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The Evolution of E-Business
Phase I – EDI
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the transfer of data from one computer system to another
by standardized message formatting, without the need for human intervention. EDI permits
multiple companies – possibly in different countries – to exchange documents electronically.

Daikin Europe Full EDI
The introduction of Full EDI between
Daikin Europe N.V. and its suppliers has
been split into a number of phases. This
diagram provides an overview of how we
see the future use of EDI. Phases 1 to 3 are
already executed. Phase 4 (Invoices) is not
yet planned.
Phase 1: Sending Schedule Agreements
(Delivery Schedules)
Phase 2: Receiving Shipping Notifications
(Dispatch Advices)
Phase 3: Use of Odette transport labels for
internal reception process
Phase 4: E - Invoicing

Manual data entry and upload to our system    Enter consignment note details in FremanWeb manually All information such as sender and receiver details. Consignment data is sent to Mainfreight from your IT system and imported directly into Maintrak via E-Notes    You send the files to us via email Files must be in XML format and meet our specifications Suburb and city data MUST match our list of supporting suburbs and cities You will be required to print and provide all documentation to accompany your freight  Consignment Notes  Freight Labels  Correct Dangerous Goods documentation if required. .Mainfreight EDI Integration We have three easy EDI integration processes making it easy to find an option that suits you and your business: 1. products and DG classes are saved for quick data entry of future consignments Consignment data is uploaded to our system once you have PRINTED you consignment note 2. EDI direct into our system This options does not require the use of FremanWeb but controlled by the ability of your system ‘talking’ to our system.

to installation and testing. EDI into FremanWeb This process allows you to import your consignment note details into FremanWeb. they offer the total package whether it is one outlet to over 1000 outlets. Consignment data is sent to Mainfreight from you IT system and imported directly into your FremanWeb consignment review screen     You send the files to us via email Files must be in XML format and meet our specifications Suburb and city data MUST match our list of supporting suburbs and cities In the Consignment Review page a printer icon will appear next to the consignment note number to confirm the details have been imported correctly.html . The photo is an example of their Company Profile web page. of Data. As their name suggests they are involved in the installation of Voice and Data Cabling systems. A web site or website. Telephone and CCTV systems. eliminating the manual data entry process. You will be able to amend the details in FremanWeb if required. is a collection of web pages under a single domain name. Silkom (Voice and Data) Limited Silkom (Voice and Data) Limited has been established since 1992. they are not the same. Phase II – Web Pages The terms ‘webpage’ and ‘website’ are easily confused with each other and often used interchangeably.silkom. this article you are reading would be considered a webpage. A web page is an individual page. From system design. For example.3. http://www. Based in the Manchester Area but with the ability to carry out installations rofile. But make no mistake. It is usually written in HTML or HyperText Markup Language (a coding language) that will be presented as a web page through web browsers.

. to ensuring that the finished work is of the highest standard. Below is a photo of their Contact Us web page: http://www.Cranleigh Design Consultants Ltd The firm provides a service for all aspects of Structural and Civil Engineering on any type of commercial or industrial buildings.html CDCL are Civil and Structural Engineers with considerable experience in: Building design  Preparation of tender documents  Structural design  Site supervision  Planning applications  Project management  Architectural drawings  Specifications  Commercial property  Confined working space investigations  Residential property  Drainage  Building regulation applications  Demolition management  Design calculation  Historic Buildings They provide the whole package from discussion to drawings.cranleighdc.

and different clubs. Play Works Play Works is a family-run out-of-school club and pre-school founded in May 2004.Phase III – Active Web Sites As discussed earlier. Interactive websites on the other hand are sites wherein the owner/author and visitors alike can have some form of communication between the visitors and the webmaster. We also run a pre-school during term time for children aged 2 to 4 years. An example of this is a shopping cart feature which allows a user to register and put items in their shopping cart that can be stored there until they are ready to purchase them. web pages and web sites differ from one another. Web sites are divided into two broad categories. . Play Works provides quality childcare for children of primary school age before and after school and during school holidays. the opening times of their out of school care. a chat box. Also. Their website provides the different services they offer for children. for example. static and interactive. Static websites are generally sites that provide information but do not allow interaction with viewers or readers. as well as the appropriate fees and other important information are posted and can be viewed through their website. pre-school. Many interactive websites also allow users to customize the site themselves.

menu. . and promotion points of view is critical to Houlihan’s’ overall competitiveness. like hand washing the leather—sometimes the entire shoe—each pair is a one-of-a-kind object that only grows more appealing as you wear it in. Its design and functionality were incredibly basic. Jostle’s secure. With such basic functionality. The service aims to make it easier for companies to publish news stories and announcements.Satorisan Satorisan offers a wide variety array of sneakers built from fine Italian and Spanish leathers and finished with unique techniques. host online discussions and share other relevant information like team directories. Another big challenge was the need to provide detailed coordination from head office to restaurant operators in the field. Phase IV – Intranet There are various online softwares that offers to host a company’s Intranet. people didn’t feel like they could get their messages across effectively. cloud-based intranet can be up and running in a week. The following companies are only some of Jostle’s customers using such software: Houlihan’s Restaurant Before Jostle. They provide a chat box on the bottom right corner of the page wherein customers can connect with the site’s admin using their e-mail address or fb profile. one of which is Jostle. It’s turnkey and requires no IT resources to launch or maintain. Houlihan’s used a simple site built by their IT department to relay company news. Tight coordination of seasonal menus from supply.

