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In modern society, keeping up with technology is critical to
the success of any business or the productivity of any individual.
The choice of technology can be the difference between survival
and leadership.
As the workplace becomes more digitized and the workforce
becomes more mobile, the printer and copier device must also
adapt and evolve.

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The New Way of Printing, Innovated for Smarter Business

Printer technology and satisfaction lags the electronics innovation
most employees expect. Nor has there been any major entrant to
help shake change.
Until now.
Samsung is applying its ingenuity to develop breakthrough printing
solutions that ignite productivity. Only Samsung has the electronics
works today.
Printing for the modern world has arrived.

Samsung is printing innovation.

Real value. True performance.
Always make the right impression
by using genuine Samsung supplies.

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Mobile devices need to support NFC technology.
There is also no app needed for iOS-supported devices using AirPrint™.

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always-on employees using smart intuitive technology in the form of smartphones and cloud computing. just like using a tablet SMART Use Samsung’s new A3 color multifunction printer (MFP) SMART MultiXpress X4300LX / X4250 LX / X4220RX provides smart usability that allows users to work faster and more efficiently using intuitive. You can further extend usability with direct web access through the web browser to quickly print various web content. such as maps.* Touch & Slide UI on 10. UX Personalization (My Page) Quick Custom Apps 8. while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). And with high-performance and cost-efficient features. emails and more without a PC. From scanning to printing. businesses today are embracing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. such as Copy. easy-to-use controls. you can access more useful features and solutions by downloading them through the Samsung printing app store. pictures.GO BEYOND YOUR WORK CAPABILITIES WITH SMART PRINT INNOVATION WORK SMARTER USING THE LATEST IN INTELLIGENT TOUCH FEATURES Take business performance to a new level with smart printing To keep up with the fast-paced business world. which ensures perfect compatibility with various Android-based smart devices. usability and extendibility at the same time. Samsung SMART MultiXpress: Plus. SMART Touch Touch to print. A printer is no exception.1” Direct Web Access X4220RX (22 ppm) Quick Print Real Preview Samsung SMART UX Center powered by Android™ Convenient Applications & Widgets Thumbnail Preview *The ap app store will be available in the Samsung Partner Portal beginning October 2014.1” Color Touchscreen X4300LX (30 ppm) X4250LX (25 ppm) 10. This is leading to more efficient. just like on a tablet The SMART MultiXpress X4300LX / X4250 LX / X4220RX provides innovative usability through Samsung SMART UX Center BTUIFWFSZÙSTU4NBSU"OESPJEQSJOUJOH694BNTVOH4. seamless operations and highly productive. printers are expected to have the same smart functionalities as cutting-edge mobile devices. Experience SMART printing. Businesses now want to extend that smart technology to all devices to gain the same level of intuitiveness and flexibility."3569 $FOUFSJTBQSJOUJOH69CBTFEPOUIF"OESPJE04BOEUIFÙSTUPG its kind in the printing industry. Expand use with independent functions and extensibility The interface also provides the Real Preview function from the preloaded applications. Businesses seek smart printing solutions that can be easily managed while still delivering powerful performance at reduced costs. Send and Box. these printers can meet the print demands of businesses that depend on heavy volume printing. This user-friendly UX provides intuitiveness.&RQƫJXUDWLRQ.

Counter. Instantly respond to different customers with one click by DVTUPNJ[JOHUIF6*DPOÙHVSBUJPOJOBNBYJNVNPGBNJOVUF . including Copy. Plus. there are custom widgets for creating instant. SMART Manage Personalize the UX through My Page Enhance the UX by arranging and managing the environment by user with My Page. Simply customize the My Page settings and Quick Menu for each user and you can keep track of an individual’s usage. PRINTING INNOVATION. one-tap access to frequently used functions. Scan/Send. Address Book and Help. Settings. which provides users with more convenient usability. Create custom apps and UIs in a snap Administrators can create quick custom apps directly on the devices. Box. SAMSUNG. Build Job. control accessibility and more. Enjoy preloaded applications and widgets Printing applications are preloaded. Job Status.

including: Scan at ultra-high rates Create the printing environment that suits your needs VHSGØBTRSNLHYDC ØBNRS. spend less The Samsung Wireless & NFC printing option* can be added to support various mobile printing solutions with just a tap.PROCESS PRINTS AND SCANS AT SUPER-FAST SPEEDS WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY MANAGE OPERATIONAL EXPENSES THROUGH COST-EFFICIENT ATTRIBUTES Boost productivity with ultra-fast performance /RZHU\RXU7&2ZLWKFRVWHƯFLHQWVROXWLRQVDQGVXSSOLHV Work fast. wait less Do more jobs.

