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Name: Ana Marie Correa

Teacher: Mayela Hernandez Juarez
Subject: Salud Publica III
Topic: Addiction and Violence
School: Universidad De Quintana Roo
Number ID: 14-17397
Summary: Addiction and Violence in Teenager.
Adolescence is the stage between childhood and adulthood which are considered the
development epoch. It’s the stage in life where animals attain their physical adulthood
qualities. In humans, the cognitive and physical changes occur during 11 to 14 in female
and 13 to 16 in males. In is in this ages that adolescents are more to falling in drugs by
different factors, which are beyond their faults.The use and abuse of potential
dangerous substances are mostly consumed by males than females. The document
potentially dictates that often the role, rather it’s be female or male has a rather large
impact on the development of consumption of drugs. It is rather widely known that the
consumption of drugs begins in their adolescents and can potentially become
dangerous to their health as they become addictive to the substance and not only
alternating their daily lifestyle but the way they think. The review of the investigation also
centers on the culture, the geographic location that leads teenager to become addictive
to drugs. Bestowing the right to a national survey made in the United States where the
central objective was to find the difference in consumption in both genders states that
men are more prone to use every type of drugs that are available in the worlds, whether
it is alcohol, heroine, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription
stimulants, and pain relievers. Women are more affected by the dose of drugs than
males and that why the same levels of dose are different than men.
The use of substance have a great impact on the violence in every stage of adult, where
it is child abuse, adolescent abuse or adult abuse, whether it is female or male.
Researcher of drugs substances has recognize that the individuals act more rashly in
the disposition of substances and there is a high modification in their personality and
become highly emotional, which is rather known as negative and positive urgency. The
negative urgency predicts that addictive behaviors whether it is drinking, smoking, the
consumption of drugs, gambling, binge eating or risky sex has an increase in puberty
and increases as teenagers grow older and enter adulthood.
The use of psychoactivesubstances has been a rather large problems since the dawn of
this century. It one of the problems that affects public health in every aspect. It’s

4. but there is nothing wrong in hoping for a change. Integrating affect and impulsivity: The role of positive and negative. It hasn’t been longs since child abuse has had a shine of light on the subject because they are been taken as equal as any other person in age. 2011 Jan. The different studies shows that this problems is every changing and that the frequency in teenagers is increasing as the ages goes up. 2.Name: Ana Marie Correa Teacher: Mayela Hernandez Juarez Subject: Salud Publica III Topic: Addiction and Violence School: Universidad De Quintana Roo Number ID: 14-17397 presented in different stages. A change is need but it most likely won’t be a great breakthrough. 1(1). . Referencias 1. Pinheiro PS. Cydersb MA. legal drugs or illegal drugs it goes increasing in both stages of life. So more likely the rate in population in the consumption of drugs are becoming alarming as the years go by and it begins since childhood which in itself is more alarming. INFORME MUNDIAL SOBRE LA VIOLENCIA CONTRA NIÑOS Y NIÑAS. More than 30% in men and 26. In Mexico more than 27 % of the population between the ages 25 and 65 are active smokers. Gobbierno Federal: Salud. Gobierno Federal: Salud. Gobierno Federal: Salud. 1(1). 1(1). Encuesta Nacional De Addiciones: Tabacco. 1(1). The Mexican poll found that the most consumption of alcohol in women is after 4 cups and in men is 5. Sector Salud. Emergence of Sex Differences in the Development of Substance Use and Abuse during Adolescence. whether sexual or physical. 2011 Jan. Sector Salud. 6. 1(1). 2011 Jan. 2016 Jun. Its affect as stated above both genders of the human race and it affects principally children and adolescents from every age in every little location in Mexico. Encuesta Nacional De Addiciones: Drugas ilegales. national to international. 5. Whether the problems is about alcohol. This mostly occurs in festive days. In the use of illicit drugs is has been consume by the larger part of the population in Mexico by the polls given between the years 2008 to 2011. 3. New Year’s…Etc. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.4 were active smokers and more than the half of the population has never smoke in their lives. in adolescents and adults. 2016 September. HHS Public Access. Kuhn C. Smitha GT. It is usually hears that the when an adult is violent everywhere. 2015 Mayo. The use of drugs goes hand in hand with violence by the psychological changes the person undergoes under the substances. Encuesta Nacional De Adicciones: Alchohol. 1(1). INFORME MUNDIAL SOBRE LA VIOLENCIA CONTRA NIÑOS Y NIÑAS. has most like been abuse since his childhood age. Sector De Salud. like Christmas.