.What is Elevated Swimming Pool?  Swimming pool that is constructed at the top of the building or suspended in between buildings.  Also called as Roof-deck/ Rooftop Swimming Pool and High-rise Swimming Pool.

Types of Swimming Pool .

designing the structure)  Water proofing  Security exits  Machines and active systems .Factors need to consider.  Structural (calculating the weight.

and the second is the concrete that is going to crack.” .“There are two types of concrete in this world: the first is the concrete that is cracked.


.Deflection Support beneath the pool is uniformly spaced. This can result in VERTICAL DEFLECTION.

This eccentric spacing can result in DIFFERENTIAL DEFLECTION. .Deflection Support beneath the pool is not uniformly spaced. racking and twisting of the pool shell.

but it is actually more than enough to crack the pool)  . EXAMPLE: With a 20 ft wide rooftop swimming pool with wall supports located directly beneath the swimming pool’s wall. the slab or vault base is expected with 0.HOW MUCH WILL A SLAB OR VAULT BASE DEFLECTS?  A roof top pool can be expected to suffer a deflection of L/360. (Doesn’t seem like much.7 inch of vertical deflection located at its midspan. where L is the length of span between supports in inches.

STRENGTHENING THE SHELL  Support Structure and Pool Shell are separated by using a separation barrier consisting a four-inch layer of GEOFOAM (a structural grade product that has proved effective in reducing both differential and total deflection of the pool shell) serving as a bond break that prevents any cracks underlying the support slab or vault.  NOTE: Geofoams reduces but not eliminate deflection as factors. .

.Geofoam is or manufactured into large lightweight blocks.

.REINFORCING BARS  A rebar schedule consisting of #5 (16mm diam.) bars at 5 inches (120 mm) on center each way is the maximum reinforcement schedule the building code allow the shotcrete/gunite construction without requiring preparation of preconstruction test panels.

In pool construction.  Shotcrete is usually an all-inclusive term for both the wetmix and dry-mix versions. It is reinforced by conventional steel rods. and/or fibers. however. the term "shotcrete" refers to wet-mix and "gunite" to drymix. Fiber reinforcement (steel or synthetic) is also used for stabilization in applications such as slopes or tunnelling. steel mesh. as a construction technique.SHOTCRETE/GUNITE  Shotcrete is concrete (or sometimes mortar) conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface. .


DRAINAGE PATHS  The concrete slab or vault must be thoroughly waterproofed and must also include drainage system capable of collecting any leakage from the swimming pool above and diverting it quickly and safely to a drain inlet.  At least 2% slope to a properly flashed drain inlet placed in the deepest point of the slab or vault. .



Waterproofing detail of Elevated Swimming Pool .


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