the printer’s memory with the BCPS and just a tap on your mobile device. Toner Cartridge Drum (OPC) Developer . 2 SAMSUNG. The innovative technology automatically sharpens the focus of both graphics and text. PRINTING INNOVATION. These long-life consumables ensure businesses get the most out of their resources.200 effective dpi. just a tap on your mobile device. printout and company will always look professional. Flexible options range from toners that yield 20. User Authentication Color Trapping Edge Enhancement Composite Color Reduction De-screening Secure Printing Business Core Printing Solutions Get sharper-quality print output Samsung’s unique Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP) technology delivers professional-quality output with sharp text and clean images.000 standard pages for color to 23. . User authentication: Enable authorized users to tap and print to Samsung’s Business Core™ Printing Solutions (BCPS) work as FGÙDJFOUMZBTZPVEPCZQSPWJEJOHDPTUFGGFDUJWFBOETFDVSFQSJOU operation. Faster print processing with zero fuss Ultra-fast dual scan Up to 120 ipm a Samsung MFP from their mobile devices. 4 120 double-sided ipm for mono is available on the X4250LX and X4300LX models only. Fast print speed Up to 30 ppm All-in-one Wireless & NFC Option Easy to Set Up & Manage %HQHƫWV Enhances document security and reduces costs with user authentication Save resources with low total cost of ownership (TCO) printing Guards valuable data and devices from unauthorized use Businesses can handle heavy printing volumes while reducing labor costs with the X4300 Series’ ultra-high-yield toner cartridges and drums. These solutions require no dedicated server and IT resources and reduce unnecessary printing and supply use. These essential printing solutions include: . Increases productivity with an DXWRPDWHGZRUNƭRZVROXWLRQ Scans to and prints from the cloud with easy. 45 single-sided ipm is available on the X4220RX model only. best-in-class scanning speeds. Secure printing: Authorize secure release of documents held in SMART MultiXpress X4300LX / X4250 LX / X4220RX printers are equipped with Dual-Scan ADF1 technology. 22 ppm is available on the X4220RX model only.000 for black and white. your scans. numerous FHUWLƫHGSDUWQHUVROXWLRQVDUHDYDLODEOH through the Samsung XOA platform.200 x 1. 3 100 double-sided ipm for color is available on the X4250LX and X4300LX models only. ensuring a perfect-looking printout every time. 1 Dual-Scan ADF is available on the X4250LX and X4300LX models only. Device cloning: Clone standardized functions of an MFP with SMART MultiXpress X4300LX / X4250LX / X4220RX prints at fast speeds of up to 30 pages per minute (ppm)5. Businesses can work TNPPUIMZBOEPQFSBUFBUBNVDINPSFFGÙDJFOUMFWFMXJUIIJHI performance speed printing. 80 single-sided ipm is available on the X4250LX and X4300LX models only. secure access Controls printing expenses by easily tracking device usage per user For further customization. resulting in lower TCO. lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). while drums yield 100. 18 double-sided ipm is available on the X4220RX model only. up to 100 double-sided ipm3 for color and up to 1204 double-sided ipm for mono. . increasing productivity and simplifying management. These workhorse MFPs can scan up to 80 single-sided images per minute (ipm)2. Easy wireless setup:$POÙHVSFXJSFMFTT *1 QSJOUTFUVQGSPN your mobile device without complicated activation steps with just a tap. And with a superior resolution of 1. A 1 GHz dual-core CPU provides the power and capacity to accomplish print and copy jobs of any size or complexity swiftly. 25 ppm is available on the X4250LX model only. 5 30 ppm is available on the X4300LX model only. *The Wireless & NFC option will be available beginning October 2014.000 standard pages.DEÚBHDMSØRNKTSHNMR . enabling them to deliver ultra-high.

