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Nitro Engines

Nitro ENGINE is the workshop that gives an inside view to the latest 1.5cc to 9cc (2 stroke 4 stroke)
engines that work on the fuel called Methanol and Nitro Methane and its RPM and speed is about 4 times
than a normal 110cc Hero Puk Engine. RPM of this small nitro engine starts from 40,000 revolutions per
minute to a much higher level
above. These engines are the heart of the RC Technology that comes in form of Aero-modelling, Nitro
Racing and stunt cars, Nitro Engine Water Boats and Jets based on Radio controlling. It help and
encourage the participants to solve real time problem involved in making of glider aircraft, besides this live
demonstration of RC plane installed
with an Nitro Engine will also be shown so that student will stimulate their theoretical knowledge in to
practical. Complete assembling and dissembling and knowledge of every internal part in these small nitro
engines would be done by every participating student under the guidance of our experts. The RC
technology and Aeromodelling skills that are the basics of entering into the real world of flying an actual
airplane would be covered in this workshop. This technology based on Radio controlling and Nitro Engines
widespread in foreign countries: USA, Australia, Taiwan, Russia, Japan, China and many more and is
known as the RC Hobby. However, this technology is mostly studied in all IITs in India. Roxent
Technologies presents before you an opportunity to have an unending experience of this field at your
college/ Tech-fest.
Objective of the Workshop
The Main Objective is To Make The Aspiring Engineers Acquainted With The Conceptual As Well As
Practical Knowledge Of The Nitro Engines & Latest Technologies Being Used To Achieve RC Designs and
Development. The Idea Of Organizing This Workshop Is To Inculcate The Basic Fundamentals Of RC Cars
In The Students And
Provide Them With A Platform To Work On, In The Near Future.
Workshop Contents:
Session 1
a.) Introduction to Automobiles. (To show the similarities between the real Cars and RC cars).
b.) Introduction to radio control cars.
c.) Types of radio control cars.
d.) Components of Radio control cars (overview).
e.) Questioning hour. .....??? .
Session 2
a.) Hands-On session (for individual groups).
b.) Detailed explanation on working of component (for individual groups).
c.) RC project ideas and games
Project Work:
Design an Innovative Type of Radio Control Car for real life applications
1.) It can be either drawn with free hand Sketch with Description of the Product.
2.) It can be modelled in any CAD software with description of the Component.
Session 3
a.) Details on components to be fabricated.
b.) Basic Tuning Procedures.
c.) Racing Techniques
Session 4
a.) Innovations in RC cars. (Discussion on RC projects submitted by Students and the innovations done in
RC cars)

b.) Essential Checks before and after running your RC car.

c.) RC car Quiz for all the participants.
Session 5
a.) How to control RC cars on track.
b.) Basic Stunt show on RC Nitro car.