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www.iwk.co.nz | 21 October 2016



NZ keen to discuss FTA, NSG
with India: PM John Key
Sandeep Singh

Prime Minister John
Key was recently at the
Indian Weekender’s
office to discuss his
upcoming visit to India
next week. Since this
visit is happening after 5
long years and there are
huge expectations from
both sides, along with the
Kiwi-Indian community
in New Zealand, to make
this visit successful, we
used this opportunity to
discuss in detail with the
Prime Minister about
his plans during the
visits. Here are the
excerpts from the
exclusive interview. 

IWK: Prime Minister, thanks for joining
us this morning. We are here to discuss
your upcoming visit to India. Can you
please tell us when are you going
to India?

IWK: Why did it take you five years to
visit India the second time, whereas you
have visited China at least five times in
the last eight years?
PM: Actually it is six times to China. This is
partly because....with China there is an FTA
which requires constant engagement between
both the sides. In India, there was a change
of government that made it a little bit difficult
to plan a visit. The earlier Manmohan Singh
government was in a difficult situation, and
then Prime Minister Modi came in. He has
plans to do so much. It is all about timing those
events to get the maximum benefits.

PM: We are going on October 24 and coming
back on October 28. We are going to visit
both Mumbai and New Delhi, as they are the
financial and political centres of India. We
are taking a huge business delegation with us
and are planning to discuss on a huge range of
issues with India with our relationship growing
from strength to strength in the recent years.
IWK: Which cities are you planning to
travel in India?

IWK: What are your top three agendas
for this India visit?

PM: Three in total, Mumbai, New Delhi, and
Kochi. Our Kochi visit is primarily because
one of our New Zealand companies is engaged
in infrastructure development [at] the Kochi
airport. We want to review that and if possible,
promote how New Zealand companies can
assist in construction and development work
in India.

PM: First is trade...no questions about that.
It is very important for us. Second is building
awareness [about] New Zealand and the
potential we have here. There are a lot of
businesses and services that we have here in
New Zealand that [the] Indian population is
not aware of. For instance Bollywood, which
is huge in India, and we make Bollywood
movies in New Zealand. We have world-class
post-production facilities. Third is deepening
political level relationship between the
two countries.

IWK: How important is the relationship
with India, for you?
PM: Over the time, very important. India
is one of the prominent population bases of
the world. China is another such population
base. India’s population demography is very
similar to that of China—over a billion people,
relatively young, and rapidly growing. When we
look at the bilateral trade with China then it is
around $20 billion, whereas right now bilateral

trade with India is around $2 billion. So there
is a tremendous opportunity on both sides—for
Indian businesses to sell their products in New
Zealand, and for New Zealand to sell their
goods and services in India.

IWK: According to you what are the
three key sticking points for the
conclusion of FTA?
PM: Agriculture is always number one...and
it’s partly because the structure of agriculture


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21 October 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz

sector in India typifies more of a
developing economy with small
animal and land holdings, which
creates a lot of political pressure from
a huge number of people creating
fear that countries with sophisticated
farming like New Zealand might put
them out of business. But the reality
is that we do not have the products,
capability or the desire to do that. We
want to work collaboratively with our
friends in India.
Movement of people is always an
issue; how many people can come
and work in each other’s market
has always been an issue. Services
would be the third point...India has
many centres like Bangalore engaged
in production of low cost and high
quality software related services.

to sign the NPT. Both Indians and
Americans say that this is achievable.
We want to sit with other like-minded
countries and see where it goes.

IWK: Your government is widely
seen to be more willing than
any previous New Zealand
government to accommodate
India’s claim on NSG
membership. How far is
this correct?

PM: Yes, I think we are getting
opportunity to do that. Bollywood
star Sidharth Malhotra is New
Zealand’s ambassador for tourism (in
India). He is doing a lot of promotion
of New Zealand tourism. A lot more
Indians are coming to New Zealand
these days and one thing about the
Indian tourists that is not very well
known here in New Zealand, is that
Indians are amazingly adventurous.
If you go down to Queenstown you
will note that a lot of Indians go
for adventure sports like sky diving,
and bungee jumping. Indians are
very brave.

PM: Well, certainly there is a degree
of truth to it as we are trying to work
constructively with India, the US and
other like-minded countries to allow
India to get into the nuclear supplier
group. The fundamental principle
is that India needs to produce lot
of energy in immediate future and
it needs nuclear energy for that.
Else, there is a substantial chance of
reducing the greenhouse gases and
that is what America is concerned
Obama. There are a variety of
reasons, why India does not want to
sign the nuclear proliferation treaty.
The question is whether can we find
pathways to allow India to become a
member of the group without having

IWK: Have you prepared any
road-map to offer to India for
getting New Zealand’s support?
PM: Yes, we have sat down with
both Indians and the Americans to
work out what is achievable for India
to become a member of the group.
A lot will depend upon how the
negotiations proceed.
IWK: Coming back to
engagement with Bollywood,
are you planning to engage with
Bollywood in a way similar to
you have earlier engaged
with Hollywood?

IWK: We will take it as
a complement!
PM: Yes, it is.
IWK: Is New Zealand under
the grips of anti-immigration
PM: No, I don’t think so. The reality
is that we have very strong levels of

migration, which is a good thing. To
put it in a perspective, we have placed
a soft cap at 100,000 and following
our review, we might have overblown
the cap. So we are trying to bring it
down by 5,000. My personal view is
that New Zealand is very much open
to immigration and investments, so
no change there at all. We just need
to be able to keep up the pace for
infrastructure, housing, and other
demands. I think that the Indian
community in New Zealand will also
not like a situation where their own
kids are overrun or get disadvantaged
at school. So, this is not a
major change.
IWK: What do you have to
say about the Indian student
deportation issue the Indian
community in New Zealand is
so concerned about? Do you
think these issues could be
sending a counter message
around the world, and
especially to India, which is
one of our major sources of
international students and
immigrants? How do you plan
to counter that image?
PM: There has been a bit of a
concern that some of the agents
back in India have preyed upon
people who obviously have limited
information about New Zealand, and
therefore, are often promised almost
the world, which is often difficult
to deliver. What I can assure you is
that the numbers of students that are
being sent back, is very low, far lower
than the Chinese students. I can also
assure you that all the students have
been able to go through a review
process. But my understanding is
that not everyone will be able to get
through it.

PM’s India visit: Nation
yearns an early FTA
Sandeep Singh


t is certain that a free-trade
agreement (FTA) will be on New
Zealand’s topmost agenda when
Prime Minister John Key visits India
on a five-day state visit next week.
PM Key has long been looking
to sign an FTA with India and is
willing to put lot of emotional capital
towards the felicitation of this deal
between the two countries.
Earlier this year when Indian
President Pranab Mukharjee arrived
in New Zealand on a three-day state
visit, Key has used the opportunity to
push for an FTA. It is clear that the
Prime Minister will yet again push
for the deal when he meets his Indian
counterpart Narendra Modi in the
coming week.
Highlighting the opportunities that
the country can benefit from forging
stronger trade ties with India, Key
said, “India, like China, is among
the prominent population bases
of the world. India’s population
demography is very similar to that
of China—over a billion people,
relatively young, and rapidly growing.
Our two-way bilateral trade with
China is around $20 billion whereas
with India it is $2 billion. So you can
see the kind of opportunities that
lie there.”
It is significant to note that New
Zealand had made India the subject
of its first “NZ Inc” strategy in 2011.
The NZ Inc strategies are part of
the government’s plan to strengthen

the country’s economic, political and
security relationships with some of its
key international partners.
These strategies set ambitious fiveyear goals and actions required to
achieve them.
The NZ Inc India strategy had
set the ambitious goal of growing
merchandise exports to at least $2
billion by 2015 and services trade
with India by an average of 20% per
year. Although the two-way trade
between two countries has grown by
41% to $2.4 billion, it is still short of
the initial target set in the NZ Inc
India strategy.
There is an understandable
uneasiness among some quarters
within the New Zealand bureaucracy,
businesses, media and other
stakeholders over the perceived delay
in signing of the FTA.
The Prime Minister himself
knows the time required in carrying
out such negotiations, and he has
rightly cautioned everyone to restrain
their expectations on the signing of
the deal.
“Such talks take a  lot of time,
lot more than what people think,”
he said.
Yet, it is in everyone’s best interest
that the stakeholders on the Indian
side acknowledge this uneasiness in
some sections in New Zealand.
New Zealand is essentially a
trading nation, and like every other
trading nation in the world, its overall

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www.iwk.co.nz | 21 October 2016


And the current establishment in New Delhi
is keen on both, geopolitics and geo-economics.
Keeping in mind India’s rising geopolitical
ambitions around the world and especially
in the Asia-Pacific region, it seems that New
Zealand’s geo-economic value has been
undersold to those who matter in New Delhi.
Consequently, a repositioning of New
Zealand in India as a “trading partner in the
Asia-Pacific” with a relative free-flow of goods,
services and people between them could move
mountains towards effectuating an FTA.

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It is prudent to conclude with Andre Gide’s
quote that “one does not discover new lands
without consenting to lose sight of the shore for
a very long time”.
Zealand’s geo-economic value for its geopolitical ambitions.

New Zealand
offers India that
opportunity in
geoeconomics that
can complement its
geopolitical ambitions in
the Asia-Pacific region.
political relationship with other countries in
the world is determined by the efficacy of doing
mutual trade.
India will be well served to see New Zealand
as an essential trading state of the Asia-Pacific
region—a region where a geopolitical shift of
power is taking place in global politics, a region
to which India earnestly wants to belong.
New Zealand offers India the opportunity
in geo-economics that can complement
its geopolitical ambitions in the AsiaPacific region.

