Mine Reclamation and

Remediation: The EPA and its
Issues, with a Focus on the Gold
King Mine Spill of August 2015
Sarah Kuper

What is Mine Reclamation and Remediation?
 Rehabilitation of mine sites
 Reclamation on public land
 Remediation on private land

 Mines under several
 Abandoned
 Bankruptcy declared
 Still under private ownership

 Primary hazards
 Acid mine drainage (AMD)
 Soil contamination

Entrance to the Gold King Mine, 6 August 2015

A Brief History of Mining in Colorado
 1858: Gold found
 1859: Colorado Gold Rush
 Preliminary laws created
 Multiple ores mined, including gold,
silver, lead, copper, and zinc

 1872: General Mining Law passed
by Congress
 Early 20th century: Most mines
Miners at work in the Gold King Mine in 1899

 1970s: Clean Water Act passed and
EPA begins regulation of mines

What’s the Issue?
 1872 General Mining Law still in place
 No royalties paid by mine owners for ore
 160,000+ abandoned mines in West, 33,000 causing environmental harm

 Superfund project
 Comes with a stigma so many fight site declaration
 Severely underfunded
 Tax specific to project ended in early 2000s, now reliant on congressional

 No collaboration between agencies and private entities
 Older, unreliable methods
 Don’t adequately address issues, especially with concern to water

 Heavy metal contamination

Contamination Risks
 Communities use watersheds in
multiple ways
 Fish and plant life also affected
 Acidity can kill fish
 Fish can bioaccumulate toxins like
 Continued exposure to AMD
lowers genetic diversity in plants

 Heavy metals
pH test of the sludge from the Gold King Mine. It is acidic with a
pH of 4.

How Do We Solve the Problem?
 Get more $$$$$
 Develop better remediation
 Other people have successfully
remediated mines similar to Gold
King (Idorado Gold Mine, CO)

 Collaborate between federal, state,
and private agencies
The Animas River before and after the spill.

 Reform current mining legislation

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