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Procedure for Starting and Stopping

a Boiler
A boiler is a dangerous equipment which generates steam at extremely high pressure,
and it is for this reason that proper care should be taken while operating it.
This is a step-by-step procedure for starting and stopping a boiler. With this procedure
you can never go wrong, as far as boilers are concerned. Starting and stopping a boiler
was never so easy.

It is to note that the following steps may not apply to all types of boilers and each boiler
requires some additional steps to be followed as per its system design. However, the
basic steps remain the same:

Starting a Boiler
1. Ensure that the vent valve on the boiler is open and check there is no pressure
in the boiler.
2. Check that the steam stop valve is closed.
3. Make sure that the ID dumper is on zero (0)
4. Check and open the feed water valves to the boiler and fill the water inside the
boiler drum to just above the low water level. This is done because it is not
possible to start the boiler below the low water level due to safety feature which
prevent boiler from starting. Also, the level is not filled much because if filled too
much, the water inside the boiler might expand and over pressurize the boiler.
5. Add coal on the stocker mat.
6. Start the boiler. The FD fan will start to ignite the coal on the stocker mat.
7. Check the combustion chamber from the sight glass to ensure the arch has lit
and the flame is satisfactory.
8. Raise the ID fan to the desired position.
9. Keep a close eye on the water level as the pressure increases and open the
feed water when the level of water inside the gauge glass is stable.
10. Close the vent valve after the steam starts coming outside.
11. Open the blow down valve in intervals to allow uniform distribution of hot water in
the boiler drum.
12. Once the working steam pressure is reached, blow down the gauge glass and
mobery switches to check for the alarms.

13. Once you are satisfied and sure everything is okay, open the main steam stop
valve in bits.

Stopping a boiler

If the boiler is needed to be stopped for longer duration for maintenance close
the main steam stop valve.


Stop adding coal in the hopper.


Once coal is banked just after the guillotine stop the ID fan, FD fan and the


Make sure that you leave the boiler feed pump in automatic.


When the boiler pressure is just reduced to over atmospheric pressure the vent
valve is kept open to prevent vacuum formation inside the boiler.

Disposing of ashes
1. Ashes are emptied from the boiler through the de-ashing door onto a
2. The boiler operator removes the wheelbarrow and throws the ashes into the
ash bin.
3. The ash bin is carried using a folk lifter to dispose of the ashes at a designated