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PSBank Flexi Personal Loan

Product Features
Credit Facility:

Revolving Credit Line and Fixed Term Loan. Borrower may choose any loan option
on a per transaction basis.

Loan Amount:

Minimum of PhP20,000
Maximum of PhP250,000

Loan Payment Options:

For revolving credit line transaction, the borrower may choose to


Total amount due of the loan

Minimum amount due

Any amount higher than the minimum amount due

For fixed term loan transaction, the borrower pays a fixed amount
over a certain period
Payment Tenors (applicable
for Fixed Term Loan):
Minimum Monthly
Repayment (Minimum
Amount Due):

24 or 36 months

The minimum amount that must be paid on or before the payment

due date to avoid any penalty. To arrive at your minimum amount due, please
add the following:

5% of the total amount due of revolving loan availments or interest

due or PhP500.00, whichever is higher

Monthly amortization of installment loan availments

Penalty and late charges for the period

Finance, late charges, other fees and total installment amortizations

will only be deducted from the available credit line on payment due date.
Interest Rate:

2.5% monthly interest rate for the Revolving Loan

1.75% monthly add-on-rate for Term Loan

How to pay for your monthly


Over-the-counter at any PSBank branch nationwide

BancNet ATMs nationwide and BancNet Online for clients who have
deposit accounts in these banks
Via PSBank Online for enrolled and activated PSBank accounts
Client-initiated deduction/debit from PSBank deposit account only
Fund transfer from another PSBank deposit account

How to avail funds from your

PSBank Flexi Personal Loan:

Revolving Credit facility

Cash withdrawal from any PSBank, Metrobank, MegaLink,

ExpressNet, Bancnet ATM networks nationwide and Maestro-Cirrus ATMs

Swipe it when you shop in over 20,000 BancNet, MegaLink, and

ExpressNet-affiliated stores

Issuance of PSBank Flexi Personal Loan Checks

Term Loan facility: Cash withdrawal from any PSBank ATMs

Release of PSBank Flexi

ATM card:

Delivered via courier to place of work

Loan Application Turnaround


five to nine working days

Application encoding to credit decision: one to three working days
Booking of approved loan application: one working day
Delivery of PSBank Flexi ATM card and temporary PIN: three to five
working days

Statement of Account

You are advised of your account details via:


PSBank Online where SOA in PDF and Loan Account Summary

can be viewed



Lower interest rate versus credit cards revolving rate.

Consumers still prefer cash on hand versus credit card as it can be used anywhere,
anytime. And if one will use the cash advance facility of credit cards, a 5% fee is collected on
top of the revolving rate.

Any payment made can be used again if needed in the future. No need to re-apply.

Interest is applied only on the amount used and not on the entire credit line amount.

PSBank Prime Rebate:

Allows customers to earn rebates or savings when they make

advance or excess payments on their PSBank Flexi Personal Loans monthly due.
The rebate is automatically applied to all new and existing
term loans. The client does not need to register or enroll to get the rebate.

Rebates earned from advance/excess payments are computed

on a daily basisincluding weekends and holidays, starting on the date the
payment is posted, and credited every due date.

Rebate is applicable to advance/excess payments for the total

term loan amortization due.

Prime Rebate is not valid for loans under a zero-interest rate

promotion or program.

How does the PSBank Prime Rebate work?

Make an Advance Payment: For example, when you pay five
(5) days before your loans monthly due date, you will actually earn a rebate on a
daily basis from the day your payment was posted to the day before your loans
due date.

Make an Excess Payment: If you pay in excess of the amount

required on your due date, you will earn a rebate on a daily basis from the date of
posting up to the day before the next due date.

Minimum Qualifications of Borrower

Filipino Individuals residing in the Philippines.

Age of borrower from 22 years old to 54 years old upon application.

If employed, must be at least two years permanent work status with one year
tenure in current employer.

If engaged in business, must be operating profitably for the last three years.

Gross monthly income of at least PhP15,000 for employed and PhP30,000 for

With residential landline or mobile number, business landline and email address.

Preferably an active credit cardholder.


Completely filled-out PSBank Flexi Personal Loan application form

Photocopy of any of the following identification cards: Company ID, SSS, GSIS,
PRC, Driver's License, Passport or TIN (plastic card type), Firearms License, NBI
Clearance, Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID

Photocopy of BIR form 2316, or 2306 for employed applicants

Photocopy of BIR form 1701 for self-employed applicants and Auditor's Report
and Financial Statement with BIR Stamp

Original copy of the latest credit card billing statement (with the client as the
PRINCIPAL cardholder)