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Before I live as a university student, I only know about nine planets in Milky Way, our
Earth rotates on its axis which cause day and night, and also about earth moves around the Sun
on its orbit which made four seasons to happen; summer, winter, spring, and autumn, that have
been teach in primary and secondary school. My interest to learn this kind of knowledge fading
since I continue my study in Diploma of Civil Engineering at UiTM Pulau Pinang. This is
because I was learned about structure, soil, and fluid that does not connected to space.
As I further my study in degree level, I thought I will learn about surveying knowledge
only because I choose Bachelor of Surveying Science and Geomatics without knowing that
astronomy is closely related to surveying works. When I attend Field Astronomy first class,
everything that comes out from my lecturers mouth is amazed me. I do not realize that
everything I am doing daily is related to astronomy such as kiblah direction and time that we use
now. Those kinds of things are actually done by surveyors. I am very impressed with surveyors
in this world after knowing about the relation between astronomy and surveying.
In Field Astronomy class, I have learned many new things such as how astronomical
system influences the life and the needs of astronomy in land surveying. I also learned about the
terms that usually used in field astronomy such as azimuth, altitude, latitude and longitude, and
the astronomical definitions such as celestial sphere, celestial pole, celestial equator, celestial
horizon, zenith and nadir, and celestial meridian. As I thought, all these new things are really
attract me to learn more.
The most interesting thing that I found in astronomy is how surveyor creates the
imaginary mean sun to measure the revolution of the earth on its axis. The creation of this mean
sun is just for the purpose of measuring sun because the movement of mean sun is more constant
compared to real sun. What I mean is how they can come out with an idea to create this mean sun
to determine the time. It is really amazing. The other thing that interests me is solar observation
to find the azimuth. Solar observation provide surveyor with a more convenient and economical
method for determining an accurate azimuth. It requires little additional field time, and when
reasonable care is exercised and proper equipment is used, accuracy within 10 seconds can be

obtained. There are two methods are used for determining azimuth by observing the sun which
are altitude method and hour angle method and I have been teach to use hour angle method.
There is one thing I really want to learn which is how to determine the kiblah direction.
In future, I bet there are times when I will have to work in unfamiliar place where it hard to use
compass to determine kiblah direction. As a Muslim, we need to pray where ever we are, so I
think this kind of knowledge is necessary for surveyor. When I have master the method, I will
use it to determine the direction of kiblah to pray if I have survey work at unfamiliar place like
jungle. I also want to learn how astronomy can be used to determine the position of geodetic and
geographic points on the earth. I want to know what kind of equipment and method that can be
used to determine position of a point. Is it using high technology equipment or it can be done by
using a simple equipment and simple method? What are the required details that must have been
taken to consideration? Is calculation involved to determine the point? Those questions are keep
appear in my mind. I cannot wait to learn this knowledge in future.
Actually, I think astronomy is not worth to be learned because there are many other
things that I can learn. I expect astronomy is just knowledge about our universe, stars,
meteorites, planets, Big Bang theory and all things in the earths space. I do not even think to
search about space in internet until I attend Field Astronomy class in my first year of degree.
This class somehow opens my mind about how important astronomy is in our daily life and how
it is important to surveyor.
From now on, I promise myself to gain as much knowledge about our space so that I can
relate it with everything I do especially in surveying works. Besides that, I want to feel the
greatness of Allah as He is the creator of this world. I want to make astronomy as one of my
method to increase my faith to Allah.

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