Integration of Technology and Media Resources
Elisabeth Moore
Regent University

In partial fulfillment of UED 495 Field Experience ePortfolio, Fall 2016




In the world today, students need to learn how to appropriately use technology and be
aware of its benefits. Technology can be an integral part of education if used appropriately. It can
also be effectively used for instruction, classroom management, and assessment. Used
appropriately, technology can improve the curriculum and enhance the learning experience for
the students.
The first article I chose was a lesson plan that was created which integrated technology in
to the assessment. For the assessment, I first created several math problems on Google Forms
according to the standards given for the topic. After creating the assessment, I also created a QR
code so that the assessment would be easily accessible to the students. The students then used the
iPads and the QR code to lead them to the assessment. After all of the students took the
assessment, the results accessible via an Excel sheet format or the test format. I was then able to
determine in what areas the students were the weakest. Instead of having to manually import the
results of the assessment, they were uploaded for me. Also, the questions were given in a random
order; therefore, there was no concern about cheating during the assessment. I chose this article
because I believe this is a wonderful example of how technology can benefit both the students as
well as the teacher.
The second article I chose was a picture of the students completing the assessment
described above. The students were very engaged and enjoyed taking the assessment on the
iPads. I gave each of the students a piece of scratch paper to show their work. Because the
students were taking a test on the iPads, I wanted them to have the opportunity to work out their



problems on paper before answering the question. I chose this picture because I believe it shows
student engagement when using technology in the classroom.
The final article I chose was a picture of a completed graphic organizer from a science
lesson. After introducing the concept and states of matter, I had the students note on the
Promethean Board examples of things that are solids, liquids, and gasses. This was used as a
quick assessment and gave the students an opportunity to use the Promethean Board in a simple
way. It also became an attention getter at the beginning of the review lesson. I chose this article
because I believe that it shows that integrating technology in to classrooms can be something
simple that enhances the learning experience for the students.

Reflection on Theory and Practice
Technology is a resource that should be used on a daily basis in the classroom. It can be
used to enhance the learning experience for all ages of students (Powell, 2003 p.113). At Regent,
I was taught the importance of integrating technology in the classroom and the benefits that it has
for the students. One of the many reasons to use technology in the classrooms is to teach the
students how to become productive members of the 21st century. Students must learn how to
effectively use technology in order to be successful in our culture today. Technology should not
be incorporated in the educational setting haphazardly. It should be purposeful and intentional.
Any incorporation of technology should enhance not only the learning experience, but also the
curriculum (Powell, 2003, p.114). Enhancing the curriculum also encourages active learning.
Active learning is an important part of education. By incorporating technology, in to instruction,
the students can be learning in an active way (Moeller and Reitzes, 2011, p.6). Technology can



be used for instruction, classroom management, and assessments. Using simple things, such as
music to cue students to move from one area of the classroom to another, help the teacher and
becomes a clear source of communication for the students. Using technology can also help the
teachers differentiate lessons and activities for the students (Hendricks, 2013). Individualized
education not only helps the student to excel, but also allows the teacher to be able to effectively
teach each student and help them to excel to their maximum potential. Through using technology
in the classroom, my students will be able to have an enhanced learning experience and learn
how to become effective 21st century citizens.



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