(3RD AUGUST 2015 – 18TH DECEMBER 2015)





First and foremost, I thanks to God because I finally can successfully complete my
internship with a full of colours. I would like to express my greatest gratitude to Oil and
Gas Department, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) for a platform of internship
program that I can relate theoretical knowledge to practical application in real industry.
I would like to expand this gratitude to Profix Engineering Sdn Bhd for giving me an
opportunity to do and complete my internship program in your company and also for a
conducive and comfortable work place. I gained a lot of experiences and improvement
on different skills in many different areas from management to site. Many thanks to my
Supervisor, Sir Amir Ashraf bin Hamzah for valuable knowledges and skills he gave
and his continuous support and guidance. In addition, my thanks also to all workers in
the company for the guidance, encouragement and supportive team
I would also want to thank to Mdm. Effah Yahya and Dr. Hazlina Hussin, the visiting
lecturers during evaluation session at the end of my internship period for their coming
and time spent while having busy schedules. Lastly, a lot of thanks to my family and
friend for their persistent in giving supports, helpful advices and encouragement
throughout my internship period.
Without be forgotten to whom I did not mentioned their name, I also would like to thanks
the support and help either directly or indirectly. Thank you.


2 Project Tasks and Activities 3.1 Daily Tasks and Activities 3.Table of Content Page Ii Iii Acknowledgement Table of Content 1.1 Natural Gas System 2.2 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) System 2.1 Objectives of an Internship Program 1. Projects and Activities 3.2.2 Company Background 1.2 Manifold cylinder 3 4 4 5 Tasks.3 Company Services 1.0 4.2 Natural Gas (NG) Project 6 7 7 9 Conclusion 4.1 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Project 3.0 Introduction 1.3 Recommendations 11 12 12 Appendices Installation of Natural Gas (NG) System Natural Gas (NG) Pipeline Protection Natural Gas (NG) Pipeline Protection (Triple Layer) Installation on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) System Inspection on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) System (Soapy Test) Application to Install (ATI) form Application to Operate (ATO) form iii 13 13 14 15 16 17 18 18 .2 Experiences 4.0 2.4 Organization Chart of Company 1 1 2 3 Gas Engineering Conceptual 2.2.1 Reflection on Gas Executor 4.2.1 Bulk storage 2.0 3.2.

testing. install. Profix Engineering Sdn. was officially incorporated in Malaysia in 14 th October 2011 which is confident to always provide valuable service to the satisfaction of all clients. Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB). machines. Bhd. tools and methods used by particular company  Enhance personal’s confident physically and mentally when meeting professionals and clients  Build a strong networking with professionals and executive persons for future  Increase the ability of handling a task with a team work  Strengthen and sharpen the skills that the most requirement of industry in future 1. Bhd. This company is a wholly-owned BUMIPUTRA (100%) private company with many years of experience in supply. These are the several reasons:  To relate and apply all theoretical knowledge gained in class to practical exercise  To understand deeply the mechanism of equipment.1 INTRODUCTION Objectives of an Internship Program Internship or practical exercise program have been so long become one of important course in university’s education program. commissioning and providing competent engineering services for the clients.0 1. Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Suruhanjaya Tenaga or Energy Commission. 1 .1. machines and tools used in real industry  Learn other new sophisticated and newly equipment.2 Company Background Profix Engineering Sdn. registered under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

3 Company Services Profix Engineering Sdn. 1. consist of: Natural Gas (NG) & Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Systems       EPCC of Internal Piping Reticulation System Periodic & Emergency Respond of Maintenance for Gas Facilities Project Management and Consultancy for NG/LPG System Gas Pipeline Protection Work Gas Leak Protection System for NG/LPG System Cathodic Protection System Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) System    Electrical System Fire Protection System Sanitary Plumbing System External Works   Sewerage System Drainage System 2 . Bhd.The vision is aim to be known as a Bumiputra company with international standart of work practice and service while the mission of this company is to build a long-term relationships with their clients because they believe that a business is only as good as the clients we serves. offer several services where the core service is in Natural Gas (NG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) systems. ongoing basis. The key to success is by building relationships that go beyond one-time projects and provide valueto these clients on a consistent. The following is the services where the company offer to their clients.

