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Rich's Statement for Publication

There are certainly a number of issues which I propose that are consistent
with my philosophy of Humanism. However there are preexisting conditions
which tend to block their resolution so let me start with the most important
Most important is the matter of our sovereignty.
Who rules this country. Who rules the state of Oregon?
Both the Federal Constitution and our State Constitution say it's
Yet the political science department at Princeton University has recently
concluded that we live in an oligarchy, a group of corporations and extremely
So we must return sovereignty to the people. I and many others have been
working to do this for many years and the solution is at hand; seventeen states
and some of our congressional Representatives have already pledged to do
this through a constitutional amendment. As a senator in the state of Oregon I
will continue to involve the state in this movement which will make it more
likely that we can achieve the following goals:
Establish a State Bank
This would act as a central bank for the state of Oregon. Our tax dollars
would not be enriching national banks and would tend to stay in Oregon
to help finance our own economy. Profits from the operation of this
bank could increase state revenue. Why should our tax dollars generate
profits for unstable out-of-state banks?
North Dakota, the only state having such a bank, is the only state
operating with a surplus.

Provide Health Care for all Oregonians

Establish a single payer plan to provide health care for all Oregonians;
replacing or coordinating with the Affordable Care Act. By eliminating private
insurance profit motives from Health Care we can cover everybody at less cost
than is being paid to cover only a part of our people now.
State Support for Employee Owned Businesses
Profit from these businesses stays with the employees to support health care,
pensions, and other benefits (sick leave, child care, etc.) and is an answer to
job loss due to automation and outsourcing.
Protection of Pensions and Retirement Security
Resist all attempts to privatize all or portions of Social Security and state
pension plans. Also many corporations must be held accountable for their
abandonment and negative revision of retirement and pension plans.
Opposition to Current Global Trade Agreements
While global trade is good for the Oregon economy it does not have to
abdicate sovereignty to corporations or other countries, nor should it be
allowed to exploit labor or environmental inequalities. CAFTA, NAFTA, and
other TAs have been disastrous to American Labor and the TPP promises more
of the same.
Campaign Finance Reform
I have worked for the last seven years to overcome the disastrous effects of
Citizens United and its predecessors. I have confounded the local affiliate of
Move To Amend which has helped to pass a resolution (HJM 6 in 2013) to
request a constitutional amendment that overturns the Citizens United
Supreme Court decision which allows moneyed interests to buy our legislators.
Debt Free Higher Education
Democracy cannot operate without an informed and educated public. The
Bank of North Dakota mentioned in the first of these specific issues was the
first bank in the United States to underwrite student loans and continues to do
so to this day. At the very least a Bank of Oregon could do the same at rates
and terms favorable to students. However, I favor an even more
comprehensive solution in subsidizing higher education (including vocational
training) so that all citizens can have access to advanced training or

Increased investment in Affordable Housing

In particular I am referring to the homeless. In the long term all of the
previously mentioned issues, if resolved, can solve this problem; however in
the here and now we have to address the needs of those who have been
rendered homeless by our inability or unwillingness to solve problems of
Other Issues
Please email me with any other issues that you feel are important to the
people of this state and of Senate District 9.
For more information or to get involved reach out to Rich at:

2016 Richard Harisay

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