Well Current Status Data:
8 ½” hole depth 3850 m MDRT.
Mud Weight 1.41 SG.
7” Liner Data:
Weight: 32 lbs/ft.
Grade: P-110.
Thread Connection: Tenaris Blue.
7” Top of Liner 3004.91 m MDRT.
7” Shoe 3579 m MDRT.

Prejob operations
Prior to start the jobs for the inflow test, it is neccesary to scrape the 7” liner and
the 9 ⅝”·casing. These operations shall be done in two different runs. Even though all of
these operations can be done in a run, it is advisable to do in two different runs, so a proper
dressing of the PBR can be achieved.
The first run will comprise the polish of the 7” Liner PBR.

Check and inspect all the BHA components, as well as all the neccesary cross
overs are on location and in good shape.

The BHA to use is as follow (lengths are only indicative and must be taken as
a reference, the final BHA to be done and submitted to town to be checked).

Operational Steps 1.020 m to 3. Scrape 9 ⅝” casing from 2.  POOH with the scraper assembly. Pick up tools as per instructor operator.540 m. According to Well Testing & Reservoir needs this might change. NOTE: The intervals to scrape are indicative. 2. Dress PBR as per Baker Engineer Instructions.600 m to 3.  After logging. Run in hole with the previous assembly.  M/U the following assembly:  RIH and scrape 7” liner from 3. prepare for the inflow test.  POOH with this assembly.  Prepare for the cased hole logging operations.000 m. Tag TOC inside the 7” liner (or landing collar). Report depth in DDR. If this happened to be. then the intervals will be communicated to the rig site. Program memory gauges to measure each 5 seconds. RIH testing string as per following schema (to be validated with Halliburton Engineer): .

turn string the required amount of right–hand turns and slack off weight to set RTTS packer. stop filling up. An indication of valve opening is erratic fluctuation in the martin decker weight indicator. and the estimated bottomhole temperature every time hydrospring valve is run. 6. 8. because 1.30 meters of 6 ¾” Drill Collars (3 stands) + 1.700 m in hole. Continue running in hole 5” drill pipe without filling up.5 m MDRT and 3. 5. Run in hole +/. Trip tank to be used.000 m MDRT). When 1. the time it takes to open. . Packer depth must be 2. Hold pressure for 10–15 minutes.5 Tons. ensure packer is completely set by pressuring up the annulus. Run packer down to one meter deeper and then pick up in order to be able to set RTTS packer. 7. Always record weight applied on tool. Once set.700 meters are required in order to get 2. 4. Once the string is in tension.995 m MDRT (according to logs 9 ⅝” casing couplings are at 2.987. Wait until hydrospring valves open. The amount of weight neccesary is 11.3.500 psi differential pressure at RTTS packer.670 meters 5” drillipe filling up every three to five stands.

13. 9. 16. drop the bar to break the pins and open the pump out sub. Note: if unable to break the disc with pressure.5 Volume of the drill pipe string until system gets homogeneous.26 SG Brine. 17.Note: In case of valve not open. Displace hole to 1. If returns observed. 15. 12. pick up the string weight and set back down. . RIH with 3 ½” + 5” Drill pipe to bottom of 7” Liner (3579 m MDRT) with OEDP. putting the string in tension and then turning the drillpipe to the left. POOH and rack back drillpipe. POOH and lay down Halliburton equipment. DO NOT Register with the weight bar level to see whether a drop or rise in the fluid level inside the drillpipe. Close hydrospring valve by picking up the string. continue circulating through the pump out sub until no returns are observed. 10. 14. All the packer and running calculation must be validated at rigsite. The slick line in the rig does not work. The result of the inflow test will be determined once the memory gauges are at surface. Record any returns from the annular before start pulling out the hole the string. Fill up drill string and continue pressurizing until breaking the disc in the pump out reversing sub (check and record pressure value to break the disc with Halliburton operators). Monitor well during 5 hours. Unset RTTS packer. 18. Circulate reverse 1. 11. so it is not suitable for this.