the gas will be odorised and sale to the customer which is Gas Malaysia Berhad (GMB).1. gas is processed after being produced out from the well at Gas Processing Plant (GPP) at Kertah under Petronas Gas Berhad (PGB).4 Organization Chart of Company Tuan Haji Hamzah bin Othman Chairman Amir Ashraf bin Hamzah Managing Director Haji Rozman bin Abd Hashim Business Development Manager Maintenance Department Mohd Amru Addailami bin Mohd Omar Operation Manager Gas Engineering Department Nor Amalina binti A Hamid Human Resource Manager Mechanical & Electrical Department Mohd Hidayat bin Ahmad Site Supervisor Trainee 2. Pressure at this stage is reduced from 1000 psi to 460 psi. 3 . commercial or residential. Natural gas is one of the product being produced that is transferred by pipeline (transmission line) to city gate station. gas pressure is reduced to particular pressure dependent on the end user either for the industrial. At city gate station. Gas is transferred to district station to reduce its pressure to 35-50 psi before being distributed to service station.1 GAS ENGINEERING CONCEPTUAL Natural Gas Supply System In Malaysia. At service station.0 2.

LPG system is relatively better to be installed in term of economic and cost. Commissioning and Construction (EPCC).2. LPG system can be divided into two type: i. It is possible to obtain gas from natural gas line for area where far from the line but the cost will be too high. 1st stage and 2nd stage regulators are installed in order to reduce the pressure at desired level step by 4 . Profix Engineering Sdn Bhd only involve in pipeline protection and Engineering.2 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) System Manifold system is installed when natural gas line is far away to be tapped or for area with no natural gas being supplied.Figure 2. Figure 2. Procurement. bulk tank vessel is used to supply desired amount of gas.1 shows natural gas supply system specifically in Malaysia. Bulk storage ii.1 Bulk storage For the use of high pressure and large volume of gas for high combustion such as in industrial. Thus. A truck will filling up the tank with LPG at filling point instead of using gas cylinder. Manifold cylinder 2.1: Natural Gas (NG) supply system in Malaysia 2.

1 st stage regulator is necessarily to be installed to reduce the pressure to 5 psi and 2nd stage regulator is dependable on the appliance or kitchen equipment. Emergency shut-off valve (ESV) is also installed for emergency and safety purposes for any gas leakage detected to be happened.2 Manifold cylinder Besides bulk tank.2 shows liquefied petroleum gas system for bulk tank in detail.3 shows in detail liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) system for manifold cylinder. Figure 2. Basically.step. manifold cylinder is often been installed for the use of gas with pressure between 5 psi to 0. manifold cylinder system is similar to bulk tank system but gas cylinder is used to replace bulk tank as gas storage.2. Figure 2. Figure 2.5 psi).5 psi. 5 .bulk tank 2.2: Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) . The number of cylinder used is determined first due to total consumption. It is necessary for low pressure appliance or equipment (0.

Basically in every morning. a phone call is 6 .Figure 2. After the meeting. given the project to study and went to site for learning process. I was being introduced to the company background and services.0 3. everyone will do their own works either continue on previous tasks or new task.3: Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) system – manifold cylinder 3. Before going to meet client or main contractor. learnt about the gas system.1 TASKS. The current status will be written on the white board for everyone’s reference. During early of internship. PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES Daily tasks and activities In Profix Engineering Sdn Bhd. I have be given a chance to hold a position as Gas Executive which that my responsibility is to assist engineers’ work and sometimes work at site to coordinate with site supervisor to ensure the project is under appropriate progress. all staff will be have a meeting for 30 minutes to report the current status of all project to Operation Manager and Managing Director.

a company again need to submit Application to Operate (ATO) form to Suruhanjaya Tenaga to inform the finish work for particular project and for obtaining a permission to authorize and operate the equipment installed with gas. 5S housekeeping is compulsory for every person in the company to ensure the work place is always reach comfortable condition and surrounding. every person need to clean their own place before leaving the office. together with several requirement such as company’s license. Sample of ATI form is attached in Appendices section. In addition. I have to do site visit for foremost to look at the real condition instead of looking at the drawing given by the client and gas pipe route is designed and showed to Managing Director to ensure the applicable of gas pipe route. a company must have to submit Application to Install (ATI) form to propose the project with own design. the clean timetable was made. For a new LPG project. The status of submission for ATI and ATO forms is need to know every morning. Besides that. All the used equipment and tools are placed at the store room in proper way and condition.2 Project Tasks and Activities 3.2.necessary to inform the attendance to them for ensure the meeting is applicable or not and easier for them and us to planning and arrange daily schedule. company’s competency 7 . after a project is done for installation and testing. These are following standard requirement of Suruhanjaya Tenaga as the highest authority in Malaysia. A morning meeting is good in order to planning daily tasks to do for the work’s productivity and progress. 3. Safety is the most prior consideration in designing gas pipe route. I and other colleagues have to call Suruhanjaya Tenaga or Energy Commission to obtain the status for project’s application that the company proposed. Even though.1 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Project I have involved in many project for LPG system instead of NG system since most of the project obtained by the company is for LPG system. In every morning. This is because before the site work can be started for a new project. it also can strengthen a bond with all the colleagues and top management. After drawing is designed in AutoCAD and ATI form is filled up. A discussion is made with Managing Director before design in AutoCAD.

