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The career that I was most compatible with was Education and

Goal setting: What are
your goals for your

My goals for the future are to attend Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo
and major in either Ag Education or Agribusiness. I want to get
my Master’s degree in either field and go on to become an Ag
Education Teacher or an Ag Real Estate Agent. I am more
interested in becoming an Ag Educación teacher.

Provide a brief
description of the job.
Include the
nature of the work,
environment, the duties
responsibilities, average
work week, etc
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Ag Teacher: Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or
graduate students on topics like crop production, plant genetics,
and soil chemistry. Evaluate and grade student’s class work, lab
work, assignments and papers.

Describe key skills,
abilities, and personality
traits important for this

skills and abilities: Talking to others, noticing a problem and
figuring out the best way to solve it, Teaching people how to do
something, use rules to solve problems, remember words,
pictures, or steps.
Personality traits: Need to have an interest in helping people,
teaching, and talking in front of large groups of people. Need to
be good with analytical thinking, being independent, take
initiative, be innovative and pay attention to detail.

What is the average or
median salary
range for this career both
nationally and locally?

National: $90,780 yearly

What is the outlook for
the future of this career?
Does research show
growth or decline in

This career shows a lot of growth potential. In California alone,
there was a major shortage of Ag teachers in the year of 2014
with 992 open jobs. The amount of ag students increases more
and more every year and there is an extremely high demand for
Ag teachers in the US right now.

Local: $90,780 yearly

Describe the education
and training
required for this position.
Are there
any licenses or
certifications required?

You need to know how to teach a lot of classes in this field like
welding, vet science, small engines, ag bio and shop skills. When
an Ag teacher is placed in a school, they are usually not given a
choice as to which classes they teach and need to be able to
teach whatever they are assigned. You can get a job as an Ag
teacher with a bachelor’s degree but it is recommended to get a
Master’s degree because the pay is much higher.

What is your overall
impression of this

- Get to form a bond with students in a way no other
teacher can.
- Get to influence kids to get more into agriculture.
- Get to work outside often.

- Late work hours with no overtime pay.
- Less time spent with own kids.
After learning more about
this career, are you still
interested? Would this
career fit with the lifestyle
you want? Does it match
your interests,
personality, skills and
work values?

List two occupations that
are similar that you may
be interested in

❏ still interested
❏ not interested
This career is a good match for me because: I want to make a
difference in people's lives like my Ag teachers hace made a
difference in my life. My Ag teachers are the reason I want a
career in Ag when I grow up and I want to have that same effect
on students. I love helping people solve problems and helping
people understand more about Agriculture. I would love to spend
time with kids and help shape the minds of the next generation.
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2. Health Specialties Teacher