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Why is it so difficult to be in the NOW which is meeting us RIGHT NOW?

And Why is
it so easy to drift away to FUTURE or PAST?
The moment called NOW is not your creation.It is ALWAYS there in front of you .It
is eternal.You need not create it.Infact you cannot create it.
The moments FUTURE or PAST are your own creation which is done in the
Mind.Sometimes you are in the FUTURE and sometimes in the PAST.Both are not
eternal.They are present only when you create it.
Now why is it easier to be in the FUTURE or PAST? .It is only because we are
habituated to do this.It is because we have practiced it so much for so many
lives.To dwell in the FUTURE or PAST is a defensive mechanism in order to achieve
a desired RESULT.The SOCIETY in the present age is totally RESULT ORIENTED.The
RESULTS are meant to boost the strength of the separateness(EGO).The RESULTS
measure how STRONG you are when compared to others. (or) How WEALTHY you
are (or) How SUCCESFUL you are.This is how EGO or separateness is
strengthened.You think you are separate in fact you are not separate.How do you
know that you are not separate?.It is known beyond the faculty of thinking Mind.You
cannot understand it because to understand it you have to use the Mind and Mind is
what creates the illusion of separation.It is about BEING not UNDERSTANDING.To
BE ,you have to be CONSCIOUS.OK fine you understood that we are not
separate.Does that really help? No. it is just an idea.Mind just gives ideas.It is a
pointer.It can point to something but it cannot be that which it is pointing
to.Understanding is just a pointer .It happens in the Mind itself.It does not take you
beyond it. It is your addiction to UNDERSTANDING that is blocking the path.Your
UNDERSTANDING does not make any difference to the TRUTH which already is.For
example, just because you do not understand how heart pumps blood to every part
of the body, the heart does not stop pumping blood.The heart does not care about
your UNDERSTANDING, it goes on pumping the blood.
You are like a Wave in the OCEAN.There are many Waves appearing and dissolving
back into the ocean.The Wave is not separate from the OCEAN. Now just assign
Memory or Mind to each WAVE. Now the WAVE starts feeling separate the moment
it looks at OTHER waves and tries to UNDERSTAND like we are doing now.Mind or
Memory is just a small entity in the vast consciousness.If you try to UNDERSTAND
you will remain a separate WAVE, if you try to be CONSCIOUS, you will go beyond
Mind and you will know that all Minds are you , in fact you are the whole OCEAN of
So the key here is to be CONSCIOUS.It happens only in the NOW.To Be IT, you need
not UNDERSTAND IT.Understand that Understanding does not take you anywhere, it
just points.