“Prime Minister John Key,
bring Modi to New Zealand”


rime Minister John Key has set a
unique trend this year—to successfully
invite prime ministers of the countries
he visits. The trend is that incoming prime
ministers have visited back to New Zealand
within months in the same year. Earlier this
year Key visited Sri Lanka and Fiji and very
recently we received prime ministers of
these countries.
If this is a trend and Key applies his own
personal charisma to elicit a return visit from
foreign leaders, then should we expect an
early visit from the Indian Prime Minister
Narendra Modi?
One thing that Narendra Modi does
well is driving passion, and a visit to
New Zealand might bring in the much
elusive ‘emotions’ in NZ-India bilateral
relations. Key has assured Indian Weekender
that he will definitely be inviting Prime
Minister Modi.

Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali
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21 October 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz

Diasporas—an underutilised resource
in NZ-India bilateral relations
Sandeep Singh


iaspora plays an important
role in transforming bilateral
relations by changing the
attitudes and perceptions of the
decision makers between two
countries that have limited contact
and hostile attitudes.
Fortunately, NZ-India relations do
not face any such challenges.
In a reflection of the changed
world that we are living in presently,
where India has become more
proactively engaged with the wider
international community and New
Zealand has become more active
on trade and global governance, the
political elites of both the countries
meet very often around the world.
The relationship between the
political elites of the two countries
has never been better and there is a
shared sense of mutual fondness and
warmth. India has made considerable
progress post the deregulation of
its economy and New Zealand has
acknowledged it by making India its
first destination of NZ-Inc strategy in
2011, thereby targeting the country
as its core trading partner as well as a
close political ally.
However, this relationship has not
taken off on the expected lines given
the mutual fondness at people-topeople and political leadership level.
There is something ‘critical’
missing from this relationship, thus

preventing it from reaching the
‘ignition point’ for a safe take-off.
Unfortunately, many experts are
trying to find that ‘critical’ element in
trade that can propel the relationship
to the next level.
Our assessment suggests that
diaspora, and not trade, would be that
critical element that has the potential
to transform this relationship to the
next level.
To be sure trade would definitely
follow and at a level expected from a
trading state like New Zealand. But
diaspora will have to be utilised more
effectively to bring that change.
This is not to suggest that there
is no recognition at the political
level about the possible role the
Indian diaspora in New Zealand
can play in transforming this
bilateral relationship.
Prime Minister John Key, in an
exclusive interview with the Indian
significance of this strong element
in New Zealand and its role in
facilitating the political and economic
links between the two countries.
“It is a big opportunity for us to
advance this relationship by using
the Indian diaspora that lives here in
New Zealand,” said Key.
Despite this recognition, it is
argued here that the Indian diaspora
is an underutilised resource in the NZIndia bilateral relationship.

A clear example—and a wellargued case by the Indian Weekender
in the recent past—is New Zealand’s
non-matching pace with other
English speaking countries of the
global west like Australia, Canada,
and the US, in appointing Indianorigin diplomats as the head of their
respective missions in India.
For the uninitiated, there is already
an emergent trend of Indian-origin
western diplomat as the head of
mission in New Delhi. Recently,
Australia became the third western
country after the United States and
Canada to send an Indian origin
diplomat to represent their respective
governments in New Delhi.  But
where is New Zealand?
Diasporas, when used effectively,
have the capability to make an
effective ideational impact on the
decision makers, which goes a long

way in altering the ‘perceptions’
that hold back the significant political
and economic relationships from
forming. In NZ-India relationship,
“perceptions” are a big factor that is
holding back the relationship.
Case in point, India perceives NZ
as a small business opportunity for
its own businesses to risk opening its
highly protected agricultural sector.
New Zealand on the other hand
“perceives” India to be too arrogant
and busy in its own bustling universe
to pay enough attention to what the
country has to offer.
Unfortunately, such perceptions
are coagulated at the bureaucratic
and track-two level diplomacies in
both the countries. Let it be clear,
this statement is not to undermine
individual efforts of lead trade
negotiators and senior bureaucrats
on both sides who invest significant

emotional energy to advance
this relationship.
It is just to reiterate an important
characteristic of the institution of the
bureaucracy itself, which, by default,
becomes  trussed with overlapping
layers of ‘perceptions’, thus affecting
the possible growth in any bilateral
Devesh Kapur, the director of
Centre for Advanced Studies of India
and a professor at the University of
Pennsylvania—a renowned scholar
on the role of Indian diaspora in
transforming Indo-US relations,
argues that, “any diaspora’s
ideational impact depends on its
size, socio-economic characteristics,
and its access to points in the power
structure in the country of origin”.
The role of the Indian diaspora—
in transforming the US attitudes
towards India’s nuclear ambitions,
its non-proliferation track record and
eventually in effectuating the IndoUS nuclear deal in 2005—is widely
recognised in international politics.
Similarly, Harold Isaacs, noted
American journalist and political
scientist, had commented that
important in any foreign policy
relationship where there is  littleshared history, and “neither high
politics nor high emotion.”
The current state of the NZ-India
relationship is devoid of any “high
politics or high emotion” and thus
can be turned around effectively by
robust application of diasporas as a
resource in the bilateral relationship.

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21 October 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz

Multicultural nature of
modern NZ comes into
focus at Diwali event

from South Island

First-ever Selwyn’s
CultureFest celebrates

South Island’s growing diversity

Known for its international students till now—many from India—
the district has seen rapid growth in recent years due to the
Christchurch rebuild

Gaurav Sharma

was organised by the
Christchurch Fiji Association
or CFCESSA, and was attended by
more than 300 people. Divulging
more about the event, Jagat Singh,
president of CFCESSA, said, “We
have been organising Diwali events
for the past 14 years. Earlier we used
to get some funding but not anymore.
Now the community gets together
and organises the event. Hopefully,
the city council will start helping us
again. If it happens, maybe we will be
able to organise the event on a much
bigger scale next year.”
Meanwhile, the  highlight  of the
event was  participants  from the
Westport-based Buller High School
who drove five hours to perform
on the occasion. Vinesh Prakash,
secretary of CFCESSA, added, “It
was the second time that the students,
a majority of whom are Kiwis from
Westport, became part of Fiji’s
Diwali. There were some Chinese
and African participants as well who
were part of Fiji’s Jalsa Hip Hop
Group. This is a living proof of the
multicultural nature of the new
New Zealand.”

Gaurav Sharma


Council (SDC) and
supported by the Lincoln
Rotary Club, and Christchurch
CultureFest 2016 was attended
by over  8,000 people on
October 15.

Students from Westport’s Buller High School perform at the event

The highlight
of the event was
participants from
the Westport-based
Buller High School
who drove five
hours to perform at
the celebration.

Meanwhile, Singh, in his message
to the gathering, traced the Fiji
connection to India. “We are from
the Fiji Islands—a multiracial and
multicultural country. Yet, each one

of us, thousands of miles away from
our mother country India, from
where our ancestors came, have
maintained our own identity by
preserving and fostering our language,
culture, traditions and religion.”
He ended his speech by explaining
the modern context of Diwali.
“In modern times, Diwali is also a
reminder of the demise of Swami
Dayanand who was poisoned on
this very day in 1883, as per the
Hindu calendar. This was probably
in retaliation to Swami’s work of
fighting against superstitious beliefs
and unnecessary customs. So whether
you look at Lord Rama’s life or
Swami’s work, Diwali’s spiritual
message is to drive out the evil within
us and light the lamp of knowledge.” 

Traction engines traced the growth of NZ’s

Dave Tippett, SDC’s Senior economic history over the last century
Events and Recreation advisor,
said, “Preparations for the event
began in March. Though the idea
was initiated as part of the council’s
multicultural strategy unveiled last
year, the event today has built on
the success of the Lincoln MultiCultural Festival.  We had over 20
cultural performances including
those from Russia, Italy, Greece,
Poland, India and China, which
were well-complimented by food
stalls from around the world. The
CultureFest is part of Rolleston’s
150th anniversary celebrations–led
by councillor Jeff Bland, which
featured displays of traction engines,
vintage cars, military equipment, fire
engines, and sheep shearing.”
Antique guns were on display too



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www.iwk.co.nz | 21 October 2016


Nepalese community Investment, bigger quota
celebrates Dashain
high on Fiji PM’s list
Gaurav Sharma

IWK Bureau


iving a moral compass
to the festive season, the
in Christchurch got together
recently to celebrate one of the
biggest festivals in the Nepalese
Hindu calendar—Dashain, or
Vijaydashami or Dussehra. The
festival is being celebrated in the Nepalese community celebrating Dussehra in Christchurch
Indian sub-continent for ages as
noted in their speeches the love for mountains
a symbol of victory of truth and justice over
that Nepalese and Kiwis share.
evil. Two events were organised separately by
Bishnu Pokhrel, President of CNS said,
the Nepal New Zealand Friendship Society of
is the most important event in the
Canterbury (NNZFSC) and the Canterbury
calendar and we are very
Nepalese Society (CNS).
proud to be able to share our culture and
tradition with the wider community. That’s why,
to make it more appealing to everyone, we also
“Dussehra is the most important
more than 10 performances as well as few
event in the Nepalese Hindu
comedy acts as part of the celebrations today.”

calendar and we are very proud
to be able to share our culture
and tradition with the wider