will be submitted to Suruhanjaya Tenaga. solenoid valve. iv. The following is the step of gas pipe installation at site: i. isometric pipe drawing with measurement of pipe length. Installation of gas room (LPG system) is required for place which have no gas room together with auto-changed regulator (ACR) as 1st stage regulator. it consists 4 sheets which are floor plan labelled with HP and/or LP for high pressure and low pressure respectively. control panel and 2nd stage regulator. gas detector. ii. ATO form is filled up and submitted to Suruhanjaya Tenaga to obtain a permission to operate the gas pipe system with several required attachment sheets. machines and equipment to ensure the place is clean and safe.certificate and welder’s information. isometric pipe drawing with gas detector system and standards and requirements information. After the application is accepted. Painting the gas pipe with yellow paint colour following the standard by authority. Coating the pipe with undercoat paint following the standard by authority as for corrosion protection. viii. (gas detector system is connected to fire alarm and water system for apartment. site work can be start to install gas pipe and be supervised for every second by site supervisor and sometimes I also involved to check the work must be parallel with the drawing. pressure gauges. the client is informed directly and sent the copy of ATO to them and to Gas Malaysia Berhad to get gas meter installation for project which 8 . Preparation of site work for safe the worker while doing work and other people in the work place. Labelling gas arrow on the pipe and vii. pigtail with back check valve and emergency shut-off valve (ESV). Packing all tools. After the proposal is accepted by Suruhanjaya Tenaga. Yellow pipe will indicates the gas pipe. Installation of gas pipe with valves. Testing and commissioning work to check any gas leakage and also pressure of gas inside the pipe and the gas leaks mock-up incident to ensure gas detector system works well. thus not required to install control panel) iii. For drawing. vi. condominium and particular shopping mall. v.

I have involved for a house and restaurant. pipe bent and they must be well function.e. The formation of gas bubble is observed whereby it indicates the source of gas leaks. report containing company background. Soapy test: soapy water is sprayed to area that has risk to be source of gas leaks and focusing on valves and fittings. Otherwise. Pictorial report will be attached with ATO for new instalment of pipe to be submitted to Suruhanjaya Tenaga. pipe is not coated by thick dust. 3. the installation is begin after the gas meter. gas meter is installed by gas contractor. there are few method of inspection and these are several methods that I learnt and involved to: i. Gas leaks can be first determined by odour. condominium and shopping mall) Report is necessary as an evident for the work done to get claim. Inspection work for LPG piping system.2. pipe extension and replacement of equipment. picture of work. and competency certificate is submitted to clients. A dropping pressure reading indicates the possibly gas leaks. iii. Overall. valves and fittings for their physical condition that paint on pipe is not peel off or vanish. method statement. Installation of NG service project. valves and fittings. but somehow also being applied for inspection work for a whole building (eg. Visual inspection: to check gas pipe. Inspection work will be doing for every 2 years for commercial and 3 years for residential.2 Natural Gas (NG) Project I have involved in NG pipeline protection and installation of NG service supplied to commercial and residential. ii. corrosion on pipe. For a restaurant.that gas supply is under Gas Malaysia Berhad. Otherwise. 9 . Gas purging: this is the process whereby the gas within the pipe is purged by an inert gas i. This method is mostly being applied to new pipe instalment. installation begin from main pipeline that need to be tapped and connected to gas meter and to end point. For a house. the installation of gas pipe after gas meter is similar to LPG system but the different is NG system do not have to build gas room (gas storage). nitrogen prior to final leak testing and reinstatement. worker list.