With Jostle’s platform at its center. including the ability to target them at specific restaurant concepts and locations. restaurant operators are holding their teams accountable knowing all information shared goes through Jostle so everyone has the tools and details at their fingertips. With such basic functionality. people didn’t feel like they could get their messages across effectively. . Houlihan’s used a simple site built by their IT department to relay company news. In turn. and o Head office and the restaurants began sharing more stories and values through the Jostle platform. Jostle helped in two important ways: o Jostle EVENTS.Before Jostle. 24/7. Its design and functionality were incredibly basic. the Houlihan’s corporate culture has seen quite a turnaround. Another big challenge was the need to provide detailed coordination from head office to restaurant operators in the field. menu. Tight coordination of seasonal menus from supply. and promotion points of view is critical to Houlihan’s’ overall competitiveness. The company’s key communicators have been re-trained to disseminate all company news and initiatives only on their Jostle intranet. greatly simplified the coordination effort. making it easier to work together as a team.

activities. Although this shows our whole process. manufacturing. information. they encourage people to participate. A supply chain is a system of organizations. . and distribution. like or add new ideas. And best of all.Harris + Hoole Harris + Hoole (H+H) has always been about people. The culture at H+H is authentic.unless of course you can connect people to your brand. this section will deal strictly with suppliers (Procurement). and simply be themselves. Sample supply chain diagram are from Lenovo and Walmart which will be showing each company’s active management of supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Phase V – Supply Chain A supply chain is actually a complex and dynamic supply and demand network. Employees can comment. Lenovo Supply Chain The diagram below shows the complete product life cycle. speak up. It isn’t easy to stand apart in a world full of coffee shops . it can be rolled out across the entire company in minutes. when they find something amazing. The Jostle platform helps H+H unleash new ideas and energy with a platform where all employees can share inspiration and collaborate on how to deliver a better coffee experience. and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. people.

The company procures goods directly from the manufacturers. Shipments are then tracked from origin to customer delivery. including a secure physical facility. Critical. large volume components are tracked via barcodes. After receipt. these parts are then integrated with a system shell. Completed products are then packaged with tamper-evident seals for boxes and pallets. find vendors and arrange deals for the products. Walmart Supply Chain A supply chain begins with purchasing managers who determine which products will sell.Lenovo's supply chain has been recognized in Gartner's Top 25 rankings the past two years. and can be tracked under the shell identification. bypassing all intermediaries. manufacture. which provides qualified and secure components for use in development and manufacturing. and are controlled in supplier inventory from shipment to receipt in the Lenovo manufacturing area. controlled environment. . Manufacturing is in a secure. and a secure network. The supply chain begins with the management and control of a qualified supplier base. and delivery of our products. It plays a critical role in the development. Wal-Mart’s process of procurement involves reducing its purchasing costs as far as possible so that it can offer the best price to its customers.

They extend the business process capabilities of ERP systems across the companies' extended supply chain. market and sell. Forecasts estimate consumer demand for a product based on historical data. Moving the product from warehouses or manufacturing plants to stores and ultimately to customers is the distribution function of the supply chain. manage and distribute inventory. inventory to meet demand. but not too much. Every employee has access to the required information regarding the inventory levels of all the products in the center. Each distribution center is divided in different group depending on the quantity of goods received. external drivers such as sales and promotions and changes in trends or competition. Phase VI – Collaborative Commerce Today’s e-business leaders have woken up to the Internet’s potential for synchronizing operations with customers. The distribution centers ensures steady flow and consistent flow of products. Demand planning is used to create accurate forecasts. one of which is the Ariba® Collaborative Commerce. They have distribution centers in different geographical places in US. Forecasts are compared to inventory levels to ensure warehouses have enough. suppliers and business partners. Managing the center is economical with the large-scale use of sophisticated technology such as Barcode. hand held computer systems (Magic Wand) and now. they are closely integrating the way they develop new products. There are different platforms that provides companies with cloud-based solutions for Collaborative Commerce.The operations portion of a supply chain focuses on demand planning. . forecasting and inventory management. a critical step toward effective inventory management. This kind of e-business activity is increasingly referred to as Collaborative Commerce. Using Internet technologies. and manufacture goods. RFID. This enables Wal-Mart to satisfy customer needs quickly and improve level of efficiency of distribution center management operations.

is an American corporation that manufactures laser printers and provides enterprise software. Lexmark International. capabilities that delivered 100% spend – process compliance Seamless transition . in the United States. The said results after the collaboration with Ariba are the following: o o o o o Best. Kentucky. The company is headquartered in Lexington. eliminating rogue processes Supplier records reduced by 75% Optimized global shared service centers .system functioning as designed Catalogs expanding globally. Inc.Lexmark International.

California. commonly known as Disney.The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company. The said results after the collaboration with Ariba are the following: o o o o o o o Ease of use Rapid user adoption Increased catalog performance measured and sustained post deployment Supplier collaboration Decreased technical support resource requirements Improved catalog maintenance cycle times Increased stakeholder demand for new supplier catalog . is an American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank.