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The Section 609

Credit Repair Letter

Cleaning your bad credit is not difficult. In fact, cleaning your credit is relatively
easy provided you have the right information.
The attached Section 609 Attorney Credit Repair Letter is the correct information.
Dont let the simplicity of this letter fool you. It works. Although results do vary
and it may take you a few rounds of sending the letter, eventually this method of
cleaning your credit will work to completely clean your credit file of everything that
you want removed.

Here is WHY it works:

There are three main Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) or bureaus. They are
Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. When you engage in a credit transaction with a
bank or other creditor normally this information will be reported to the CRAs and
placed into your credit file which is indexed under your social security number.
It is important to understand that this method of reporting is completely electronic.
There is no verification or review of any signed contract or documents. Each month
your bank or creditor sends an electronic file with the details of your account to
the CRAs and they simply place the information into your credit file with NO
VERIFICATION as to whether the account is valid, the information is correct or
whether the creditor even has the right to report it!

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Basically the three main credit bureaus give the creditor the benefit of the doubt
that they are reporting accurate information. The problem with this method of
reporting is that ANY CREDITOR can essentially report whatever they want about
you whether it is correct or not. The Federal Government saw a big problem with
this method of reporting so they passed the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which
governs all Credit Reporting Agencies and how they report information about you.
Under Federal law, all Credit Reporting Agencies MUST VERIFY ALL
INFORMATION received from creditors BEFORE this information is added to your
credit file.

Proper verification rightly involves actual review the original signed

creditor contract document that you signed when you opened a credit account in
order to verify that the account is valid and correct. But since reviewing millions and
millions of paper documents in this fashion would be extremely difficult and cost a
fortune in man power the Credit Reporting Agencies simply DO NOT verify
accounts in this manner. No verification of original signed contract documents ever
takes place between the creditor and the Credit Reporting Agency. The CRA just
reports the information provided by your creditor and falsely assumes that it is
valid and correct simply because it is being reported. And when asked to VERIFY
the information the CRA will simply send an electronic communication to the
creditor asking is this information correct and the creditor will usually respond yes
this information is correct. The MADNESS is NO ONE EVER ACTUALLY VERIFIES
Most consumers HAVE NO IDEA that this is taking place. The Credit Reporting
Agencies are in violation of Federal Law and they know it. But since most
consumers do not know their rights - they dont do anything about it.
Until now.
Although well over 70% of credit reports have errors on them, the vast majority of
negative items on a typical credit report are in fact VALID. Therefore, if you simply
dispute all the negatives on your report using a traditional disputing process, those

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that are valid will most likely be verified by the credit reporting agencies and
remain. Nothing will change.

For this reason, many people falsely believe there is

NO HOPE in removing valid derogatory information from their credit report and
essentially give up. But nothing could be further from the truth.
With the Section 609 Attorney Credit Repair Letter, it doesnt matter whether the
negative account is valid or not. This letter works because it disputes the CREDIT
whether the account is valid or not.
The Section 609 &redit Repair Letter simply requests under Federal Law
that the Credit Reporting Agency (Experian, Equifax or TransUnion) provide you a
COPY of the original creditor contract which they (SHOULD HAVE) USED to verify
the account as being valid and correct. The CRAs are required under federal law to
keep this information on file. But since the CRAs DO NOT verify the account
information they DO NOT have this information on file and as a result they
CANNOT provide it to you.
Under the FCRA, Credit Reporting Agencies must provide a copy of the verifiable
original creditor documentation if it is requested by you the consumer. Since they
cannot provide verification to you in the form of a physical contract document per
your written request to do so the account is classified as UNVERIFIED and under
the FCRA all UNVERIFIED accounts MUST BE DELETED. Whether the account is
correct or not makes no difference. If the CRA cannot provide you physical
verification of the account it is an UNVERIFIED account and MUST BE DELETED.
This is WHY and HOW the Section 609 Credit Repair Letter works.
Keep in mind results will vary. You may send a letter and get virtually all of your
derogatory information removed. Or you may send a letter and only get a few
accounts removed. It is important to be diligent and persistent. If after the first
round of letters derogatory information remains then simply send the letter

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again emphasizing that this is your 2nd Written Request to receive verifiable proof
of the account or have it deleted. Eventually, you will find that your derogatory
accounts will begin to disappear. For some people it happens quickly and is quite
easy and for others it can be a fight. So be prepared to go a few rounds of letters if

What to Expect:
When you send in your certified letter to the CRAs many times they will attempt to
disregard your request and send you bogus reply communications. Expect to
receive any number of responses that may try to intimidate you from pursuing the
issue further.
Experian, Equifax or TransUnion may send you a communication saying something
like this:

We received a suspicious request regarding your personal credit information that

we have determined was not sent by you. We have not taken any action on this
request and any future requests made in this manner will not be processed and will
not receive a response.
Oh really? Exactly HOW did they determine it was not sent by you. The letter
was notarized and included a copy of your SSN & ID Card.

