Lesson Plan

Date: 21st March
Class: 6th B
Teacher: Chioveanu Isabela-Cristina
No. of students: 32
Time: 50 min.
Text Book: Enterprise 2
TITLE: A World of Wonders

To get Ss to use Passive constructions in Present, Past and Future Tenses
To get Ss to listen to check information, to get specific information, to correct information
To get Ss to communicate for asking and providing information
To get Ss to understand how to use stress and intonation in specific sentences
To get Ss to write an article about a famous monument


Using Passive in different constructions
Providing and checking information while listening
Interacting with a partner on a given topic by using the correct intonation
Using Passive structures in creating sentences of their own
Writing an article using a given structure about a famous landmark

SKILLS: Listening, Grammar, Speaking, Writing, Reading

Cards CLASS MANAGEMENT: Individual work. (the lack of Agent) Activity 4 – Grammar Aim: to make Ss identify Passive constructions in a written text.LANGUAGE: Passive constructions. to identify the tenses and to form sentences on their own and to fill in the gaps with active or passive forms T. group work PROCEDURE ACTIVITIES INTERACTION TIMING Warm up Activity 1 Aim: to create a pleasant atmosphere and to relax Ss Procedure: Greetings and introductory conversation Activity 2 – Checking homework Aim: to see if Ss solved their homework Procedure: T checks homework and Ss read it and correct themselves if they’re wrong Activity 3 . CD. Modal verbs: can.Introduction Aim: to introduce the topic of the lesson and to check if Ss understood the grammar rules explained before Procedure: T writes on the board sentences 2 and 3 from exercise 8 p./ Salt has been mined there for over 700 years.Ss 1 min T-Ss 2 min T-Ss 3 min T-Ss Individual work 8 min . will. 64 and asks Ss if thet see any difference between them : Salt was carried up to the surface by miners. should MATERIALS: Student’s Book.

Listening and vocabulary Aim: to get Ss understand new words such as admission. T writes them on the board.Speaking Aim: to get Ss speak about famous places Procedure: T asks Ss to ask questions about one of the two places they like most from ex. Procedure: Ss will have to circle the correct answers in ex.Reading and grammar Aim: to recognize headings of a text and to form passive constructions Procedure: Ss will read the text.Listening and speaking Aim: to get Ss fill the missing words and then to make a dialogue Procedure: Ss will listen to the tape. Then they have to create a short text about that place Activity 8. Ss complete the gaps from ex. 10 Activity 5: Listening and Speaking Aim: to get Ss used to „made of” constructions by using Passive constructions in communication and then to listen and communicate historical facts in Passive constructions Procedure: T asks two Ss to be SA and SB and then they communicate in pairs by using prompts. Then. Activity 6. fill the blanks and then communicate Activity 10. Then Ss will listen to the tape and circle the correct nswer.Grammar and Speaking Aim: to get Ss to put verbs in the correct form and to rephrase sentences Procedure: T asks Ss to do exercise 13 and then to ask questions from the prompts. gallery art. complete it and put the headings in order Activity 11. members etc and then to check their answers by listening a record.Procedure: Ss identify the structures from the text and put them in the table from exercise 9. Ss make sentences on their own using the verbs on the board. 16 and then to circle the correct answers in exercise 17 Activity 9.Listening Individual and pair work 10 min Pair work 6 min Pair work 3 min Individual work 5 min Individual and pair work 3 min Individual work 3 min Individual work 2 min . The dialogue for providing information continues. Ss will do in pairs exercise 14 as they have to rephrase the sentences Activity 7. 15.

Activity 13.Aim: to find the correct answer and then use the information in an article Procedure: Ss will listen to the tape and underline the correct answers Activity 12. 23 and the indications in Writing part of the lesson T-Ss 3 min Group work 4 min Individual work 3 min Group work 5 min 1 min . they have to make as many sentences as they can Homework assesment: Ss will have to write an article using information from ex.Reading and Grammar Aim: to get Ss to use Passive constructions Procedure: Ss do ex. the team who made the most correct sentences are the winners Extra activity. 18 and then read the verbs Extra activity: Passive Descriptions Aim: to make ss use Passinve constructions as they make sentences throughout cards Procedure: T hands in a set of cards to each team. they are motivated to win the game Procedure: T puts them in teams of six.Pronounciation Aim: To make Ss understand the stress and intonatin in a sentence Procedure: Ss listen to the tape and then repreat the sentence. They have to observe the stressed word.Grammar and Vocabulary Game Aim: to use different words and constructions in Passive structures.