Informative Essay 2nd Draft

So, it is important to know why the middle class is needed in our society. Without a middle
class, the US economy would be ruined. I realized that the first sentence in the first paragraph
may be your working thesis, but it needs to be stronger. This said, organize the topics you discuss
around this thesis. Particularly think about where you introduce these topics in the paper and
connect them with the concluding sentence in the preceding paragraph. How do business
technology, education, foreign goods, and poverty relate to a strong middle class economy?

There are several generalizations in this paper that need to be supported by sources that should
be revisited. I have identified a couple in my comments. See also page 690 in Everyone’s An
Author regarding comma usage.

Try to keep your class definitions in the same family. If your discussion is about the middle class
your references to the poor should be lower class and your references to the wealthy and rich
should be upper class. The middle class are the citizens who do the work that the lower class
might not be educated enough to do; this type of work is usually head by high class citizens.
Reports explain that education in citizens has started to lack as well as the inability to achieve the
education for middle class jobs. While people are needing more financial help, ending up in the
poor class of citizens seems to be a whole lot easier now.
Businesses, as technology advancement grows, have reported using automated
manufacturing as way to cut back on the skill workers needed. However automated technology
would still need people, who knows how the machines work, to keep an eye on it each day. This
technology can be beneficial for the consumer, for they are able to receive goods faster, cheaper,
and in large quantities. The downside is that not a lot of skilled works would be hired, so there

would be a lack of jobs for the middle educated class. Automated can also affect the minimal
wage works as well; the best example would be fast food restaurants such as McDonalds. So it is
hard to determine if this form of technology would be good for the economy.
Education is another issue that appears when talking about the middle class. Education is
seen as an important key to obtaining wealth and power. As more and money is needed for that
higher education to receive a decent job, people who aren’t able get scholarships are usually out
of luck. Sometimes students without the money for college will end up borrowing too much
money from the government and remain in debt for the rest of their lives, depending of the
amount dued. How can this issue of education be solved? Well both political parties have their
ideas for fixing the issue. Unfortunately for the students who suffered from this problem, neither
party has been successful in putting their plan to play. Also no knows which plan is the right one,
many who see education as an issue just support their party’s plan. So far education as an issue in
money is still a problem that needs fixing.
Some feel that the use of foreign goods also affects the middle class. As a country uses
more money to import goods from other countries. This affects the revenue that the local
businesses made, which could lead to the employer not hiring as many workers and/or laying off
workers because of the decrease in demand for their goods. However foreign goods gives the
United States access to goods that are not normally in the country. Also some feel that other
countries make goods better than America does.
The poor class also seem to be suffering as well. There has been a rise in protests coming
from the poor class who don’t enjoy their current situation. Why do the poor feel this way? Many
speculate that it is a problem of where most of the Earth’s money is at. Studies have shown that

only one percent of people have a majority of the money that exists.1 That is a lot of money in a
small group of people. Democrats are pursuing a redistribution of method to spread out the
money for the less fortunate, typically with higher taxes for the wealthy citizens. Republicans
will disagree with the democrats approach. They feel that the wealth should stay where it is at,
because they fear that redistribution of wealth could hinder society.
There have been other ideas on how to fight poverty in our society. It has been proposed
that an increase of the minimal wage for all of the states. Currently our minimal wage is at $7.25/
per hour and has been proposed to increase to $10.10/per hour.2 Democrats are in support of the
increase of minimal wage and Republicans are not. People who support this idea believe those
who have money will spend it and it will drive the economy, while those who are against it feel
that employer will increase the prices of products and services and will lay off some works.3 It is
interesting that some states governments have raised their minimum wage for employees.
Raising wages has been seen as a popular idea for helping out the poverty problem in the United
So it is important to know why the middle class is needed in our society. Without any
form of a middle class would ruin the economy.With education, foreign merchandise, automated
technology, and other issues the middle class has taken some hits to its people. But even though
machines can replace many skilled workers jobs, there are a few areas where the machinery right
now wouldn’t be able to replace a skilled work. Example, is a plumber or an actual airplane pilot.




Even though the autopilot function is available, it doesn’t has the navigation ability that a person
does when in an emergency. So, for the middle class is still needed despite automated
technology. Foreign goods, it seems, will continue to be imported while the demand for it is high.
Katel, Peter. "Future of the Middle Class." CQ Researcher 8 Apr. 2016: 313-36. Web. 19 Sept. 2016.