My name is Muhamad Setiawan, I was a detective who was working in a
big city in the country of indonesia. Now that I've aged 20, I have a story when I
first became a detective, here will I tell my experience first as a detective in
solving a murder case, which was backed by the case of smuggling illegal items
that occur in the market which is pretty solid, and it is impossible to do a sizable
transaction. these murders happen between two people who are apparently still
has kin. Here I tell a chronologically story.
The incident began when the victim call it Mr. Herru selling at one of the shops
that he lease in the market gembrong. Feel there's something suspicious in the
shop next door, which is where the store is owned by his brother named Mr. N,
suspicion began when Mr. Herru feel there are other things in the store next to it
which is not large enough but has a large income compared with her, over
suspicion that Mr. Herru decided to conduct peer activities against the store next
to it, long story short on an afternoon when the mood of the market has already
started to empty people dressed in blue, come into the store, which is suspicious
of any customers who come into the store is always along bodyguard. The
suspicion over Mr. Herru decided to overthrow secretly went into the store, Mr.
Herru listened to the conversation between Mr. N by purchasers, It turns out that
they have discussed is merchandise items are illegal and illegitimate in indonesia
namely illegal drugs that is marijuana and intending to smuggle the goods into
other areas. hear it any Mr.Herru shocked and he nudged one of the items that are
in the store, and unfortunately it makes Mr. Herru caught already overheard talk
of Mr. N and purchasers. realized if the transaction it does last heard by Mr.
Herru, Mr. N any initiative to meet Mr. Herru and asked him not to divulge such
things as well as unmask the store to others.

TN. Heru accosted by Mr. Mr. Mr. Herru resist to cooperate with Mr. I work in the case was not my own. we also . a security guard would directly call the nearest police station. N else rushed to leave and escape. While conducting an investigation at the scene of the matter. not so long ago. then police called for help to detective to be able to help in the process of investigation. unfortunately at the time of the incident the market has been very quiet and there are no merchant or someone else on the market that make nobody saw the incident. a detective in solving such cases we try to accumulate evidence that can help in the process of investigation. Herru and surprise because security guards saw Mr. we found important evidence a knife that was in the trenches not far from the scene of the killings. Herru else fell away because his wound which are quite severely in the stomach and make her die ran out of blood. see Mr. that's when I worked for the first time to solve the case and can find a suspect over the murder case. N who is selling is not far from the scene of the murder. N was illegal and a violation of law. N ever got angry and assail Mr. herru already drop the blood soaked. Based on that data. knowing that the acts committed Mr. Herru began cleaning up stuff and closing his shop. Herru with knife the attack.The next day. I was accompanied by a single person the other detectives call it her name is Amalia rezkyka. A few hours later gone market security guards to check conditions in the market. when blade is former analyzed fingerprints that allegedly belonged to the perpetrators. Based on the evidence found at the site and then we try to analyze it in the Office and look for who has the fingerprint corresponds to the fingerprint on the knife there. they discussed about the incident yesterday. short stories in their talks. after searching. After a inquiry on the scene. N. respond to the rejection of Mr. Herru TN. when the afternoon Mr. a policy jointly was coming along with part of the forensic to conduct further inquiry. and the security guard at the store came Mr. available data that fingerprints that belong to Mr. Herru was already lying lifeless due to stab wounds sharps in stomach which makes it run out of blood. on behalf of Mr. N for not divulge that information. seeing the incident.

N and we brought to the police station for questioning description. N surrendered and confessed that he was the sole perpetrator over the incident and told what happened to us . and he replied he is Mr. to Mr. and the police are still in the other place not far from the store location TN. N. N then we contacted police associate to perform the procedure of arrest against Tn. Herru. Top of the sentence Mr. after we ask is it true he is Mr. N true. thank you to have read this short essay. N we then assign files to the justice investigation.e. know it is Mr. N still do not realize that our actual advent to apprehend Mr. The next day. N. N persist don't want to admit that he is the perpetrator of the homicide incident devised a plan to apprehend a suspect who was the perpetrator of the murder. N admitted that he was very sorry. . marijuana. . and feeling guilty.. N with penalties article about murder and narcotics. in the morning I'm with fellow detective and accompanied by several police officers who were dressed in full go to stores owned by Mr.. as we come to the place that Mr. but upon our sharp as a detective who also revealed that the store is not a regular store.. N. In his statement at the police Mr. Such is the story of the my first experience of being a detective . which then convict prison to Mr. may get the best results. but rather a guise to hide contraband goods i. recognition of Mr. either because we wear clothing of thugs. amiiiiin.