NNZFSC’s function, which is an annual
event, was a daylong fiesta with hundreds of
Nepalese participating in various cultural and
fun filled events at Arunai Community Centre.
There were games such as dice, ring games,
kite-flying competition, followed by cultural
performances and authentic Nepalese cuisine.
Meanwhile, the CNS’ function was
supported by over 350 people. The chief guests
at the function were minister Nicky Wagner
and Labour MP Megan Woods, who both

Patric O’ Connor, Director, Pasifica Education
and Employment Training Organisation—a
city-based multicultural learning centre—while
addressing the gathering noted the camaraderie
that Nepalese people and Kiwis share, which
started in 1953 when Sir Edmund Hillary and
Tenzing Norgay summited Sagarmatha (or Mt
Everest as it is known outside Nepal).
He said, “Nepal is a country that prospered
with the blessing of the great Himalayas.
And lots of my Nepalese friends miss their
mountains when they move to New Zealand.
To them I have this to say—I know you
left Sagarmatha behind. But here we have Aoraki
(Mount Cook), which belongs to you as much
as it belongs to us Kiwis.”


n increase in the quota of Fijian seasonal
workers to come to New Zealand will
be a key point of discussion between the
leaders of the two countries when they meet for
formal discussions in Auckland this weekend.
Also likely to be on the agenda is Fijian PM’s
call for greater New Zealand investment in Fiji.
Fiji’s Voreqe Bainimarama arrived in New
Zealand on Wednesday, October 19, on his first
official visit since becoming a democratically
elected leader of the island nation in 2014.
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key,
and Bainimarama will be holding talks at
Government House in Auckland after the
formal welcoming ceremony on Saturday,
October 22 before going to Eden Park to watch
the Bledisloe Cup match between the All Blacks
and Wallabies together.
In December 2014 an agreement was
reached for Fiji to re-enter the Recognised
Seasonal Employer scheme and permission was
given for 30 to come to New Zealand.
Bainimarama is expected to want an increase
in the quota.
“Certainly, if he raises it we will be having a
discussion,” Key told reporters this week.
“There is a demand for them and they are
good workers.”
Shane Jones, New Zealand’s Pacific
Ambassador for Economic Development, will
host Bainimarama for much of the day.
The pair will be speaking at an investment
symposium in Auckland. The Pacific trade and
development deal, Pacer Plus, is also likely to be
the agenda of talks with New Zealand Foreign

Fiji Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama

Minister Murray McCully today (Friday) and
Key on Saturday.
“Anything that creates [fisheries] industry
jobs in that part of the Pacific deserves our
support. There is unfinished business in relation
to Pacer Plus,” Jones said.
Key paid his first official visit to Fiji in
June this year, always maintaining that New
Zealand was committed to continued positive
development of their relationship with Fiji.
Diplomatic relations between New Zealand
and Fiji have been strained by the 2006 coup
that brought Bainimarama to power, but
they’ve thawed since democratic elections were
held in 2014.
Bainimarama will participate in a wreath
laying ceremony at the Auckland War Memorial
Museum and attend a Fijian sports programme
on Saturday morning.
On Sunday, he will attend a church service in
Auckland and return home on Monday.

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21 October 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz

Eyeing on by-elections: Fun, food and frolic at
Nationals gear up in Mt Roskill

BSCT’s Diwali festivities

Education Minister addressing the attendees at the
public meeting hosted by MP Dr Parmjeet Parmar (right)

Swati Sharma

Rizwan Mohammad


ational MP Dr Parmjeet Parmar is
actively facilitating dialogues between
the government representatives and
the community, addressing various issues and
concerns over the last few weeks. Earlier in
September, she arranged a public meeting with
finance minister Bill English in Hillsborough
that also witnessed a protest by international
students served with the deportation notice.
Hon. Hekia Parata, minister of education,
addressed the public meeting alongside Dr
Parmar at Baptist Church in Mt Roskill on
October 17. The key issues discussed at the
meeting were home-based early childhood
education services, funding for schools and
digital learning meeting the global demand for
advanced education.
Parata reiterated the fact that there have
been no cuts in funding towards education
for Mt Roskill. She further added, “Every
school in Mt Roskill has a set portion of target
funding based on the number of young pupils
on its roll who come from long term benefit
dependent funds.”

every school in Mt
Roskill has a set portion of
target funding based on the
number of young pupil on
their roll who come from long
term benefit dependent funds
The National-led government announced
an additional $1.44 billion funding in the 2016
budget for the education sector for the next
five years.
Parata announced her retirement from
politics on October 19 as she withdrew from
standing in the 2017 election. She was elected
to the Parliament in 2008 and has held the
education minister’s position since 2011.
Dr Parmar, on Ocotber 19, was announced
the candidate for the Mt Roskill by-election
scheduled on December 3 this year. Along
with her the seat will be contested by Labour
candidate Michael Wood and newly formed
New Zealand People’s Party’s candidate
Roshan Nauhria.


embers of Bhartiya Samaj Charitable
Trust (BSCT) celebrated Diwali , one
of the biggest festivals celebrated
in India and by Indians across the globe, on
October 15 at Fickling Convention Center,
Three Kings.
Members and guest
best to revel in
They indulged
in a number
applying and nail
painting that were
organised for the
gathering. Music and
dance brought out the festive
mood among the revellers who were
celebrating the Diwali celebrations far from
their homeland. The traditional sweets or

Above: BSCT Chairperson Jeet
Suchdev (left) with Jessica Phuang
from NZ police; Top and inset: BSCT
memebers having fun at the event

mithai added to the fervour, with the fun-filled
celebration coming to an end with a sumptuous
meal and lots of cherished memories.

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www.iwk.co.nz | 21 October 2016

Free meditation and self-development
workshop to be held in Auckland
Swati Sharma


he fast-forward life of the 21st century
leaves a little scope for individuals to
take out dedicated  time  for themselves
where they can  forget all the worries of the
life and be happy. 
With an aim to provide the members of the
community  an opportunity to enjoy their life
to the fullest, Art of Happiest Living—a not
for profit organisation—is holding a sevenday  meditation and self-development course 
in Auckland. 
Art of Happiest Living is a global charitable
organisation, which has its headquarters in
New York, US and has various centres around
the globe including in Canada, Australia, and
India.  This is the first time the organisation
is holding a workshop in New Zealand.  The
‘Extra Plus’ course is being hosted in Auckland
that is designed to invigorate individuals with
energy and practical wisdom of dealing with
challenging dynamics of the modern era. 
empower individuals to lead a prosperous and
fulfilled life. All the courses are offered free
of cost to the public.  Millions of people have
benefitted from the courses. These courses
are not aligned to any caste, religion, ethnicity
or gender. The Extra Plus course will focus on
practical rather than theoretical techniques to
guide people to lead a prosperous life that is free
from ailments, stress,  and drugs/medicines, in
a bid to increase,  reserve  and properly utilise
their energy for personal wellbeing and that
of the others. 
The seven-day workshop covers various
aspects that play a vital role in our everyday
life, including—mediation, exercise, breathing,
food, yoga, music, and dance. 
Results to expect out of this workshop:
»» Creating a stress-free and healthy life
»» Cultivating a sense of profound peace

A community initiative in
food waste management


food waste management event organised on October
17 by the women’s wing of Aggarwal Association at
the Bhartiya Mandir, was well received among the
enthusiastic community members.
The chairperson of Women’s Wing Aggarwal Association, 
Sudesh (Hema) Mittal, who was the lead  organiser  of the
event, is very passionate about food waste management. She
expressed her thanks to all the participants and made herself
available for any help or tips on food waste management. 

»» Increasing positive energy leading to
greater productivity
»» Nurturing deeper mutual understanding in
your marital relationship
»» Building greater physical and emotional
»» Improving intellectual capacity and
enhancing memory
»» Learning to love yourself
This course is absolutely free and will be
held from November 7-13 in Papatoetoe. The
workshop is open to everyone above the age
of 18 years.
To join this courses, you just need to register
yourself by calling the numbers given below or
can also register online through the website. 
What: Extra Plus course
When: November 7-13
Where: Kiwi Indian Community Trust 141
Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.
How: Call 0204400024 or 02040081234
or visit www.theartofhappiestliving.com
to register online

Members of community attended the food waste management event held in Auckland last week

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
List MP based in Manukau East
Dr Parmjeet Parmar MP
List MP based in Mt Roskill

Happy Diwali and Bandi Chor Divas
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

Dr Parmjeet Parmar

1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland
Tel 09 278 9302 | Fax 09 278 2143
Email Bakshi.mp@parliament.govt.nz

1/165 Stoddard Road, Mount Roskill
Tel 09 620 6707
Email Parmjeet.Parmar@Parliament.govt.nz


Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe




21 October 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz

Kiwi Indian youth
makes history

Community incensed over protest at
the Auckland Diwali Festival

 IWK Bureau


t a young age of 22, Shail Kaushal
has achieved a lot of firsts—he has
not only become the first India-born
to be elected in a local government election in
Auckland (this happened last month), but has
also become the first immigrant to be elected
from Mt Roskill. Not to forget he is also one
of the youngest elected members in this
year’s elections.
In 2013, Shail had contested his first election
as a teenaged candidate and this year, and after
winning the polls he added the fifth seat first
time for his team.
Shail is already well known as the youngest
chairperson in the country heading a large
electorate committee in Mt Roskill for the
Labour party. With his family roots in Punjab
and Himachal in India, Shail is the son of
Labour party representative and community
leader Sunny Kaushal. At the age of 16, he was
selected as the Youth Member of Parliament.
At 19, he was the youngest candidate to contest
the local government election from Mt Roskill
and received the highest ever votes among the
candidates born overseas. The following year,
he was the campaign secretary for Phil Goff’s
campaign for MP in the 2014 general election.
Shail became the talk of the country in 2015
when he was selected not only to represent
New Zealand overseas but also elected to lead
a multilateral and multinational delegation
comprising countries like Australia and Korea
as their leader at the Future Leaders from AsiaPacific program in Taiwan.
 In 2016, he was also the youngest member
of Phil Goff’s winning mayoral campaign

