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Co-authored by James Enoch and Morgan Bozzo

President Falwell,
This letter is to not diminish you as a University President. This letter is not to diminish your
leadership over the university that you have grown exponentially since taking over when your father
passed away. This letter is to give revelation to what has gone on behind closed doors, and to ask you
the tough questions that we hope to receive answers to. As students at Liberty University, this letter is
to express our discontent with your actions.
WE ARE ALL SINNERS, AND NO ONE IS ABOVE GRACE. We understand that. However, within
that, there is the rule of law in the country that we all talk about. As Liberty University students, we all
agree to the Liberty Way, as an extension of the rule of law already in place, as it lays out how we are to
act as students at the worlds largest Christian University. Within the Liberty Way, there are parameters
for how students should treat each other. This section is detailed below:

However, you have allowed a student to post numerous things that violate this code of conduct to get a
free pass from the discipline that is outlined later within the Liberty Way. A letter, bashing two other
University students, can be found below. Also, the original post bashing one student can be found

How does this not constitute reprimands? How does this rhetoric merit a pass from the Office of the
President? You have blamed President Obama for gross overreach of his executive powers, yet you
exercised such gross overreach of powers yourself. This is hypocritical in its best context. What do you
say, President Falwell, to Dustin Wahl and Alexander Forbes of Liberty University that were on the
receiving end of this hateful rhetoric? These students deserve the protection that is afforded to them in
the Liberty Way. If you have the power to rescind rules, yet rather choose to pick favorites, or choose to
pick students that are obviously and openly campaigning for Donald Trump to be exempt from these
rules, this seems to be your own personal campaign for Donald Trump from the Office of the President.
For you to say that Hillary Clinton should not be above the law yet allow Joshua Rosene to be above the
rules he agreed and is bound to as a student, it is hypocritical and demeaning to the students that have
been punished for far less. You, sir, are using your love for Donald Trump and your campaigning for him
to pick and choose who must abide by the rules.
Your father was politically active himself, just like you are today. However, his inherent love for students
came first. He did not, and would not, allow for a student to completely diminish the value of other
students by calling them garbage and then proceed to let them get away with it. To say that this is
merely standing for your own character, while allowing the crushing of two of your own students and
give thanks to him for such is not what we, as Christians, have been called to do. We ask you, President

Falwell, are our rights of Americans more important than our responsibilities and duties as Christians? At
this University, it is seeming less about being Christian and more about using our first amendment right
to put down those that disagree with us. This University has become a safe space for conservatives and
for any that disagree, a breeding ground for hate.
Indeed, on November 8th, many of us will be casting our votes for Donald Trump for President. Yet, is
your love for Donald Trump coming well before your responsibilities as a University President, but more
importantly as a Christian? Would Christ stand for things such as the sexuality of students being
questioned, or for their values to be diminished by another in a letter for mere reasons of
disagreement? We ask these things of you because Christ called us to love one another, even the least
of them among us, and allowing for hatred to brew and be tolerated is not what Liberty University is

Students of Liberty University