Unit 0

Dahiana Marizan Mejia

I am Orlando ______ I’m Orlando______________ . BUSSINESS ADMINISTRATIONS II. PAGE P1: Write 1 short conversations where you use greetings A) Fawziya: hello. hans B) Hans : nice to meet you too . my name is DAHIANA I LIVE IN CASTILLO. fawziya III. I am fawziya B) Hans: hi. I am Oscar ________I’m Oscar_________ 2. PAGE P2: Write the sentences using to Be Example: I am Silvia I’m Silvia 1. I am Hans A) Fawziya: nice to meet you .Beronico Rollins Facilitador September de 2016 UNIT 0-TASK 1 I. I’M STUDEN IN UNIVERSITY. 3. EXERCISE B. EXERCISE D. I am Ruby ______I’m Ruby__________ . Write a paragraph Introducing yourself Hello.

It is 981-4392. . I am Mirna ______ I’m Mirna___________________ 9. It’s 777-3245 3. The number is 777-3245. I am Satsuki ______ I’m Satsuki___________________ 6. . . 5. I am Jeff ____ I’m Jeff_______________ 7. . 4. It is 327-8564. PAGE P4: Rewrite the sentences with IT’s. I am Shiro _____ I’m Shiro____________________ 8. I am Taylor _____ I’m Taylor ________________ 5. It’s 893-7234 2. . The number is 893-7234. It’s 555-2235 The number is 327-8564 The number is 981-4392 . I am Paul _______ I’m Paul_________________ 10. I am Silvia ________ I’m Silvia______________ IV. The number is 555-2235.4. EXERCISE D. Question: What’s your phone number? Answers: 1.

The number It is 972-2224 . EXERCISE E. 7.6. The number is 283-9764 8. PAGE P6: Bubble in the words that go together. It is 972-2224. The number is 765-2876 V. . Read A book Write A student A student The teacher A word A word Your name The teacher Listen to Bubble in A radio The answer The teacher A student A student A book A paper A teacher . The phone number is 765-2876. . The phone number is 283-9764.

. Write A word 8. Write Your name 7. A student 6. Bubble in . 2. The answer . . . Listen to The teacher 4. Once you finish the exercises. upload the word file .VI. . Listen to . Read A Book . Use information from exercise E 1. Read A Ne Paper 3. PAGE P6: Complete the sentences. EXERCISE F. Listen to A radio 5.