Sandeep Singh

With his proud family roots from
Punjab and Himachal in India,
Shail is the son of Labour party
representative and community
leader Sunny Kaushal.
committee electing Phil Goff as the mayor of
the super city with a landslide victory.
Shail holds two degrees from the University
of Auckland, including honours in politics
and international relations. He is undergoing
further studies and will soon add two more
qualifications to his resume, i.e. Masters in
International Security and Post Graduation in
Immigration Law. 
Shail Kaushal believes New Zealand has
given him plenty over the years, and now it’s
time to give back.

uckland Diwali Festival
at Aotea Centre is
known for its grand twoday extravaganza.
The two-day celebration is a
classic display of Indian food,
music, and culture. It is also
a celebration of Auckland’s
ethnic diversity and a chance
to enjoy and experience
traditional and contemporary
Indian culture in its many
exciting forms. This year’s
event was held on October 15
and 16.
It is an important event which
brings together New Zealand’s
top political leadership on
one single platform for the
Indian community.
The event is attended by
the Prime Minister, Leader
of Opposition, Mayor of
Auckland, and the Indian High
Commissioner to New Zealand
along with other Members
of Parliament, signifying the
importance of the role of the
Kiwi-Indian community in
New Zealand.
This year the event was
further significant as it
coincided just before Prime
Minister John Key’s planned
visit to India next week and

the community was hopeful to
hear firsthand from the PM at
the festival.
Sadly, that opportunity was
lost as the opening ceremony
of the event was marred by
the United Union-led protest
on the pretext of demanding
justice for the Indian students
facing deportation.
What is becoming apparent
now, is that the student issue
has become a tool in the hands
of Labour-led unions. The
unions are more interested in
scoring political points rather
than helping the students in a
constructive manner.
The way in which the Key
was throttled and not allowed
to speak at the event has not
gone down well with the
larger community.
When the PM opened his
speech about his upcoming trip
to India, protestors raised United
Union’s red coloured flags
and continuously interrupted
him. As a result, Key had to
cut short his address. Even the
High Commissioner of India
to New Zealand Sanjiv Kohli’s
speech was interrupted when
a protestor (from the United
Union) screamed, slamming
the government.

Key took a satiric approach
towards the protesters stating “I
would like to thank my fan club
over there for adding to today’s
speech,” thus clearly conveying
his frustration about this
lost opportunity.
The Labour party leader
Andrew Little, however, took the
opportunity to acknowledge the
protestors stating that he stands
by the students and supports
them on their claim for justice.
Many local and guest
performers invited from India,
who prepare months in advance
to showcase their talents to the
large multicultural Auckland
crowd, were also disappointed
their audience.
It is important to note that
Indian Weekender has always raised
its voice strongly on the student
deportation issue, along with
many other matters concerning
Indian community in New
Zealand, on several platforms,
including directly with the PM
himself. However, the feedback
it is getting from the wider
community about the manner
in which Prime Minister was
trifled during the community
event, needs to be shared with
our wider readership.

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21 October 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz

Dussehra: Ravana-dahan in Flat Bush
Rizwan Mohammad


ndian community’s festive season is in
full swing and a series of dance shows
and programmes are scheduled for every
weekend of October.

Prominent faces from the parliament and
the local board supported the show with
their presence.
With the Ravana effigy searing, the venue
echoed with the roars “Sri Ram chandra ki jai”.

Children from the nearby suburbs also
participated in the bhangra and gidda, besides
the traditional Ram Leela that received a
standing ovation from the crowd. Different
delicacies of India were also lined up for
the crowd. Other attractions included face
painting and bouncing castles for the children.

Stay safe this Labour weekend
not far from the liquor store. He was charged
with aggravated robbery and will appear in
Manukau District Court in November 2016


¡¡ Attended Dussehra celebrations organised by
Maa Shakti Charitable Trust at Barry Curtis
Park in Flatbush
¡¡ Engaged with the community at Auckland
Diwali festival at Aotea Square.


District Ethnic Services Coordinator,
Counties Manukau



t about 12:06 p.m. on October 16, three
unknown males entered a superette
in Clover Park and jumped over the
counter. At the time there was a male and female
attendant present in the store. One of the males
was armed with a weapon and threatened the
male attendant. The three males stole cash and
cigarettes. Police arrested two males shortly
afterwards and they have been charged with
Aggravated Robbery and will be appearing in
Manukau Youth Court later this month.
At about 3 p.m. on Sunday, October 16, a
male entered a liquor store in Mangere. At
the time there was a male attendant and
an associate present in the store. The male
presented a weapon at the victim and demanded
alcohol, cash and cigarettes to which the victim
complied. The male took all the items and left
the store. Police investigation resulted in the
male getting arrested a short time later and

IWK Bureau


of Indian Dances presented a dance
drama titled ‘Maha Yugas’ on October
15 at the Dorothy Winston Centre in Auckland.
The evening unfolded with a colourful
display with multimedia backdrops, scintillating
music, graceful and rhythmic dance by over
80 students. The dance took the audience on
a journey through time showing how human
life, morals and values evolved from creation to
the current era as described in the four epochs
(Yugas) as per Hindu mythology, Satya Yuga, Treta

So much so that the wet and stormy weather
on October 15 failed to dampen spirits of the
devotees at the Dusshera celebrations at Barry
Curtis Park in Flat Bush. Hundreds of families
flocked the park, dressed to the nines to witness
the dance programmes, Ram leela and burning
the tall Ravana effigy.

Sergeant Gurpreet Arora

Four eras brought together in a dance show

Counties Manukau police celebrated
Diwali at Manukau police station on Tuesday,
October 18 with members of the South Asian
Community and the police staff. Nearly 200
people attended and the occasion was well
received by the members of the South Asian
Community, department of corrections, CPNZ,
service providers, ethnic media and police staff
across the district. It was also an opportunity for
Counties Manukau police to thank the South
Asian community for all the hard work they do
and for providing support to the NZ police.


With the long weekend coming up police
across the country will be out in large numbers
to enforce: seat belts, especially child restraints
and speed.
So please be careful. The sign posted speed
is not a target, it’s the maximum limit you can
safely travel to give you the best chance of
arriving at your destination safe and alive.
Remember, you cannot control the weather,
road conditions and other road users but you
and only you can control your driving. So
please drive to the conditions.

Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. The qualities
of every yuga were highlighted and enacted.
The ‘avatars’ or the incarnations of lord Vishnu
during these yugas were also presented during
the performance.
Dance guru Anuradha Ramkumar’s high
standards and passion for dance were evident in
the highly imaginative, creative, beautiful and
smooth flowing choreography. This thematic
production that evoked a lot of interest and
curiosity has certainly set the bar high for future
dance productions in Auckland.


New Mount Wellington housing development
set to deliver some 700 Auckland homes
Homes from $750,000 • Construction underway • Possession from early 2017


ichmond is your opportunity to secure a
well-built home on the fringe of the city
in a safe, fun and friendly community
designed to suit our modern suburban way of
living. Located in Mt Wellington, Richmond
is just 12 kms from Auckland CBD, 2 kms
from Sylvia Park, and surrounded by great
amenities, public transport and schooling.
Coming in the backdrop of the much talked
about housing crisis, Richmond is exciting
news indeed. Developed by Wilshire Group, it
is a master-planned community that has been
designed in seven stages to be completed over
the next three to four years – resulting in 600 to
700 homes. Importantly, resource consent has
been granted and construction in stage one of
99 homes is well underway with some homes
being completed and ready to move into from
March 2017. In our view, Richmond is the
ideal place for young professionals, families,
downsizers, and anyone looking to get a new
start in a fast-growing central suburb.
Christie Wrightson, Sales Manager, Wilshire
Group, agrees. “We’re not just building homes,
we’re building communities,” she says.
“The brand new 10.5 hectare development
has been designed as a neighbourhood with
low-maintenance lifestyle at heart. It’s a place
where buyers can choose from a selection of
styles of contemporary terraced homes in a
growing and desirable central suburb—forget
the long commutes!” Christie adds.
Owners will be the part of a vibrant
community with shared spaces such as parks,

herb gardens and fruit trees. It is proposed
that later stages will include other facilities
and amenities for all residents such as a gym,
playground, Jacuzzi, sauna or steam room, and
a Pilates and yoga studio. All these amenities
will be owned and managed by the Richmond
Residents Association.
With three bedroom homes starting at
$750,000, and premium five-bedroom homes
from $955,000, these homes offer great value.
Interested? Visit the Richmond display suite
open daily 10-2 p.m., late nights Tuesday and
Thursday 5-7 p.m., located at 33 Panama Rd,
Mt Wellington or register your interest on our
website: www.richmondauckland.co.nz
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Sergeant Gurpreet Arora can
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5 rata Street, New Lynn, auckland
NaviN Sharma B.Com. mTiNZ

Navin Shar


www.iwk.co.nz | 21 October 2016


For some ‘Saif’ immigration advice
Navdeep K Marwah


the immigration instructions and guidelines
and cite them for your client correctly.”

