Geological history of the sawatch range of the rocky mountains

History of gold and silver mining of the colorado rockies
Ghost towns of the colorado rockies
The arkansas river valley in colorado
Ecological effects of gold and silver mining in the colorado rockies (environmental
Effects of the gold rush in 19th century colorado rockies
Chalk mining in the colorado rockies
Research - NOW
Dictionary definition of mining??? Something about digging in the ground to produce ore for
economic resources? Probably?
Mining is a dangerous, dirty job but could pay very well if you found the right stuff
Concrete examples of mining--mining in the missouri lead belt, gold rush of 1849 - gold king
mine spill 2015
environmental effects of gold and silver mining in colorado rockies
Cause: environmental, men dig too deep, men are greedy and don’t want to take responsibility
Effect: mine collapse, pollution of rivers and streams, killing wildlife
These things are bad and mining has had a detrimental effect on the ecology of the colorado
Pollution from mining - possible (gold king)
Greed of men
Mining happened from the 1800s to the present
Government action can prevent mining from happening, and government action can help with
cleanup of mine spills
There is a pollution issue--it takes big $$$ to clean up old mines
Mining began when stuff was discovered, oh look gold and silver money money
Mines abandoned and allowed to fill with water, oxidation of heavy metals
EPA, landowners, etc involved
The issue is risk of contamination of local environments and possible contamination of areas
sacred to native americans
It’s a freaking environmental issue
The issue is pretty darn serious--see lead poisoning in Flint--arsenic and selenium poisoning in
gold king mine spill
Costs are $$$$$$$$$$$$
EPA should address issue

Different elements involved in pollution from rocks rather than coal ash or industrial waste
Mining is still mining
Mining is becoming safer and there are more regulations regarding waste disposal and
abandonment of sites
Different kinds of mines - open pit mines, room and pillar mining, surface mining, tunnel mining,
all depend on what you’re looking for
Takes place in colorado rockies
It’s part of the culture in the 19th century mountains
Mines mean money
Mines make me think about yosemite sam and the old west
Gold mining in colorado was similar to gold mining in california
Mining was pretty darn useful for people who lived back then (and is still very useful today)
Thesis: The cleanup of abandoned mines should be a major focus of the Colorado and federal
government in order to prevent more environmental disasters such as the Gold King Mine spill.