To further scare you into submission, they may also include something like this:

Suspicious requests are taken seriously and reviewed by security personnel who will
report deceptive activity, including copies of letters deemed as suspicious, to law
enforcement officials and to state or federal regulatory agencies.
These are nothing but scare tactics to intimidate you into giving up.

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If you notice the Section 609 Credit Repair Letter is NOTARIZED and you
must include a copy of your ID and Social Security Card. By providing all of this
information, there is no question whatsoever that YOU are the one making the
written request.
If you do happen to get some resistance from the CRAs dont be alarmed and DO
NOT give up. Just send the letter again and remind them it is your 2nd Request!
Keep sending the letter DEMANDING the CRA either provide the verifiable proof or
DELETE the item. It may take a few letters and determined persistence but all
unverified items must be deleted.
In the extreme case where the CRAs try to ignore your multiple written requests,
you can file a lawsuit and sue the CRA for damages under the Fair Credit Reporting
Act (FCRA) and/or file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission
( for violations of the FCRA. You can file your complaint here:

Lets Get Started Cleaning Your Credit:

Under Federal Law, once per year - you can receive a FREE credit report from each
of the three main Credit Reporting Agencies.
Step 1: Pull a Credit Report from Experian, Equifax & TransUnion.
Go to: to get your FREE reports
(Note: if you have already used your free report for the year you may have to purchase a new report)

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Step 2: Review Each Report & Identify NEGATIVE Items to Remove

8VHthe Section 609 Credit Repair Letter for Experian, Equifax or TransUnion and simply copy the
negative information from your corresponding credit report into the letter to send to the Credit Reporting
Agency. Note: Only dispute a maximum of 22 accounts at one time. Attempting to dispute more than 22
accounts at one time could cause the CRAs to classify the dispute as frivolous.
Example: You review your Equifax report and determine you have (3) negative accounts to remove. Simply
open the Equifax Section 609 Attorney Credit Repair Letter and type in the details from the negative
accounts you want removed. That is it!

Step 3: Notarize Letter & Include Copy of Social Security & ID Card
Once you complete each letter, simply have your signature notarized, include a photocopy of your Social
Security and ID Card (Drivers License or Passport) as proof of identity and mail the letter CERTIFIED MAIL.
(This will enable you to track delivery of your letter and provide proof that it was received by the CRA)

The next step is to watch the mail closely for responses from the CRAs. If you receive a
response and some negative items were not removed AND the CRA DID NOT provide you
written verifiable proof per your written request then send the letter again. RINSE &
REPEAT as they say.
It is recommended that you open (3) file folders one for Equifax, Experian and
TransUnion and keep very detailed records of your communications with each Credit
Reporting Agency. It is important that you establish a paper trail history of your efforts to
enforce your consumer rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. DOCUMENT
EVERYTHING IN WRITING. Keep copies of letters, certified mail receipts, response letters,
notes etc.
Over time, you will build a very strong case against the CRA and this evidence will be
invaluable should you ever have to go to the unusual extreme of filing a lawsuit to seek

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January 1, 2010
John Consumer
City, State Zip
SSN: 000-00-0000 | DOB: 1/1/1970
Credit Bureau Name
City, State, ZIP
According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 609 (a)(1)(A), you are required by
federal law to verify - through the physical verification of the original signed consumer
contract - any and all accounts you post on a credit report. Otherwise, anyone paying
for your reporting services could fax, mail or email in a fraudulent account.
I demand to see Verifiable Proof (an original Consumer Contract with my Signature
on it) you have on file of the accounts listed below. Your failure to positively verify these
accounts has hurt my ability to obtain credit. Under the FCRA, unverified accounts
must be removed and if you are unable to provide me a copy of verifiable proof, you
must remove the accounts listed below.
I demand the following accounts be verified or removed immediately.
Name of Account
Creditor 1
Creditor 2
Creditor 3
Creditor 4
Creditor 5
Creditor 6
Creditor 7
Creditor 8
Creditor 9
Creditor 10
Creditor 11
Creditor 12
Creditor 13
Creditor 14
Creditor 15
Creditor 16
Creditor 17
Creditor 18
Creditor 19
Creditor 20
Creditor 21
Creditor 22

Account Number

Provide Physical Verification


* Please remove all non-account holding inquiries over 30 days old.

* Please add a Promotional Suppression to my credit file.

Thank You,

Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account
Unverified Account

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said party has signed and sealed these presents the day and year
first above written.
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of:




Witness 1 Print:


Witness 2 Print:

I HEREBY CERTIFY that on this day before me, an officer duly qualified to take
acknowledgments, personally appeared { YOUR NAME HERE }, who is personally known to me or
who has produced _____________________________________________ as identification and
who executed the foregoing instrument and he/she acknowledged before me that he/she executed
the same.
WITNESS my hand and official seal in the County and State aforesaid this _____ day of
____________________ 2010.
Notary Public
Printed Name:
My commission expires:


(Drivers License, Passport or
State ID Card)