he thought of leaving your own country
and migrating to a new place can be
quite unsettling for many. Whenever
one talks about immigration, there are many
questions that one encounters, especially
those pertaining to choosing the right visa
type, process and even the cost involved. And
a licensed immigration adviser is the best
person to take you through this demanding
process effortlessly.
Taking a cue from the same, our ongoing
series on licensed immigration advisers
intends to help you find the best advisor for
your immigration needs.
The fourth part of our series features
Sarfraz Shaikh aka Saif (as he is fondly called),
the director of Immigration Advice NZ Ltd,
a prominent immigration consultancy in East
Tamaki that has a team of 13 members.
With over 12 years of experience in the
immigration industry, Saif is one of the most
experienced licensed immigration adviser
in New Zealand. Talking about why he
decided to become one, Saif says, “I worked
with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) from
2004 to 2007 where I served as a warranted
immigration officer. During my tenure with
INZ, I realised that there was a genuine need
for people who could give quality immigration
advice. That’s why I decided to become an
immigration adviser. I got my license on
March 16, 2009 (license number 200900488).”
There have been significant changes with
regards to the minimum points for expression
of interest being raised to 160 and stricter
English requirements for migrants applying
for residency under the skilled migrant
category. Giving his opinion on the same, Saif,
who came to New Zealand in 2002, says,

Saif with his team at Immigration Advice NZ office

“Undoubtedly, these changes are going to affect
a lot of migrants to gain residency in New
Zealand as many of them will no longer be
eligible for immigration as compared to before
when the rules were more relaxed. Having said
that, New Zealand needs skilled migrants for
its growth. And one must not see these rules as
a full stop to migration. It is a way by which the
New Zealand government is trying to strike a
balance between the quantity and quality of
migrants in the country.”
Further, INZ has announced that the
parent category is being temporarily closed
to new applications. INZ will not make
selections from the parent category pool until
further notice.
As we mentioned about the changes in
immigration, we couldn’t help but ask Saif
about how he has seen the immigration
industry in New Zealand change over
the years.
“There have been a lot of significant changes
in the New Zealand immigration system over
time—be it with regards to applications being

With over 12 years’ experience
in the Immigration Industry, Saif
is one of the most experienced
licensed immigration adviser in
New Zealand.
filed online or the increase in the number of
international students coming to New Zealand
each year. Another noteworthy change has
been the rise in the number of licensed
immigration adviser, annually,” he says.
Having said that, being an immigration
adviser is not everyone’s cup of tea. “Every
day is a challenge. It is a high-pressure job
and that’s what I like the most about it. No
two days are the same as every day you come
across different clients who have their own
unique problems. Giving them advice, which
is tailor-made to suit their need, is the biggest
challenge for an adviser. Another challenge is
to keep oneself updated with any change in

Another hot topic with regards to
immigration is related to the deportation of
Indian students. Expression his views on the
same, Saif, who has completed a graduate
certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice
provided by the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic,
says, “To be honest, I feel that those who wants
to migrate to New Zealand, especially students,
should be more responsible when it comes to
choosing an immigration agent for them. Even
in the case of these students, there have been a
few who have unfortunately paid extra money
to their agent for their own personal gain and
on the other hand, there are those who were
genuinely unaware of what their agent was
doing with their application.”
So what should be on one’s checklist before
deciding on which immigration advisor to
choose? “I would request that when you
choose any immigration agent, you should
research well about it and ask as many people
as you can before zeroing down on the final
one. For the students, it is indispensable to
research well about the course and not just
pick a course because your agent told you
to do so. You should treat your immigration
adviser as a doctor and you should ask a lot
of questions to your immigration consultant
before you are fully satisfied with the advice
you get.”

Sarfraz Shaikh can be contacted on
0211446641 or 09 272 4424. E-mail:
saif@ianzl.co.nz, admin@ianzl.co.nz
Visit Level 1, 166 Harris Road. East
Tamaki. Website: www.ianzl.co.nz/

Shubh Diwali

May the joy of Diwali light up your home and bring success,
prosperity and happiness to you. Happy Diwali!

Priyanca Radhakrishnan
Policy & Community

Andrew Little MP
Labour Leader

Tracy Wang

Policy & Community

Contact Labour’s Ethnic Communities Outreach Team
09 624 6347
503A Mt Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland
Authorised by Andrew Little MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington
20161011 - UPDATED Diwali ad Indian Weekender 255Wx175H.indd 1

11/10/16 4:29 PM


What do you miss the
most about India?


What a busy week it was!


his is a busy weekend in New Zealand’s diplomatic landscape as the Prime Minister
is set to fly out to India on Monday, October 22 on a five-day state visit, and is also
hosting incoming Prime Minister of Fiji Voreqe Bainimarama prior to the India visit.

Dilbagh Singh, Hamilton
I live in a quiet suburb of Hamilton and even the city
seems to sleep off by 6 p.m. here. Back in India, our day
would begin with the sun going down. I actually miss the
loudness and the crowd of my city. Yes, it feels a little calm
and cosy at times, but I long for a more happening life
and ambience.

Expectedly, our preparation for these high profile visits was started well in advance.

Rarely have we been so exhausted and proud of what we had achieved in a single week
since last Friday when our newspaper was out on the stands.
But it is not just these high-profile visits that have kept our team busy this week.
It was the two-day cultural event of Auckland Diwali festival at Aotea Square that has kept
us occupied the most, and undeniably, given us the maximum satisfaction, purely because of
two reasons.
First, this festival gives us an opportunity to reach to our readers and the wider community
in a community environment. Our sincere thanks to all those readers and community
stakeholders, who have visited us at the festival to share their valuable feedback and
expectations from the Indian Weekender, and we can assure you that your comments are much
Second, this festival gave us an opportunity to host Auckland’s first Mr and Ms Diwali
contest where we organised a cultural fashion show at the main stage at the festival. It is our
utmost satisfaction to announce that our programme was well organised, thoroughly executed
and very well received by Auckland’s appreciative audience.
Sincere thanks to all the contestants, anchor, judges, and the team at Indian Weekender for
their relentless work to make this event successful. The sheer love that we received from the
crowd at the festival has already given us the motivation to come back with an even better
show next year.
If this was not enough, then there was Prime Minister’s high profile India visit scheduled for
next weekend, that kept is on our toes the entire week. Fortunately, we managed to get access
to the Prime Minister for a pre-visit discussion, and the Prime Minister kindly obliged us by
dropping by at our office for the same.
We are pleased to share with our readers that we were able to maximise our time with the
Prime Minister in discussing important issues related to NZ-India bilateral relations and more
importantly by raising wider concerns of the Indian community related to immigration and
student deportation.
We spoke up and also listened to the Prime Minister as is required in any modern liberal
democracy. Sometimes it is decisive to reinforce the importance of listening to our Prime
Minister—a point clearly missed by the ‘self-proclaimed’ union supporters of the students
facing deportation who disappointed the wider community by trifling PM from addressing the
community at the Auckland Diwali Festival.

Dolma Shirpa, Auckland
I miss the ambience of my home country. Kathmandu is
a tourist place, a little like New Zealand itself but the loud
markets, busy streets, narrow musical lanes and the amazing
cuisines make me crave for my home every single time. I also
miss the adventure that I would take part in with my friends
there—rock climbing and skiing, especially.

Jayan Unnithan, Pt Chevalier
Of course I miss the cultural gatherings that we had back
in India during festivals. I liked visiting temples during
festivals in south India. Thousands of people on the
streets and in the temples, all dressed in their traditional
best and the feeling of being with your entire family is
just so comforting.

Nikit Saluja, Parnell
New Zealand has almost everything that I need and
apart from family I don’t think I miss anything. I am
very adaptable in nature and I travel a lot. I am more
of a nomad and so I don’t really crave for India or my
hometown Delhi. I like Auckland. I hike every now and
then and party at home on weekends, and there is
nothing that I miss.

We are carrying excerpts from our interview with the Prime Minister in this edition.
There are other opinion pieces on our take on how to deepen an already growing bilateral
relationship between New Zealand and India.
Possibly, we will be covering more on visiting Fijian Prime Minister’s activities in New
Zealand which are scheduled till this weekend.
So you may have to keep an eye on our next edition, and our website and Facebook page
to know more about the visit.
Last but not the least, Indian Weekender is accompanying the Prime Minister on his trip to
India and will be bringing live updates about the visit which will be regularly updated on our
online platform and social media. Please keep an eye on that and stay tuned.

Sagar Sehrawat, Onehunga
I terribly miss my mother’s food and my father’s presence
here. I was the pampered one in the family and my mother
used to cook my favourite dishes all the time. My father
and I shared a good bonding, more like friends. At times
I miss the long walks we used to take and ofcourse, the
getaways with the family on the weekends.

Till we meet again. Have a great weekend!
Indian Weekender : Volume 8 Issue 31
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Sukhwinder Singh, Mt Roskill
Although we celebrate Diwali on a grand scale here, I still
miss the zeal of the festivity in the city. Diwali used to be
more than just a cultural event and puja in the temple back
in India. The whole city would wear a festive mood, lights
everywhere, food carnivals, visiting relatives, and the big
family get together. Now, I can’t stop thinking about it!