2” .VMUJ9QSFTT9-99-9939mTVOJRVF DPOÙHVSBUJPODBQBCJMJUJFT'BDUPSZQSPWJEFENPEVMFTTFSWFBTBCBTJTVQPOXIJDIEJGGFSJOHDPNQPOFOUTBSFDIPTFOBMPOHXJUIBXJEFBSSBZPG optional components.140-Sheet Standard + 1.8” x 8. sVKHHWFDSDFLW\ s5LJKWFHQWHUOHIWVWDSOLQJ up to 50 sheets Job Separator sVKHHWFDSDFLW\ s6LQJOHSDVVVLGHG document scanning s3DSHUHPSW\ZLGWK OHQJWKGHWHFWLRQ W W W W N s([WRXWSXWVWDFNHU sVKHHWFDSDFLW\ Power Consumption Copy Features Fax Kit Multipurpose Table Input Capacity & Types Media Size or FDI Kit Paper Handling Working Table Media Type Media Weight Dual-Cassette Feeder Stand Wireless & NFC Option* ADF Document Size ADF Capacity 2.800 dpi (Enhanced) Email / FTP / SMB / HDD / USB / WSD / PC &AXŸ3PECIÚCATIONŸ/PTIONAL Modem Speed Compatiblity Resolution Fax Functions Max. Dual line (Opt).11.7” x 17”) .59 lb) 566 x 610 x 265 mm (22.400 bps with Automatic Speed Selection ITU-T G3.175 g/m2 (16 ./. Preview.3” x 24” x 10”) 20 kg (44 lb) Inner Finisher (SL-FIN501L) Output Capacity Media Size Media Weight Staple Capacity Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight First Copy Out Time sVKHHWFDSDFLW\ s3DSHUHPSW\VL]HGHWHFWLRQ SAMSUNG. 4.2” . Caller ID.7” x 17”) 60 .CUSTOMIZE YOUR MFP WITH A FLEXIBLE PRINT SOLUTION Samsung Multifunction SMART X4300LX I X4250LX I X4220RX Select from a range of options to create a tailor-made MFP Technical details made to support your business &RQƫJXUDEOHGHYLFHVIRURSWLPL]HGSHUIRUPDQFH 'ENERALŸ3PECIÚCATIONS Speed #VTJOFTTFTPGWBSZJOHTJ[FTBOEJOEVTUSJFTDBONFFUUIFJSTQFDJÙDOFFETXJUIUIF4.200 x 1.Tray1: 148.2. Fine) Auto Redial. Job Build."35.7” x 17”) Plain / Thin / Bond / Hole Punched / Pre-Printed / Recycled / Thin CardStock / Letterhead / Thick / Cotton / Colored / Archive / Thin Glossy / Heavy weight / Extra heavy weight Tray 1&2: 60 .7” x 14”) .800 x 4.6 kbps .180 Sheets @ 80 g/m2 (1. PRINTING INNOVATION.297 x 354 mm (5.(((EJQ s1)& $FWLYHW\SH. Fax forwarding to Fax / Email / SMB / FTP / Box.220 g/m2 (16 .040 Sheets (520 Sheets x 2) 148 x 210 mm .8” x 8.8” . Super G3 203 x 98 dpi (Std).297 x 432 mm (3.Tray2: 148. Line 33.MP Tray: 98 x 148 mm . Fine). Media Capacity Media Size #OPYŸ3PECIÚCATION s&DELQHWVWDQG s.8” x 5. X4250LX: Simplex 80/80 ipm (Mono / Color). 300 x 300 dpi (Super.11.220 g/m2 (16 ./. Secure Reception.200 dpi PCL5e / PCL6 / PostScript 3 / PDF PRN / PDF / TIFF / JPEG / XPS 3CANNERŸ3PECIÚCATION Speed Compatibility Scan File Formats Resolution Scan to Destination X4300LX. Processor Memory Operational Panel Interface Duty Cycle.040-Sheet Optional DCF) .11.2” .87” x 8. 600 x 600 dpi (Ultra. 203 x 196 dpi (Fin)..5 x 210 mm .47 lb) MP Tray: 60 . Network SANE PDF / Compact PDF / Searchable PDF / JPEG / XPS / TIFF-S / TIFF-M / TIFF 600 x 600 dpi (Optical). 2nd lines /PTIONS Double Cassette Feeder (SL-PFP502D) Media Weight Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight 1. Monthly Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight &RQƫJXUDWLRQV 2SWLRQV Network Protocols Finisher DSDF (standard) Dual Scan Automatic Document Feeder s. Duplex 120/100 ipm (Mono / Color) X4220RX: Simplex 45/45 ipm (Mono/Color) Network TWAIN.297 x 432 mm (5.5 x 210 mm . etc.297 x 432 mm (3.11.59 lb) -FEHFS-FUUFS-FHBM0ÙDJP'PMJP" / A4 / JIS B5 / ISO B5 / Executive / A5 / Statement / Custom 100 Sheets @ 80 g/m2 ID Copy / N-up / Booklet / Image Repeat / Auto Fit / Book Copy / Poster Copy / Watermark / Image Overlay / Stamp / Covers / Job Build / Preview Resolution Emulation Direct Print Support Up to 1.

