then after the war you go home and there is still discrimination against you and
other colored people that genuinely destroys the soul of a pilot who truly lost something. The
pilots have been treated worst than the Nazi POWs in local countries because of their skin color.
General Colin Powell, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said: The Tuskegee Airmen
served a nation not willing to serve them.