Life is 10% what happens to us and
90% how we react to it.
— Dennis P. Kimbro

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21 October 2016 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz


India says terrorism isolated
Pakistan, China disagrees


akistan was isolated because of its proterror policies, India said on Monday,
October 17 and offered the neighbour
help in acting against terrorists. China
strongly defended Islamabad, its “all-weather”
friend, for making “great sacrifices in fighting
terrorism”. The Chinese support to Pakistan
came a day after Prime Minister Narendra
Modi, without naming Pakistan at the Goa
BRICS Summit, said the “mothership” of
terrorism was in India’s neighbourhood.

India’s tirade against Pakistan also remained
in focus at the Bay of Bengal Initiative for MultiSectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation
(BIMSTEC) meeting held alongside the
BRICS Summit. BIMSTEC leaders on
(L-R) Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff, India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, China’s president Xi JinMonday called for greater cooperation between
ping, President, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, and South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma
the two blocs, especially on fighting terror. In a
at the Goa BRICS Summit
joint statement, they slammed attempts made
to glorify terrorists and described terrorism as
The statement said the fight against terrorism “should also identify,
“the single-most significant threat to peace and
hold accountable and take strong measures against States who
stability” in the region.
encourage, support and finance terrorism, provide sanctuary to
“We reiterate our strong commitment to
terrorists and terror groups and falsely extol their virtues
combat terrorism, and stress that there can
be no justification for acts of terror on any
grounds. We condemn in the strongest terms
The statement said the fight against terrorism
the recent barbaric terror attacks in the
isolation was its own doing. “If someone is
“should also identify, hold accountable and take
region,” the statement said. “There should
strong measures against states who encourage, isolated, it is because of the policies followed by
be no glorification of terrorists as martyrs,”
that country. India did not have to do anything,
support and finance terrorism, provide
the statement said, in a reference to Pakistan
because countries in one voice said there
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ’s remarks hailing
cannot be constructive dialogue in the terrorfalsely extol their virtues”. After the BIMSTEC
slain Kashmiri militant commander Burhan
tainted atmosphere in the context of SAARC,”
statement, Ministry of External Affairs
Wani as a martyr who was killed in fighting for
“freedom” of Kashmir.

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He was replying to a question if India had
succeeded in isolating Pakistan that led to the
cancellation of the November summit of the
regional South Asian grouping that was to be
held in Islamabad. Brazil also backed India’s
actions against terrorism with Modi, who met
President Michel Temer on the sidelines of the
BRICS Summit in Goa, thanking him for his
country’s backing. 
“We deeply appreciate Brazil’s support
for India’s actions in combating terrorism,”
said Modi.
But China reacted sharply to India’s
allegations against Pakistan. Foreign Ministry
Spokesperson Hua Chunying said that “China
and Pakistan are all-weather friends” and
Beijing opposed “linking terrorism with any
specific ethnicity or religion”.
“Everyone knows that India and Pakistan are
victims of terrorism. Pakistan has made huge
efforts and great sacrifices in fighting terrorism.
I think the international community should
respect this,” she added. Pakistan, in a fresh
denial, returned India’s allegations, saying
Prime Minister Modi had “no moral ground” to
speak about terror “when his own government
is involved in state terrorism in Kashmir”.
“The Indian leadership is desperately trying
to hide its brutalities in Jammu and Kashmir...
where innocent people are being killed and
injured by security forces daily with impunity,”
said Sartaj Aziz, Adviser to Pakistan Prime
Minister on Foreign Affairs.

The Auckland Times | Issue 163 | October 15, 2016 |

Special Edition



ATEED and Asia New Zealand
Foundation thank our valued
sponsors and supporters of
Auckland Diwali Festival 2016.




What’s on in AKL

J000831_Diwali16_IW-Sponsor255x355.indd 1



19/10/2016 4:56:31 p.m.

Swati Sharma


he much-anticipated Auckland
Diwali Festival that celebrates
Indian culture and traditions on
the Kiwi-land concluded last weekend.
The overflowing crowd was evident to the
growing popularity of the festival year
by year, which is the result of relentless
efforts and dedication of the volunteers
and supporters.
This year Indian Weekender marked its
presence on the main stage with Indian
Weekender Ms Diwali and Mr Diwali
contest. on October 15 and 16. The cultural

fashion pageant aimed at showcasing the
traditional fashion from different parts of
India was well received by the audience on
both days of the festival.
The lucky winners of the inaugural
contest were Devika Mhetar for Indian
Weekender Ms Diwali and Likith Povanna
for Indian Weekender Mr Diwali. The
winners were awarded return air tickets to
Singapore sponsored by Air New Zealand, a
portfolio shoot by Studio 81, food vouchers
by Moti Mahal Indian restaurant and
shopping vouchers by Akarshan.
The runners-up were Sukhmani Kaur
for Indian Weekender Ms Diwali and

Kariappa  Maletira for Indian Weekender
Mr Diwali, and were awarded Titan watches
sponsored by Sona Sansaar, food voucher by
Moti Mahal Indian restaurant and shopping
vouchers by Akarshan.
11 contestants were shortlisted and
groomed through a series of workshops by
Parth Dalal and Bindi Desai Dalal, who
were the choreographers for the fashion
show. The contestants had to go through
two rounds—traditional extravaganza
and talent show—during the two days of
the show. The three judges were—Rupal
Solanki, well-know theatre artist; DJ Areeb,

Indian Weekender Mr Diwali & Ms Diwali 2016 sponsors

Auckland’s top Bollywood fusion DJ of
Bollywood Affair fame; and Ram Lingam,
a prolific writer and a commentator on
Indian culture.
Other contestants included Geetanjali
Jaglan, Shaira Kiran, Kia Khan, Sandeep
Kaur, Iqbal Singh, Sunny Singh and
Harmeet Singh. The show was emceed by
Kritika Satija.
The overwhelming response from the
audience has motivated us to do better next
time and we hope to entertain you even
more next year.



21 October 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz


Why do Indian-Americans
support Clinton over Trump?
Arun Kumar 


Hillary Clinton

largely support Democratic
Hillary Clinton because of the
unique relationship she has
built with the community

and India, according
major backers.





“Historically, Indian-Americans, like other
Asian Americans and a lot of other immigrant
groups, have been big supporters of the
Democratic Party,” Frank Islam, an India-born
entrepreneur and philanthropist said.

Roughly 70 per cent IndianAmericans plan to vote for
Hillary Clinton compared with 7
per cent for her Republican rival
Donald Trump, according
to most recent polls cited by
the Washington Post.
“It has been more inclusive and more
welcoming toward all immigrants,” he said,
adding “I doubt any other American politician
has been able to build the kind of relationship
with the Indian American community—and
India as Clinton. Additionally she has been a
champion of the middle class for decades,” Islam
said. “As President, she wants to provide better
health care and better jobs for all Americans.
Hillary has been a staunch ally of India and
she recognised that Indian-Americans have
enabled the US to be a stronger and healthier
nation,” he added.
Roughly 70 per cent Indian-Americans plan
to vote for Hillary Clinton compared with 7 per
cent for her Republican rival Donald Trump,
according to most recent polls cited by the
Washington Post.
“I am a big fan of Hindu and a big fan of
India,” Trump told a rally organised by the
Republican Hindu Coalition in Edison, New
Jersey. He also praised Indian Prime Minister
Narendra Modi as a “great man”, saying
the two nations would be the “best friends”
and “there won’t be any relationship more
important to us”. “
Indian-Americans, as a community, have
shunned Donald Trump, and rightfully
so,” asserted Islam.  But he conceded
that “Trump has touched the nerve of
angry and uneducated white working
class voters.”
“His message on job losses is resonating
with these people,” he said, adding “Clinton
is making every effort to reach out to this
demography. With her strong economic
message, I am confident she will succeed
converting a significant section of this group to
her side.”
Islam was also confident that Clinton will
offer “true friendship” to India and “take the
US-India relations to the next level”.
Noting that “since 1992, the US-India
relations have gotten better and better under
every president, whether a Democrat or
Republican,” he said.
“I have no doubt that the ties will continue
to be nurtured under a Clinton administration.
“There will be focus on trade and economic
partnership, on cooperation in the area of
defence and counter-terrorism, and on climate
change and other global issues,” Islam said
noting there is bipartisan support for India
in the US. Islam, who is on Hillary Clinton’s
national finance committee, found it hard
to say how much money the community has
raised for the Clinton campaign, but he himself
is on pace to raise close to $1 million for it.
Republican Hindu Coalition’s founder,
Shalabh Kumar, is one of rival Trump’s biggest
fundraisers, according to the Washington Post.
Together with his immediate family, Kumar
has given almost $2 million to super political
action committees that support Trump, it said.



21 October 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz


India outplay Kiwis in opening ODI


ndia rode on a disciplined bowling
performance and an unbeaten
half-century from Virat Kohli to
defeat New Zealand by six wickets
in the first One-Day International
(ODI) at the Himachal Pradesh
Stadium in Dharamsala on Sunday,
October 16. Chasing a target of 191
runs, the Indians crossed the line in
33.1 overs, losing four wickets along
the way.
Kohli (85 not out) and Ajinkya
Rahane (33) were the top scorers
for India while Manish Pandey
and skipper Mahendra Singh
Dhoni contributed with 17 and 21
runs respectively.
Coming to the crease after the
early dismissal of the out of form
Rohit Sharma, Kohli proceeded to
smash nine boundaries and a six
during his 81-ball stint.
With the hosts on 188/4 after
33 overs, the Indian vice captain
finished things off in style when he
came down the track to smash legspinner Inderbir Singh Sodhi over
his head for a six. For the visitors,
Douge Bracewell, James Neesham
and Ish Sodhi took one wicket each.
The in-form Rahane looked good
for a half century before edging
Neesham to Kiwi wicket-keeper
Luke Ronchi. Kohli then produced
a 40-run stand with Manish Pandey
and a 60-run partnership with
Indian skipper Mahendra Singh
Dhoni to ensure a 1-0 lead in the
five-ODI series for India.
Earlier, riding on some disciplined
bowling, India bowled New Zealand
out for 190. Opening batsman Tom
Lathnam (79 not out) and pacer Tim

Some Aussie cricketers were
like ‘tumour’ to the team:
Ex-captain Clarke


ormer Australian captain
Michael Clarke opened a can
of worms when he said that
some cricketers were “like a tumour”
on the sport, but denied calling exteammate Shane Watson “a cancer”.