2. . DNS.2 / 9 sec Up to 600 x 600 dpi 25% . FDI Kit.5 W (Sleep) / 200 Wh (Ready) / 1. Static) / Discovery Protocol (SLP. SPARC). Multi-purpose Tray Wireless / NFC Kit.5 .3 / 11. UPnP. DSDF). Ethernet 10/100/1000 BaseTX.0 / 6.256 g/m2 50 Sheets 665 x 491 x 220 mm (26. IP/MAC Filtering.000 pages .2 / 12. Debian 5.000 pages 100.4 / 12.1 / 12. SMTP. SMB.X4250LX: 6. LDAP.Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 / 6.X4220RX: 100. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 / 11.4 / 6.999 General Network 550 Sheets (Main 500.2 / 5. WSD) / Management Protocol (SNMPv1. LPR. we recommend using genuine Samsung parts and consumables.6 / 8.X4220RX: 22/22 ppm 1 GHz Dual Core 2 GB DDR3 Memory 10.1 (32 / 64 bit) / Windows Server 2012 (32 / 64 bit) / Windows Server 2012 R2 . BOOTP. IPsec. Top 50) @ 80 gsm Main: 98 .87” x 5.Windows: XP (32 / 64 bit) / 2003 Server (32 / 64 bit) / Vista (32 / 64 bit) / 2008 Server (32 / 64 bit) / 7 (32 / 64 bit) / 2008 Server R2 / Windows 8 (32 / 64 bit) / Windows 8. Additional LAN Kit.1x support (Optional) .8”) 1.X4250LX: 25/25 ppm .PRGHORQO\ or Dual Fax Kit Network Security . SNMP3.5” x 17. FTP.220 g/m2 (16~59 lb) 395.0 / 11.6 mm (15.6” .5.85” x 12.5 kg (3. EAP) SSL / TLS.1 / 11.8”) Top: 140 .2 kWh (Max) Media Weight Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight 125 Sheets 148 x 98 mm .2 sec .2 mm (3.11 b/g/n (Optional) . openSUSE 11. Talnet) / Scan Protocol (SMTP.04.6 sec .7” x 17”) 60 .X4300LX: 30/30 ppm .0 / 11i v1 / 11i v2 / 11i v3 (PA-RISC.297 mm x 210 .04 / 12.457.11.1” Color Touch-Panel LCD (960 x 600) USB 2.0 / 7.000 pages 100. HP-UX 11.3” x 24” x 34.9 .1. Protocol & Port Management. *Available beginning October 2014. X4250LX: 80 kg (inc.10 / 11. Itanium).000 pages 20.10.0 / 7.Mac OS 10. IBM AIX 5. Ubuntu 10. Fax Kit.3.5” x 11.X4220RX: 7. AutoIP.1 / 7.8. RADF) IP Management (DHCP. IEEE802. Fedora 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19. IP Sec.5 x 96.UNIX: Sun Solaris 9 / 10 / 11 (x86. SetIP.10 / 13. Bonjour.000 pages Estimated Toner Yields @ 5% coverage For best performance and yield.3” x 8.7” .3 lb) #ONSUMABLE Black Toner Cartridge Color Toner Cartridge (C/M/Y) Black Drum Color Drum (C/M/Y) 23.6”) X4300LX.10 / 12. Working Table.6” x 15” x 3.9 / 7.2” x 17”) Main: 52 . SNMPv3.04 / 11. IEEE 802.432 mm (5.7”) 15 kg (33 lb) Job Separator (SL-JSP500S) or /THERS Cabinet. WINS) / Printing Protocol (TCP/IP. Dual Fax Kit 0RINTŸ3PECIÚCATION Input Capacity Media Size or Additional Network Kit OS Compatibility RADF Reverse Automatic Document Feeder s. IPv6.297 x 432 mm (3.2 / 11. X4220RX: 79 kg (inc.000 pages . WSD) / Security Protocol (SMB.X4300LX: 5. Mint 13 / 14 / 15 .1 (PowerPC) 1. IPP.5. Kerberos.000 pages 566 x 610 x 879 mm (22. Resolution Zoom Rate Multi Copy .8” .320 mm x 140 .300 g/m2 Top: 52 .1 / 5.0.3 / 5.X4300LX: 120.400% Up to 9.X4250LX: 110.3 x 380.04 / 10.2” x 19.