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Cristiano Ronaldo
(Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, Funchal, Madeira, 1985) Portuguese Footballer
considered one of the best strikers in the current scenario. In addition to numerous
individual titles and distinctions obtained throughout his career at Manchester United
(2003-2009), it has the honor of being the player for the most money ever paid for a club:

In October 2001. Their contribution would be crucial in obtaining the 2001-02 title to the Lisbon club.d. the transfer Real Madrid target cost the club 94 million euros. among them. Cristiano Ronaldo developed in that match such an exceptional game that dazzled teammates and rivals. the coach of Manchester. There he progressed so meteoric. In summer 2003 a friendly match between Sporting and Manchester United. after conducting a test. From an early age he showed his good qualities for sport: eight years playing for the team Andorinha. Cristiano Ronaldo was born in a working class neighborhood on the Portuguese island of Madeira. so that the entry of traditional English club Ronaldo meant the expectation of a replacement in the figure of a successor. counselors in their studies and doctors to monitor the physical growth of a young promise would become a complete athlete. the player's father decided who enters the latter. the highest figure in history. personal trainers. causing a favorable impression both fans and the press. This operation coincided with the sale of Captain David Beckham to Real Madrid. and at 16. and 10 and the two teams fought over the island. Sporting Lisbon were assigned psychologists. Nacional. the Maritime and C. Cristiano Ronaldo Treated as a prodigy. within a family of three brothers. at age 17. on theoccasion of the inauguration of José Alvalade stadium was played. she debuted in a complete game of the Portuguese June 2009. who got his club fichara Cristiano for 18 million euros. in his second season he would mature to be . In his first year at Manchester United he scored the first goal to lead his club to the top of the Premiership at the end of the tournament. he joined Sporting Lisbon and moved to the Portuguese capital.

sudden trace diagonals and is an expert in top walk changed (attack on the right and top with left foot. It appears by surprise from a second row and overflows your bookmarks with speed and quality. FA Cup and Champions). Ronaldo scored the goal that meant the tie in regulatory minutes. flawless and unpredictable even for the most prestigious free-kick porters. and his salary was around 4. even far away from the opposing goal. However. the Portuguese player had developed a huge catalog of technical resources: a stunning.000th goal Manchester United in the Premier League.In 2006-07 was the second highest scorer with 17 goals. and vice versa). It was naturally in the English team which reached its consecration and the over the six seasons that remained in Manchester (2003-2009) was instrumental in expanding the history of the club (League. His well reputed profile formed his fearsome striker. the Manchester Cup took to their windows.considered one of the best young players in the FIFPro 2005. in a dramatic finish. In May 2008. Manchester played the final of the Champions League against Chelsea. but missed penalties. beating the record for goals in a season that showed George Best (32 goals). a prodigious mastery of the headers. scoring in October of that year the 1. The shirt of Real Madrid His extraordinary results earned him the Golden Boot and postulated as the best candidate to win the Ballon d' Or (which had eluded him the previous year) and the FIFA World Player versus other talents as Argentine Leo Messi and the SpanishFernando Torres .2 million euros per year. The 2007-2008 season ended with a new record of Ronaldo (CR7 or. 31 of them in the league. Meanwhile. one dominating speed in the plays. At the end of the season. Le Portuguese star scored 42 points. leaving an overwhelming repertoire scorer of the Portuguese national team would also benefit. Ronaldo . as he wants to be known).

since the Congress of Deputies opened a discussion about the largeness of the sum paid in a year marked by a deep economic crisis. 2008) awarded by the magazine France Football . 2.flying (Cristiano. And the phenomenon Cristiano Ronaldo had already crossed the borders of sport and had also reached the tabloids and marketing. Kaka .won "by a landslide" both awards. Ferguson lost the battle. compared to 678 and 203 of his immediate followers (Messi and Torres. after months of uncertainty that day after day the media cast their bets on the future of the player. wooed by other big European teams. A Sir Alex Ferguson. Cristiano Ronaldo continued as proof of their great value and improving year after year their records scorers. It soon became clear. respectively). Manchester. but the player decided to renew the contract with the English club until 2012. 2009 there were no surprises and the Portuguese star also won the FIFA World Player. the Madrid only won a major title. On June 6 madness broke out in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. more than six hundred journalists were accredited for the occasion. the largest ever so far. Christian decided a change of scenery and join Real Madrid. In 2007 the Real Madrid was interested in his transfer. yes. Player presentation brought together 90. a club that after several years of drought of titles and internal disagreements had come to trust the president Florentino Perez to redress the situation. yes. after Eusebio and Luis Figo . the largest figure ever paid for a player. however. becoming the third Portuguese who received the Golden Ball (Dec. Cristiano scored 931 points.000 fans that filled the stands shouting "Yes. and failed in three attempts to win their tenth European Cup. who overcame always achieved with . On January 12. In June 2009. Luso signed for five seasons and would receive an annual 9 million net. that the multimillion dollar project of Florentino Perez did not give the expected results. Just for the transfer of Cristiano disbursed 94 million euros. becoming a media figure. In the first three seasons with Cristiano Ronaldo in the front (2009-2012). that the hand of coach Josep Guardiola lived a golden age and snatched many of the titles to which he aspired. Ronaldo is already here". the difficulty to unite a team with so many stars. white club had to add the spectacular moment of form of arch-rivals FC Barcelona. Its sporty profile had acquired unusual features in the media. And Florentino opted for a policy of cleaning clothes and transfer high . Also it come to politics. Xabi Alonso). Karim Benzema. but he had no tie to his brilliant star. which identified him as the best footballer on the planet in the opinion of the coaches and captains of teams from around the world. No doubt this was due more to the sporting approach the performance of its star. offering the figure of 80 million. the 2011-2012 league.

beating well with his 41 points. In 2011 the top scorer trophy was the top scorer in the Spanish league. the historical record of the competition. .Manchester.