For triple layer protection.Pipeline protection that I have involved is for two purposes which is the first project is to protect pipeline that underneath the area for road widen project and for the construction of a mosque nearby the gas pipeline. vi. x. Cutting the neoprene rubber sheet (thickness: 30mm) to desired measurement. Handling over and work done. Cleaning the area around the work section and pipeline surface. Measuring the length of pipeline section that need to do protection. Thus. iv. ix. the steps are as follow: i. 10 . Ensure that wrapping is fitted and well wrapped the pipeline. vii. Please refer to ATTACHMENT 2 for details. Backfilling the earth (300mm depth) from Precast RC Slab level. v. Work inspection by Gas Malaysia Berhad and Main Contractor for endorsement. Second. Lay coarse sand along the trench as bedding for Precast RC Slab. ii. Backfilling the earth to ground level. Doing pipe locating work to get a confirmation for pipe location and depth by Gas Malaysia Berhad Technical Team. v. pipeline protection of triple layer for protecting it from work that running around the pipeline and that section where Telecom Malaysia (TM) cables are crossing above the gas pipeline and also relocating pipe of water by Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) nearby the gas pipeline. Install uPVC Warning Slab along the trench side by side. Repeat step (ii) and (iii) twice for make it triple layer. Start excavation work for trenching purpose. For the common pipeline protection. Packing and levelling the earth untill at good condition. iv. iii. Install Precast RC Slab along the trench side by side. iii. triple layer protection is required to be done for avoiding any possible risk throughout that work is operated. Wrapping the pipeline with rubber sheet and black wire tape to tighten the rubber sheet. the steps are: i. ii. viii.

Besides that. explain the gas system in professional way and discuss the duration work. site supervisor and operation manager helped me a lot to the gas system and equipment. My networking with the authorities is getting closely and comfortably. In addition. Next. After a month. I had improved in writing a formal and proper report with experienced for more than 5 projects. I have also taken to visit site as approaching to real work and relate the theoretical knowledge with the practical. I also learned and often took part for management work which is preparing ATI and ATO forms for application and submitted to Suruhanjaya Tenaga and also applying work permit from Gas Malaysia Berhad. At site work. I described in the previous section that the tasks and activities that I have worked on are so many. At site. My skills at site work had much improved after through a 5 months internship. after a few times involved I can handled and supervised site work coordinated with site supervisor properly.4. 11 . I worked in many areas where I did different work.1 CONCLUSIONS Reflection as Gas Executor Working as a Gas Executor for Profix Engineering Sdn Bhd helped me develop and learn lots of things. my knowledge of equipment used and the whole system for LPG and NG improved a lot. After 3 months. I learned a lot of practical work and getting myself adaptable work under pressure.0 4. Meeting with client can have a possible problems where client that I will meet is sometimes can be easily discuss in proper manner and some of them can be in opposite. I could handle a meeting with any client since I have to prepare my physical and mental before a meeting. I learnt the services that the company offer to the clients and LPG and NG systems by reading reports and book provided by the company. I also learned how to meet client. At early of my internship program period. I have given the chance to handle few projects and I started design pipe route drawing and after time by time I had improved my skill using AutoCAD and recognised all symbols used in gas piping system.

I found the most valuable experience is a network since a good network will make people feel trusted and comfortable to work with. In that program I also with my team had conducted a module of “Latihan Dalam Kumpulan (LDK)”. I gained a lot of experience. 12 . This gave me the chance to develop multitasking skills for my future work after my education. I found that I had much improvement in writing. It can be concluded that I had fun following my 5 months internship at Profix Engineering Sdn Bhd. A lot of tasks and activities that I have worked in during my internship are familiar with what I’m studying at the moment. ii. these are several recommendations that I suggest: i. Internship should be done on the last semester of education that some student have no opportunity to finish their task for a long period project. I did different works in many areas from management to site.3 Recommendations For future improvement. This can prepare student who getting an internship at Gas Engineering Company since the gas demand is becoming increases.2 Experiences The past months of my internship have been very instructive for me. One of experience that will never be forgotten is a talk given in front of over 100 students on topic of “Occupational Safety & Health Act” at Politeknik Dungun. Terengganu. commercial and residential. communication. especially in gas systems. handling a project. 4. This experience is preparing me in a number of ways from office to site works for future.4. A network at office and site is vital for making a good team work that eventually the worked can be more effective and productive. networking. Thus. a company need to pass the project to other worker or hire another worker in which the company lost time to explain again to them about the project. Profix Engineering Sdn Bhd has offered me opportunities to learn and develop myself in many areas. Oil and Gas Engineering students in UiTM should have a subject of Gas Engineering which instead of gas processing it will focusing on the NG LPG system services deeply for industrial. self-confidence. In fact. team work and many more.

APPENDICES 1. Installation of Natural Gas Sytem 1 2 4 3 5 6 7 8 13 9 .

2. Natural Gas Pipeline Protection 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 14 .

Natural Gas Pipeline Protection (Triple Layer) 1 2 2 4 5 15 .3.

Installation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) System 1 2 4 5 7 8 10 3 6 9 11 16 .4.

5. Inspection on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) System (Soapy Test) 1 2 3 17 .

Application to Operate (ATO) form 18 . Application to Install (ATI) form 7.6.