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Plant life


Size: Number: Habitat: 1-10’ Long Unknown The Crevasse


General Description Slimeweed is the Mhirrin tainted, long leaf masses which grow around the crevasse. A thick dark purple, nearing black sludge which seeps down the lengths of the sea weed. The Hool view it as aberrant; while the Jlull relish in it. Jlull will sometimes eat it prior to committing particularly heinous acts (it seems to affect them as a narcotic). Any Jlull under the effect of Slimeweed will get only half of the penalty any physical wounds would give. The roots tend to grow deep into the crevasse and actually appear as old growth tree roots.

Less’Van Coral
Size: Number: Habitat: Vast Unlimited The Shallows


General Description Less’Van Coral is a beautiful form of bright pink, blue and occasionally reddishpurple coral. Unlike other corals it does not move on it’s own but it does grow outward in a creeping manner, attracting all manner of small fish. It is porous but when compacted, using the Path of the Shallows, the coral becomes smooth like polished stone. This coral can still live above the surface as long as fresh sea water is pumped through it.

Less’Van Rockvine
Animal Rating: 2,200+ Size/Weight: No more than 1 square league Number: 1 Habitat: Mountains of Less’Va Life Span: Unknown; presumed to match that of the mainland variety Defenses: Stone-like body (PF: 40; GF: 15) Attacks: Enzymes Temperament: Unknown Life: 1,000 – 5,000 (100 per Pod) Strength: 800 Agility: 80 Description The Less’Van Rockvine is only identified as such in it’s similar style of existence. They are a light pink color and marbled. This allows them to draw colorful birds to preen

on them. They have the same lifecycle as the normal variety, yet they do have a phase (roughly one month a year) in which it goes completely dormant. This has yet to be explained but has allowed a number of hapless travelers to escape certain doom. The pods look like Pomppou Fruit, in fact, a number of the few wild Pomppou trees grow on or between the vines of the Less’Van Rockvines. Their fake Pomppou Pods have an enzyme that forces an END roll with a -50 penalty. This will make a man sleep for 1-10 days. During this time, the nearest vine literally splits open and will constrict the target. This vine will, after covering a person, being growing through them via the mouth or naval cavity. At this point the vine itself secretes enzymes (when properly gathered a skilled alchemist may find use for such a thing, but no one has survived an attempt).

Pall’Ushan Peet
Size: Number: Habitat: .5” tall; spreads are as vast as 20’ in diameter Varies based on marshland Tor’Gramjal’s Fenn 35%


General Description This material is amazingly resilient to fire. It is incapable of burning and it has the smell of rotting wood. The peet itself grows over the few areas of the Fenn left and is known to often float above the deepest, darkest parts of the Fenn. It is rumored to be a vastly sought after food for Jlull, and the creatures can smell it from miles away. This is unknown to be true or not but is often all the deterrent necessary for people to carry it around in air-tight containers.

Tal’Ramian Meadow Grass
Size: Number: Habitat: 1-5’ tall; .5-3” diameter Root Pods of 3-12 stalks Tal’Ram Meadows 50%


General Description Tal’Ramian Meadow Grass is not as much grass as it is a thick and resilient tube of thick almost stone like fibers. These tubes have a thin sheath of leafy material on the outside. Once shucked, the tube can be chewed on. The tube itself has a sweet flavor and is ground down into a granule for use in cooking. People walking will chew on pieces of Tal’Ramian Meadow Grass for energy or just a pleasant taste. Inside the tube is a hollow center with a juice inside. This juice is sweet and has the consistency of water. It is called Grass Drip. Most people drink it for pleasure. Some soldier however, on long patrols when short on drinking water will rely on it. Each stalk contains 2-4 oz of Grass Drip, and the bulb for the roots containing 8-10oz.

Pomppou Fruit
Size: Number: Habitat: 6”-1’ Diameter Strains = 3-30 Pomppou Fruit Kingdom of Less’Va 60%


General Description These orb shaped bright orange to red colored fruits are one of the favorite sweets of the locals. These fruit have a hard shell. Once cracked and broken open juicy fleshy matter is found. It is a deep sweetness, similar to that of a pomegranate. These are often traded as a valuable fruit as it is very strongly affected by the weather. The more stormy the islands are in a year, the better the Pomppou yields. Most peculiarly these trees have been found growing wild on The Breakers. The rest of the islands have had most of the ideal lands for growing them claimed. In these areas the orchards are jealously guarded. Some of the Kingdom wish desperately to acquire the Eastern side of Tal’Ram in an effort to create massive orchards.