“Futurists don’t consider overpopulation one of the issues of the future.

consider it the issue of the future” Dan Brown
What is over population by definition? Overpopulation is a troublesome condition
which results in an excessive number of human population living in one country
or area around the world. Many factors contribute to over population and there
are many laws and legislation governments can introduce to solve these
Over population is a serious issue that is increasing every day. It is effecting
everyone in one way or another whether we realise it or not. Over population is
the leading reason for pollution and global warming. The more people we have
living on earth, the more rubbish that is being produced, and the quicker global
warming will occur.
Essentially the whole world is suffering the consciences of over population,
however the main people subjected to the issue are large countries, clocking in
the highest population. India, China, USA and Indonesia as examples. But third
world countries are also high factors of the situation as they are still developing
and just trying to make a living with what resources they have.
Overpopulation is an old issue that no one has ever paid attention to until now. It
started to occur around 1400’s after the outbreak of the black plague that killed
25 million people. For the past 50 years researches have encountered the largest
incline of the global population in history. This supports the universal issue.
There are many things being done to solve the issue of overpopulation such as
government laws being introduced restricting the amount of children families are
allowed to own. Also people are sponsoring organisations like caritas to go over
to the over populated countries to educate individuals and teach them what they
can do to make a change in the world
For us as individuals, there are certain things in which we can be conscience of to
help reduce this global issue. Thinking before we act is something so small it
may not seem to make a difference, however it can and will. Thinking before
producing another child for your family would decrease the global population
especially in third world countries as it is one less mouth to feed, but for all the
other overpopulated continents another situation includes, if considering moving
to a new city/ country to choose one that is not suffering from overpopulation.
This will help spread out the mass of people in the world and allow people to
have a better life, living in an area that is not crammed and suffering from
extreme pollution and global warming.