India cricket players Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane celebrates their victory
against Black Caps

Southee (55) were the top scorers
for the visitors. Martin Guptill and
Bracewell contributed with 12 and
15 runs respectively. Latham played
a defiant innings, keeping the Indian
bowlers at bay even as wickets fell at
regular intervals at the other end.
The left-hander smashed seven
boundaries and a six during his 98ball stay in the middle.
For the hosts, debutant pacer
Hardik Pandya and leg-spinner
Amit Mishra scalped three wickets
each while Umesh Yadav and Kedar
Jadhav took two wickets each.
Asked to bat first by the hosts,
the New Zealand innings ran into
trouble soon after the start.
Pandya struck the first blow for
India off the last ball of the second
over when Martin Guptill edged one
to Rohit Sharma at second slip.
Yadav accounted for Ross Taylor
just four overs later when he found
the outside edge with an outgoing
delivery and Dhoni pulled off a

relatively simple effort behind the
stumps. Pandya then removed Corey
Anderson and Luke Ronchi in
consecutive overs to leave the Kiwis
reeling at 5/48 in the 13th over.
Jadhav then plunged the visitors
into further trouble with back to
back wickets in the 19th over.
The Maharashtra off-spinner
clinched the first wicket of his
ODI career with a caught and
bowled effort when James Neesham
misjudged the speed of the ball and
could only chip it to the bowler
Southee and Latham caused
quite a few problems for the Indian
bowlers, finding the boundaries
and the sixes at regular intervals.
However, Southee was undone while
trying to go for another big shot off
Mishra over long on and was beaten
by the turn. Mishra then trapped
Inderbir Singh Sodhi leg before
soon after to bring the New Zealand
innings to an end.

Appearing on Australian Channel
Nine’s 60 Minutes programme
on Monday, October 17, Clarke
spilled the beans on many of the
controversies that defined his 115Test career. He spoke about how he
thought he was a bad vice captain
and had riled former team-mates,
but attempted to clarify previous
comments about them.
“I said that there is a number
of players, a group in this
team at the moment, that
are like a tumour and if
we don’t fix it, it’s going to
turn into a cancer,” he told
Channel Nine.

win over South Africa. Team-mate
Simon Katich reportedly grabbed
then vice captain Clarke by the shirt
over a disagreement about when the
team song would be sung.
He said he had “every reason”
to be angry, but “I don’t think my
language was appropriate”.
Clarke also revealed that cricket
has never been the same for him after
the tragic death of Phillip Hughes, a
very close pal to Clarke.
Hughes was hit on the neck by a
bouncer in November 2014 during
a domestic match and died a few
days later.
“I guess I probably tried
to tell myself that there was
a chance he’d be OK,”
Clarke said.
“But I think I knew there
wasn’t. I spent the whole
night talking to him.

Asked if that applied to
Watson, Clarke replied,
“Shane was one of
those players, yes.”

It was always hard
to play cricket
after that. I felt
fear for the
first time in
my life when

i n f a m o u s
flare-up at the
Ground in 2009

Former Australian
captain Michael Clarke

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21 October 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz
By Manisha Koushik

Manisha Koushik is the talented daughter and associate of world renowned celebrity astrologer Dr Prem Kumar Sharma.
A practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and fengshui consultant is based in India but maintains a
global presence through the online channels. She is available for consultations online as well. Let her tarot cards do the
magic and numbers make you understand which choices in life will be best for you! E-mail: support@askmanisha.com |
Website: www.askmanisha.com Contact: +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +919015607139

¡¡ Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20)
Someone’s deeds and gestures are
likely to offend you and make you
see red. It is okay to convey your
unhappiness, but don’t go overboard
in setting him or her right. Those with
a medical problem may rest easy, as
they will be on the road to recovery
soon. You may come with the idea
of completing all pending jobs at
office this week, but some pressing
engagement may not take you on a
different course altogether.
Lucky no.: 18
Lucky colour: Dark purple

¡¡Taurus (Apr 21-May 20)
You will get ample time to put your
act together on the academic front so
don’t falter. Keep certain professional
matters confidential and on need-toknow basis. If you are trying to win
someone over to your side, be sure
to send the message across clearly.
Money due to you may get held up.
Someone close to you may resort
to emotional blackmail, if given a
chance. You can be ticked by a family
elder for your actions.
Lucky no.: 22
Lucky colour: Beige

¡¡ Gemini (May 21-Jun 21)
You will need to manage your time
well to set things in order at work
or at home. Something planned
meticulously may fail to take off
on the professional front. You may
remain dissatisfied by a decision
taken by the family. A blame game

may ensue on the home front with
spouse over a matter that affects you
intimately. You may get invited to
a function or an event, so make it a
point to attend it.
Lucky no.: 11
Lucky colour: Orange

¡¡ Cancer (Jun 22-Jul 20)

Don’t be in any kind of hurry on the job
front, as it takes time. Your business
acumen is likely to turn your ideas
into profit making schemes. Take
steps to bag a lucrative deal, before
others do. Those in the creative field
are set to earn a lot. Good dietary
control will keep digestive ailments
at bay. Lifestyle change will prove
beneficial for those out of shape.
Start taking things seriously on the
academic front.
Lucky no.: 15
Lucky colour: Violet

¡¡ Leo (Jul 23-Aug 11)
Your plans to start the week doing
your favourite thing may get
interrupted. Good performance and
cordial relations with all at work is
likely to be in your favour for career
enhancement. Consistency and
extra efforts may get you handsome
returns on the academic front. Your
personality and way with words may
make you befriend a like-minded
person. A piece of good news on the
marital front is likely to elate you.
Health remains good.
Lucky no.: 11
Lucky colour: Pink

¡¡ Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 23)
Remain in a proper frame of mind to
tackle a youngster needing guidance
on the academic front. At work, things
begin to look positive. Your optimism
is likely to rub off on others. A worry
that was eating you from inside is
likely to disappear for good. Someone
close looking for a job will manage
to find one. Judicious spending is
important to save for the rainy day.
Expect to be gifted a utility item.
Lucky no.: 18
Lucky colour: Red

¡¡ Libra (Sep 24-Oct 23)
It may not be in your interest
to antagonise anyone, as the
repercussions can be harsh. Put a
check on people trying to misguide
you and exploiting your gullibility.
Efforts put on the academic front
will not go in vain. Those waiting
for recognition at work will not be
disappointed. There is an outside
chance of a family elder needing your
help. A family gathering is on the
cards and will prove most enjoyable.
Health remains fine.
Lucky no.: 17
Lucky colour: Coffee

¡¡ Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)
You may get downright rude with
someone you don’t particularly like.
Desist from it, as it will only vitiate
the atmosphere. Work wise, the week
seems satisfactory and incidentfree. It is best to pre-empt what
is required on the academic front,

instead of running around in circles
when the time comes. You may save
much by going in only for discounts
and bargains. Those ailing will do
themselves and others a favour by
submitting to medical check-up.
Lucky no.: 5
Lucky colour: Dark green

¡¡ Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 11)
You may be planning something
big, like buying property or vehicle.
Enhancement in salary and perks
cannot be ruled out. Things looking
nebulous on the professional front
will crystallise now and will be in
your favour. Those in a long-term
commitment can think of tying the
knot. A change in diet will be a step
towards regaining perfect health.
You may be instrumental in settling
a property issue amongst the family
members. Don’t browbeat anyone
into doing your bidding.
Lucky no: 22
Lucky colour: Turquoise

¡¡ Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 21)
Your gut feeling about something will
be proved right and save you from
committing a mistake. Workload is
set to increase on the professional
front. You may need to re-establish
yourself on the academic front by
overcoming stiff competition. A
suitable alternative is awaiting those
wanting to switch jobs. Your efforts
on the financial front promise to add
to your wealth. Some assets may

Lucky no.: 2
Lucky colour: Light grey

¡¡ Aquarius (Jan 22-Feb 19)
Someone unemployed in the family
needs guidance, rather than criticism.
Try to understand the problem the
individual is facing. Someone’s
coming may upset your domestic
routine, but you may have to live
with it for some time. Hard work
and dedication are the keys for good
performance on the academic front,
so get on to it without wasting time.
Taking up a social cause is possible
for some. You are likely to boost your
potential for earning.
Lucky no.: 1
Lucky colour: Light yellow

¡¡ Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20)
If you get the time, it is best to utilise
it in furthering your professional aim.
Career planning assumes importance
for those new on the job to get on
the right track. You may organise
something at home for your near
and dear ones. On the romantic
front, an evening out with lover is
possible and will prove immensely
fulfilling. You may take the initiative
to plan a short vacation with family to
someplace interesting.
Lucky no.: 6
Lucky colour: Forest green

Happy Diwali

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make these changes without notice or obligation. All details should be rechecked carefully with us as construction proceeds and up to date information becomes available, and in particular before entering into a sale and purchase agreement. They are
intended as a guide only. *Subject to availability.



