Access to your U Drive

via the Web (Student)
Quick access to the files on your U Drive is now possible via a web browser. This method is best suited
to off campus access or via the wireless network, and can be useful if you need to view a file, but do
not have the facility to log in to desktop ANYWHERE. We do not recommend this method for student
desktops on campus because all computers are set up for easy access to the U Drive.

1. How to access Read-Only Copies of Files
Connect to the internet, open a web browser
Enter the correct address format for your Northumbria username as per the list below
o Student access to the site is derived from the last digit of the username
e.g. choose from udrive0 to udrive9
o Replace /xyz with your Northumbria username

For example:
For q991234 the correct address would be
For w9912069 the correct address would be
Be careful to type this correctly with the prefix as https://

Enter your Northumbria username and password.
The folders and files on your U Drive will appear listed in a basic format in alphabetical order.
Click on the links to navigate to your file.
Note: Items listed as <dir> are
folders. Other items listed with
numbers are your files
Your username and the folder you have navigated to will show at the top of the screen.

Just click a link to open a folder or file.

If you close with the X your U Drive session will be closed. If you lose connection for any reason you could lose any amendments that you have made. See Section 2 for advice. BMPs . PDFs. Note: For added security you will be asked to login with your Northumbria username and password a number of times when opening and using files. you will need to set up a connection. There are a number of options open to you depending on the operating system and your personal preference. and save this copy regularly. if you are a PC user you can right click on the image file listed and select Open in a New Window to avoid this happening. If you work directly on a U Drive file.e. you can install additional software that will transfer files over the internet Please be aware that the speed of file transfer when using any of these methods can fluctuate depending on general internet and network traffic. However. Important Note on Working with Files: We recommend that you save a copy to your C Drive to work on. the integrity of your work is dependent upon the network connection. enter your username and password . you should click the back button to return to the U Drive view.Please be aware that image files are set to open in the same browser window as the U Drive view. a) How to map a drive to a Network Location (Win 7. How to Access Files and Save your Changes In order to save files back to your U Drive online. PC users can map a drive to your U Drive Mac users can connect to the server Alternatively. Vista) Go to Start > (My) Computer Right click in the white space to the right of the box that appears (beside your C Drive etc) and select Add a Network Location Click Next on the Add Network Location Wizard Select the option Choose a custom network location and click Next Enter the address with your own username in the correct format (see Section 1) and click Next If prompted to confirm security information. 2. Jpegs.You will be prompted to decide what you want to do with the file To view your file in read only format click Open If you want to edit your file click Save and save to your desktop Caution: In order to save an edited file back to your U Drive you will need to map a drive or use additional software to help make the connection. Once you have viewed or saved your file. Then paste back to the U Drive when you have finished working. Point to Note: Image files i.

php http://www. In the Type a name for this network place box. b) How to map a drive via My Network Places (XP) Open My Network Places Click Add a network place. If you are unable to make a successful connection you will need to install additional software that allows you to transfer files over the internet. type the address for your U Drive in the correct format (see Section 1) Click Next. You will be able to save a document to this Drive the next time you access your U Drive Next on the What do you want to name this location screen Check there is a tick in the box Open this network location when I click Finish to ensure your U Drive opens immediately then click Finish Your new network location will show under Computer. To find the product that suits you best you can use a trial version before you purchase: For both Windows and Mac For Windows only Filezilla Fetch Net Drive Winscp Bitkinex http://filezilla-project. type the name that you want. and then click Next In the Internet or network address additional software such as Net Drive can add this functionality. Click Finish. . Note: IT Services do not provide this software. XP can encounter difficulties when using drive mappings. with a folder icon beside it. c) How to Connect and Save files when using a Mac From the Finder menu click Go Select Connect to Server Enter the address for your U Drive in the correct format (see Section 1) Click Connect When prompted enter your Northumbria username and password You can now open and use files as normal and drag and drop easily. The Add Network Place Wizard starts Click Next to continue Click Choose another network location. d) Additional File Transfer Software Windows 7 and Apple Mac computers appear to work well when mapping drives as above. The following are either free or reasonably priced and quite easy to use. and then click Next. However. other operating systems may encounter http://fetchsoftworks.html http://winscp.

Help Using Net Drive Download from Online Support www.netdrive.northumbria. q991234 Password: Your Northumbria password 22 SFTP An Unknown Host Key message box may appear asking you to confirm this SFTP connection. click OK to continue and connect. 365 days a year Tel: 0191 227 4242 Email: Site/Host name or address for your U drive Port Connection Type .helpline@northumbria.northumbria.html Click New Site and create a new site Note: If it won’t work click the Advanced button and set the options to use HTTPS Help and Advice For help and advice please contact the IT Helpline Open 24 hours a Username: Your Northumbria Username e.Most secure file transfer packages are slightly but the general information that you will need to set up your connection is as follows: SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) sftpudrive.OR -Host: sftpudrive.