21 October 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz

Priyanka Chopra

n the wake of the spillover of recent
tensions between India and Pakistan on
Bollywood, actress Priyanka Chopra says as
a “patriot”, she would go along with whatever
the government decides on the issue. But why
only actors are singled out in these discussions,
she has asked. Talking about the ongoing
tensions between India and Pakistan, Priyanka,
whose late father Ashok Chopra was an army
officer, told NDTV, “I have read about it. It’s
tricky because first of all artistes and actors
are always held responsible for every bigger
political agenda that happens in the country.”
“Why not business (men), politicians, doctors
and why not anyone else except for public
people, who are not actors in the movie
industry?”Priyanka, currently seen in the
lead role in the popular American TV series
Quantico, said, “I am extremely patriotic. So,
whatever my government decides is important
to keep the country safe, I go with that. But at
the same time, I don’t believe that artistes are
a representation of—at least there hasn’t been
an actor who has done—something which
has harmed someone’s life out of malice
or anything.” 
She thinks that “if someone needs to be
hung, the one person that’s picked up is an
artiste or a public person from the movie
business. That to me, is not fair”.
India-Pakistan tensions got heightened
following a terror attack on an Indian Army
camp at Uri, Jammu and Kashmir, in which
19 soldiers were killed, last month. The
Indian Army then carried out surgical strikes
on terrorist launch pads across the Line of
Control.  “I am appalled by what happened in
Uri and we need to stand up and protect our
country. We have been an extremely peaceful
nation for so many centuries. We have never

Every film has
its own destiny,
on Mirzya


arshvardhan Kapoor is not
bogged down with his debut
film Mirzya failing to make
a mark at the box-office. The actor
accepts the failure, and says that the
movie is not for everybody.

“Well, obviously Mirzya didn’t
do well at the box-office which is
fine. It’s not a film for everybody,”
Harshvardhan said. 
He added, “Every film has its own
destiny. I feel Mirzya is a work of art.
It is a beautiful film and it will find its
place in course of time.”
The son of actor Anil Kapoor
talked about the Rakeysh Omprakash

Bigg Boss 2016
house has
‘ethereal look’—
and a jail


rt director Omung Kumar
has boosted every nook
and corner of the Bigg Boss
house this year with elements of
mystique that invoke sentiments
like vigour and positivity. Omung,
also a filmmaker, says the house
has an ethereal look. The house
of the reality TV show has been
designed by Omung along with his
wife Vanita. A few journalists were
locked in the Bigg Boss house as
contestants to experience it.

been those who go out and fight. We are
from the land of (Mahatma) Gandhi.
We are all about non-violence,”
she said. Priyanka stated that we
should be more concerned about
the safety of Indian soldiers and
their families. Following the
September 18 terrorist attack,
the Maharashtra Navnirman
Sena issued an ultimatum to
Pakistani artistes to leave India
and said the party would not let
their movies release in India.
The Indian Motion
Association passed
banning Pakistanis
in films being
made in India.
the screening of
Indian films.
Last week, the
Association of India
actors would not be
screened in single screen
theatres in Maharashtra,
Goa and Gujarat. 

Mehra’s ambitious project at the
red carpet of Filmfare Glamour &
Style Awards on October 15.  Apart
from Harshvardhan, Mirzya marked
debut of Saiyami Kher, and narrated
Mehra’s take on the folklore of
“I didn’t do any of the conventional
things. In terms of look or the
character, I kept a huge beard and
played a rustic character. Moreover,
the love story is explained through its
music so there is a lot of new things
for viewers to take,” said the 25-yearold.  Now, Harshvardhan is focusing
on his next project Bhavesh Joshi. 

Really want to
do romantic film
with Akshay:
Esha Gupta


ctress Esha Gupta wants to
do a romantic film with actor
Akshay Kumar. She says once
she gets to do that with her Rustom
co-star, she would be satisfied with
her career in the film industry.

“I really want to do a romantic
film with Akshay Kumar wherein I
am wearing a saree, Akshay singing
romantic song for me and we are
dancing around the trees. My life will
be successful and I would be satisfied
with my Bollywood career the day
this happens to me,” Esha said on
Zoom Channel’s show Diwali Beats. 
The Raaz 3 actress shared that she
has been an ardent fan of Akshay,
even before she joined Bollywood. 

“Be it his action or romance. He
has an aura and that ‘Punjabiness’,”
she added. Talking about starring
with him in Rustom, Esha said, “The
day I got to know I am going to be
co-starring with Akshay Kumar, I
got so excited, but on knowing that
I won’t be his love interest, I won’t
deny, I was really disappointed”.
The 30-year-old says she is looking
forward to romancing with the
Khiladi star.

asks Modi to
apologize for
Pakistan visit


ollywood filmmaker Anurag
Kashyap has asked Prime
Minister Narendra Modi to
apologise for his trip to Pakistan in
December last year. Kashyap vented
his frustration following the cinema
owners’ decision in Mumbai not to
screen movies with Pakistani actors, a
move that has hit hard Karan Johar’s
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which features
Pakistani Fawad Khan. 

“Narendra Modi, why is it that
we have to face it while you can be
silent? Narendra Modi and you
actually diverted your trip on our tax
money, while the film shot then was
on money on which someone here
pays interest.
“I am just trying to understand the
situation because I am actually dumb
and I don’t get it. Sorry if you feel
offended,” added the director.

“We solve all our problems by
blaming it on movies and banning it.
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, with you on this
Karan Johar,” Kashyap tweeted.

On his way home from Kabul,
Modi halted in Lahore in December
last year for a surprise meeting with
his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz
Sharif. The Cinema Owners and
Exhibitors Association of India
on October 14 said that movies
featuring Pakistani actors would not
be screened in single screen theatres
in Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat. 

“Narendra Modi Sir, you haven’t
yet said sorry for your trip to
meet the Pakistani PM. It was
December 25. Same time KJo was
shooting Ae Dil Hai Mushkil? Why?”
Anurag asked.

heightened India-Pakistan tensions
in the wake of a terror attack on an
Indian Army camp in Jammu and
Kashmir and the Indian Army’s
surgical strikes on Pakistani territory.

Omung said in a statement,
“The Bigg Boss house, this year, has
an ethereal look. The design of the
Bigg Boss house has been themed
around a modern Indian palace.
There is an element of Indian
mystique to the decor with a lot of
lanterns and earthy tones to bring a
homely appeal to the set.” 
“The house is more colourful
and vibrant this time with lots
of paintings. There are many
conspicuous changes in the Bigg
Boss house.”
The addition to the bathroom
area, this season, is a luxurious
Jacuzzi placed in a corner, which
allows every relaxing contestant a
full view of the entire room.
This year the house also has a
jail. “The most prominent addition
to the Bigg Boss house, however, is
the jail. Painted to depict a filthy
appearance, the jail will be a
dungeon of sorts for contestants
who break the rules,” according
to Omung. 
The tenth season of the show,
hosted by superstar Salman Khan,
began on Sunday, October 16
on Colors.

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Ram Leela

When: Saturday October 22
Time: 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Venue: Shri Ram Mandir, 11 Brick Street, Henderson
A team of 15 artists are flying from India to give their
maiden performance in Auckland. Ayodhya Shodh
Sansthan is a world renowned play group from Ayodhya,
India and is set to dazzle the audience in Auckland and
one performance in Hamilton.

Deepavali by Auckland Tamil

When: Saturday, October 22, 2016
Time: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Venue: Freeman’s bay community hall. 52 Hepburn
Street, Auckland
Do you remember the excitement we used to/ some of
us still have with wearing new clothes on this day, the
fireworks with our cousins and friends, grandma’s mutton
and, the yummy sweets and snacks, going for movies,
the fun, the laughter, the noise and what not!!! Let’s all
meet and unite on this very special day and share the
similar happiness and joy.

Waitakere Diwali Festival

When: Sunday, October 23
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Venue: Te Pai Centre, 31-35 Te Pai Place, Henderson
Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals of the year
and Waitakere Indian Association will bring a spectrum
of cultural performances from morning till late evening.
There will be fireworks in the evening and lots of lip
smacking Indian cuisines will be stalled.

21 October 2016 | www.iwk.co.nz

Hamilton Diwali Mela

When: Sunday, October 23
Time: 11:00 a.m. onwards
Venue: Hamilton City Council Reception Lounge 
Diwali, Hindu Festival of Light this year has a unique
first time ever in Hamilton a live play of Ram Leela by
performers from India. Children in fancy dress and mini
fashion show are exciting participation along with cultural
performances. Come and enjoy Indian culture, food and
have photos with Lord Rama and other well
costumed artists.

Waitakere Ethnic Board New Out
West Meeting

When: Thursday, October 27
Time: 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Venue: New Lynn Community Centre Meeting Room 1,
45 Totara Avenue New Lynn  
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment updates
on International Student Activity. Networking Lunch
followed by a presentation by guest speaker Jason
Chand, Regional Relationship Manager, Immigration New
Zealand. To register for this free event please phone 09836 0169 or email: contact@waitakereethnicboard.org.nz

Sandringham Street Festival

When: Saturday, October 29
Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: Sandringham Village, 597 Sandringham Rd,
Sandringham Street Festival is back and bigger and
better than ever! There will be live music & bands,
International & exotic street food & food stalls, picnic
tables, seating & grassy hangout areas, brand new
reserve and play ground, kid zones & interactive
play areas.


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